From Head To Toe Beauty Favorites of 2009 and Thanks

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Hey everyone! I hope you have all had a charming and memorable 2009. I have a lot of memories that I'll be keeping with me from this year.

I had my first wedding anniversary, my first Christmas tree (it's a baby tree I got the day after Christmas from Target), the first year I've become a Sephora VIB (omg my bank account!), my first DSLR camera (Canon XSI, yay for pretty pictures), and I exceeded 1 million hits as well as 1,000+ blog followers! Never thought that was possible. ^O^ I also received so much support from my readers and won the Holiday Vlogger competition sponsored by The Body Shop.

There are so many incredible things that happened that I never thought could be possible when I started this blog and I have everything to thank to my loyal readers. Shoutout to those Soompiers who supported me from day 1!! Honestly, I am overwhelmed and humbled thinking in retrospect of the past year and through all of the hardships that my family and I endured, that I would still have such an outpouring of love and support coming from my friends here on this crazy online world. You don't even realize how much this has brought me through some of the tough spots in my life.

-gonna get a little emo here so if you'd like to skip this, feel free- ;)

I felt so scared to open up the first time on blog. People have been so judgmental in the past and I had every intention to keep this blog to a less-personal level that was informative and a tool where others could learn what little I knew and where I could learn boundless more from everyone else. When I got to a point where I felt like my voice needed to be heard, I was seriously bowled over at the compassion that met me at the other end.

I fully expected to be ripped to shreds. Who cares what this chick thinks? She wears eyelid tape so she must be fake! BURN HER AT THE STAKE! Little did I realize how much my silly little makeup tricks may have actually helped someone to actually feel good, pretty, NORMAL. I feel like I grew up in a society that never taught me how to apply makeup and to figure out for yourself why you aren't tall, blonde, and with clear skin and double eyelids. I just want to let everyone know that it's okay. You aren't a teenager forever. The bad skin can be cleared, and you know what? Single lids are beautiful. Double lids are beautiful. You can have a choice to be who you want to be! I may not be 5'8", but I can walk with my head held high being me, and feeling good about making the best of what I've got for ME.

I've always said, my mantra is to use beauty to project the good inside, not as a mask to hide insecurities. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and genuine at the same time. I just hope that for 2010 I can make more people feel that way. That's my New Years resolution. ^^

-now, back to your regularly scheduled programming-

So I've had a lot of requests to share my top beauty products of 2009, so for a final huzzah of the year, here we go from head to toe:

Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner: Essential Rich Premier Shampoo and Conditioner
Super inexpensive from and smells SO GOOD! Like fruity-floral. Plus, it makes hair silky and soft.

Favorite Leave-in Treatment: Biosilk Silk Therapy
I apply to wet hair from the ears down and hair becomes much softer and easier to manage.

Favorite Facewash: Re-10 Wash
I know this one is prescription so it's not easy to get a hold of, but it's gentle and doesn't dry my skin out. It's generic so only $10 and one large bottle lasts me all year.

Favorite Face Lotion: Dove Deep Moisture Facial Lotion
Contains spf 15, doesn't break out my sensitive skin, and prevents winter skin flakies. Love!

Favorite Eyeshadow: NYX Single Eyeshadows
Inexpensive and super pigmented. I own like 1564654 of them. A few of my favorite colors include White, Black, Almond, Flamingo, Morocco, Purple, Kiwi, Mermaid Green, and Cream Cheese

Favorite Eyeliner: MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Cream liner. Basic matte black. Can give a liquid or pencil look and it lasts all day. Totally an HG forever.

Favorite Mascara: Covergirl Lash Exact Waterproof
Holds curl, doesn't clump, defines, and lengthens lashes. Great for a clean, fluttery lash look.

Favorite Eyeshadow Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Just the best for normal to oily lids. Eyeshadow stays PERFECT even through a nap!

Favorite Double-Eyelid product: Wonder Eyelid Tape (Extra type, new packaging)
I've been wearing it nearly everyday! The most natural option of any tape or glue I've tried and it still works even with makeup. ^^ LOVE it so much!
Loved it so much I contacted the company in Japan to try to make it available to others too! Newly in stock, so e-mail me at if you are interested in purchasing. I'll post about it officially soon. :D

Favorite Blush: Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush in Call Me
In the same vein as Nars Orgasm but more pigmented. Gorgeous peachy-pink with a golden glow.

Favorite Foundation: Everyday Minerals foundation in Intensive - mix of (buff) Fairly Light Neutral and (olive) Golden Medium depending on the season.
Doesn't break out my skin and feels like I'm not wearing any foundation. Great everyday makeup.

Favorite Concealer: Lancome Photôgenic Concealer in Camée
I know this is getting phased out but it's still my favorite! Oil-free, spf 15, and lasts all day on hyperpigmentation spots left from acne.

Favorite Lip Balm: Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm
Goes on lips easily like petroleum jelly but smells awesome and makes super soft lips!

Favorite Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte
It's just the best, creamiest, most opaque, prettiest-packaged, yummy-smelling lipstick in the world.

Favorite Lipgloss: A tie between Dior Creme De Gloss (opaque gloss in Creamy Gold) and MAC Dazzleglass (sparkly gloss in Funtabulous)
Creme De Gloss is moisturizing and creamy with lipstick opaqueness, and Dazzleglasses are just show stoppers for ultra glittery lips.

Favorite Body Wash: Dove Cream Oil Body Wash in Cherry Blossom & Almond scent
Love the scent, very moisturizing, and inexpensive!

Favorite Perfume: D&G 3 L'Imperatrice
Absolutely, bar-none, my favorite perfume and first perfume that I consider to be my signature scent. LOVE. It smells pretty, fruity, floral, fresh, sexy, almost like strawberry rhubarb pie mixed with awesome but not TOO sweet, sugary, or floral. XD

Favorite Nailpolish: China Glaze
I have lots of colors but my favorite brand is China Glaze

Favorite Topcoat: Seche Vite
I learned it's pronounced sesh-veet! Amazing stuff. Apply thickly, promptly after your polish is applied before the polish is completely dried. In about a minute, the polish should be dry, shiny, and good to go!

Favorite Beauty Tools:
Eyelash Curler - Shiseido

Heated Eyelash Curler - Panasonic

Brush set - Sonia Kashuk Hidden Treasures

Eyeshadow Brush - Coastal Scents Italian Badger Round Crease Brush

Face Brush - Clarisonic Mia

Shower Brush - Bath & Body Works Back Brush

WHEW! That was so much stuff. If I left something out, it might be because I don't really have an HG (holy grail) item for that category but feel free to ask away about my other beauty favorites that you'd like to know about in the comments. Also, if you are super passionate about something then give me your suggestion for your HG product since, of course, I love to try new things. ^o^

Much love, health, and happiness for 2010!


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  1. WOW, you're gorgeous. I like that you get personal once in a while, it makes you more human. Hope you have a great and safe new year!

  2. i love your blog! btw, you haven't said much about your clarisonic mia. i was wondering if you could give it a more detailed review since it made it to the favorites list.

  3. Congratz on all the achievements this year!! And love your message there. I completely agree there.

    & great picks!! I'm ashamed to say that I haven't tried a single item on that list =[ Yikes. Better get going, gonna start off with the nail polishes, NYX shadows [if I can find it], and MAC Gel liner =D

    Do you have any fav. acne treatments or sunscreen?

    Follow me?

  4. I think you are amazing since I stumbled upon you on Soompi. And Thank God because you aren't one of those pretentious beauty bloggers. You are so sweet and you make everything so much more enjoyable to read. I'm loving your pictures with the XSi. Happy New Year.

  5. omg! i love youre blog. you are so beautiful, inside and out. haha alot of youre favorites were also mine! (:

  6. Thanks for your blog, Jen! I just found your blog a few days ago, but it's already one I've subscribed to via RSS feed. So far, I've learned about NYX Jumbo Eyeliner, eyelid tape (controversial indeed, but good to know what all the options are, especially since others don't address it so openly and nonconfrontationally/defensively), and how to finally do the smokey eye on myself. Well...I'm still trying to master the smokey eye, but at least now I have a fellow Asian to show me how!

  7. Happy New Year Jen! One of my favorites of 2009 is meeting you! :]



  8. It's unfortunate that people feel the need to leave negative and/or mean comments. I just started blogging, so I fully understand how scary it is to open up to complete strangers. I'm not a beauty expert, but I am happy to share what knowledge I do have with the world. I really enjoy reading your posts and watching your videos... Keep up the good work! :)

    I fell in love with NYX shadows and the Clairsonic this year, too! I've got a million eyeshadows on my Cherry Culture wish list right now, including Mermaid Green! I'm a NYXaholic. I should be going to NYXaholic Anonymous meetings. Ha ha!

    Have a safe and Happy New Year!


  9. would you say lash exact is better than lash blast though?

  10. Happy new year Jen!<3 So glad I came across your blog this year ^^ I didn't think anything of it when I started my own blog, I didn't even expect anyone to read it :P Luckily I was able to meet so many sweet, talented, and genuine people here (:

    Great picks, I have been interested in eyelid tape since although I have a double fold on the outer end of my eyelid, I don't have a fold on the inner :( I really wanna try the Seche Vite too!

  11. DanDanNoodles: Thank you! I enjoy getting personal too, it makes me feel like others online open up more to me too which I find really rewarding. ^^

    Anonymous: Yeah, I plan on doing maybe a video review of the mia soon. ;)

    ~Lisa: Thank you so much! My favorite acne treatments are prescription. I use Duac and Differin which in combo have worked well for me. I just use my daily moisturizer with spf 15 for sunscreen, currently the Dove Deep Moisture Lotion.

    Michelle: Thank you very much! I try to just be how I am in real life on blogger so I'm glad it somewhat comes across. Happy new year! :)

    viickietoria: thank you very much! I really appreciate it. ^^

    CC: Awesome, I'm so glad you subscribed. :D Smokey eye isn't so challenging once you get the blending down!

    DSK Steph: One of my favs is becoming a dsk model! You're so sweet and I'm so glad to have met you too. ^^

    Kate Gene: I know, I was like that when I first started getting into NYX too... haha, Nyxaholic. XD

    Anonymous: I find the formula to be similar but I prefer lash exact because it has a more manageable brush. The Lash Blast brush is huge so it's better if you already have long lashes but Lash Exact is more precise and less smudgy for applying to sparser Asian lashes.

    e.motion in motion: Happy New Year! Girls with small or uneven double lids can definitely use tapes to create a larger crease too! And Seche Vite is amazing. I tell everyone I know about it who will listen. XD

  12. great post, jen! congrats to all the achievements in 09 and i'm sure to many more in 2010.
    happy new yr!

  13. Good wise Jen! I'm so proud of you!
    One million hits??? OMG That a LOT! Congrats!
    And the list is so long! HAHA I thought it was never gonna end!
    I hope you'll reach 2 million in 2010 and find even more HGs! ^_^

    Happy New Year! <3

  14. I came across your blog a few weeks ago and just thought "Wow she's sooooooo beautiful >__<" and now I know that you don't own only beautiful face, but beautiful heart too =)))

    I've been wondering about urban decay primer for a while...since you've reviewed it...haaaa xD I'm going to purchase one soon!

    Happy New Year Jen! Wish you all the bests!

  15. "Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and genuine at the same time."

    Totally agree.

    Happy New Year!!! =D

  16. gorgeous list... is the rock and republic a drugstore brand?
    where can i get it? it looks really nice

  17. Happy new year hun!

    Late congratulations on the wedding anniversary, hope this year will bring you even more happiness.

    I think that there will always be people who will try bring you down out of jealousy. Best thing to do is keep doing what you are doing! Don't give up.
    Just remember your followers - we love and support you ^^.

    Great list of favourites. Theres more to come in 2010, get ready!! :)

    Happy new year lovely x

  18. 2010 will definitely be a better year for you! Congratulations on the winnings, the first year anniversary, the baby xmas tree and a new cam! :) You look gorgeous in this photo..well ALL PHOTOS :) stay beautiful and sweet! You are such a sweet girl I can tell just by reading your blog posts :) Happy Holidays!

  19. Thanks to your blog, I needn't try out a million misses to get to the right product :D

    Lancome concealer is gonna be phased out soon? WHY? I just discovered it!!! :C

    Got to try out that Sasa shampoo soon since Eki raved about it before too. I'm forever stuck using whatever brands my mom buys, I feel so ungirly when I go to camps and all these girls have pretty bottled shampoos with intoxicating scents XD

    And OMG CLARISONIC <3 It actually shrunk my pores every since I started using it HEARTS IT TO DEATH <3333

  20. Congratulations on all the 'firsts' on the year 2009, hope this year 2010 will be even better! and brighter! and bigger!

    Wish we have Sonia Kashuk here too.. I'd love to try her brushes... Love the handles!! I like Everyday Minerals too, but if only I can find my shade already!! Still in search of my shade in edm.

    Keep at it and stay gorgeous!

  21. Happy New Year, JennyBunny. U think we'll be Skype-ing anytime soon? lol

  22. i got l´imperatrice for x-mas:-) love it as much as you do:-)

  23. Hey Jen ! Love your blog ! Stumbled upon it the past 2/3 days and today, i finally finished reading every single post ! Thank you for making the whole blog so enjoyable ! P.s Im from Singapore so we don't really have most of the brands you have. ):
    Ah well, will continue reading all your future posts ! (:

  24. Happy New Year Jen! Thanks for sharing with us your favorite products =)

  25. I love ur wavy hair in this pic.. can u do a tutorial on it? or at least tell us what curling iron, products u used? :) thanks! Happy new year!

  26. Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog today and love everything on it! I currently use Kose eyelid glue, and was wondering if there's a reason you prefer eyelid tape to glue? Is there a particular glue you do like using but haven't mentioned? Just wondering if there's a whole other world I haven't discovered yet!

  27. Making your blog more personal makes it more interesting and fun! I really love how insightful and honest you are, its really refreshing to see :)

  28. Your hair looks so lovely in that picture! I love your blog :)

  29. You are an inspiration, I <3 Jen! Super sweet and talented. I'm always excited for your new entries :D

  30. you're so pretty jen ^____^ i love nyx products too! especially their dolly mascaras! sooooo worth ur money! not expensive but good quality! & i am a fan of dove too! XD their moisturizer and soaps are really good too ^_^ Happy holidays! :)


  31. Wow..I love all of your stuff!!can I have those?haha LOL

    Your really pretty!:)

  32. oops..I forgot to ask you about your camera?What are you using? coz I'm planning to buy one at the end of this year..tnx!HAppy NEW YEAR!:))

  33. freshelle: Thank you and Happy New Year!

    Mary in Wonder: lol! I love how you started your comment. ;) Thank you very very much, I never thought I could make it to a million hits! I will try to reach 2 mil because you believe in me! XD

    Catherine: Happy New Year! :D

    Alisa: Awww, thank you. Inner beauty is most important. ^^ And I think you'll love UDPP!

    Shop N Chomp: I'm all for people feeling good in their own skin. :) Happy New Year!

    ning * star: Rock & Republic is actually a designer brand. You can find it at or other high-end department stores. I bought mine from hautelook. :)

    Thanh: Thank you so much. My husband is such a light in my life so I'm sure the coming year will bring me much happiness with him. ^^ I WILL keep doing what I'm doing no matter what haters say! FIGHTING! Happy new year!

    Askmewhats: Awww, I feel the same way about you! I feel like we could be friends even though we've never really talked 1-on-1 before. ^^ Thanks hun, happy new year!

    hana: I recommend scouting out ebay for the Lancome concealer and stocking up! I have an extra stowed away. :P And Eki and I ordered the shampoo at the same time cause we talked about it while we were ordering. XD But it smells SO NICE. Actually, I got the tsubaki conditioner and it pretty much smells the same but it's cheaper.

    Dana: lol, I think I still haven't found my perfect EDM shade either. My winter color could be better so I haven't been using EDM everyday. Ironically. :P

    alien unnie: Yes, we should! Message me soon. ^o^

    Lewelya: Omg, isn't it the BEST perfume? I just wish it lasted longer!

    Michelle: oh my goodness, I bet it took soooo long! wow. :D you deserve an award I think.

    Anonymous: I have a tutorial called "japanese curls" hair curling tutorial. You can find it in "videos" under labels.

    Laura C: I am actually not a huge glue fan and I'm allergic to Eye Talk glue (my eyes swell up). I do like Darkness glue occasionally though. It's nice when my wonder tape isn't holding well as a secondary measure to make the crease deeper.

    Esther: thank you! it's rather scary to be open since you don't know who is reading, but I've found it to be more rewarding than not. :)

    Marnelli Anne: I'm using the Canon XSi DSLR.

  34. thank you for blogging~ i really enjoy your posts. what color is your ysl lipstick?

  35. Anonymous: I have YSL Rouge Volupte in 3 colors: Nude Beige, Peach Passion, and Pink Caress.

    Pink Caress is a bit too cool on me, but I LOVE Peach Passion and Nude Beige. :)

  36. That's the right attitude!
    I'll visit you as much as I can to help raise it =P

  37. Hi,
    I was wondering where you got the Clarisonic Mia? And do you have any coupons/discounts for it? It's so expensive!!! >.<

  38. Hi! Wonderful list. I'll definitely check some of those out. I'm thinking of getting a heated eyelash curler and was wondering if you've used the other panasonic kind. It's like a push up heated eyelash curler? Anyways, I just wanted to know which was better etc. If you have any idea. Thanks in advance. I know this is a really old post^^

  39. Hello

    may I ask what lipstick color the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte is? THANK YOU ^^