Simple Aspirin and Honey Mask

7:41 PM

Here is the video tutorial for a simple aspirin and honey mask inspired by ricebunny's xanga. It's good for making your skin soft and smooth, as the aspirin particles exfoliate well improving the texture of your face. I only use it about once or twice a week.


1. Uncoated aspirin
2. Honey
3. A clean plate to create mixture
4. A couple drops of water to dissolve the aspirin

You can used coated aspirin, but you'll need to dissolve the coating first and generic aspirin is cheaper anyway. I'd recommend just buying some. Also, if you have super sensitive skin, test this out on a small part of your face first. If you start to get any irritation, wash it off right away. Anyway, here's the vid. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

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  1. i've never heard of an aspirin mask before but will definitely try it out after seeing your video and how perfect your skin looks!

    i just cut bangs and have tried to get them to curl off at the bottom, but it just ends up curling the opposite direction. would you be able to post a tutorial or let me know how you get your bangs to curl at the ends like that?

    thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Ohh the Aspirin Mask! I've seen a tutorial of it on RiceBunny's Blog and I remember hearing about a lot of people trying it, but I never actually tried it myself. xD I definately have to try this sometime soon!

    And I agree with Anonymous, how do you get your bangs to curl/"swoop" like that? My bangs are always stick straight. =|

  3. Well, I think it has a lot to do with your natural hair. If your hair is wavy-straight, it swoops easier. If it's stick straight, it's harder to "train" your hair.

    When I get out of the shower, I towel dry and part my bangs. Then I either bobby pin them to the side (but take it out before it's too dry) or blow-dry while pulling them to the side. If things aren't cooperating with the ends, sometimes I will put a bit of texturizing gel on the ends and twist it a little bit.

  4. I have heard of this before. I've never actually found the exact way to go about making/using one though. Thanks for posting this tutorial! I am def. looking into trying it>Seeing as I actually have all but the honey anyways. How long would you say it took before you actually noticed a change in your skin?

  5. Hey jen, sorry im bombarding you with questions, but I'm currently taking acne med pills, and using Clindamycin gel in the morning as well as Retin-A micro at night...

    do you feel that it's ok to use this exfoliating mask despite that we both are using prescription acne meds? I know that's a dumb question but I wasn't sure if it was "going overboard with exfoliating" to add this aspirin mask (which i have tried 2 times already before going back on acne meds). I was just scared if my face is gonna go flakie on me, especially with Retin-A micro .04%(which is slightly stronger than the Differin Gel that you are using).

    thanks so much and i hope you can answer me :)

  6. Wow! this is a new idea? Will it help my headache too? lol

  7. hey jen! .. i want to know what Aspirin is? .. because im from the UK.. and Aspirin is a medicine for strokes.. like heart attrack and blood clot.. is this the same aspirin?

    thanks for the tutorial by the way!! ur so gorgeous!! u look like Boa!!

  8. Hi,
    Just discovered your amazing blog!
    I wanted to ask, does this help scars fade quicker? Did it help yours fade?

  9. Hi ,

    just recently watched ur videos and read in your site, and I really really like it :) just want to have an advice on how to get rid of my small open porse.

    Thanks :)