2010 Fall/Winter Fashion OOTD

10:14 PM

Hey everyone! First off, I just wanted to give a big shoutout to my South Korean readers since I saw a huge spike of new hits after the CL video went semi-viral there. (Did I tell you guys about that? I guess some random guy yanked it off my youtube page and posted it on Cyworld/Nate, which is like Korea's Facebook, and it made it to the main page which is total craziness!)

You know how critical Korean netizens can be, but fortunately I also had plenty of lovely people who were kind as well and I feel so blessed by the new wave of supporters. If anyone from Korea is reading this now, 안녕하세요! ㅋㅋㅋ~ ^_^

Edit: Wow, looks like a Korean news article was written about my vid. O_O Thank you Anonymous commenter for letting me know.

Because of this, I was inspired to add a Translator widget to my sidebar so feel free to use it (although I know the Korean translator for Google is terrible!) I always think it's the coolest thing to see readers from all across the world and it makes me feel small like a tiny ant in a really great, humbling way.

Okay, enough blabbing and onto my OOTD video! Today was particularly chilly so I really bundled up. If you have been a long-time reader of this blog you'll know that my outfit is in typical "Winter Jen Fashion" style. I realize a lot of people who watch my videos soley subscribe to my Youtube so these are baby steps to introduce them to my fashion sense. ^_~ (Sorry about the shaking camera in the video!)

This coat is one that I first saw on petite blogger Petite XXS (who is nearly the same size as me) in her post here. She had raved about how tiny the XS fit so I knew I had to snatch it up! Here is the stock image.

See how cute it is? Oh man, I've always wanted an ivory coat and coats are one of the greatest challenges to find as a slim petite! The only downsides are that it doesn't have wool in it (100% animal free) so it probably won't be able to endure really harsh Winter weather and the sleeves are too long for me, but otherwise it is love! Great fit in the shoulders and the waist tie is fantastic for when I am lazy running out the door quickly. I bought it from Piperlime here.

Here is my actual outfit for the day. Definitely warm and cozy! It took me a while to accept that the colder weather was coming at the end of Summer, but now I am into Winter clothes full force! Fall? What Fall? I'm ready for knit beanies and warm mugs of hot cocoa! ^_____^

Slouchy Knit Beanie - Forever 21 (similar here and w/ rosette here)
Sweater Tunic - Forever 21 (similar here)
Long-sleeve shirt - Abercrombie (similar here)
Electric blue leggings - Target (similar here and in navy here)
Legwarmers - Abercrombie (kids) (similar here and here)
Emu Charcoal Bronte High shearling boots (kids here and womens here)

I was planning on posting up a "What's in your bag" tag video and my big video review-comparison of BB Creams soon, but sadly my PC that had the videos on it died. :( I'm going to have to get the files off of the harddrive. When that happens, you'll have some better videos to look forward to! Hopefully this OOTD will suffice to hold you over for at least a few more days. ^_~

Hope everyone is staying warm (or cool, depending on where you live) and safe! 

Remember, be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. 

Have a happy Harry Potter weekend. :D :D :D

Disclaimer: I bought all my clothes myself because I would be naked without them. There are some affiliate links included in this post. 

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  1. omgg ccrazzy! your vid made it to the front page of cyworld? haha wow! you're famous jen! ahaha xD

    well, i'm not surprised, your videos are fabulous! and so are you! thanks for sharing, i love the coat. i'm trying to find one like it.

    harry potter yeah!

  2. PS Jen, there is an ARTICLE about you. yes, an article.



  3. i love your coat! where did you get your translator widget?

  4. You have the most awesome and whimsical fashion sense!!! I love it! :) I saw the article that the anonym. poster put up, but sadly I am unable to read Korean! I bet it says all kinds of awesome things!! :D

  5. well since you are a korean blogger, maybe you should translate your posts. like garance dore http://www.garancedore.fr/

    just scroll down a little and on the right is a picture link that looks like a piece of paper stuck down with sticky tape :)

    ~Andeerooo :)

  6. Jen!! That's awesome that your video is going viral in Korea!! :) Korea is small enough that once something gets popular, then EVERYONE knows! haha. Loving the outfit! It's soo wintery and pretty.

  7. hi there! Was just passing by and I've gotta say I LOVE your outfit! It's so incredibly warm, cute and functional! Adorable =)

    P.s I'd look to have a look in your bag hee~

  8. Love the coat Jen! But I'm always afraid of buying light colored coats because they'd get dirty easily :T

  9. wow congrats for your more uber 15 minutes (well, much longer) of fame :D good things turned out from the unfortunate yay!

    i absolutely love your glammed out snow princess outfit. so cute it reminds me of the stuff girls wear in dramas haha :D

    <3 angie

  10. I actually have this coat and it's not that bad in the cold! Layering is always best but even in the wind it's surprisingly warm!
    I love it so much and I get tons of compliments on it. I was a little worried purchasing it online because I'm tall and skinny so I thought it would end up being too short but a medium ended up being perfect for me!
    It does get dirty really easily though so be careful!

  11. Jen congrats and you deserve to be known because you're such a sweetheart and I love all your tutorials and fashion! :)

    Really cute outfit! It's darn hot down here! So no no on that outfit, I wish I coulld though :)

  12. Congrats on your new followers, I am a new one to your blog as well :]

    I really enjoy your vids on YT as well, love the outfit.


  13. your outfit is so cute!! that beanie is awesome and i love leg warmers.

    and congratulations on being a Korean celebrity too! :)


  14. that is great ! your blog is my #1, as i always say whenever i leave a comment.. i luv ur posts and all your inputs about fashion/makeup/life, etc~ and the fact that your blog is now being known in skorea//internationally.. amazing. great job, jen! you deserve it :)

    btw, i like what you were~

  15. Congratz on all that you've accomplished!!

    Love your outfit! So cute ^^ I find it so strange that someone as small as you can find such great-fitting clothes whereas I'm a bit taller but I can't find clothes that fit me very well. I must have some weird porportions. Haha! Most tops fit me around the stomach and arm area but it's very loose around the chest and shoulder area =( Some pants are tight around the thighs but loose at the waist. *sigh*

  16. I love your OOTD!!! Sooo cute! I used to wear a lot of layers and coat on top, but not so much anymore. I just hate sitting on my coat when i'm driving, and it's annoying to put it on and take it off getting in and out of the car. Nowadays, i just wear a long sleeve shirt under a thick sweater, and a scarf wrapped around my neck. A scarf is a must-have for Fall/Winter.

  17. It's cause 2ne1 are so awesooooome
    \(^o^)/ Hahahha! <3

  18. I really love the style of this coat especially the collar :) Super cute!

  19. I love your coat! So cute and fluffy looking..heheh :]

  20. I know you have a hard time finding clothes your size, but what about people who are 4'10" but overweight? Any advice?

  21. Hi Jen! Your leggings are sooooo cutee. Do you know where I could find something similar? The ones you suggested are in black, and I want something off-white, maybe ivory to match my boots! Wah, and a&f kids doesn't have them neither does hollister T__T And very much congrats to youu! You're fame is spreading worldwidee! ^.^

  22. Ooo I'm so glad you love the coat! (And it looks really good on you!) I was a little worried that it wouldn't fit you because you're even tinier than me. I've been really tardy about posting pics of that coat on my blog because I'm thinking about getting the sleeves shortened since they're uber long on me too.

    I <3 your winter outfit... you look like a snow princess heheh. And congrats on making the front page, so well-deserved too because that video is seriously awesome :)

  23. You're welcome Jen ^^

  24. 안녕하세요!(YESS!!!I'm a Korean follower!! haha) I didn't think you'd kno cyworld Jen!!
    My Korean friends are all like talking about you saying ur soooooo pretty!! I love your videos and blog posts :D

  25. Hi, I'm also a Korean netizen (I should say haha). I actually saw a video of the gyaru make up from another site called bestiz (which is also an enormous site.) I've watched loads of your videos for the last couple of days :) Loving your blog so much ! Anyways, 화이팅입니다 lol

  26. Your video was totally a big HIT in Korean internet community. I could see your tutorial video wherever I go! There were also a lot of people saying you look pretty much like Sandara.Lol
    Anyway, bkz of that, I knew this awesome blog and got a lot of make up information here! thanx :D

  27. You are totally becoming Famous! ㅋㅋㅋ 추카 추카!! ^^

  28. Good job Jen!

    I like your OOTD especially the Knit Beanie, I think I am getting one like that too :)

  29. Hi!
    I'm a huge fan of your posts from Korea. (even before CL thing kk)
    A couple of videos are posted on big communoties in Korea!
    I really enjoy every posts:)
    Do u have any other blog? like we could contact easily~(I mean Korean)
    anyway 또올게요~ XD

  30. Congrats on getting homepage on Cyworld AND being featured in the Korean news article ^_^

    I think your outfit of the day is ADORABLE! And I can't wait for your BB cream video! I've been meaning to do a Skin 79 review on my blog for a while, but haven't had the time to sit down and "review". haha I've only been posting outfit posts lately.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  31. Hi! I love this outfit. Looks so cute and comfortable! Adorable!

  32. you are so cute! love your style. will be following your blog from now on :)

  33. Hi Jen, I love love love...... your blog. I can not believe I actually spend a WHOLE DAY to catch up all the old posts and photos/videos. A WHOLE SUNDAY, I did nothing, but on your blog and youtube channel. I love your photos, style and personality. Are you a model as well as an artist? how come you have so many photoshoots!!! LOVING those beautiful photos though. ps. nice big camera you have

  34. wow... you're really global now, that's so cool. i love your outfit btw. its so cute and casual :)

  35. jen! you are lovely with or without make up! I loveeee your vids :) i am inspired to explore more make up types because of you! I used to hate make up because i didn't know how to do it, but i learned from your vids. you're truly awesome! I am korean myself, even though I was born in American. I grew up in Korean traditional family..so korean is only strictly spoken in our household..some people think i'm a fob LOL ANYWAYS! I did see your vid in cyworld and i was surprised. you deserve every credit for your time doing the vid!! Thank you!

  36. unnie, you should do a video in korean!

  37. hi jen! :) i just wanted to tell you i love, love, LOVE your videos <3 hehe :) and your blog posts! this might sound a little crazy, but i spent a few hours last night reading through all your blog posts. from the very first blog post, to the most recent.. LOL is that weird? ;) haha i couldn't help it! they were really interesting :D
    i also noticed you have quite a few diff BB creams, could you please do a blog post, or a video comparing all the ones you own/have used and their pros & cons? thanks! :D

  38. Pray for South Koreans! No war! ><
    It seems somewhat inevitable though. Pray pray pray for them to stay safe!

  39. totally awesome jen! Pretty soon you'll be making trips out to the motherland doing tv interviews!

  40. LOL the "I bought all my clothes line" made me crack up - loves it!

    Have to ask - what size shoe do you wear? I know Jean is a size 5-5.5, I have the hardest time finding shoes as I'm a size 5 only. Can't even make it to the half sizes. *sigh*

    And did you not Bawl your eyes out at the end of HP? (I hope I didn't just spoil it for anybody, but most people who see the movie have read the books) The whole theater was sniffling!

  41. wow I did not know that you were on Nate/cyworld page! awesome! go you!!!

    I love your fashion style, makeup, personality, everything!! You are such an inspiration to me!!

    I especially love how you sometimes cater to us monolids heheh. There are a lot of monolid tutorials out there but none of them I feel like does the monolid ppl justice. some are okay. some are just bleh.

    yours is GReat!!
    항상 웃으시고
    너무 겸손하시고 마음이 참 따듯하신 분 같아요. 좋은 하루가 되시길 바라고 더욱 더 많은 비디오를 엎플(korean slang for upload) 해주세요!

  42. Hi, that really is a lovely coat. The thing is, I almost bought a white peacoat from Ann Taylor Loft last year. It was GORGEOUS, fit wonderfully and was a good price--the only catch was that it collected lint like no other ! How is this one faring in terms of dust/lint collecting and just overall ability to stay clean and white ?

  43. Hey Jen!
    I must say that I am a huge Korean admirer of all of your tutorials and this blog of yours. :)
    Just a suggestion for the Koreans that aren't very good at English, etc,; but maybe you could possibly make tutorials in Korean as well? Of course, that must be too much to ask--but maybe you can do your tutorials normally and have Korean subs in it? (Or, not even--you could just write a quick description of what to do for each tutorial in Korean in that description box of YouTube).
    I'm so glad that you got pretty well-known because you definitely deserve it. :)

  44. great winter look! I adore white in winter!

  45. Lol netizens are bashing you when you're just having fun. Typical netizens. Saying CL is prettier than you. BS!

    2NE1 looks like crap without eyeliner on and just foundation and concealer on. You look gorgeous with minimul makeup!

    Jen fighting!

  46. Cute outfit! Looks so warm! (=

  47. I just pass by your blog and just want to say that i love your style in this picture! Perfectly fit you! *0*