SWATCHES & REVIEW: Urban Decay Electric Palette

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So I'm not gonna lie. One of my favorite things to review/swatch are eyeshadow palettes. There's just something about a variety pack of colors that really gets me excited about the makeup possibilities unlike any other type of makeup product. Urban Decay's newest Electric Pressed Pigment Palette falls nicely into that category, with bright neon shades that scream eye candy!

Included in a magnetic case are 10 brilliant shadows ranging from a bright chartreuse to hot red, to some really excellent blues and even a reflective metallic silver. There is a large mirror inside the compact and a slot for the dual-sided eyeshadow brush as well.

Revolt \ Gonzo \ Slowburn \ Savage \ Fringe
Chaos \ Jilted \ Urban \ Freak \ Thrash

Revolt: bright metallic silver

Gonzo: matte cerulean with microglitters

Slowburn: tomato red matte with microglitters

Savage: matte hot pink

Fringe: BRIGHT metallic teal

Chaos: matte ultramarine blue with microglitters

Jilted: satin orchid purple with a slight blue flash

Urban: satin true purple, like the iconic UD brand color

Freak: bright, satiny pale green

Thrash: microglitter matte yellow with chartreuse tint

As you can see, this whole palette is chock full of pigmented brights which actually have great texture and color payoff. A lot of eyeshadows this loud tend to come across as chalky or difficult to blend but I didn't have that problem at all with the Electric Palette. They were all very creamy and smooth, in typical Urban Decay fashion.

Unfortunately, this palette also has a couple of caveats. The four reddish shades (Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban) are technically not approved as "eye safe" yet in the US. I've heard this about most true red eyeshadows but I'm surprised that both the purple shades also had this disclaimer. Granted, they are good to go in all other countries but it's definitely worth noting in case you happen to run into eye irritation while using these shades. It seems obvious that this palette was created to be used on the eyes, so to me it's an eyeshadow palette even if they can't technically call it one.

The second thing I'd change is that there's no basic green. There are 3 blues so I'd rather switch one of them out for a nice kelly green since that would complete the whole rainbow spectrum. In terms of the product itself though, I really love the colors and can't wait to fully test it out with some bright looks!

The Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette is permanent and available now at for $49.

To see my previous bright looks check out my Turquatic and Rainbow Dash tutorials. Also you can find my review of the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette as well as comparisons to all the Naked Palettes here.

Readers, do you like to experiment with rainbow colors? Are you itching for this bright palette? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post contains product provided by the company's PR for consideration. For more information please see my review policy.  

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  1. Wow! They're so incredibly pigmented! Also, I never knew that some eye shadows could be deemed unsafe... Maybe it's good that I don't often wear red/purple shades? Thanks, Jen!


  2. Gahhh those colors are so gorgeous, but I could never justify buying a palette for that much on something I personally wouldn't be able to use every day and in the end would probably be a waste of my money! I love experimenting and playing with colors though so I'll just have to stick to the ones from Wet n' Wild that I won't feel as bad not using. I'll definitely have to play around with this palette if I see it out.


  3. Great review!! The colors are absolutely gorgeous! However I don't think I'll be buying this anytime soon! It's too expensive for colors like that that I wouldn't be wearing every day! Eventually a dupe will come out, even though it won't be as good of quality!

  4. Definitely lives up to its name! Love this bright palette~



  5. Wow such a pretty looking palette! The colours are so vibrant and gorgeous, too bad it's not easily accessible in Australia

    xo kerker
    Beauty & Things

  6. What fun colors! I think this would be a great palette to have if I were more adventurous, I personally have no places to go to or be with the colors in the palette. lol ^_^;

  7. I'm not sure this palette is for me, I wouldn't be able to work with those color.
    Have an amazing day :)

  8. Oh my gosh I have been wanting bright, crazy colors for moooonths. When this palette came out, I basically freaked! Hoping I can get it one day... The only high end product I've ever gotten is an Urban Decay liquid liner. Must try all!

  9. That's crazy that some aren't approved for eyes! They didn't separate those colors to a lip/cheek section of the palette, but mixed them in with the other eyeshadows! Thanks for all the research and information Jen! xo Kelly

  10. can you please do a tutorial that incorporates a bright color, like yellow orange or green, to be wearable on a casual day out?? please!!!

  11. Wow the pigmentation are amazing! And I love the selection of such bright and fun colors. Great review post! You should do a tutorial on different makeup looks using this palette!


  12. they look like super pigmented! Jen, seriously you should do a makeup tutorial using this electric palette! these vibrant colours just make people feel happy!

  13. Dear Jen, I will go to the beach for a few days holiday next month. please do a holiday beach makeup tutorial using this palette! <3

  14. Wow, the colors look very rich and pigmented!

  15. Hello Jen. Great reviews as always, :)

    In terms of eye irritations, after I apply my eyeshadow/eyeliner, one of my eyes will have tears coming out. I see that in some of your makeup tutorials, esp. the swap monolid makeup video, you tend to have the same problem? It is very annoying because for me it sometimes impossible to apply products to the bottom outer corner, or it can make my eyeliner there fade through out the day. Do your eyes just react to certain product?

    Also the makeup fallouts to my eyes when I'm wearing contacts are quite annoying. Just wondering how other people handle these problems. Thanks!

    1. I usually don't wear products on my waterlines since my eyes are sensitive, but I don't have a problem with sensitivity for eyeshadow on my lashline. That area still does get oily and runny though!

  16. Wow those colours are really bright! I think my fave out of them is Fringe! It looks like it'd go nicely with the UD Glide-On 24/7 Pencil in Deep End :)! Great post & swatches!!

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO

  17. Beautiful colors especially if you're going to a festical or something. Please do a party/festival look Jen =)

  18. Would you say that these are similar in color/saturation to Sugarpill's?

  19. This looks so pretty in the palette...but will not look so pretty on me.

  20. Super pigmented :)

  21. What an amazing palette! I'm loving Fringe and Urban the sheen to it is amazing!
    I am loving your blog adding you right now!!
    Holly xo

  22. i was on the fence about getting this eyeshadow palette but I think i definitely want it now. love the colours so much !!

  23. good to know! I had no idea about the reds.

  24. Such fun colours. I want one =) Thanks for the review and swatches Jen ;P

  25. This palette is gorgeous. Wish I had the guts to pull off these electric shades ^_^