FASHION: Fall 2013 Lookbook

3:40 PM

Hey everyone! I don't know about you but there's something about Fall that brings out the fashion tinglies in me. I love the crisp weather, the layers, and autumn colors. I've had fashion on my mind a lot lately so I thought it would be the perfect season to debut my first lookbook. Hope you enjoy it!

Outfit photos after the jump...

Sweater | Asos
Flannel shirt | Victoria's Secret
Jeans | PacSun
Lucite Bag | Dailylook
Necklace | Nordstrom
Heels | JGshoe
Midi Ring | Dailylook

Flannel Shirt | H&M (similar)
DJ Cat Tank | Dailylook
Frames | Pretty and Cute
Wrap Bracelet | Rebecca Minkoff (similar)
Satchel | Dailylook
Sterling Silver Cat Handlet Bracelet | Dailylook
Shorts | Abercrombie
Tights | Nordstrom
Boots | bought in Korea (similar)

Quilted Backpack | Dailylook
Sweater | Modern Lux (similar)
Sneakers | ASH
Neon Beanie | ASOS
Necklace | Dailylook
Watch | Dailylook
Grey Bead Bracelet | handmade by a Korean subbie :)
Infinity Bracelet (turquoise) | Dailylook
Chevron Bracelet (clear) | Dailylook
Skirt | H&M (similar)

Trench | Line & Dot
Necklace | Dailylook
Leggings | Aritzia (similar)
Clutch | Dailylook
Tank | Dailylook

Thank you guys so much for letting me reach out into a new medium to share with you all. And can I also take a minute to thank Kassia Phoy for being such an amazing friend, photographer, and extremely talented videographer? <3

I hope to do many more lookbooks in the future, so let me know if you like seeing these sorts of posts. :)

Readers, which outfit do you like best? What is your favorite Fall fashion trend? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Really love all the outfits that you put together! The colors used in the last outfit are perfect for the fall! Thanks for the inspo ^_^

  2. I think it's a tie between the first and last outfits! Love your style Jen...makes me want to run out and buy some layering jewels :)

  3. i really love the brown boots from korea ;)

  4. Oh wow! I really hope you continue these lookbooks! Your outfits look amazing and inspiring ^^ I usually pass on graphic sweatshirts/tshirts/tanks because I always thought it'd look too juvenile but now I'm taking that back! Going to be on the lookout for cute graphic items :) I also love how you paired your flannel underneath your sweatshirt. Looks both sophisticated and preppy ^^

    1. I definitely plan on it! It was a lot of hard work but it pushes me to be really creative and coordinated with my outfits. Oh, and I love layering slightly unusual things (like flannel under sweater) because it gives the same put-together look as a collared shirt but it adds more texture and color to the overall outfit. :) Thank you so much!!

  5. More please!!!!! I bought the black tank and wanted the necklace too but it was out of stock :(

  6. I love all the styles! different wear for different occasion <3

  7. Fantastic outfits, I can't pick a favourite! I love the dog sweater and the drape-y green trench. I'd love to see more!

  8. This was such a great lookbook, can't wait to see more! LOVE the first 2 outfits. I just love how versatile flannel can be...a lot of my go-to pieces for fall are flannels and boots:)

  9. Hi Jen,

    Congratulations on your first lookbook! It's very exciting to see you pair unexpected items together and make it work out nicely. My favourite is the last outfit. Autumn in Vancouver (Canada) is a lot cooler so I embrace all kinds of jackets/coats, oversized sweaters and best of!!

    I cant wait to see more fashion ideas from you!!!

  10. All very cool and inspiring looks! Your blog is lovely!

  11. The photography is so beautiful and I love your sense of style & fashion, Jen! Not to mention you have an amazing figure (and are uncannily photogenic!). More lookbooks please ^_~

    Emma xx


  12. Love Love Love Love this lookbook :D I hope that you will be doing more of these fashion videos <3 You are so beautiful with that effortless classy fun look :)

  13. I love your lookbooks. It's great. I hope that you have more styles coming up. Carry on!

  14. love all outfits ^^

  15. Love your use of graphic Ts and sweaters, my favorite is the bulldog. So cute. Love your style and blog. :) big fan.

  16. I love the last outfit with the khaki and burgundy!
    xx Stephanie (

  17. This video was shot so wonderfully!! My cousin and I were watching it last night and both adore the last look with the army green trench! So fab, Jen!



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  19. Loveee the outfit with the beanie skirt and sneakers. It's both girly and tomboy-ish, definitely something I may try in the near future! I'd love to see more of these type of posts =P

  20. So cute! I LOVED the look book video. More please!

  21. Loved the look book video! The outfits and the scenery in the background was all very pretty

  22. ♥BEAUTIFUL, i love your pictures!

  23. JEN!
    Loved this video + the looks. Beautiful coordinates. Last one on the bridge is super classy!

  24. Love the lookbook! Very chic and sweet at the same time! Can't wait for more in the future!

  25. I love all outfits you posted!!! I really hope that you can write more articles like this :)

  26. I just love love love all your outfits!!! I need to put some more efforts to my outfits from now on. hahaha.

    Take Care,

  27. absolutely loveeee all the look! You are a stunner! :)

  28. Love the 1st and last look! And great team, you two! The "living" lookbook is wonderful!!!

  29. the ASH boots, are they womens or childrens size?

  30. I love the lookbook Jen, I can't wait to see the next one! I know you're petite, I'm a little over 4'10", did you have to get the Line & Dot jacket altered?

  31. The last look is definitely my favorite, and your choice of necklace totally elevates the look to a different level. I did a more colorful rendition of a trench coat look suited for warmer weathers

  32. Ji Jen or anyone who is Jen's fan. Could you please tell me how can I know what brand of makeup products jen is using? I'm going to take the wedding photos next weekend and I'm trying to learn how to makeup by myself so I really really need to buy some of the makeup products that Jen show on the youtube but I couldn't see very clear what brand to buy. Please help...thanks a lot

  33. I love all the outfits, I am petite inspired me. It is great what you are doing and I hope you do many more lookbooks in the future.

  34. Hi Jen! Love the last look!! I am also 4'11 Just wondering which size you got in the Line & Dot Trench? XS?