Tsubasa Hime Gyaru Dolly Halloween Tutorial

11:14 PM

Hey everyone! This will probably be the last of my Halloween tutorials for this year and I left it for last since you might be able to scrounge up a costume for it last-minute. It's my gyaru tutorial!

If you don't know what a gyaru is, it's a Japanese term for young girls in their teens and twenties who are very fashion-conscious with a stereotype of having a child-like appearance. You will most often see examples of "gyaru" girls in Japanese fashion magazines like Vivi (my favorite), Popteen, and S Kawaii. Basically the look centers on having HUGE eyes and a very innocent dolly look.

Circle lenses I'm wearing are G&G A21 brown lenses
Nailpolish I'm wearing is Orly CosmicFX - Galaxy Girl
Headband is from Ekilove

Products mentioned:

Skin79 hot pink bb cream
Lioele Cushion Touch Blusher in Cutie Pink
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Lioele Real Stick Eyeshadow in Gold
NYX Single Eyeshadow in Salmon
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Buck and Virgin)
Lioele All-In-One Gel Liner
Dolly Wink Eyeliner
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara
Dolly Wink Lashes in #1 Dolly Sweet
Ardell lower lashes in 112
Random light pink eyeliner for waterline
Wonder Eyelid Tape (purchase at http://frmheadtotoe.bigcartel.com)
Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler
Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow in Black
Revlon Soft Nude lipstick
Lioele Blooming Gloss in Vanilla Pink
Canmake blusher

Here are the pics:

The lash placement accentuates the dolly eyes. My eyes are so huge I wish I would've worn some 14.5mm circle lenses instead! The lashes were being a bit droopier than I would've liked but these Dolly Wink lashes are HUGE and fell right down. I don't recommend them for most days unless you enjoy looking really fake.

Here's my princess pouf hair with Eki's adorable hair bow. ^_^ Companion hair tutorial will be uploaded soon.

Here are a couple shots hubby took, making me look TINY! Hehe...

And just for kicks, here's a selca shot I took in the car on the way to a friend's house. Somehow, the car lighting just looks cuter.

To be honest, this wasn't actually my favorite tutorial I've done on myself. I just think I look better with smaller eyes. Is that silly of me? I've never really loved the look of huge creases on me. BUT it was fun to do, and the transformation is pretty radical! I love makeup for its ability to do that sort of thing. ^_^

I hope you all enjoyed my gyaru tutorial! I do want to disclaim that I don't profess to be a gyaru (duh) so take this tutorial with a grain of salt and have a sense of humor when you apply your makeup, especially during Halloween!


PS- If you haven't entered my Jewelry Payless giveaway, you can still enter here! They just told me there are so many entries, they'd like to add a $30 second place prize as well so yay for more chances to win! :D

Disclaimer: Lioele products provided by http://www.prettyandcute.com. For orders over $35 use code "jenmirror" for a free Lioele princess mirror or code "frmheadtotoe" for a free foundation brush. :]

Circle lenses provided by http://www.pinkyparadise.com. Code "frmheadtotoe" gets you a free beauty gift with each pair of circle lenses ordered.

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  1. I love the make up! Thanks for the tutorial..

  2. where did you happen to get the earrings? they're so girly :D i like!

  3. Wow it's creepy! Gorgeous look of course but creepy because you really do look like a doll even more than Tsubasa!!! I will definitely try this look haha x) <3 it! Thank you for this tutorial and for sharing your wonderful talent =D you're really inspirational.

  4. u look do pretty..just like a doll...

  5. I love this look...Make you look like a doll...But to tell you the truth, doll does not look like this. And love the neat trick using the eye tape. I think it is pretty that your eyes are big. It is not necessary everyday look, but sometimes it just so cute. I think you look so young for your age, that is why it make you look like baby. hee hee

  6. OMG you look so gorgeous! nice tutorial!


  8. You are so cute! Great look! I really love your tutorials!!!

    I`m really sadly, that I cant watch your last halloween tutorial toy soldier, cause its forbidden in my country :(

  9. The gyaru style looks fun, but it's so much work! Haha, also, Tsubasa's eyelids creep me out... her creases are so unnaturally close to her eyebrows. Anyway, it's definitely a cute look for once in a while, and perfect for Halloween!

  10. Wow! you look so different with those bis eyes, i think they look good on you, but I prefer the smaller eyes.

    Anyway, you look cute, thank you for the tutorials.

  11. Wow~ all your posts are lovely and honest.
    Love your blog!

  12. Another great tutorial! Your face always look flawless in the photos. You have beautiful skin. Thanks for the review

  13. that's for the tut! it's amazing :D I love the look!

  14. Ahh you look so adorable and the bow was a nice touch. ^_^ Jean of Extra Petite was just telling me that you and I have quite similar style! Haven't seen much of your outfit/fashion posts here, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye out! I only started following your blog a few months ago, but I've been subbed on Youtube for AGES. Keep up the great work! :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  15. you look good in everything you do! :-)

    will you still post up the CL tutorial from Can't Nobody? I remember you said you recorded it on twitter, us small eyed gals would still love to see it :D

  16. Wow, this look is simply amazing! I love the color of those contacts on you and while your eyes are much larger, they don't seem too large and are very beautiful.

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial!!


  17. I love how clean and fresh this looks! Right now I go to college in tokyo and a lot of girls copy this style. A lot of the times however, it ends up looking caked, heavy and a little scary (especially when the eyelid tape goes all funky). Yours looks natural and cute :3

  18. You are a lot prettier than Tsubasa! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  19. It's a great tutorial although I don't have that much courage to actually go out with sth like this on my face :O
    But who knows? Maybe I'll try it?

  20. that magic eyelid tape is amazing! although i do agree that you look better with your normal eyes, these are also a fun cute alternative.

  21. lols I agree that you look better with smaller eyes. I used to think huge eyes were all the rage too until I tried making my eyes larger through superficial means and realized I look better smaller XD

    But you definitely gave off the super innocent look alright here.


    Sexy cute Jen all the way rawr! XD

  22. Hey Jen. :) Is there anyway you could create SAMPLE packs of the eyelid tape. $16 is a lot to invest in eyelid tape that i've never tried before. is there a way i can buy like.. 20 pairs for a lesser price? I don't need the applicator help thing.

  23. I still think you look better with your smaller eyes too :)

  24. I like your interpretation of Gyaru! I just tried circle lens for the first time yesterday (for lolita fashion) and I think they are too light colored :o Yours look better!!

    Can't wait for the hair tutorial though :3 I am still trying to figure out how to do hime hair without damaging my hair!

  25. yeah, not the best of your tutorials, still pretty dont get me wrong. i think the circle lens make you look cross-eyed.

  26. hey your hair looks awesome =D the tutorial was cute too =]

  27. hi jen! can you show us how to take the wonder eyelid tape and makeup off?

  28. great tut! i think you rock small eyes and big eyes equally well! the gyaru look is def something i wouldnt do evryday!

  29. Wow you really look like her! :) So pretty! And haha, I thought I was the only one who didn't like high creases on myself. :P I guess for my eye shape it just looks a little weird -_- But I think it works on you and those gyaru girls :)

  30. You look like Sulli from F(x) in this tutorial !

  31. i actually have a question....i am not of Korean decent i guess would the product you use work for all nationalities?

  32. HI Jen,

    I have an important question that i hope u can help me answer. I just bought the Panasonic heated eyelash curler but it says NOT to use it wearing contact lenses.

    In this tutorial, you were wearing contact lenses while using the curler right? It's safe?

    Cos usually contact lenses should be put on before makeup application and it doesnt make sense to put it on only after curling lashes...

    pls do reply cos i am afraid my lenses are gonna melt in my eyes or sth...

  33. Hello!!Thank you that you share this topic...