Prom Tutorial: Adaptable Golden Purple

9:33 PM

Oh, high school prom. If only I could go back and re-live my old prom days! It was a time when your biggest concern was if your hair would be curls down your back or an updo with braids. Honestly, I had a wonderful time at my old high school proms even though I didn't quite have the makeup skills I do now. ;)

I'll have to make it a point to dig up my old prom photos for some good laughs.

Until then, you will just have to endure this tutorial for prom makeup so you high school girls can get your dance on this year.

Products Used:
MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC30 (mixed w/ Skin79 hot pink bb cream to lighten it a bit)
MAC Select Cover-up Concealer
MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Inglot palette (AMC Shine 15, Pearl 439, Pearl 434, AMC 63, DS 467)
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara
Forever 21 False Eyelashes
Rock & Republic Contrived Press Blush in Call Me
MAC 3D Glass in Racy

I was actually pleasantly surprised with these Forever 21 lashes. Usually when I see lashes this style they are too long but these are shorter and full, which is perfect for prom. They are a bit too much for everyday makeup but I think they add the right touch of drama for a special occasion.

I specifically wanted to do a look that would be adaptable for whatever colors will match your own dress, so I chose a bright purple as the main color so it would show up better on camera. I also have a golden peachy color on the inner half of the eyelids to brighten up the look.

 I pulled my hair up to simulate how it would look with an updo. I actually like it better this way! It really shows off the eyes without all the distracting hair.

Big smiles!

 Here are some of my personal tried-and-true tips for prom or other special occasions with lots of pictures:

1. Avoid foundation with high spf since this will give you a mask-face in photos.
2. Go for a matte finish on your face instead of satin or pearl so you don't look oily.
3. Use a highlight shade that is matte or nearly matte. This brings more attention to your eyes and not your brow bone.
4. Go for classic cheeks and lips. Heavy lipliner, dark lips, or overly contoured cheeks may haunt you years later. ;D
5. In your purse or clutch, keep it simple. Gloss and blotting sheets are lightweight and make for easy touch-ups.
6. Neutral shadows will always look great with bright dresses, and jewel-tone dresses really pop with a similar accent color in your shadow.
7. For neutral-colored dresses like black, grey, or gold, a neutral eye with bright lips looks really classy.
8. Be safe and have fun! No matter what happens, you will never regret dancing with the girls, laughing, and feeling beautiful on prom night.

I hope this tutorial was helpful! I know I wish I had youtube videos to help me out when I got ready for my prom (which was eons ago because I'm so darn OLD).

Let me know in the comments:
what your best (or worst) high school dance memory was
what color and style your dress is if you are going to prom this year

I hear kids these days don't wear the giant, pouffy, floor-length princess dresses that we wore back when I was in high school. Loooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllyougirlsdon'tknowwhatyou'remissingouton. I am a pretty pretty princess!

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  1. I love your pink sweater. Where did you get that?

  2. I'm wearing a purple poofy dress (aka i'm going to be a princess). I've always dreamed of wearing a poofy dress. Anyone not wearing a big dress is missing out :)

    love the makeup tutorial, I might just have to use it :)

  3. Ahhh, prom stuff makes me feel so nostalgic. All the prom dresses I see now in stores are short, and it just boggles my mind! My class def wore long, pouffy dresses... mine was royal blue, and I wore tons of glittery makeup and a terrible updo, hahaha ^_^

  4. could you show us some close ups of the actual forever21 lashes that you have on? it's hard to see which style they are but they look gorgeous! :]

  5. Definitely pull out those old prom photos! I'm so curious!

  6. LOL Jen @the pretty princess part! Well my senior prom is in less than 2 months, and I will be wearing a gray puffy on the floor dress like a princess :)

  7. loved the makeup! gorgeous as always.

    my prom dress was the same lavender as your sweater. this makeup would have been the perfect match (eons ago)!

  8. really like ur style...

    thankz 4 d tutorial..

  9. This is beautiful! I remember my prom, it was...interesting. I too wish I knew then what I now know about makeup. :)

  10. I enjoyed junior prom way more than senior prom. For senior prom, I went with a guy that I really didn't want to go with. lol. I ended up trying to figure out ways to stay away from him during the dance, but he ended up always finding me. >.< It was like "hide-and-go-seek" style. Anyways, your makeup looks absolutely gorgeous here! If only I knew how to do makeup at my prom years ago....

  11. i never enjoyed my prom! hahaaha both :)

    love your look! so pretty and classy!

  12. Love it! You look gorgeous Jen =)

    Mine senior prom wasn't so bad. I wore a baby blue dress that my sister wore to one of her high school dances LOL. My makeup & hair was horrible though.

  13. I loved my big poofy Cinderella dress! :D
    I wish I had this tutorial to watch BEFORE my prom ):

  14. Nice :)

    I had a great prom experience.
    I recently experienced it last February. It was amazing, great memory! Loved it :) hehe


  15. I want to see your prom pictures!

    I still have no clue as to whether or not I'm going to prom :/ Even if I am, I'll probably have a hard time finding a pretty dress since the girls at my school created a group on facebook claiming their dresses and saying that they're going to bring grape juice and spill it on anyone wearing the same dress as them, even if it's in a different color. And I don't know how I'll feel about 1000 kids grinding on the dance floor. I like those classy dances more (damn, I've been watching too many kdramas again)

  16. Woo, pretty :)
    I graduated last year, but my boyfriend is still in high school (I get a ton of cougar jokes, lol.) So I'm going, My dress is teal pick-up style ball gown with silver/ pearl beading. There's a pic of it here:

  17. Wow Jen this look is absolutely gorgeous. Wish I wore this to my prom lol

  18. Wow love this look so beautiful! I wish I had this tutorial when it was my so so long ago!

  19. I love this tutorial!

    My funny prom moment: My date was trying to be all cool and picked me up in his dad's BMW. When we were almost at the dance, the front of the car blew a gasket and broke down LOL! We had to get it towed after the dance, and his mommy came to pick us up and take us home. At least he tried!

  20. I went to prom as a freshman. My corsage flowers fell off and got stomped on =/

  21. I LOVE your tutorials!
    Is is the first time I let comment.. I am as you monolid, hope one day get your makeup skilss too! ;)

    from Paraguay!!

  22. Wow, I don't know if it's the purple eyeshadow or the lashes or both, but this look really makes your eye color POP! I love this! Cute sweater, too.

  23. Oh the memories :] I wore a long purple glitter ombre halter style gown that I got last minute lol! My hair & makeup was a Beyonce look inspired from her 'Get Me Bodied' MV. The only thing I regret is my eyebrows T.T

  24. loved your tutorial! do you have any tutorials about applying false lashes? and do you recommend applying eyelid tape if you have a monolid and want to wear false lashes?

  25. This look is great on you, and thanks for the tutorial!

  26. love this look Jenn, it's gorgeous

  27. I wanted a poofy-princess dress, but couldn't afford it. So I went with something simple and slightly flowier? Oh man! My prom was kind of awful. I only went to my Senior prom, and my date and I only stayed for about a half our and then he took me to a move (-____-) I'd do prom night over, and maybe have a nicer date. LOL! Awesome tutorial!! I'd totally wear it out on a date or even to a wedding ^_^

  28. This is a gorgeous lavender look! Great tips for prom makeup too!

  29. So pretty! Great tips too :)

  30. Super pretty Jen! :D
    my hair and makeup were horrid :( GAH but oh well, what's done is done!
    i always thought i was gonna wear those puffy dress but I suddenly fell in love with the long, flowy dresses~

    haha my friend and I matched and its not even planned! this is what we get from trying to keep each others dress a secret...
    left is me :)

  31. I use to wear those long large princess dresses too (back when I was in high schook which was 2 yrs ago), and I really loved it.It was a golden color, which goes really well with yellow undertoned skin. But the worst thing is to get rid of the dress, I didn't want to throw it away because it was relaly expensive, but it takes so much space. Now I have to move it around with me in college, which is such a pain, haha^0^~

    1. Oh I totally understand what you mean. I went to three proms during high school and can't even fathom throwing away that much money. So I've been hauling these three huge poofy things for 8 years now. I keep thinking I'll donate them, but here they still are. Hanging in my closet. Taking up 80% of the space.

  32. Hi dear. I just wanna let you know I awarded you with the Stylish Blogger AWARD! =) Check out the link to the award here:
    <3 Terri-fic

  33. I like your lashes, which type are you using?

  34. For me, purple is a must this year! Hmm, preferably something flattering and elegant? =)

  35. you should post a pic for memory's sake of your PROM

  36. I love the Inglot palette. What are the other 5 eye shadow colors in the palette you showed?

  37. Thank you so much for the tutorial! ^^
    Quick question: If I'm wearing a silver dress, should I use silver as my main eyeshadow color or go with neutral bronze colors? Also, any suggestions for hair?
    Thanks again! LOVE your youtube channel!

  38. Hi Jen! I absolutely love your blog! I get so much inspiration from you. I noticed from your video that you had a really cute large white velcrow bow. Where did you get it? I tried to search for it, but only polka dot ones came up.

  39. I love purple but it does not love me! Thanks for the tut, we both worked it out!^^
    By the way, I tag you

  40. lovely blog, check my blog also en let me know that you think about it pleas?! x

  41. I'm wearing a floor-length hot pink dress. Haha, it's very princess-y :] I'm so excited and I'm probably going to use this look, just with less purple.

    You're amazing Jen!!! <3

  42. I didn't go to my high school prom.. sometimes I wish I did, but I wanted to go with someone special. I was super insecure in high school (still am, just a bit more self-confident with myself now) and was embarrassed about 'feeling pretty' :(

  43. Can you please come to California to do my prom makeup for me TT____TT? In the meantime, thanks for the video :)

  44. LOL I'm not a fan of princess dresses, so I'm glad times have changed. I'm going to two proms, but I'll be wearing a blue and red one, and I have no clue what I'll be doing for hair and makeup D:

  45. As much as I love purple, it makes me look bruised. =(

  46. It's so easy but its effectiveness is PERFECT!

    고마워요 언니 :">