TUTORIAL: Sexy Vampire Makeup | Halloween 2013

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When I think of vampires, a few words come to mind such as dangerous, seductive, pale, bloodthirsty, and beautiful. For today's Halloween tutorial I tried to keep all those elements in mind for this sexy vampire makeup. While you may not actually be dangerous (raises hand), pale (not me again), or bloodthirsty (unless it's kool-aid) you can still look like the beautiful undead to go with your costume this year.

Check out the tutorial below!



Here's the finished look:

The main concept I was going for was to keep everything really sharp and angular which meant plenty of contouring, thinner brows, pointy lipstick, and eye makeup that would emphasize the inner and outer eye corners.

Also, can I just say that these Geo Color Nine Deep Red lenses are some of the most comfortable circle lenses that I've tried? I thought it would look really scary, but for costume lenses the red is actually really beautiful! The rich red color matches the lips really well.

From the various fangs I checked out, these petite ones seemed to look the most comfortable and realistic. The color of the fangs is pretty close to my natural tooth color as well, but as fair warning wearing them does give me a slight lisp. Not as bad as others I've seen speak while wearing fangs but still. It takes a bit of practice! Otherwise they fit well and are easy to pop in.

Hope you guys enjoyed this look! Let me know if you decide to be a vampire this year and send any photos you might take of the look to my Twitter and Facebook

Readers, do you prefer pretty/cute or scary Halloween looks? What will you be going as this year? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love those lenses! Eyecandy's is definitely one of my favorite places to get colored contacts. The dark and red shadows surrounding the eyes match the red eyes really well. I like scary yet sexy/seductive costumes, it's just more fun to dress up that way. If I were to do a scary costume, I'd go with Samara from The Ring, but if I feel like something less creepy I think Pocahontas or Princess Jasmine. Either way I just want to be able to use my super long hair >.<

    Again, love this vampire look !

  2. Your eyes! Love the pink and purple together with the angular eyeliner. Amazing look Jen!



  3. well I wasn't planning on being a vampire....but now I just might have to reconsider! Loving your eyes!


  4. This is by far, my favorite vampire Halloween makeup Jen! You did an incredible job! I absolutely love that it's so "anime" it really takes me back to Vampire Hunter D (Both the anime and mangas. The colors, sharper angular parts of the face, the "dainty teeth" and then the eerie and captivating beauty!). Really, I would love to do this look! ^__^ <33333

  5. I love this eye makeup, Jen!! My fave of your Halloween tutorials so far, I think. :)

    Btw, not sure if this site had your permission, but they posted your photo in its slideshow gallery: http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/last-minute-halloween-costume-makeup/p122342/page5

  6. Also, have you been doing anything differently with your eyes lately? They look more open and less hooded naturally... Just wondering!

    1. Nope, haven't been doing anything special. I have a tiny hidden crease that wasn't there compared to 4 years ago, but it comes and goes as usual. ;)

  7. Thank you for info about Sexy Vampire Makeup!!!

  8. Beautuful glamour sexy. Red lenses have maximal effect. :)

  9. Gorgeous makeup! Great job!

    Have a nice weekend!
    ♥ Oksana
    www.makeupbyoksana.blogspot.com {new post >> autumn makeup tutorial}

  10. Okay, so this isn't exactly relevant to the tutorial (which was wonderful) but I was wondering if you've tried Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hour Stain Gloss. If not, I definitely recommend them. I have shades Cool Coral and Pink Plush. I really like the former in particular. They're fairly cheap for a stain, last super long, have a lovely finish, and are non-drying. Anyway, I just thought that maybe you would like to try them if you haven't already.

  11. This makeup look has made me realize that actress Zoey Deutch looks like you! She's going to be in the Vampire Academy movie :)