Tokidoki Chooka Rainboots!

5:55 PM

Like I've mentioned before, the weather here is CRAZY. Lately it has been snowy, slushy, cold, and generally gross. So naturally, I decided it was necessary to accommodate myself with some appropriate footwear. (*cough* excuse *cough)

I've been eyeing these Tokidoki Chooka rainboots for a while now since I was happy to see they come in kids' sizes. Sadly, I don't fit anywhere near the taller women's style as they start at a size 6 and run a size large! I ordered these leopard print ones from though and as tacky and busy as they are, I LOVE them. As my friend Jenny said, "How can you not love them? They have a cloud throwing up lightning!"

I just ordered them on Saturday and Zappos decided to upgrade my shipping to priority for free so I literally just got them today. They are a size 1, and they fit just about perfect on my smaller-size-4-womens' feet.

Dry feet!

And a couple close-ups:

Another exciting thing that happened today was that I found out I won the much coveted Hello Kitty fauxnad plate from the awesome Polish Pixie. I have been looking for this plate everywhere on Ebay and got rejection upon rejection message from sellers! I was floored because I absolutely never win anything. Shipping will take a couple weeks since the pixie herself resides in Denmark, but when I get the plates I promise I will do a Konad nail tutorial for you guys. :D I cannot wait!

Here is a pic taken from Kitty is on the right.

Also, to compound the awesomeness of the moment, has everyone seen this photo of a pink dolphin? It's REALLY, REALLY pink. I feel like I should scream really quietly in happiness. It got its coloration from albinism. Who knew!

While I try to contain my enthusiasm, you must tell me your thoughts on rainboots (or pink dolphins). Are they awesome, lame, necessary, cute, ugly? Do you have a pair? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. the boots are sooo cute! i only have one pair of rain boots that i got from target. it doesnt rain much where i live.

    pink dolphins are cool :)

  2. Those boots are adorable! I don't have any myself because I don't really need them here, but I still think they're sooo cute! Are you serious!?! There are pink dolphins for REAL ? WOH. **shocked** I want one!! :)

  3. Hi Jen, the boots are a flop... sorry.. for toki doki stick to bags or wallets; the print on the boot is stretched out and not very pretty. If the print were smaller, it might have looked cuter =\ it's obviously not your fault. Anyway, since you asked for our opinion, here is it.

  4. Those boots are so cute! Are they available in sydney @_@
    Oh and the pink dolphin.. IS IT REAL? omg. so cute!

  5. Omg cute dolphin! =)

    Anyways, I think that your boots are super cute. It doesn't rain a lot here (mostly either hail and slush or burning hot, mucky heat waves) or else I would have bought these boots I fell in love with at Macy's back in November.. aw.

  6. Those boots look amazing on you! I saw them a while back as well.. but i'm still debating on whether i should get them or not.. because i'm not really a rain boot kind of person =P. But i can honestly say they look so cute on you!

    The only thing i'm concerned about are the stretched image near the foot of the boots =[.. but i can see that they aren't noticeable (or ugly either!)

  7. I'm not a huge fan of the Tokidoki print, but it looks cute on you! I live in Canada and our winter season has been a huge slushy mess, so I wore rainboots all the time. Tretorn boots are really popular at the school I go to. The design is not the cutest (its really plain!) but its functional, so its good for me =D

  8. Hey I love your blog and I am a regular reader! Well I just wanted to give you a heads up on someone who has been using your pics on! >__<;; Her sn is CottonShrinks and I believe she also has an account on soompi. Her blog is

    Basically what she did was post on a thread called "Asian Eyes" and posted up your pictures. She didn't claim that it was her on the post but people replied as if it was her and she didn't reply to clarify. So I don't know. Just wanted to tell you because I hate people who steals pics and don't give credit. By the way, that forum is notorious for image credits so she should've known to give credit ?++>


    oops there's the link to the thread
    I don't know if you can see that since you might not have an account on that forum

  10. Sammi: Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, I don't have a fashionspot account and it looks like you have to be invited to join. As always, I would appreciate it if you could stick up for me. Please report the incident to the mods, message the person and ask if she can take the photos down, or at least explain that it is not her and link back to my blog, Or you could even reply in that thread with a link back here so that others know the truth!

  11. Pink dolphin is so awesome. Rainboots are too cute!

  12. those rainboots look horrid. they make you look like a 12 year old.

  13. i think your rainboots look adorable! i'm still searching for a pair myself.

  14. Hi, I am selling Chooka Tokidoki Rainboots in both the Discoteca and Leopard style. They are $89 US a pair plus the cost of shipping of $22. I will ship anywhere in the Canada and US. Please email me if you are interested...
    Thanks so much!

  15. You are too cute!

  16. hehe, i saw these at this shoe store a few days back ~ but they were selling them for like 250$ ! T__T"
    they're so cuute, and you look amaazing in them ~ although i'd perfer it if it was a tad bit longer. (:

  17. Hey I know your post is a little old and you may not be the expert but hah for some reason your blog = number one google response for "tokidoki boots" and any variation of such a search. I bought these boots on ebay and they look fake as hell, so do you know of a site or how to tell if they're fake? They're like totally faded print is all.. Any way thanks for your time, and I scrolled through your blog too lol interesting topics! :]