Double Eyelid Tape Makeup Tutorial

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Hey guys, just thought I'd do a little tutorial for the girls who are single-lidded and want to know how to apply makeup with eyelid tape. It seemed like a useful thing to do. I know a lot of people might get all controversial over this, but like I said, I mean this to be useful and a helpful thing for single-lidded girls who want variety to their look. This tutorial can also be used for girls with double lids. Just for the record, I do love my single lids too (of course since I've made tutorials!) but I love the freedom of variety and I haven't seen any tutorials like this. Please be open-minded and feel free to send me your results! :)


1. What are single-lids and double lids?
Single lids are eyelids that don't have a crease above the lash line. Double lids do. There are many naturally double-lidded and single-lidded Asians in the world.

2. What is eyelid tape?
Eyelid tape is a small, curved strip of medical tape used to form a crease on the eyelid. Some say that it stretches out the lid, but I find that if you put some water on the tape at the end of the day, it comes off with no tugging.

3. What brand of tape did you use?
I used "Eye Charm" (아이참) brand, but it's not really my favorite. It gets the job done though. Just find whatever fits you best.


All mascara and eyeliners are in black.

Step 1.
First, apply the tape. Try to make it so that the crease is a natural size for your eye shape and size. This might take a few tries so don't get too frustrated if you can't get them even the first time! Practice makes perfect and soon you will know what looks best on you.

Step 2.
Next, apply highlighter (color 1 in the revlon palette) to the brow bone. Use a medium shade (color 3) and apply color to your lid above and to the outside of the tape. The color should fade in, about 2/3 of the way into your lid.

Step 3.
Add a darker color (color 4) as contour to your lid. Try taking a smaller brush and running it along the area right beneath your brow bone. It should almost make a "c" shape and the color is stronger at the edges, and blended in.

Step 4.
This is the key to looking natural! Take a black, matte liquid liner and draw a line that covers the space under the tape and also slightly on top of the bottom edge of the tape from inside to out. It is especially critical to cover the tape on the inner half of your eyelid, as this is the part most likely to show when your eyes are open. Be patient and take it slow since this part can get tricky!
Note: you can cover more of the tape with eyeliner for a more dramatic look, or cover it completely and put black eye shadow around the tape for a smokey-eye. Just make sure to match the liner on the tape and the liner on your skin so it is seamless.

Step 5.
Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply Max Factor Lash Perfection Waterproof mascara to top and bottom lids. (I prefer to use the non-waterproof version on just my bottom lashes as it makes them longer and less sticky.)

And you are done! Natural-looking double lids. :)

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  1. thanks for this! it looks really good =D
    what colour are you using for the eyeshadow? ^^

  2. The eyeshadow is Revlon's 12-hour colorstay eyeshadow quad in Berry Bloom. ;)

  3. Thank you SO much for this tutorial! I had recently brought eye tape for my small non existent Korean eye lids :-) but had no idea how to use it correctly with makeup. I tried your steps for the first time yesterday and I LOVED the result! It really did look "natural" and so pretty :) I have a question: how can you remove the tape at the end of the day without pulling and hurting? I tried using warm water and eye makeup remover but it's still very hard to remove. I use a cheap brand of eyetape called Beauty Credit that I purchased for $2. Thanks for your help! :)

  4. Wow, I never have a problem removing the tape when I wet it. Does your eyemakeup remover have oil? When I used Clinique's remover for lashes, lids, and lips (the kind that you shake the 2 parts together in the bottle) I didn't have any problems getting the tape off. Maybe try dabbing a lot of water on your lid then wait a minute for it to soak through the holes. I hope that helps!

  5. hi i love your tutorial! where do you buy your eyelid tape?

  6. I bought my tape from a local asian beauty supply store.

  7. Love your tutorial and really great to see before and after. Since you mentioned Eye Charm isn't your favorite eye tape, which on is?

  8. wow what a tutorial, that's so diligent of you on putting it for sharing with all women out there. thank you.


  9. hi! i love the color of the eyeshadow... btw what is the brand of tape you use it looks very natural

  10. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for doing the double eyelid tape WITH MAKEUP. The key I learned from you is to avoid any powder or foundation on the tape (which I mess up last time). I follw your steps on myself, and it turn out great! Going to do for a girlfriend, and hopefully is useful for her wedding as well (she has single and roll-in lids, which is quite challenging). :D

  11. omygosh you are SO SO PRETTTYYY im korean too and ican't get my eyes to look like yours. omygosh!!!! you look so so so pretty!!!! im so glad that i found this blog. even though i can't like tell how to do eyeshadow yet because I don't know ANYTHING about make up, you are so pretty pretty!!! my eyes are so small...its so sad. i have a question. do you use japanese glue too? because I only have glue. im so glad that you posted up your how to make your own eyelid tape. you are a GENIUS!! i think you can seriously go on a beauty show. im so like shocked and amazed of the fact that i JUST found this blog. C: im going to visit this blog everyday!!! for the rest of my life!!

  12. Thanx so much for sharing!!! You're so pretty! :)

  13. Oh this is such a cool tutorial! I think I'll try this... I sort of have a double eyelid, but it varies from time to time. Could you also show a picture of what you would look like without the double eyelid, as a comparison in how makeup will look? Thanks! It would be great if you could. :D

  14. do you know where you can buy the eye-charm tapes?

    my eyes have small eye lids, but i want them to be bgger so i'm wondering if these can help. thanks for the tutorial though, now i won't worry about putting them on.

  15. Hi everyone!

    This is a great tutorial. However, I suspect you are pretty anyway, with our without the tape.

    I am a 35 year old Korean with a very low forehead and single eyelids. I just had a coronal forehead lift (had too many wrinkels after raising my heavy lids for 35 years.) Now that the wrinkles are out of the way, I am facing another challenge - single eyelids. While healing I am going to use the tape. In the future will consider a surgery.

    Does anyone have same experience?

    Thanks a lot for the blog,


  16. I really loved it!!! I'm Chinese, part filipino and part Dutch but still i have no folds. I tried what you said, followed what you said about the make up and voila, my eyes really looked wonderful! I never knew that right make up methods can really transform your eyes, anyways, thanks a lot!

  17. thank you. i've been looking for an alternative to surgery. GB :)

  18. Hye, I bought double eye lid tape, tried many times how to use it but the results just don't come out. How come? Sigh, dunno where it went wrong..where should i put the tape on? below or slightly upper than the eye lashes, or what? it you do it with ur eyes open wide or not? Lol. I don't really can get it.

  19. with the tape that you make yourself; is it just me or is it hard to blend?

  20. I was wondering what size you of the tape you bought? Since I notice that online stores it has Slim, Regular, and Hard. If you buy Hard would it increase the width of your eyes? Or would it be uncomfortable? Which do you recommend?(:


    ^ did you lend your picture to the Hello Miss Shop on soompi? Just wondering, in case they took it without your permission.

  22. is ur eyelid now permanent? i saw some pics and it looks natural or u still use tape for the double eyelid to appear?

  23. thanks for the tutorial! I've been using tape for a few months, but the eyelids stretched out a lot. I was wondering if you know any ways to tighten it back up a bit. Thanks!

  24. hello, where did you buy your eyelid tape?

  25. Hi, i was wondering which eye charm brand did you use-there are two and I've spent a lot of money on double eyelid tape and I keep buying the wrong ones-but urs seem to get the job done so i was wondering what brand it was
    I hope you reply to a post 4 years after!!