Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain

1:41 AM

After hearing a glowing review from my good friend last year, I'd been meaning to pick one of these up. Getting a Revlon coupon in the paper gave me an excuse when I browsed Walmart a couple weeks ago, and I decided to get Revlon's Just Bitten Lip Stain in Berry Juicy. There are 4 colors: Berry Juicy (reddish pink), Plum Wicked (bright plum), Cherry Tart (red), and Blood Orange (reddish orange). It's part of their limited collection line which has been out for about a year and sells for a little under $8 USD.

The Revlon website claims:

Ripen lips! Juicy, water-weight formula made with real fruit extracts stains lips for a sweetly seductive pout. Each shade features its own succulent, fruity flavor and scent. Rollerball tip precisely applies color. Available in 4 fruit-inspired shades.

My first impression of this was that it is indeed light and watery-feeling, but you have to be modest in applying this because the color is pretty bold compared to how it feels. It smells fresh and fruity but not in a gross way. The roller ball isn't "precise" by any means, as you'd think. It also goes on matte and a bit dry, so I learned to put a layer of the tint on by dabbing/rolling the color in the middle of my lips then smacking my lips around to disperse the color and immediately coat with a lip balm or gloss. Just be careful because the color does set pretty quickly, so wash your hands right after if you touched your lips to correct anything. The result is a bright, fun color for spring that is a bold reddish pink without looking heavy or unnatural like a red gloss or lipstick. It reminds me a lot of being a kid on a hot, summer day after sucking on a red popsicle, or pretending the popsicle was lipstick. I know I'm not the only one who did this! ;)

One downside is that it doesn't last all day as I'd like a tint to do, but it does last about as long or longer than lipstick and a lot longer than gloss. Also, you can immediately put chapstick over it without worrying that the color will transfer, on the chapstick, cups, or even kisses. (The fiance especially appreciates that last part.)

Overall, I liked this product and I'll definitely buy it again when it runs out if it's still available. The packaging is cute and it feels light on your lips. It's just such a unique look and I'm glad to get a strong color without looking like I'm trying too hard to pull off red lips.

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  1. What contacts are you wearing there?

  2. They are freshlook colors violet. ;)

  3. wahh, it looks so cute

    thanks for the review, i will definitely try it

  4. Gorgeous lip color! Thanks for the recommendation. ;]

  5. what skincare do u use for your's gorgeous and flawless!!

  6. Wow, I love your blog <3
    Looking forward to more updates :)

  7. hey! me from the lensaholics. :)
    what color did you use in that photo?
    i have the red one and the plum one!
    its expensive here, though. i got mine for 12usd!

  8. omg, is this discontinued? I can't find it ANYWHERE not even on the website!

  9. Kamie: it was the pinkish-reddish color. berry juicy. you should try that one out next. :)

    tiffany: no, it's still available. I found it on the website still. It's under the "limited edition collection." Hope you can find it!

  10. ohh, haha. totally missed it then. walgreens having BOGO so I'm gonna pick some up, thanks! :)

  11. you look very elfish in this picture :) like an actress playing a beautiful demon in an asian drama ^___^ love your blog and videos!!