Bridal Makeup Tutorial for Monolids & Small Creases

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Hey lovelies, I hope you guys are having an amazing June! One of my favorite things about June is that it's the anniversary month of my wedding, which reminded me that I wanted to create an updated Bridal Makeup Tutorial for you. Makeup is so important on your wedding day and every bride wants to look their best, so I compiled a complete tutorial with several tips & tricks to help your wedding makeup last and look flawless when you walk down the aisle!



Ann Taylor dress 

On the surface this may just look like your typical "everyday" neutral makeup, but as with all special event makeup tutorials, the details and fine tuning are what will make it hold up all night. I recommend starting with a good base, which means a long-lasting foundation on top of a good primer like my current favorite Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

If you are doing your own makeup, test out the foundation beforehand to make sure it will work with your skin and look nice in photos. Look for foundations with an SPF no higher than 15, or preferably none at all since sunscreens have the potential for flashback, meaning the white "ghost mask" effect you can get in flash photography. My top recommendations are both from Make Up For Ever: HD foundation for normal to dry skin and Mat Velvet+ for oily skin.

For the eyes, I stuck with a neutral brown palette using the Urban Decay Naked Palette which tends to be flattering on everyone. I recommend browns because it will always be classic no matter how many years later you look back at your photos, but you can definitely choose to use a color for your wedding as well. Just find a dark, medium, and shimmery shade to coordinate with the 3 main lid colors for this look to give that 3 dimensional effect on the eyelid.

Just as a little behind-the-scenes, I wanted to share this last fun picture. As I was gathering the accessories to put together this bridal look 5 whole years after my wedding date, I stumbled upon these Minnie Mouse ears that I got while I was in Disneyland for my honeymoon. When cropped just right, they wound up being the perfect veil for my video and pics, right? Kids at heart, forever! ;) 

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and if you want to see more about my wedding and past bridal tutorials I've done, you can find those under the "bridal" and "wedding" labels on the search page.

Congrats on all of you new brides, brides-to-be, and forever brides! ;)

Let me know if you tried out this makeup look in the comments, and if you have any bridal makeup tips to share!

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  1. Hi Jen,
    I love all your tutorials...and I try to make some of them on my Korean eye, BUT my eye shape is o different from yours.

  2. Great make-up look. Very fresh and sweet looking :)
    xx Stephanie (

  3. Have you tried any Hourglass foundations yet?

  4. Such a beautiful make-up look! I like it <3

  5. this is a lovely look!

    - Janine

  6. Please show us how you did your hair!

  7. This is such a pretty look! Thanks for sharing Jen!


  8. You look beautiful, and your tips are very helpful, especially for ladies with hooded eyes like me!


  9. hehe I love that you had a Disney honeymoon. We had a Disney wedding ourselves. :)

  10. You're flawless. *U* I really love the look and you always have some good tips. (:


  11. wow this looks lovely! accentuates your eye shape beautifully without looking overdone! i love the contouring, particularly when you are looking down. will you be my makeup artist when i get married? :P (which isn't anytime soon haha).

  12. Pretty!
    Did you do your own makeup when you got married?

    My bro was in a Disney-themed wedding - they got ONE picture of him with the ears and that was it! lol

  13. You are so gorgeous inside and out! I love watching your YouTube channel and reading your posts! You even inspired me to create my own blog as well :)

    If anyone is bored or has some free time, please come check it out at! I hope to be doing make-up tutorials and beauty blogs soon.

    xoxo <3

  14. I was wondering what eyeliner brush you used for the gel liner in this tutorial? I have been looking for a brush like that forever! Thank you!

  15. hi Jen. Any suggestions for people who wear contact lenses? I often find that as the day goes along, if makeup enters the eyes, it can be very irritating for the eyes. Compare to the average person, I probably do have more sensitive eyes, prone to hayfever and its associated itchiness etc. Any thoughts on how contact lens and eye makeup can coexist for me? Thank you in advance for your thoughts!!! Sincerely D Morris

  16. I really loved this tutorial! It's gorgeous!

  17. You are so beautiful in this look > <

  18. I want to know all the brushes used on your eyes.
    sorry for my english.. but I am desperate

  19. Same as Eugene, could you list all the brushes you used in this tutorial? I've been following a lot of your videos using my elf brushes, but they're just not cutting it :/

  20. Good afternoon Jen,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your videos and this one in particular will probably be my lifesaver in learning how to do my wedding makeup. Not knowing a thing about makeup and having asian monolid eyes has made always made the thought of makeup seem more scary than it probably should be. Now to embark in this interesting world of enhancing my features lol... So thank you for all your hard work in putting all of your tutorials together. You truly are inspiring!

    P.S. If you happen to be in Canada (Toronto area) on September 7, 2014, our wedding day, and are considering doing some of your freelance makeup magic, let me know! :D

  21. Hi Jen,

    I'm currently planning wedding for this summer on a short engagement and came across your tutorial video after thinking I may have to try doing my own makeup for the special day. Thanks for sharing! You look gorgeous! I had a makeup trial the other day and it did not go well and with the short time frame, I'm worried I won't be able to find an artist who can give me a nice look for my big day. I will be making a run to Sephora tomorrow and pick up the makeup you used in your video. I'm a newbie with applying makeup but I hope it turns out half as well as yours. :)

  22. I will have a wedding outside,,100 degree..can you please let me know what kind i need to buy(( everything for my make up)?? I'm vietnamese skin...oily t-zone and very oily under nose( mustach)...what can i used so the make up stay and look flawless on my dark spot. Thanks very much

  23. I always suggest that marriage is the most important moment in everyone life. In that moment we have to look pretty. So this tips definitely helpful to make it possible.

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