Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dutch Braided Bangs Tutorial

Hi everyone! Just wanted to post up my braided fringe hair tutorial, which is the look I had for my Rock & Republic Eyeshadow review in my last post. I've worn this look and similar hairstyles a lot (like in my Smokey Eyes for Monolids tutorial) and get requests for a how-to pretty much every time it comes up so here it is!

The only products I used for this look are:

1 latex hair tie (comes in clear and black to match your own hair color)

2 bobby pins (I also recommend matching this with your hair color)

After a bit of investigation, I found that this exact style of backwards braid is called a "Dutch Braid". For the braided fringe, I really think the dutch braid looks cuter than the traditional hidden braid, don't you think? It looks more like a headband which I really like. 

Here are some variations that I've done in the past:

headband-style strip braid

loose, large dutch braid with side pony

fringe strip braid with feather headband

Hope this tutorial wasn't too complicated! It's a bit tricky to explain but it's super quick and easy once you get the hang of it. If you guys end up trying it out, please share a pic to my Facebook page gallery. I love seeing the gorgeousness and creativity of you girls (and guys). Hehe.

Have a good weekend!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

HG Spotlight: Rock & Republic Eyeshadow Review/Swatches

Since there is a Rock & Republic Beauty sale on Hautelook TODAY 1-24-2011 I wanted to post up this video I recorded this weekend. I didn't even realize there would be a sale so soon but I hope this review will come in handy for those of you who are interested in the eyeshadows!

If you don't already have an invite to Hautelook you can use mine to join here:
You don't need to use my link to join, but it does give the referrer credit after your first purchase if you do. I'm not an affiliate of Hautelook or Rock & Republic or anything, but I do think it's a great site and I've bought a ridiculous amount of great deals from it. :)

Here are the colors I own of the Rock & Republic Saturate Eyeshadow (click to view larger):

Veil - matte eggshell
Carat - creamy golden sheen
Exile - warm metallic honey-bronze
Vintage - warm matte brown with depth
Diffused - cool taupe (maybe similar to MAC Satin Taupe)
Lawsuit - duochrome with green flash over a burgundy-brown base

Snakeskin - grey-green-brown dusty awesomeness
Chronic - olive green with golden sheen
Envy - perfect forest green (maybe a MAC Humid dupe)
Jaded - a bright, shiny jade green
Electric - a saturated, glowy electric blue

Tempting - dusty, shiny purple
Paranoid - awesomely warm, matte, saturated purple
Twisted - glowy cool purple with a purple-blue flash

The colors that I LOVE the most from this collection are Carat, Lawsuit, and Snakeskin. Seriously, I could call nearly all of them my favorites on any given day though. I hope you can see from my swatches how high-quality and saturated these colors are. These swatches were with no primer at all, and they are the very swatches I did while making the video so it's not like I was trying extra hard to get great swatches.

Definitely HG material for me! :D

I also wore these during the video, but I'll talk about them in the future.
Rock & Republic Exhibition Pressed Powder in Satin
Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush in Spank

Hope these swatches are helpful for those of you wanting to purchase from the Rock & Republic sales going around but were curious about the eyeshadows. My opinion? Absolutely try them out! You won't be disappointed, at least in the colors that I own. :)

If you bought some or own any already, let me know what you got in the comments!

(I bought these all myself. No disclaimers needed. :)

OOTD: Ballerina Rock

Happy weekend everyone! When I got up this morning I remembered an old OOTD (outfit of the day) that I had recorded and forgotten to put up when my PC motherboard had that whole "I've decided to commit self-destruction" thing a month or so ago. Now that it is back and I looked at my unfinished files on my external hard drive, there it was just waiting to be posted. ^ ^

One thing that I really love about putting together outfits is when I find something that perfectly captures my mood. I'm a very intuitive dresser in the mornings and I feel like I have to exactly match the mood I'm in for my outfit choice of the day. I don't really have "go-to" outfits and I rarely wear any combination of clothes more than once, so this outfit was particularly memorable for feeling quite perfect for that day.

Here are a couple of photos I snapped while playing renegade blogger in a bathroom. XD

Express leather motorcycle jacket size XXS (minus the leather here, similar here)
Target beige mesh dress (similar here, here, and petites here)
Target black leggings (similar here, here, and stirrup style here)
MaxStudio boots (similar here, here, here, I drool for these)
Tokidoki Elegante bag in Watercolor print (similar herehere, and here)
rings from ebay and husband (similar bow ring here, sterling band here)

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but I am a big proponent of mixing hard and soft elements of an outfit in terms of color and texture. I'm also a huge fan of ballet-inspired pieces and rocker-inspired elements too. Mixing the two ideas is quintessential "Jen" style and makes me feel appropriately girly and stylish at the same time. ^_^

Tribal Style bone carved earrings (simlar here, and OMG gorgeous here)
HQCD Silver Branch necklace (similar here, here, and with cute birds here)

As you can see in this impromptu photo sesh, I wear my makeup pretty natural for work. This is very typical of what I wear on a daily basis since I don't want to spend too much time in the mornings to get ready. For some reason I always bring a lip product with me but I never reapply lipstick or gloss after I put it on in the mornings. Silly, right?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the look! I have a few more OOTD's that were in storage so I might throw those around more often in the next few weeks. I'm pretty sure I'm still mega-fail at doing videos without a tripod so I'll have to figure out a way to do outfits in a more attractive manner in the future. 

Any ideas or tips? Let me know in the comments so I can improve. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Greige Polish

Today, I have some swatches of a nail polish that I purchased recently from the Dollar Tree. It's the shade I was wearing in my Tron Tutorial video as well as my Wet & Wild Night Elf Palette Tutorial video and I've been getting tons of questions about it.

I know you may be thinking "WHAT THE?!?!" when I said Dollar Tree but no lie, I've found some nice hidden treasures while browsing the polishes there! I never get the super cool holographic polishes some others have found, but I did find this old lovely greige (grey-beige hybrid) hanging from the shelves on my last peek in.

This shade is Sally Hansen New Lengths polish in Metro Creme. It's a lovely mushroomy cream color that leans just slightly military green depending on the lights. I must say I wasn't in love with the greige trend when it first came about last year, but it has since grown on me and looks quite sophisticated and work-appropriate in comparison to other trend colors that have come and gone. 

Sally Hansen New Lengths polish in Metro Creme

Here, I added China Glaze Fairy Dust just to the tips to give it a bit more sparkle and interest. (Yes, typical of me, I know.) Fairy Dust is a holographic glitter polish that I don't use nearly enough. Love the little rainbow sparkles!

Sally Hansen New Lengths Metro Creme + China Glaze Fairy Dust

As you can see, the photo with glitter tips looks lighter but the variation is just because of the light. My photos even came out too green so I had to color-correct a bit to make it look like it does in real life. It was just not wanting to be photographed properly!

I do want to mention that Metro Creme is not big 3 free as I can see "Formaldehyde Resin" and "Dibutyl Phthalate" in the ingredients list on the back of the bottle. If you have no idea what "Big 3 Free" means you can see All Lacquered Up's post on it here. It's not something that bothers me morally, but it does mean that it may not play nice with certain base or top coats like Seche Vite (which I used anyway).

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the review and maybe you can pop into your local Dollar Tree and find the same color or something else equally as fun. ^_^

Speaking of fun, hello weather changes! Wow, there was *so* much snow here today. Here in the midwest we got hit with a pretty big stream of fluffy snow so it accumulated to about 10 inches. The bad news is that I was snowed in from work, but the good news is that I was snowed in from work! Hehe. That means I got to record a review video of the NYX Black Label Lipsticks which will be coming very soon.

Hope you are all safe and warm! Just for kicks, let me know in the comments what the most random place you've bought a nail polish is at. :D

Monday, January 17, 2011

Everyday Wet & Wild Night Elf Palette Tutorial

Hey guys! I feel like it's been a little while since I've done an everyday wearable look so I wanted to post a video on a look I've been doing pretty much everyday lately. Maybe you have heard about this particular drugstore eyeshadow palette since it's been buzzed about among blogs, but I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Wet & Wild limited edition Color Icon Palette in "Night Elf". Plus, it's only $5!

This palette is so special because of a particular burgundy-green duochrome shade that I've heard is a dupe for MAC Club eyeshadow. I don't own Club myself, but I can say it is very similar to my Rock & Republic Lawsuit eyeshadow except that it runs more red while Lawsuit leans more green. For those who are having trouble finding this palette, fear not! According to Nouveau Cheap, these colors are being released in a permanent 8-pan palette soon to Walmart and Walgreens.

Check out the video below:

Products mentioned:

Wet & Wild Color Icon Palette in Night Elf (limited edition for holiday)
Skin79 DermaRX bb cream
100% Silica powder from TKB trading company
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Lucky
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Shiseido Eyelash Curler
Fairydrops Mascara
Pretty & Cute lashes in #146 (these are LOVE)
Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow
Rock & Republic Blush in Tease
Milani 3D Glitzy Gloss in #43
Circle lenses I'm wearing are EOS New Adult brown lenses.

I wanted to show a full-length so you can see the waviness of my hair. I actually used a wave iron, which was really easy to use but I'm nervous it fries my hair! Maybe I'll do a video on it soon?

Everyone was asking about my nail color in the youtube comments. It's an interesting greige that leans military green. I'll have nice close-up pics and info in my next post. ^_^

Hope you enjoyed it! By the way, I want to do another kpop-inspired look soon. Would you like to see Nana's monolid look from the groups Orange Caramel & After School or would you want to see Taeyeon's winged eye from SNSD's Run Devil Run?

Let me know in the comments!

Pinky Paradise
code FRMHEADTOTOE to receive a free beauty gift + animal lens case
Pretty and Cute
FRMHEADTOTOE Receive a free foundation brush (add item to cart) with a purchase of $35+.
JENMIRROR Receive a free Lioele princess mirror in either baby pink or hot pink (add item to cart) on purchases of $35+.
Disclaimer: Lioele products & lashes provided by Pretty & Cute. Lenses provided by Pinky Paradise. Everything else was purchased on my own. :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tron Legacy: Gem the Siren Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I have another tutorial that I am really excited about because it's not only a super dramatic look, but also because I got to use my good friend Hannah as a model again. If you don't remember her she is my blonde-haired, blue-eyed friend from this tutorial and also this bb cream review.
The inspiration for this look came from the recent Disney Tron: Legacy movie which I saw a couple weeks ago. As soon as I saw the character design for the Sirens (programs that dress those entering the games) I was smitten! The contrast of eyes, lashes, skin, and hair was really thrilling to watch on screen and I wanted to recreate the look in a video.

Products mentioned:

Graftobian HD Cream 60-pan Palette (warm)
Pretty & Cute Contour Palette
Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Candlelight
MAC Select Cover-up Concealer in NW15
MAC Carbon eyeshadow (for brows)
MAC Fluidline in blacktrack (lids and lashes)
Dolly Wink #1 lashes & random long Chinese lashes (upper lashes)
Kiwiberry1 lashes in style Glamorous #6 (lower lashes)
Lioele Real Vivid Matte Lipstick in #6 Sandy Beige
MAC Lipglass in Instant Gold

Here are some of the reference images I used for recreating the look of Gem, the lead Siren played by Beau Garrett. She's stunning in the movie and reminds me a lot of model Jessica Stam!

The four Sirens. Their skin was exaggerated to be very light or dark depending on their
ethnicity. I wonder what an East Asian siren would look like? Maybe very yellow? ;)

You can see in this image how highly arched her black eyebrows were drawn in.

I added this one to show how wicked her suit is. Too bad I don't have a lighted vinyl bodysuit in my closet for Hannah to wear for my tutorial. XD

And here are the images of my Siren, Hannah:

She even did her own hair! She added a lot of baby powder to her hair to make it lighter for this look and I think the top knot looks really cool. The lady has serious hair skills.

Sharp, clean lines on the lids and crazy eyebrows.

I love this angle. I think it makes Hannah look robotic and glowy somehow. LOL! Like a real program should!

And, of course, a silly picture because when Hannah and I get together we can't stay serious for too long. <3

I hope you enjoyed the look! I have so much footage that I cut out because my head was in front of the camera hiding everything (fail) and because Hannah and I were being dorky as per usual. I would do a blooper reel but lets just say that I'm saving you from the madness instead. ;D

I dunno. Should I edit a blooper reel? Bahhhhhhhh....


Disclaimer: Lioele lipstick & contour palette provided by Pretty & Cute. Lower lashes provided by Kiwiberry1. Dolly Wink lashes provided by Pinky Paradise. Everything else I bought with my own money. Except Hannah. I only borrowed her. :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Zoya free 3 polishes promo!

I wasn't going to post about this promo since I assumed everyone had already heard about it before, but you never know, someone may have missed it! A lot of people were messaging me making sure I knew so I'll post to make sure you know too. Hehe.

One of my favorite nail polish companies, ZOYA, is offering 3 free bottles of their nail polish with code FB2011 Jan 3-7. That means today is the last day to order! All you have to pay for is shipping which for me was $6.95.

Here are the 3 colors that I ordered:

Gigi: A medium-opacity pale pink with silver micro glitters

Charla: "Mermaid in a bottle" blue-green with glass-flecked sparkles. 
It's a dupe for ORLY Halley's Comet, OPI Catch Me In Your Net, and Essence Choose Me.

Tiffany: A foil-sparkle in a gorgeous rose-gold peach color. What made me choose this was Scrangie's (the nail blogger) swatches here but different people's swatches lean more rose or more peach.

I'm being good this time and only ordering the 1 batch but I've heard of many others doing more than one order. My nail polish collection is kind of out of hand so it was a bit hard to even choose these 3 as being significantly different than what I already have! XD

Spring cleaning this year will be a doozy!

Anyhoo, please let me know in the comments what 3 polishes you ordered with your own description of the shade so that others can use it as a helpful reference for choosing. Happy sale shopping! :)

PS - to see my previous swatches and posts on Zoya please click here.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Youtube Winter Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Today I am announcing a giveaway that will be coming up to give back again for all of the love and support that I've received for my blog and youtube.

I've recently hit 60,000 subbies on youtube as well as 5,000 followers on my blog and 8,000 on Twitter! I know I say this every time, and I realize there are so many who have much bigger numbers than me, but I'm completely blown away and never expected to receive so much love and loyalty. It's astonishing to me because who am I? I'm not cool and I don't know anyone with connections. I just like sharing and helping and I'm so humbled that anyone would want to even listen. 

Basically, you knock my socks off. Big hugs to all of you!

This giveaway I'm really excited about because it's in collaboration with 2 AMAZING youtubers, KlairedelysArt and NikkieTutorials. These girls actually have about the same-sized youtube audience as I do so we thought it would be a lot of fun to share girls we enjoy watching with each other's subscribers. If you haven't seen these girls before, let me just say it's so fun to watch them particularly because they are in different parts of the world than me. Klaire has this soothing English accent and Nikkie is from the Netherlands and is so talented for being only 16. (OMG, she is a decade younger than me!!! T____T)

Here are some samples of their handiwork :)

Obviously, they are both really amazing and you should follow them if you aren't already!

So this giveaway will have 3 winners, 2 for doing Winter/New Years looks (1 "Dramatic Look" winner and 1 "Wearable Look" winner) and 1 Youtube comment winner. We will also have a bonus 4th winner which will be chosen from the people who submitted looks to the other 2 guru's channels. In total, there will be 12 winners across our 3 youtube channels, so lots of chances to win! ^_^

Since Klaire did a fab job explaining all the rules (better than me) I'm going to copy/paste what she wrote here:

Colaberation Contest Rules

Ok so hear are the rules
(please read them carefully)
1.Must be subscribed to all three of us to enter any part of the competition.

Jen: http:
And me:

2.The theme will be "New Years/Winter Makeup" and there will be three categories:
-Dramatic inspired makeup
-Simple/wearable inspired makeup
-Comment entry
(for the contest entry so we don't get mindless "enter me"comments everywhere to enter people have to type in the comments their favorite song of the moment, AND who the singer/band is. You must post that on our Contest Announcement video)

-The title of the makeup video entries must say New Years/Winter Makeup Contest Entry and which section you are entering. Simple or Dramatic

-The contest will start on the 2nd of January and end on the 1st of February.

-The contest will be international :)

-Videos must be posted as a video response to Nikkie's, Jen's or my contest announcement video.

-The video must not be longer than 3 minutes long. You don't need to show us a tutorial, just the finished look.

-In the video title you MUST say which section you are entering, the simple or the dramatic section.

Comment winner:
Ok now how this is going work.
For comments you can only enter ONCE per contest announcement video.
So once for frmheadtotoe's video, once for NikkieTutorial's video, and once for my video. When the contest ends we will each pick a comment winner from our own video (so there will be three comment winners in total :)
Once we have made our winner announcement video if we do not receive a reply from the winner within 48 hours we will pick another winner.

Now for the makeup videos.

You can enter once per category, and to all three gurus if you want. The video must be a new video made for the contest (you can't just enter an old video).

Now whichever guru's announcement video you post your look as a response to, you are entered in their section of the video competion. At the end of the contest we will with each pick a winner per category out of the videos which were posted as responses to our own videos.

For example Nikkie will pick two video winners, one from the dramatic entries and one from the simple entries. Jen will pick two video winners and I will pick two video winners. So in total there will be six video winners.

Apart from this each of us, will be picking a bonus winner out of the videos which weren't posted as a response to our own video.

We're doing the contest this way so that we can get the results out as quickly as possible, and so that as many people win. So in total there will be 12 winners :)

So just to run through it one more time.....

-You can enter ONE comment entry per guru's video (saying your favorite song and the band/singer)
-You can submit one Simple video entry per guru's video (it must be a new look each time)
-You can submit one Dramatic video entry per guru's video (it must be a new look each time)

Now for the frequently asked questions :)
"Can I do the makeup on someone else?"

Yes you can do the makeup on someone else, but you must show the model holding up a piece of paper with your You Tube user name :)

"What do you mean by dramatic makeup?"

Anything which you wouldn't wear the the office or to a normal job interview. If you don't think it's your style of wearable then put it in the dramatic section. It's up to you. If you would class it as wearable put it in the wearable section :)

"Can my dramatic makeup include prosthetics?"

No it cant. The only thing you can use other than just plain makeup is rhinestones, glitter or false lashes.

"How old do I have to be?"
You have to be over 16 or have parental permission. If you win and are under 16 I will not send anything till I have an email/message from your parents saying that it's ok to send you the prizes.

I think that's everything.....have fun!! :D


My prizes will be awesome and include Konad, Lioele, Pretty & Cute false lashes, NYX... You know I'm going to give you guys the hook-up. ;) Hope you guys enter and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

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