frmheadtotoe clip on Fox11 news

9:46 PM

Puahaha! Just wanted to share this little news clip from LA's FOX 11 News that a second of my Smokey Eyes Tutorial for Monolids video was put in recently. Thanks to burritomaster88 for sharing this with me!

(a youtube upload of it if you can't see the first one)

In case you missed the tiny, tiny clip of me, here is a screencap. LOL!

It's funny that for all the crazy makeup tutorials that I have, they used one of my most basic ones for the clip. ^_^ I guess the news has free reign to use Youtube clips though? I don't mind, I just wish I could be aware of these things so I can at least post about it!

Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful food-filled weekend. It felt so incredible to have a couple days of vacation to not worry about work or blogging/recording/editing. I did get to snag some awesome Black Friday deals from the comfort of my computer this morning (a sexy new suit for my hubby, woo woo!) and I did pick up some replacement components for my PC. I think I may have forgotten to write that here but my PC died a couple weeks ago so sadly, my BB Cream overview videos are stuck on there until I can get a new motherboard. Soon, my friends!

Tomorrow it's back to the grind but I am looking forward to it. I have a really fun holiday look planned and also a cute holiday tag to go along with it so I hope a lot of others can respond and participate. Until then, it's a SECRET! ^_~

Just for fun, can you guys let me know what you are getting for your parents this Christmas? I'm still having trouble coming up with something good! Let me know in the comments!


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  1. omg thats exciting! Someone must have really liked you to put a little clip of you! ^_^ :D

  2. Ha! That is hilarious... it goes from zipper eyes to... a relatively normal picture of you! Pretty cool to be featured, even if it wasn't exactly "twisted" :)

  3. haha.they put the video who is the best had tutorial's u..congrats!

  4. I love how they put so many serious makeup clips up and then randomly put in Shane's video lol. But anyways, thats exciting that they featured you!! I don't really know what to get for my parents yet. I think I may get my mom some trendy jewelry and then do a watercolor of some plants for my dad. A manly picture of manly cycad plants, that is. lol. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Jen!

  5. Congrats!
    And for Christmas, I will buy Mary Poppins DVD for my mother (her favorite movie!)

  6. yay! congratulations =) i want to bake a cake on christmas day for my parents but i don't know how well it'll turn out so i'll probably get them some stuff if worse comes to worse. i might get my parents a new toaster because our one is ancient!

  7. Wow that's awesome Jen! But yeah, it would nice if you knew about it - luckily someone had a good eye :)

  8. How cool!

    I love Mei Ling's suggestion for a Christmas present. Although my parents do have dvd's, they still have all their old favorites on vhs. Maybe I could get some dvd's to replace their favorite vhs tapes. Thanks Mei Ling!! :)

  9. good God! Thankfully it wasn't the bra fitting video! XDDDD
    It's not just a tiny clip, but two tiny parts! haha
    1) weren't they supposed to ask the video owners if they could use them? I don't know about the laws there tho...
    2) why would these be twisted makeup? these are artistic and very well done looks! These news guys and their like who calls this twisted can't even put on an everyday makeup without a stylist! @_@ jealous?
    3) That particular video of yours is faaaaaar from extreme...least twisted
    4) that girl from NYX doing Gaga is....uhm....she should retire from being a stylist/muartist of a brand! Simply silver e/s and huge false lashes are all she can do? #&*#&°% Shame on her...

    Sorry, I'm in bad mood Today! Ignore my crappy points above!
    Anyway, congrats! It's good you made it to the news! And not by murdering someone! XDDD
    Oh, I'm getting worse with every word...>.>

    As for the present for my Mom, I already bought a book about how to know someone is a liar and spotting signes of lies on professional communicators.

  10. Congrats! Im getting my mom a book with pictures of me and my sister. You can even put captions on the bottom! Its on and there is a deal going on. (Its on the homepage but if not its MERRY2010 for 25% off!) GOOD LUCK!!!!

  11. Lol that's so funny but any publicity is good publicity! The person who caught that had a good eye!
    And yes youtube and facebook both include in their user agreements that they can sell and use anything information, videos, and pictures you upload to their sites as they please. There was a small freakout about a year ago when people started to realize what sites like facebook and youtube actually included in their user agreements (I guess no on really reads those things before clicking *I agree*)

    I was recently reading a review for Skin79 BB cream triple action and the review stated this "It contains parebens, alcohol and fragrance. I would prefer non harsh chemicals. Regret purchasing it. Blame it on my impulsive shopping habit."

    I don't own the skin79 BB and haven't tried it yet, but I saw in several of your videos that you had positive things to say about it, but is there any truth to the parabens and chemicals I read about in the other person's review?
    I currently use lioele BB cream because it is more expensive than Skin79 and for some reason that makes me think its "better" lol but I've been hesitant to try out Skin79's BB creams

    Sorry for the ramble I really liked your recent purse video! I agree about casual canvas bags! Sometimes you just need a casual bag to throw everything in, love your vids keep 'em comin! :)

  12. Hi Jen,

    I was wondering if you could give more background information about your makeup expertise - you have mentioned before that you didn't wear makeup until you were a junior in college - and now you are a pro! How did that journey come about? As a beginner, where I should I began?? There are so many different products that it's extremely overwhelming -.-


  13. I see you! :) I love how the new anchor said, hobby turning gurus into millionaires! Gotta love it!

  14. Congrats Jen! That's so exciting to be on the news =D

  15. how weird that you didn't know that they used you're clip but how AWESOME at the same time that you were on tv ^_^

    I'm giving my father an apple airport, loreal creme's for MEN and an ipod cover.
    i'm giving my mom al kinds of things, chanel soap, make up, but i still need some more items for her, because i already spend so much on my father with the apple thing that i need some more shopping to do.
    I guess i am going to buy my mom some fashionable items or beauty items.

  16. you're on the news! congrats! I've been following all these make-up tutorial youtubes just recently, and I didn't know they are that famous! I'm surprised I recognize most of the clips. Awesome!

  17. You deserve it Jen :) You've done great job! Congrats

  18. That's great but it's a touch annoying how a feature on youtube beauty gurus segwayed into a sort of "commercial" for NYX cosmetics.

  19. Sorry to hear about your computer! That sucks!
    For Christmas my mom wants a really expensive DeLonghi espresso maker, but it's way out of my price range right now.


  20. Cute! Haha you're getting famous Jen! Cyworld and Fox gotchya covered xD Can't wait for your holiday look!

    I'm getting my dad, who's a techie, a Best Buy gift card, and my Korean mum a nice winter sweater OR pretty earrings OR some anti aging eye cream thingy. haha xD

  21. Wow, you're on the news, I like that smokey eye tutorial.
    I'll probably get my mom a Swarovski necklace and get my dad a book to read!

  22. oooo congrats!!!! :D thats so amazing lol

  23. How cool! It's always fun to see how viral things can go on the web! :)

    I booked my parents a cruise to Hawaii for Christmas/Birthday/Mothers/Fathersday.

    Glad you had time to relax - I love the holidays!

  24. Hi Jen! Just wanted to say I love your blog. Congrats -- wish the clip was a bit longer though haha. In regards to the CL video I was just browsing through the comments on Nate and its ironic how the guys are so mean but the girls typically left positive comments. Boys are so ignorant -- they don't know what girls have to go through to prettify!

  25. We're getting my mother-in-law a MP3 player for sure. My father-in-law had asked for an external hard drive.

  26. really like this post and i got some beauty tips for all on our website @beautytipshub.

  27. Hi Jen! Congrats on being featured!! You're great n____n Hmmm I'm having trouble thinking of what to get my parents too.. My mother is very girly so I'll either get her some Lancome products (facial cremes, lipsticks), a nice winter coat or a nice top.. my father is a very picky man so I always play it safe and buy him vests or sweaters :P! And he never complains!

    Looking forward to your holiday looks!

  28. I got my korean mama an iPod touch. We gave it to her early... She loves it and sends me the best emails. We do facetime and I can put pictures of our kids and us on there. Also, there's is Korean radio app, Korean videos, etc. Also has a Korean language option to type emails, etc. Seriously awesome to watch her enjoy it! Love your stuff I'm going to buy BB cream this week ;)

  29. that's cooool, congratulations. can i embed this video on كيف اكون جميلة?? keep it up, thanks