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10:52 AM

A few days ago I saw a tag going around on Youtube called "My Perfect Imperfections". It was started by AndreasChoice, and the premise is to list 3 things about yourself that you consider imperfections and 3 things that you like about yourself.

I don't know why but I always think it's really fascinating to hear about what others think are imperfections about themselves, just because it really humanizes them. Nobody's perfect and it gives people a chance to say, "Hey, I'm not perfect and here's why, and I'm still kinda neat and here's why."

I'm the type of person who gets really uncomfortable when commenters try to push me on some kind of pedestal because I am SO not that girl that people looked at and cooed over my whole life. I was never popular. Not even close! I was always that plain, dorky girl who was silly and never got too much attention other than for art and being studious. YAY FOR ASIAN STEREOTYPE TIME! XD I didn't even wear makeup until late in college so when people give me those types of comments I really just look at them (literally, stare at the typed words) like they are crazy.

That's not to say that I don't take compliments graciously, I really try to which is not always easy. It's more that I take the words I hear with a grain of salt because I know that for all the good or bad comments that may come my way, I know I'm still that dorky girl inside and that's the person I'm happy being.

So here's my Perfect Imperfections video. I hope you guys watch this one and, if you would like, make a video or blog response (which you are free to link to in my comments or youtube). :)

Hair bow: Vintage men's bowtie from an estate sale (similar in blue leopard here)
Earrings: http://www.shopheqi.com/ Origami Butterfly earrings (similar taste to this origami necklace)
Flannel Shirt: Abercrombie kids on sale here (similar non-kids here and here)
Cardigan: Banana Republic (similar from LOFT petites here)

Disclaimer: I'm not promoting anything in this video or post, but it does include some affiliate links if you want to get your shop on. ;D

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  1. ehee I always thought you were just bending your pinky like that b/c you were double jointed or something ^^ It's actually pretty cool 'imperfection' ^_^ And men's bowtie? genius :D

  2. ILY jen!! haha absolutely loved this tag, it's fun watching ALL of them that pop up in my subscriptions feed. especially yours 'cause you're laughing the whole time (:

  3. The new dining room set looks so good!

    I had a hunch about what you were going to say in your imperfections section. hehe
    You are so gorgeous inside and out. Just to let you know!

    The blue bow clip is adorable. Me likey!

    Gosh, I miss you tons... *sighs*

  4. You're totally adorable and pretty! I think your pinky is cool; I'd love to scare my friends like that, lol!
    Love your hair bow and shirt! I couldn't really ever tell that you were 4'10 (in fact I thought you were my height, 5'2).

    The two things that ever bother me the most about myself is that my face is sort of not symmetrical (it's not obvious, but when I get my picture taken at certian angles, it shows up). And I have big teeth too. But you're right, it's awesome for smiling. :D

  5. umm... did you consider looking at your imperfections and perfections that weren't necessarily of the physical nature...I understand yours is a fashion blog for the most part, but it would be neat to see another side of you talking about im/perfections in your nature, your dealings with people, relationships, life etc...perhaps to show us another part of you..?
    Just a thought.. :)

  6. ur nose looks fine! ur so funny wen u talk about ur pinky LOL.

  7. I was on cyworld.com yesterday and they posted your CL tutorial link on their website under lifestyle (I think it was under that link). I tried posting it onto your fb but I realized we weren't friends so I wasn't able to! Anyhoo, just thought you would like to know :)

  8. I enjoyed watching your video. Love you and your crooked pinky. ; ) haha You also look young, which is a plus in the long run. Have you seen your Youtube comments so far? "HUSBAND?! You're so young!" LOL

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. Hi Jen!

    Ok I know you don't like being put on a pedestal and all (as made super clearly in your videos - you're so modest and sincere! =D), but I truly believe that you are a great role model for young girls these days!

    If it were me that did a video, I'd probably be like "Well, I hate my small eyes, and my nose is a bit too big, and my skin is bad, and my face is too round, and I am too fat.." I could go on forever. But after listening to your video, I think that all that negativity is not good at all! I will try to see myself in a new light =) I'm starting to feel that looking gorgeous is more than just looking like a typical 'pretty' Asian magazine model!

    Also I know this is completely irrelevant since I'm posting on the wrong post, but I managed to get onto your heart to heart video about your acne history, and I nearly cried. I totally know where you're coming from!

    This will probably make you cringe, but I want you to know that I really do feel inspired by your videos! Not only on just like a make-up front, but also just about feeling comfortable in my own skin. =) Thank you Jen!

  10. Hello Jen,
    I've been following your blog for quite awhile now and I really love the things you post. One of the reason why I started following you is because I'm Asian, I'm also 4'10", my feet are about 8" (a tad bit less than 8") and have a terrible time finding clothes/shoes. Although I'm not as slender as you (I'm maybe 5 lbs heavier). I've always thought of myself as a freak because I'm so short and I'm always made fun of for my height. I mean I've learn to laugh it off and make silly jokes about it, however the short jokes do get to me once in awhile. Following your blog and other petite blogs have definitely help me become a little more courageous in accepting myself and others. While I was watching your video, I just realized that our imperfections are what really make us perfect, because they are our distinguishing features that separate us from one another. It gives us the efforts and means to live as ourselves and not others. I love watching your videos and blogs. Thank you for doing what you're doing!

  11. Aww Jen, I really enjoyed this video and other peoples' tags too. =) Your pinky is pretty crazy!! I don't think I've noticed it in your other vids, but I think it's HILARIOUS you used to prank people w/ it! =P

  12. Hi Jen, love this video! I love the fact that you are appreciating what God has given you and not dwell on the imperfections. (seriously though I can't see anything wrong with your nose.LOL.)
    I have the same exact shirt, when I found it I fell so in love with it that I bought one for myself and one for my daughter. :) Mine was an sz XL, and my daughter S. I just went and measured my daughter's feet, 8 inches, same size as yours. :) She's 10.
    Anyways,I'll stop rambling. Just want to let you know that you are very sweet and beautiful, and you have a great smile.
    I wore the same shirt here: http://vickysdailyfashion.blogspot.com/2010/11/plaid-flannel-shirt-and-knee-high-boots.html

  13. Your pinky really is freaky hahaha... jk, actually both of my middle fingers are slightly crooked (it's genetic, my sister has it too), but you definitely take the cake on crooked fingers! Are you sure it wasn't a really old injury (like when you were a baby) that healed that way?

    And I definitely agree with you about the sizing thing, I'm perfectly fine being my size, my only issue is just with finding cute clothes that fit! :)

  14. okay, i just wanted to say that my nose also has that kind of bump on it but i like it that way cos it makes it look a little bit more "prominent" (as opposed to looking flat, for lack of a better word). and quite frankly, your nose looks perfect. i love your nose! you are so lucky to have a very nice proportionate body because i hate my proportions. lol. unlike you, i'm 5'3" but i can look like i'm 4'10". o_o i think my head is too big, my nose could use a little alteration, my body is generally small (circumference-wise and i used to be thin/slender but now i'm about 110 lbs), my legs aren't as slim as they were and so these all in all make me feel SO depressed and that's why i envy you a looooot. and you are way too gorgeous to be worrying about your height. if i had your face, i wouldn't mind being 4'10" seriously. and at the risk of sounding like a super #1 fan, i admire you for everything you do! haha. keep doing what you do and inspire more people like me! :D <3 <3 <3

  15. yay for new posts :) i always wait for ur next new post, and get so happy once you post something new hehe

    i nvr noticed your pinky!my pinky is a little crooked like that too~ as part of my imperfection, i still like my pinky fingers =]

  16. u so funny XD wow I never even noticed your pinky until now! You are pretty blessed with good proportions hehe, short is also something that makes you unique, just like tall ppl :)
    maybe if you started shopping in vietnam or tw, i think you would fit right in!

  17. I just want to say thank you for you video! Like the other post, I also cried during video about heart to heart on your skin. I've been following your blog for awhile because it's very inspiring. I am also tiny too and finding non-kiddie clothes is a living nightmare. I'm 5 feet, wear kids size 2 shoes and have a boyfriend who is a foot taller. There was a period of time where I became so uncomfortable in my own skin and it was your videos and your energy that really got me seeing that it's really nothing. Thank you again! You have such a great blog!

    Between, being tiny is great! We are "fun sized" and adorable ;D

  18. As you mentioned about imperfections, you are totally right about that no one is perfect. Perfect depends on the observers eyes. To many I am sure that they think you are perfect, and that you are their role models. Perfection is how one present themselves, and as long as you are not bothered with your "imperfection" no one else will think that it is imperfect either. Self confidence is the word. =)

    So my three imperfections and perfections:

    1. My size, As you mentioned that you find it hard to find clothes that fits, so do I, but this is not because I am petite nor huge. Its just that I am firstly in between two-three sizes depending on where you buy clothes, normally I find it hard to buy blouses and shirts as my boobs either are squeezed or that it fits perfect around the chest, but huge every where else.
    2. My calfs and feet, they are so skinny that I find it hard to find boots and shoes that fits. especially boots. They are all to wide for me, so I really have to look hard to find shoes and boots. However I love the fact that they are slender and fem.
    3. my eyebrows...I really dont have much hair on my eyebrows...you can actually see gaps here and there when i am not wearing make-up LOL... thank god for make up...

    1. my legs...I love the fact that my legs are long and slender, always looks good in a pair of heals and skirt/dress/Shorts =)
    2. my hair, it has always been in a good condition, shiny and as yours something between straight and wavy. So I dont really need to do much to it, and it still looks great.
    3. my ears, I think that they are a good size and that they fits perfect to my face.

    You are right Jen this was very difficult, especially the perfection part =P anyway, now no know that there are more out there who are willing to share their perfection/imperfection top three list =)

  19. Really great video! Your pinky is really funny! But I really love your hands and fingers, they are so thin and small and you have beautiful nails!!

    I also don`t like my nose. I have a bumb on my nose and when I was a child everybody anoyed me because of that. But I am about it now ;)
    And I hate my fat fingers. I`m not fat, I have normale size and normal weight but my fingers are really long and fat cause of medicine I had to take when I was younger.. My ring is bigger that my husbands ring. Its embarrassing >////<

    But I really love my hair and my skin like its now (when I was younger I had so many allergies, so I couldnt wear Make Up, but now everything is fine. My skin is tender and healthy.

  20. Are you serious?! You seem like the popular type. Actually..you are a lot like meeee. Quiet and artsy. ^^

  21. aww i absolutely adore your blog and how you feel about yourself!! Even though you get so many nice comments, you still retain your humility, which is soo admirable!

  22. This video was very cute, honest and refreshing! Thank You!

  23. your nose looks perfectly fine! there's no bump at all.

    off topic but i just saw you follow xiaxue's blog too! haha..everyone really does read it.

    and thanks for all your past contact lens reviews. i recently bought some from the site and they're great =)

  24. I just came across your blog and followed. I watched this video, I love how honest you are. I don't think you're crooked finger is scary or freaky at all, I think it makes you individual and I love how you laughed it off :) You have a great bubbly personality, keep making videos. Love your blue bow too!

  25. Hi Jen! Your nose looks fine and I would really like to have nose like yours. I flat nose and its really tiny! Someone actually asked me once how can I breathe with it LOL!

    I'm about 5'2" and I used to complain a lot how short am I. But perhaps due to the proportion of my body people actually can't tell that I'm 5'2". So yeah now I tend to appreciate my height and focus on what I have. :D

  26. Hello Jen :)

    This is my first time commenting your video. I found your blog a few days ago through a Korean website,cyworld, and I really liked your videos and other posts. :D

    I also have a nose not straight because when I was in 9th grade, my nose got hurt while I was playing softball. Thus, whenever I see my face, my nose is very annoyingg ..urgggggg hahahaha
    I rly want to have braces on my teeth.. and my teeth are not white unlike yours :'((( hahahah

    I really want to say thank you because after watching your video, I started trying to find some advantages of me and to become optimistic. You are so beautiful and I think your pinky is cool. Seriously, I get pleasant whenever I watch your videos and I like to see your smile :))))

  27. When I watch your video I was like wow, this girl is so cute and real, might because the way you talk and express yourself, I liked it! I watched all of your videos on Youtube in one day, no kidding. I like your style and here to back you up!!

  28. Haha.. saw ur video.. its hilarous... u r sooo cute.. like ur straight forward-ness... keep it up with ur videos.. love them!


  29. OMG you are funny!! ^^ Great post btw. I'm 4'10" also but I'm NOT Asian at all lol at least you have an excuse! It's amazing how we have such an easy time picking out our flaws but when it comes to the things that we like we have to really think about it!

    I know what you mean about people saying that you're perfect. I have lost God knows how many ALMOST friends because of this. People seem to think that being petite and proportionate and pretty means I don't have problems and I really just hate that; it's just like you said: we ALL have things about ourselves that we'd rather not deal with.

  30. I just found your blog and am really touched by this post. I'm not Asian, but I'm petite (5'0) with a curvy-athletic frame so I can look bigger than I am sometimes. And just like you, I guess I didn't "blossom" -- getting into clothes, makeup, etc -- until I graduated from undergrad. I started to feel like I was "behind" from other women who dabbled into this stuff years ago. But that shouldn't and doesn't matter. Yay for knowing there are other women like me out there.

    You seem like a beautiful person and very down to earth. Embrace it :)

    If I may ask (if it's in the archives, let me know) - how did you get into makeup?

  31. Yay! petite pride! I always hated talking to girls who are like "Oh my god! you're so small where do you shop? I'm 5'2 and size 0. How do you find clothes? Kids section?" Ugh-- how embarrassing.

  32. hey jen, i just want to say thanks for always being honest about yourself. this sounds cheesy but i think you're really inspirational! i get really down about my imperfections sometimes but it helps loads to see how other people deal with and accept theirs!

  33. hey jen, i just want to say i really appreciate your video. i have one very obvious imperfection: one side of my face is far flatter than the other which is squarer, so my face does look quite obviously disproportionate. this hurts me alot and i've actually been considering cosmetic surgery to fix it. i know you're not going to like this but i have been really envious that you have such an even jawline and face shape. i think it's a constant battle to accept one's imperfections...i don't know if i'll ever be able to reach a stage like you where i can be okay with it? it's funny how small things that people take for granted are actually a more or less unachievable dream for others. if i were to name one 'perfection' it'd be that i've kept the same weight (43kg) ever since i hit puberty no matter how much i eat, and it's not something i'm specially thankful for or think about? but i realize it's something someone else would kill to have, same as what i think about my imperfection... it's a long ramble but i just want to say thanks for making me realize i have things about myself to like and not just focus on the negativity:) - Min

  34. I like your english ! :)

  35. Jen, this is such a cute video. Oh, and I'll take your nose over my flat nose any day.

  36. I know this post is from a long time ago, but I found a helpful website!
    I promise, I am not affiliated with the website at all (I'm a size 8-8.5, haha)! I just learned about it and since you said you have trouble finding shoes in your size, I thought you would appreciate it.

  37. Just visited your site after I saw your CL Can't Nobody makeup vid and watched this Perfect Imperfections video. Wanted to give you props from a fellow crooked pinky person.
    Check it out.

  38. Hi ^^

    I loved your tag, in fact I love all your videos LOL, and decided to do my own!


  39. I wanted to comment and say that I too have shed many tears over clothes shopping! Nothing ever fits me, especially business clothing. And jeans. I get so upset when I shop, even now. I am 4'11 and 85 lbs, so nothing ever fits me, even with tailoring :(

  40. hi jen you have relli helped me,you said you were a dorky asian girl in high school and well im also the same i feel pretty lonely at high school and its relli hard to push myself to keep on going to school and keep a smile on, i have felt ugly compared to classmates and not special i hope i get past high school quickly! thankyou for showing me that beauty is from within :)

  41. hi jen you have helped me alot. well you said that you were a dorky asian girl in high school and i am too but it really hurts and i feel lonely and its pretty hard to force myself to go to school everyday and to keep a smile on my face like nothing matters. i also feel ugly and not unique, thankyou for showing me that beauty is from within :) hope i make it thru high school!

  42. Oh my gosh your pinky did scare me for a second, but honestly I never noticed your finger till I saw this video. Non the less, I think you are really beautiful, because your bubbly personality made you almost perfect. :)

  43. hey jen! try being 4"8 with 34 inch hips! it really makes it even more difficult to shop for clothes... and i'm a size 3 for shoes too! and my feet are skinny so even if shoes do fit lengthwise, i need straps to keep them on! i've kind of given up on wearing pretty heels.. so i'm always wearing flats or sneakers...not sure what i'm gonna do for my wedding this year... i'm desperate to find heels that don't look tacky and fit comfortably.

    just letting u know that ur not alone in ur petiteness... and in some cases ur luckier than me because ur skinnier so u can fit in more clothes, and a few inches taller too! ^^

    thanks for sharing with the world... we sooo need more petite power!hehe

  44. Regarding your third "imperfection" - come to Korea! Omg... the MAXIMUM jean size in malls and department stores is 26 inches in the waist. I tried to buy a pair of CKs when I got some money - and they didn't even have 28 inches. You would NEVER have that problem here... everything is down-sized in Korea, and you would find the perfect fit in clothes. It's NOT an imperfection - it's convenient over here :'(