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Hi everyone! After I had posted my Bra Fitting 101 post and video, I had quite a number of people asking if I could review some of The Little Bra Company's other styles of bras since I really only covered the one strapless Sascha in the video. As you may already know, I adore my Sascha and it's my first holy grail strapless bra but TLBC also offers many other beautiful bras as well. :)

Here's my review of 5 different TLBC bras that I have including my very favorite one, the Lucia in Peony/Tangerine:

For the month of October The Little Bra Company is donating 10% of its bestselling Lucia bra, in Peony/Tangerine, to Young Survival Coalition, the premier international organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women and breast cancer. YSC works with survivors, caregivers and the medical, research, advocacy and legislative communities to increase the quality and quantity of life for women diagnosed with breast cancer ages 40 and under.

Because of TLBC's efforts to support Breast Cancer Awareness month, I really believe that this is the perfect time to try out this particular bra since part of the process go to such a wonderful cause. Sometimes I think we women take our breasts for granted and as silly as that sounds, it's really important to help each other when it comes to issues so close to our own identities. Boobies supporting boobies for the win! :D

I know some ladies have expressed their feelings that TLBC bras are expensive but from my experience they seem to fall in line with most other bras that I have come across (save the cheapy ones from Target or Kohl's that fall apart after a month or two...) such as Victoria's Secret or other companies like Wacoal, Chantel, and Calvin Klein. 

Despite this fact, I'm very excited to announce that TLBC is offering my viewers a 15% discount off their purchase from with the code FHTT15. This code is valid through January 15, 2011. Maybe it will ease the pain in your wallet while the bra eases the potential pain in your lovely lady lumps from wearing the wrong sized bra! ^_~

Although I cover all the details in my video, here are some key points for each bra:

Lucia in Peony/Tangerine ($56):
  • gorgeous!
  • my favorite overall bra (...from any company. ever.)
  • great cleavage
  • soft padded cups
  • band runs slightly looser 

Lucia-AB in Aubergine/Blush ($58):
  • slightly tighter band (TLBC told me they improved the band material and fit of the Lucia for this season. Peony/Tangerine is from an older season so I'm guessing all future colors and styles of Lucias will probably have a sturdier, tighter band that runs slightly smaller)
  • adjustable strap hooks (can do traditional, halter, or cross-back)
  • great cleavage
  • soft padded cups

Angela in Nude ($52):
  • everyday push-up bra
  • cups run 1/2 size small (or straps run tight)
  • adjustable strap hooks (can do traditional, halter, or cross-back)
  • band fits like Sascha
  • soft padding
  • not heavily padded but SUPER CLEAVAGE MAGIC

Yvonne in Nude/Mocha ($56):
  • wider-set, molded demi-cups 
  • cups run 1 size larger compared to the other styles
  • adjustable strap hooks (can do traditional, halter, or cross-back)
  • very pretty lace band and straps
  • good support if you have a fuller cup

Ethel-L in Lavender ($60):
  • demi-cups
  • beautiful all-over lace with pearl detail
  • removable padding (can adjust for more or less cleavage)
  • what I call "square type" shape for good support (versus V-shape)
  • my favorite of the batch I was sent!

One thing that I find truly amazing from this company that makes them stand out from other bras is that they don't use tons and tons of padding to give cleavage, even for petite sizes, so it doesn't feel like your boobs are being squished up to your neck. Instead, they rely on superior overall fit to enhance the woman's shape and cleavage line. TLBC, I commend you for this!

I hope this video and quick review helps for those of you who are interested in purchasing a TLBC bra, especially with the coupon code. ;)  I do want to mention that I'm not being paid in any way to promote the company and the Lucia that I have in Peony/Tangerine I actually purchased myself completely before the company contacted me so I am being as honest as possible! They have been super supportive (lol irony) for me in more than 1 way and I am very enthusiastic about sharing good news. ^_^

For those of you living outside the US, a quick Google search brought up a few online stores that ship TLBC bras internationally including which ships internationally for free,, and I haven't personally purchased from those sites but it's an FYI. :)

Oh and one last thing I wanted to mention is that a little Twitter birdie (@thelittlebracom) told me that TLBC will be coming out with size C cups very soon. Good news for you more breast-blessed women who are petite as well!

Happy boobies and have a nice week!

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  1. Thanks for the review Jen! I have been very curious about ordering from TLB Co. since seeing it all over the petite blogs. Your video will definitely be a great resource if I decide to make my first online bra purchase! Seems so scary!

  2. Oh, that's interesting about the different Lucia versions. I had peony/tangerine for a long time and got oyster/blue more recently and could swear the bands felt different, but I was just attributing it to having worn the peony/tangerine more. Great review. I loove my TLBC bras. They are the best thing to happen to tiny small-boobed women.

  3. Ah, wish I waited a day before ordering the bra. I was so excited when I saw the coupon code on your twitter that I ordered it immediately.
    I got the Isis bra, hopefully it fits well! *fingers crossed*

  4. Thank you for the code and the wonderful reviews! Unfortunately, I live in Canada and their shipping fee is ridiculously high at $25. FOR BRAS! And since the sizing doesn't seem very consistent among the styles, I'd rather try them on in person before buying them. Luckily, a few stores in Toronto carry TLBC bras! :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

    1. I live in Toronto too! Which stores are you referring to? I'd like to visit them as well

  5. Im def. going to order one too thanks for the code! you are always so sweet Jen =)

  6. This has been very helpful! Especially since I know how the Lucia/Sascha/Angela fits me. I definitely agree with everything you said about those three, especially the Angela straps being really tight (hadn't thought about replacing them, thanks for the idea!), and lol SUPER CLEAVAGE MAGIC! :D

    Btw I love your eye makeup... very pretty :)

  7. What's up with the giveaway that happend like 3 months ago... You never announce the winner on Youtube...

  8. C CUPS!!! OMG I can hardly stand it I'm so excited! lol

    Thanks for the review Jen :D

  9. Thanks for the very informative review. It seems to me that TLB needs to work on selling bras that are sized consistently and accurately seeing as they are an online company and people rely on their own measurements to order. I can see I would be quite frustrated having to return or exchange bras for a cup bigger or smaller depending on the style I ordered! IF they improved on the sizing consistance, they'd be a reliable/worthy online store IMHO :)

  10. Sarah: The winner of the TLBC contest was SuperCheckYes on youtube. :)

    Jasmine: I wrote this in the youtube comments but I wanted to write it here too:

    It's true for every bra company to have variation in fit. There are certain styles and cuts that fit better than others because not everyone's boobs and torsos are shaped exactly the same. There would probably be more complaints if every bra fit the same because many women would not be able to wear the brand at all! (For instance, some women have wider-set breasts, closer-set, rounder, etc)

    For the record out of the 6 styles I've tried on, 4 fit me in the same size. Only 1 didn't fit in the cup and only 1 didn't fit in the band. I'd say that's a pretty good rate.

    Compare that to going jean shopping! Not every jean fits the same even from the same company in the same size. ;)

    Also, TLBC is not an online-only store. They have their lines in lingerie stores all over (US and Canada for sure) and they actually recommend to try them on at a store in person first! You can search for a local store that carries the brand on their website.

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    ♥ El'Aundra

  12. hey jen, can you please please do a hair tutorial on park hanbyul's hair in se7en's "I'm going crazy" MV. It's like really subtle waves. I've been trying and I just can't seem to get it right. Please help!!

  13. hi jen! i just ordered two bras from the little bra company - black lucia and nude angela. ahhh i'm so excited! i actually got to try on the lucia in a store in NY and it really is as amazing as you said in your video. the bra gave a crazy uplift but it didn't feel fake since it wasn't super padded. anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the review and exposing me to this company :)

  14. A very helpful post. After reading your posts, watching the videos and even a review video from YaYaLifeStyle, I was persuaded to buy from TLBC, haha. The company really is a gem for petite women. Helping to spread the word about TLBC, I posted about it as well, giving credit to you and Yaya especially, for introducing it [to me]. I honestly had never heard of the company beforehand.

  15. I have purchased so many different bras in my lifetime and have never found an playtex underwire that didn't hurt to wear it. This feels good from the minute you put it on to hours and days after you wear it. I LOVE THIS BRA!!!!

  16. hi, what bra size did you order for the Angela bra? plz reply soon. thank you :)