Gyaru Hair Tutorial

11:33 AM

Hey guys! This is a really quick video that is just a hair tutorial for the Gyaru Makeup Tutorial. I didn't want to make it too complicated so it's a bit of a cutesy-fied version of the Snooki pouf. Hahaha~

Products used:

Silk Elements Mega Silk Heat Protection Spray from Sally Beauty
BaByliss Pro Ceramic 1.5" Curling Iron
Headband is from (visit Eki's blog here)
Goody Spin Pins in Brunette

And a view from the back...

Like the makeup tutorial, I'm definitely not saying that this is how all gyaru do their hair, it's just a really quick interpretation of something you could use for a Halloween costume without ruining your hair. If you want to go all out, you could also buy yourself a really adorable wig but I didn't have anything that fit the look on hand. *closes vast wig closet*

Just kidding y'all, I only have that one toy soldier wig and it would not be right for this look! It's too bad I don't have my shorter bangs at the mo' since I'm growing them out, hence the fake curled + pinned bangs. Earlier this year I has having massive amounts of hair fall out after being sick for a couple months (probs due to stress, eep) last winter and it's all deciding to grow back all at once. I have the worst case of baby hairs and cowlicks right now and bangs would make it basically look like I'm trying to be David Bowie for Halloween instead. ;(

Oh well, always new opportunities in the future to redo looks again in different ways. ^_^

Time for me to go to a friend's bday party then get in my Halloween costume for tonight's party! It's going to be a very cool party for only the coolest, hippest, partying-est people, AKA my parents-in-laws. Gettin' crazy with the cheese wiz! Should be a good time. Hehe.

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  1. I love it!!!! I'm definitely gonna try that today. :)

  2. Aww I think it looks great!! You say it's something you could use for Halloween, but actually, eventhough I'm not gyaru or anything, I still think it's pretty wearable for other occasions like parties or if you just want to look cute ^.^

    I like the side swept bangs, but maybe the updo would indeed be more gyaru with straight bangs... Still think it's adorable!!

  3. This look is soooo cute Jen. Love it. Also, is your curling iron a one inch one or what?

  4. you are seriously cute! that's a great hairstyle.

  5. I LOVE your hair here!! Sooo adorable! <3

  6. The back of your hair looks so nice! I would never be able to do that, lol.

  7. Love all your tutorials! I'm wondering if you have the Urban Decay's Black Palette? If you do, would you please do a tutorial using that???

  8. Kyah! You're soooo beautiful !! *-* And i looove yours tutorial ! :)

  9. Wow so cute! you look beautiful as always.

  10. Hi Jen ^^

    I was never too keen on following blogs, but I found that I couldn't help taking a peek at your blog every now and then... This is largely due to the fact that, the more I delved into your blog entries, the more I found that your style and interests are compatible with mine; hence, I can't help but find the content interesting!

    As for makeup, I couldn't be a more helpless newb and have often resorted to your helpful tutorials. I'm very impressed by your array of talents and the amount of effort put into each entry.

    P.S. (As if this isn't long-winded enough)

    Question 1: I've been interested in circle lenses but the whole blind scare makes me wary. To make matters more complicated, I have astigmatism. Do you have any thoughts on this..?

    Question 2: You mentioned that the dolly wink lashes are kind of OTT... is it possible to clip them a bit and make them more low key?

    Thanks a bunch Jen. Nice to you? hehe ^^

  11. Cherry Wu: The curling iron is 1.5 inches. Large-barreled irons give you bigger, wavier curls. :)

    Rina: I don't have the black palette but if I end up getting it I'll def do a tutorial!

    Rebecca: Aww, I'm glad I could have a style twin somewhere. ;D

    To answer your Qs - If you research closely, you'll see that circle lenses are the same as all other colored contacts and contact lenses in general. If you take good care of them and use them properly, there should be no need to worry but of course I am no eye doctor and you should always get your eyes checked before wearing any lenses so you know they fit right. Since you already have astigmatism you'll need to stick to toric circle lenses. I believe G&G or Geo makes them but they have limited styles.

    Dolly winks are def over the top, and the style isn't one where you can trim them naturally. They are overpriced as well so it would make more sense to buy other lashes in the style you want than to pay more and cut it down. ;)

  12. Can you do a tutorial on curling wands, curling irons w/o the hooks? I bought one, but sometimes can't get the look I want... Thanks