MAC Venomous Villains Haul

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Sob, sob, I was wanting to record another Halloween tutorial today but sadly, I am still very sick today. :( Pretty much sound like death. Instead I thought I'd post about my MAC haul that I recently did from the big Disney collection that came out with some of the best villains ever created.

I recorded this video a few days ago when I wasn't coughing as much. I know you've all probably seen tons of videos and pictures of this collection already but what can I say, I was still excited about mine. ;)

I didn't mention Bite of an Apple blush in my video because I actually received it as a gift from my dear (and amazingly talented photographer) friend Kassia which was TOO GENEROUS of her, but in return for having these swatches and photos for you all, you should visit her blog, full of makeup & eye candy magic!

The packaging had some pretty sweet sketches on the cardboard boxes. I always have such a difficult time throwing unique packaging away so I'll hoard them in a drawer until I need more space. ;D

The much-coveted Bad Fairy nail lacquer. This is a duo-chrome shimmer polish in the same vein as the ORLY CosmicFX collection. I have 3 CosmicFX polishes that I still need to post about, so I'll show all three swatches then. I'll just say that this type of polish makes me weak in the knees and very distracted by my hands while I'm walking/working/driving/in sunlight at any point.

Blushes! I love blushes, which you probably already know from my ridiculously huge Rock & Republic blush collection. I didn't used to be such a blush hoarder but now I can't go without them! Even on no-makeup days, I find a bit of blush brightens up the face so easily. ^_^

Briar Rose beauty powder blush. MAC Beauty Powders tend to be sheerer but impart a nice glowy look to your skin that makes it look more like a natural, beautiful flush. This one is such a lovely pinky-purple, which is a shade I've been loving for the Fall weather. It's more sophisticated than my summer corals. Although it's matte, I could see a few shimmery flecks in the sunlight.

Bite of an Apple blush is a wham-bam coral red that is VERY pigmented and completely matte even in sunlight. I recommend using a light hand with this one, or a stippling brush. This would actually look SO pretty with Heartless lipstick for a cheery holiday look.

The 2 lipglasses I bought were Revenge is Sweet and Strange Potion. Revenge is Sweet looks neon purple in the tube but is actually the prettiest glossy, sheer fuchsia pink. Super wearable for everyday and not too sheer in my opinion. Others complained about this color being underwhelming but I love it! Strange Potion in contrast is a cute opaque peach with pearl shimmer. Very wearable as well for those afraid to go full-nude with lipstick but still want an opaque nude lip.

Heartless lipstick is a very neutral, bright red. Cousin to my favorite red, NYX Snow White, but brighter. Can't wait to try this one out for the holidays! The image of Cruella isn't my favorite but honestly, she was never a very attractive lady. I'm pretty sure if the Evil Villains were all makeup bloggers Cruella would be the one with the most hater comments from 13-year olds telling her to re-shape her eyebrows. ^_~

And of course, swatches! Click for a bigger image.

For those of you who are wondering about my outfit/nail polish in the video, I'll have a video and OOTD post about it more in-depth next time. :] Hope you enjoyed these pics and swatches!

Now it's time for me to go nap before going to the in-laws to celebrate hubby's birthday. HE'S SO OLD!! Just kidding, he's only 2 months older than me. You can wish him a Happy Bday in the comments since I'm pretty sure he stalks my blog or something, wtf.

<3<3<3 lolzjkloveyouhubby! I'll try to stop coughing on you as my present. True love!

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  1. bite of an apple blush and strange potion lipglass looks so cute!

    happy birthday to your hubby ^^

  2. thanks for sharing your haul!
    I'm so crazy about disney stuff^^ so I like this colletion a lot!

    I hope you will use them on one of your future tutorials!

    to Jen's hubby: hi stalky (cute form of stalker xD, it's okay to stalk your wifes blog,I mean we are so crazy about her, so we can understand you being crazy about her, too ^____^.). Happy Bday!

  3. Disney stuff so cute...aww...sweetie, get well soon.

  4. Oh I love it!

    especially the heartless lipstick and apple blush :3
    but I think I really have to check out the heartless lipstick.. love that one the most.

    I'm looking forward to a tutorial :)

  5. Happy birthday to your hubby!!!!!!!!

    I'm with you on the Revenge Is Sweet lip glass! It's one of my faves!

    I hope you feel better soon! <3

  6. Get well soon, Jen! I don't love the packaging from this collection..If I didn't know it was MAC's VV collection I would've thought they were kids plastic disney toys..but that's just me. Thanks for sharing the swatches.

    PS - hope Ben has an awesome bday. My bf's is coming up soon and I hvae no idea what to get him/how to celebrate!

    i wasn't a fan of green nail polish (i don't think it compliments my skintone & i'm not bold enough to wear it out) but your video made me want to go out and get some asap! haha. hope you feel better jen :D!

  8. great haul jen! you picked some really cute stuff. i went to see the collection in store the day after it released and pretty much everything was sold out, but it was ok since i wasnt really into the collection. (if i was it probably would have been bad business for the wallet)

    happy birthday to your hubby! have fun celebrating!

  9. Wow today is your hubbies birthday its the same as mine Happy Birthday to him ^^ i love the haul great stuff i was not even thinking about putting this on my list to check out but i should totally treat myself for a birthday gift ;D thanks.

  10. Aw ^^ Happy Birthday to the hubby!

    I feel like you're always getting sick! D: .. Do you get flu shots, by chance? Even though they're typically to prevent the flu, I've found that it can also help boost your immune system for the winter season. Maybe something to think about so you don't get as many colds ^^

  11. Great haul, Jen!
    & Happy birthday to your hubby =)

    (he's old :P haha kidding)

  12. Oh, no!

    I forgot to say something important!


  13. I loove the MAC Villain line~ All the swatches are so nice! I love the bite of apple blush and the heartless lipstick! Such pretty colors! :D

    And happy birthday to your hubby heehee hope you all have a awesome time! ;D

  14. Great haul! Love everything that u bought..get well soon!

  15. Yay loved this post, I love Disney as well so I really wanna get my hands on the MAC Venomous Villians collection before they're gone. I need to stop spending so much money though haha >.<

    Anyway, happy birthday to your hubby :D

  16. Get well soon, and happy birthday to your hubby! ^^

  17. what a wonderful haul! i'd love to see how Bite of an Apple looks on you as it was wayyy too red on me.

    hope you feel better soon!

  18. ooh that nail polish looks so gorgeous! i would definitely get distracted as well if i was wearing it, as it is my nails are already painted with a sparkly polish and i keep pausing to look down at them!
    the bite of apple blush looks really pretty, i'm such a sucker for blushes too :)
    happy birthday to your hubby!

  19. Nice haul !! I hope you'll feel better soon girl ! Happy Birthday to your hubby! :)

  20. Aww hope you feel better soon!

    Bad Fairy looks soooo awesome! I'm really sad I pretty much missed out on this collection though - was too busy with school and lost track of the launch date and by the time I got to a counter pretty much everything was sold out already! ;_;

  21. Oh jeez I wish I hadn't watched the haul because now I have to have the lipstick in Heartless! I've been on a red craze lately. Happy birthday to the hubby! ^__^

  22. Hope you get well very soon, Jen!

    On a side note... That bite of apple blush looks really nice.

  23. oh crap :( Briar Rose was out (sample was missing too :P) when I went to MAC and it looks so tempting in your swatch - unique! Get well soon :) and hope your husband had a great birthday~

  24. omg you bought them!
    a few days ago I tried the collection and fell in love with them :3 the nail lacquers are super gorgeous, and the briar rose blush is real love! =D

  25. i love your hair in the video! can you do a tutorial? =)

  26. ooh pretty haul! I love the nail polish, it's so gorgeous and really reminds me of fall. Happy Bday to your hubby! and omg I do that too with packaging, I have all these eyeshadow palette boxes lying around. and hehe I know what you mean about the nails too, once I was taking an exam and couldn't concentrate because I was sitting right next to the window, and the sunlight was lighting my polish up! It was so shiny and pretty xD I hope you feel better soon!

  27. i'm wearing bad fairy too!!! thought of passing on it since i'm not into reds, but when i saw it, i fell in love. here it is on me, hope it's ok to post link of my NOTD pic!

  28. Hope you feel better soon!
    I cant wait to see your next tutorial for Halloween~

    I'm seriously so glad that I found your youtube videos and blog!


  29. Hope you feel better soon and Happy Bday to the hubby!
    I'm trying to minimize makeup expenses but I'm wanting the nailpolish, Briar Rose blush and lipglasses. Beautiful altho I woudn't have given this any time because of the Disney packaging. Thanks for sharing your haul.

  30. Thanks for all the swatches Jen! I can't watch the video on this computer, but I LOVE your goblin green truly seasonal. :)

    Get well soon (I hope it doesn't progress into something as bad as last year...eep!) and I hope you and the hubby get some good b-day time in despite feeling a bit under the weather.

  31. Love your haul to bits, would love to see how you use your beauty powder!! I've got one from the hello kitty range but seriously have no idea how to use it...

  32. it seems like you get sick pretty often. i hope you feel better!

  33. I love love love your hair in the video! Do you have a perm or do you curl it every day as well? I have straight Asian hair and I watched your "how to curl hair with a flat iron" video but I'm more interested in getting gorgeous, loose curls like you have here. Any tips? :) Thanks!

  34. I saw some of your photos below, you are a very pretty girl! I also really like your blog entries- keep doing your thing:)

    can you check out/follow my blog at:

  35. wow you have got a wonderful gift shop!! ^^ byee

  36. Wow. your blog is amazing...and you're so pretty. I love all the tutorials.

    I love your green nails in MAC Venomous Villains Haul video. Would you mind sharing the brand/color of that green on your nails..