EOS Adult Violet Circle Lens Review + Juny's Sequin Cardigan Winner

6:11 PM

Hi everyone, Happy New Year! I can't believe it's already 2010. ^O^

I just wanted to quickly congratulate Stacey on winning Juny's Sequin Cardigan Giveaway. I've given Juny your e-mail and she should get in contact with you soon to get your shipping info. :D It will be a nice happy holidays present. I hope you find lots of fabulous outfits to wear your cardigan with! Thank you to all of the entrants and Juny assured me that she would love to do another giveaway in the future too. In the meantime, visit her super cute shop www.junys.com for Asian fashion and accessories.

So today I have part 2 of 3 circle lens reviews of lenses sponsored by PinkyParadise.com. These are the EOS brand Adult Violet lenses.

So my first impression of these lenses was WOW they are really light and in-your-face pale violet. It's not as natural as the Adult Grey or Brown that I love so much. It may be that the lenses I received were different opacities, but for some reason they just looked a bit more reptilian than I am 100% comfortable with. A good word to describe it is "exotic" as it's not a typical color you see in a lens.

Don't get me wrong, I think they are also gorgeous. Lavender is one of my favorite colors but I think I prefer the darker lens to the lighter one. :P They are 14.0mm in size with little-to-no enlarging effect since they don't have a dark limbal ring.

Here is a shot of the lens vials and case. Fishies. ^O^

The pattern in the vials. Cute pink color, but even here you can see the opacity difference.

And how they look on me

A close-up on the eyes. See how much darker the right one is than the left? I like the right side better. :3

It looks less natural in brighter lights! I still like the darker side better. >.<

I know my video review probably sounds more positive than my review here but it's because it looks a lot better in real life and on video. Upon review of my photos, I don't like how it turns out quite as well in still pictures so that's something to think about if you are deciding on what color or style to buy.

Still very cool and exotic, but I don't think it'll be a lens I reach for as often as my Adult Grey or Brown.

Again, if you'd like to purchase these, they are from www.pinkyparadise.com.

Everyone have a wonderful first week of 2010!

Just to reiterate the disclaimer, I did receive these lenses as part of a sponsorship by Pinky Paradise, and as always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion. ;)

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  1. I think they look gorgeous on you!! I love them, and those contact cases are so darned cute!

    Happy New Year!

  2. I think its quite pretty still <3

    And idk if its really the opacity of the lenses or our eyes because I got the EOS brown from prettyandcute and one side looked true gray while the other looked honey yellow :C

    At least both of yours are the same color lol.

  3. I still think they're super pretty! I know what you mean about feeling "reptilian," my geo twins make me feel like a lizard/cat or something XP

  4. OMG you look unbelievably gorgeous!!! :)

  5. i like this eyes makeup...can you do a tutorial for this? =)

  6. Soooo pretty. I really wanted to buy these but the one picture I saw made them look so scary!
    Happy New Year!

  7. Yea, you still manage to pull it off but it's definitely not as breathtaking as the adult greys are on you.

    Hey, have I wished you a Happy New Year, yet?? If not, Happy New Year!! Hehe.

  8. Hey,

    The reason why you have two ''different'' colours is because you put your lens in the upside down, if you get what I mean.

    So try to flip it, lol...

    I hope you get what I mean, because I got the same effect, and decided to try the other side...

  9. ooh they are pretty! I actually like the lighter one too! It's sooo...surreal! *.*

  10. they're so pretty!! ^^ I like how light they are but still very natural on you..

    Happy New Year 2010!

  11. So Liz Taylor-ish...love it! But I can see why you would go for the darker colors more. Either way, they look really nice on you. :)

  12. MeiBelle: Thank you! Yeah I really love the cases. It's so simple and makes organizing my lenses that much easier (and cuter)! Happy New Year!

    hana: Yeah, the Adult series has a reputation of having inconsistencies with opacity. It's sad because it's probably my favorite lens series! On yours it does make me wonder if they mislabeled one lens as grey instead of brown though. :P

    ect: Yeah, Geo Twins series has a really harsh pattern! This one is probably less so but the more opaque side is certainly lizardy. >.< so sad.

    April: Aww, thank you. ^^

    Cris: Sure, I've been meaning to do a tutorial on my everyday makeup look, which is what this is and never got around to it. I'll put it on my list. :)

    Serenie S.: Really? Where did you see pics? All the pics I saw of these lenses on other girls made them look really pretty. They probably got a nicer pair than me. :(

    Alien unnie: Yeah, I agree I don't think it looks awful but it's not as great as the other Adult lenses. Happy New Year to you too! We should video chat if you find your webcam. ;)

    David Liu: Haha, if only this was the answer! ;) I had the lenses on the correct way. The opposite side is clearly very white on Adult series lenses and obviously the wrong side. Even in the vials you can see that the lenses themselves are different opacities. I appreciate the tip though. XD

    Mary in Wonder: Thank you, hehe. Maybe it would've been more realistic if they were BOTH the lighter color too?

    Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^: Yeah, thats what I love about the Adult series. It's a nice effect that seems to fade into your eyes better than other "crystally" patterned lenses. Thank you very much and Happy New Year!

    Shop N' Chomp: Ooh la la, hehe! Maybe these lenses would look better if I got a perm. XD Thank you very much. I actually really love lighter lenses but this pattern just looks too harsh in the lighter one in my opinion. That's why the soloticas were nice, since they are light but smooth and blending into the eye still!

  13. those look so pretty on you! i'm really tempted to buy them now

  14. and thank you for the review ^^ xxx

  15. Jen, I LOVE you in the purple! I want some badly, but I have to figure out how this works with prescription lenses. Actually, I'm sure I can't wear them because I also have astigmatism. :(

  16. Grats to the winner. (:

    I like the colour of the lenses and they are kinda opaque in a way, but still really pretty. You still look amazing with them on even though you think they look kinda weird. It's all good. ;D

    Hope your first week of the new year is amazing!

  17. how do circle lenses fit on the eyeball compared to regular colored contacts? I always got my Freshlook contacts online and they come in a standard diameter. But since I have small eyes they can be difficult to put in and sometimes my eyes get irritated. Since circle lenses are bigger I would guess that they would be more uncomfortable so I'm scared to buy them!

    These violet lenses look so lovely on you! I really want all the EOS Adult lenses now. You are such an enabler, haha.

  18. Nicol: aw, thank you sweetie. you're welcome. ^^

    Krystal: Unfortunately, I don't think the Adult series come in torics but I do know other circle lenses do. Ask your doctor, if you astig isn't bad you might be able to wear regular lenses with a slightly modified prescription.

    Cindy: LOL! I'm glad you think it still looks nice. XD They are pretty opaque and bright. Hope your first week of 2010 is amazing too!! :D

    Rachel: Actually, you should look at the diameter of the actual lens. These lenses only have a 14.0mm diameter while Freshlook Colorblends have 14.5mm, so they are actually smaller. I find circle lenses to be more comfortable than colorblends and a LOT less drying. Everyone's eyes are different though so you'd have to try it yourself to see. ;)

  19. Jen and Juny, thank you both so much!

  20. you probably heard this a lot but girl you're so pretty!

    visit me sometime.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  21. I think they look awesome on you, but I get what you mean about them being too unnatural.

    Also am I the only one who hasn't been able to get PinkyParadise to load? ): I've been trying since your last post about them (I need those cases they are the cutest things ever)

  22. I wish it was mislabeled and for a moment I thought I mixed my gray lenses with the brown and removed them as soon as I got home (the horrors of discovering you look like some enchanted witch midway shopping with no way to remove them T_T) and both were indeed the same brown/yellow color.

    So I guess its my eyes T_________T

  23. The contact lens case is awesome ! How much does shipping cost?

  24. i was just thinking of getting purple lenses, thanks for the wonderful review! i think it looks gorgeous

  25. I have Geo's Super Angel Violet :)
    check out my review at http://jk-chatter.blogspot.com/

  26. The contact lenses is wonderful and i like it...