IU "Real" Good Day Makeup Tutorial

10:01 PM

Hi everyone! I have yet another Kpop-inspired tutorial to share with you today. It's one I recorded kind of a while ago and like last time, I had some troubles with the lighting. This always makes me hesitant to post since I want to produce really nice quality for you guys but -sigh- sometimes I feel like I put so much work into it, I might as well post.

In real life, I was super happy with how this look turned out. I don't think I look like IU myself, but the makeup on this look isn't too heavy and it's quite wearable minus the random lash wispies. It's very Springtime chic! The orange cheeks are unusual but so on-point with the orangey trends this season, no?

Products mentioned:
Paul & Joe Protective Fluid Foundation #15
Mac Select Coverup Concealer (NC30 mixed with NW15 to lighten it)
MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Buck, Darkhorse, Virgin)
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Shu Uemura Lash curler
FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen mascara
Sugar lashes (sorry, these were discontinued long ago)
Pretty & Cute Synthetic Lashes in Victoria (dramatic lashes)
Individual lashes from Sasa
Darkness lash glue
NYX Blush in Cinnamon
Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator
Lioele Real Vivid Matte lipstick in Sandy Beige
Rimmel lipstick in Airy Fairy

Here are the photos of IU that inspired this look. She's so ethereal like a wood nymph, I fell in love with the look right away!

 And here are photos of my rendition:

And I decided to add one extra nerdy gif just because I had so many people say I look like IU as Pilsook in Dream High when I wear my nerd glasses. HAH!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I have some more photos that I took with this makeup while wearing my regular clothes (because I liked this look so much) that I'll have to post next time. I just don't pull off the all-red sweater as well as the doll-like IU! My face is much more angular and she has softer features than me in general as well, so for some reason I give off a more "sexy" attitude with this makeup. LOL! You'll just have to wait and see next time...


Disclaimer: Lioele lipstick and dramatic lashes provided by Pretty & Cute. FAIRYDROPS mascara provided by the company. Everything else I bought with my own money. :)

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  2. You are so cute Jen! I love the photo effect! You're so creative!

  3. Your inspired looks are always so right on! You look fabulous, Jen! <3

  4. Wow this is really close to the IU look! You are so amazing! But I wish the lighting was brighter in the video. I think it was one of the best makeup tutorials you've had but the lighting just ruined it. :(

  5. stunning! love that you are so goofy and approachable. thanx for the tutorial!


  6. Jenna: I knoooow, I didn't realize the video recorded like that until I imported it onto my comp and I was so devastated. :(

  7. Hey Jen! Great job on the makeup look! Could you do a Pilsook makeup look as well?? She has this very subtle, barely there smokey eyeliner thing but I couldn't figure it out. Anyways, love your blog!! xoxo!

  8. Wow, I really like those inspiration photos, that girl is super pretty!

    Good job on the look

  9. Oh goodness, I love this look! IU is my favorite kpop artist, and I actually wasn't a big fan of her Real album pictures (too much photoshop -_-) but you did a really great interpretation of her make-up! Seems more wearable to me. The orange cheeks are spot-on.

  10. hi jen! ^^ great look as usual,
    love IU, and love the dramatic lashes :)
    i love your kpop vids and was wondering if you
    knew a group called Girls Day?
    they have a member named Minah
    who is single lidded but ALWAYS has awesome
    make-up =]

    she has long brown hair and full bangs,
    & they have a new song out called Twinkle Twinkle
    she is the one in the beginning here:
    but i actually really like her smokey makeup
    in Girls Day' previous single Nothing Lasts Forever
    here is a video of her talking to see the makeup
    even better~
    and a still pic of the make up again =]
    i was actually really surprised to see her
    no makeup picture, and to know she was
    a single lidder because the make up made her
    eyes look SO big!
    it would be cool if you could make a video
    on how to do her single lid eye make up
    if you had any free time ^_^
    anyways, keep up the great vids!!! =]

  11. You don't look like pilsook or IU! You look like Sandara Park! =D I've always thought so..XD

  12. love this!! thanks for posting :)

  13. Love the tutorial! I like your eyebrows shape.. wondering how to achieve that? =)

  14. So pretty! It looks like she had on some some super long false eyelashes.

  15. you look so cute jen.
    maybe you will be interested to create a makeup look for japan charity please check out my blog.^_^


  16. Hey Jen, you look like just exactly like IU.I love your FOTD, lol.. Great job. You're always amazing..

  17. Haha, my Sisters Gould Love this post; she's so in Love with IU!

    Great make-Up!

  18. I love this! and I love IU too, she's getting really pretty these days!

    Good tutorial Jen.

  19. Love the look!it's so pretty, especially the cheeks! <3 I really like the red jumper you're wearing in the picture, where is it from?
    just a side note, but I never noticed how "thick" IU's eyebrows were until i looked at these pictures. . damn korean people and their good looking natural eyebrows haha

  20. ahh! i love, love, love the gif! so cute!

  21. Great work Jen! IU is awesome and Dream High is such a good k-drama ^^

  22. Simply amazing! Honestly, I think u look more beautiful than IU.

  23. i love this tutorial! ur face almost looks like IU!

    Amazing tutorial as usual =)

  24. Gorgeous! With that look, you definitely look like her, although you probably don't see it. :)

  25. Seriously...can't you get any prettier? I found you on youtube last week and have been following ever since. GREAT stuff!!! This is a great look. Not too heavy but really emphasizing the eyes which I love.

  26. YES! I love IU and I loved that first photo of her that you posted. IT IS A GOOD DAY!

  27. Another Kpop inspired look which I love! Keep it up Jen!

    Can you make a tutorial inspired by Hara from Kara? Her doe eye look is just irresistible! :D

  28. You never cease to amaze me with how talented you are with your hair and makeup! Love your tutorials. I've been following you to get tips on hair and makeup for my upcoming wedding. = )

  29. You look just as gorgeous as IU, Can't wait to try this look out for myself! Thanks for the tutorial Jen!

  30. I want to see more orange cheeks on you! It looks so good! Also, it would be really awesome if you did a hair tutorial of IU's look! I've been trying to get that tousled wave down for spring but my stick straight asian hair just won't play nicely.

  31. You look beautiful! I'm glad to have found you because you do such AMAZING work. (:

  32. im so glad you did this! ive been trying to recreate this look from iu for months!

  33. Yes, you totally look like pilsook, with a hot pick guitar, haha^0^ You kind of look like a lot of korean pop stars though. When you did the clap your hands tutorial, I though you look extremely like dara park^0^~

  34. Oh Jen, this post is a dream come true for me! Since IU released her album, I've been in love with the look of her make-up and wanted to know how to do it. Is it a coincidence that lately, I've also been getting into the color peach?? :) Thank you so much Jen!

  35. Wow, you do look like this Kpop starlett IU! Btw, I just started following you a couple months back. Keep up the great tutorials! Oh, and I started wearing Rock n Republic products b/c of you since I'm an Hautelook addict! Haha thanks!

  36. I would have never guessed that this isn't the same person! Meaning: you totally look like her!! Love the look! Very pretty and feminine!

  37. Howdy Jen! I surf on by your page every once a while and It's always fun to see all your new updates. Same ol' gorgeous Jen, though.



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  39. Very pretty look Jen! You have very similiar features as IU. Keep up the great work! I love watching your K-Pop inspired looks. :)

  40. Great tutorial as always! You really nailed IU's look with this one.

    On another note, I was wondering if you could do another tutorial on eyebrows. Lately, I've been drawn to thick eyebrows like this:


    Or this:


    I am having trouble doing this the right way and would love your advice. Thanks!

  41. omgg I LOVE IU and Dream High! :D
    Good choice of inspiration. and Yes you do kind of look like her!

  42. Very pretty and you re-made the look so well!

  43. Hi Jen,
    I love the tutorial. I can't wait to try. Also, I really like the NYX blush cinnamon, what do you think? What other NYX blush do you have ? I also want to buy pinky, peach, etc, could you do a review about that?

  44. You look amazing with this look! I really like it, I just don't think I have the patience for the eyelashes part heehee. But I definitely want to give this look a try for meself! :)

  45. The first day look photo reminds me of Farah Fawcett and the type of photos they did back in those days.
    Definitely fresh and naive look you achieved. Love it!^^

  46. I have thick-straight Asian hair. Do you have any tips or tricks on how I can get my hair to look like this? (very soft waves) Thanks!

  47. Hi, where did you get the thing that holds your bangs? Thanks. :]

  48. gorgeous blog! keep up the good work!
    would love ur support for mine too xo

  49. You look even more stunning. Awesome work! Love how the lashes make your eyes pop and those lips!

  50. everytime i look at you i dont feel like a real girl, you always make me fall in love. lol. i love all your tutorials! this is my first time to comment, cause im lazy lol, but i always wait for a newly uploaded video from you and watch it over and over again, specially the monolid tutorials. more videos to come! love♥

  51. Really amazing tutorial! The question I have though, is how do you take such fantastic pictures???

  52. you are way tooo pretty :)
    greetings from germany <3

  53. I really like your nerdy-like glasses! Can you tell me where you got them?

  54. I really like your nerdy-like glasses! Can you tell me where you got them?

  55. hi dear! amazing looks! as always when you made any Kpop tutorial.
    thanks for the tutorial..

    i want to let you know that this IU tutorial has been featured in http://asianfansclub.wordpress.com/
    its an indonesian kpop news blog.
    here's the page:

  56. You are 1000 times much prettier than that IU girl. Nice tutorial :)

  57. I love your earring in the upper part of your ear from your Hair Tutorial: Pouf & Bun Casual Updo! Where did you get it?

  58. Hi Jen, love your blog. Went to the drugstore the other day to look for Airy Fairy but they said it is discontinued. What other Rimmel lipstick is close to Airy Fairy, more particularly in the Moisture Renew lipstick line?

  59. Hi Jen, G
    Gotta say your videos are awesome! Being a fan of makeup myself, I can say you have some serious skills!!! I was actually wondering what camera you use? Because your pictures come out soo vibrant! Anyways keep up the good work!
    <3 miRi

  60. Which Camera do you use to get those photos taken? They are sooo clear and crisp! Takes my breath away! I really need a new camera. Even if it's really expensive I'd still like to know. :)

  61. IU ~ <3
    I love the tutorial! And I love your pics. How can you take them so perfectly? :x

  62. Hi Jen,

    Those "nerd" glasses your wearing are AWESOME, i love them! Where did you get them? I'm in the market for new glasses and I've been wanting to get something similar.


  63. Hi Jen, Love your "NERD" glasses. Where did you get them? I'm in the market for a new pair and I've been looking for something similar.


  64. Hi,Jen!
    my name is Erica,17. I'm your biggest fan in Korea. I loooooove your make up and I'm interested in design and make up too. These days, I don't have enough time to learn your videos cause of my test, but I've tried to make a breaktime.

    thank you so much. love ya

  65. Hi Jen!
    I was wondering if you knew what hair color IU may be using here?! I lovee the color and I'm thinking my first time dying my hair should be like this one! <3 :)

  66. You look like her to much, you're really beautiful :)

  67. Hi, just wondering if you can do the same with naked 3? What shade would you recommend? Thank you. Love your blog btw, very useful and inspiring. ;)

  68. I always watch your youtube video! This is my first time saw your blog!!!