Boston Haul: H&M and Urban Outfitters

1:52 PM

I'm back from my trip to Boston and I must say, I had a really amazing time there! I haven't taken a proper vacation in years so it was a great relief to fly out somewhere with my friend Hannah and just eat really good food and, of course, SHOP! :D

Because I haven't ever been to an H&M and I had heard so much about how they have plenty to choose from in small sizes (I wear the smaller-fit size 2 there) I fully expected to haul quite a lot and luckily I wasn't disappointed.

Items mentioned:
H&M Divided Leopard-print billowy tank top - size 2 (similar here and here)
Pink Ralph Lauren kids' shorts - size 10 (similar here)
H&M White blazer - size 2 (similar here and here)
H&M Divided black cardigan - size 2 (similar here and here)
H&M Chambray shirt-dress - size 2 (similar here and here)
H&M Blue knit jacket - size 2 (similar petites here)
H&M printed skater dress - size 4 (skater dresses here and here)
H&M Divided tank dress in white - size 2 (similar here)
H&M Divided tank dress in brown - size 4 (similar at American Apparel here)
H&M Divided Lace "boho" dress - size 2 (similar here and sexy version here)
H&M geode ring - size 5 (it's big on me) (similar here and hyperventilating here and here)
Urban Outfitters nailpolish in Hangover (similar at F21 here)
H&M navy fluttery dress - size 2 (VERY similar here)

I didn't take many pics but I did snap this one in the fitting room of the navy dress while I was trying it on. I think I might get it hemmed shorter. What do you think?

I also posted pics onto my Twitter of my curiously blue-heavy haul here. Pretty weird for me. Nothing pink and lots of blue? I think the New England air was getting to me. ;)

Sadly, H&M doesn't have an online store yet (rumors say it will come out in 2012) but I will be anxiously awaiting for its arrival. So far my experiences with the store have been quite good. I made about 3 trips there while in Boston. ^_^

I still have quite a lot of footage from the actual trip to go through, so I'll be posting a little vlogging clip with cameos from sexy friends very soon, and hopefully also a "what's in my luggage" video. I also have a hair tutorial that I recorded right before this haul vid of my casual up-do since I got so many requests when I wore it the last few times here and here.

Now I am on a mission to do some major Spring cleaning. I already gathered a bunch of beauty and makeup products to donate to a local women's shelter (half a big box! eep!) and I need to get rid of lots of clothes because, for some reason, my wardrobe is trying to tell me to dress like a lady. What the heck is up with that?

*clings to plush Ice Bat Ugly Doll*

Pfft. Of course I didn't buy an Ice Bat while in Boston. Pshhhhht. Pfstttt.


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  1. Nice haul! I have been trying to resist stopping by the local H&M because I have seen everyone pick up such cute stuff, and my wallet would be absolutely destroyed.

    And that plushie, omg. So. Cute.

  2. Great haul, your Boston trip looks like so much fun. Can't wait for the other videos!

    I have that navy dress from H&M and wore it out yesterday for the first time since I got it and it was very well received, it's honestly great value for H&M prices!

  3. Wow you look so tiny not to mention gorgeous! You're one of the new people who can pull off anything.. how much do you weigh, Jen?

  4. aww i have the blue ice bat!! his name is edgar crooked lol. they're all so cute <3

  5. Yay! Buying spree! I almost tried on that white sheath dress you got, but I was afraid of the dirt factor. Good call on picking up a white blazer! So crisp & summery!

  6. Great haul, Jen! I am glad you were able to find quite a few items that fit you well. I can't wait to see the other videos.

  7. Really awesome haul, Jen!

    I've been reading Jean's blog and I saw your visit appearance for Loft crochet dresses, so I'm kind of entertained that you mentioned her in your video!

    Great stuff.

    I tried that blue dress on, and apparently I am NOT a size 2, but more like a size 4 or 6 at H&M, because of my BOOBS. BOO. I was really angry because the size 2 was the only one left and it fit perfectly around my waist. I almost cried. It was so pretty, and would've been perfect for my very bad day.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.

  8. Great haul, I can't wait to visit h &m!!!! Can u believe that i have never been there although I have two very close to me? Shame on me!

  9. Oh I love h&m. I recently bought a few cute tops from there! Including a super cute sheer lace crop top! :)
    Love their stuff it really does fit well! Altho im surprised you fit into a 4! You're so small! :) (that's a compliment)
    great haul!

  10. Actually, you already CAN buy things online at H&M! :)

  11. haha funny i am going to boston this week :D

  12. Wow, I'm surprised that you were able to find the H&M knit blazer. I spotted two in my local store about two months ago but was hesitant about the purchase. I haven't seen it in stock since.

  13. haha the bat is cute. : ) I can't wait to see the rest of your videos! I loved everything you got. Amazing how we have similar taste in clothing! I wouldn't want to shop with you because we'd be fighting for the same size AND styles ; ) LOL Kidding!

  14. Nice haul! I haven't been shopping at all for over half a year already, and this is really making me want to run into an H&M. I love that store!

    I think they really need an online store. I've shopped there so often, and there are many times when I can't find a shirt or dress in my size and wished that they would get with the times already.

  15. Jen! I'm so happy you had a wonderful time in Boston! I think Boston is one of the prettiest cities in the US! <3

  16. You bought up the whole store at H&M! I'm glad you had a great time on you vaca! I hope you have many more in the future! :D

  17. I'm glad you had a good time at Boston, I'm from there. :) Like always the videos you post up are great and I feel like buying the things you've bought :P

  18. Jen, I'd love to see a "what's in my luggage" video -- specifically, how do you pack your make up and brushes? And how do you travel with your Skin79 BB cream without it getting everywhere?

  19. I tried on the skater dress too but different print I think...the one I tried was more zebra looking. Anyhows, the 4 was too tight on me and there was no other ones left. I also wanted the lace boho dress but the only one left was a size 10. Ahhhh!

  20. really love it honey!!!
    great blog!

    follow u

  21. AAAH you are so sweet for finding similar/cheaper versions of the things you bought! love your work!

  22. hihi! i love your tutorial but am not sure which one to choose for the Lioele bb cream as there are two diff kind. so can u suggest to me which is better between Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream & Lioele Triple Beyond Solution BBcream SPF30 pa++?


  23. Jen! My goodness, you're making me want to go on a mad shopping spree, it's unbelievable. I work at H&M here in Montreal and seriously, I've never thought of how good certain clothes look on people! Now I'm going to do a mini-shop before I start work! hehe. :)

    BTW - during your entire video, your necklace kept the most of my attention. I really love it! Was wondering where you got them? :D

    Looking forward to more haul videos! Have a nice day! x

  24. funny - this dress is at least 2 inches above my knees. I think it could use a hem job.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. It looks like you and Hannah had a blast! How fun ^.^

    I like this haul the pieces of clothing you acquired are timeless pieces that you can wear in the future too.

  27. Hi Jen!
    I lovee your videos because youre such a genuine and smiley and happy person! (:
    When I clicked play on your Boston haul video, my eyes immediately drifted over to your nails and my heart fell in love with the color haha ;p
    Sooo, I was wondering which brand it was from & what it's name was. Since nail polishes always have cooky names LOL ;D
    Thanks in advance!

  28. doris: I haven't tried Triple the solution, but I've heard others say they like it better than Beyond the Solution so I recommend that one. ;)

    Diane: The polish is Urban Outfitters polish in "Hangover"

  29. Hi, I was wondering what concealer you use now, since the Lancome one is discontinued. I am on my last pot! I saw in one of your videos you use a MAC one, you should do a video on concealers. Thanks!

  30. love the dress...yup, i think it is better if you have it shorter....

  31. Lol, I noticed that your ringtone is Lollipop :) Big Bang and 2NE1 fighting!

  32. Great haul! There's no H&M where you are?

  33. LOL oh Jen when will you stop being so adorable :)