Rock & Republic Beauty on Hautelook!

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Rock & Republic Beauty is on Hautelook again, and not only that but this time they are selling my favorite blushes again! I am absolutely obsessed with my Contrived Pressed blushes which I own in Call Me (more pigmented Nars Orgasm-ish pinky peach with gold shimmer) and Kinky (matte hot pink) and I am soooo tempted to get more. Here is my previous review and swatches of these blushes. The quality is just superb with these and I am all for high-end blushes since they use more pigment than drugstore blushes so you don't need as many swipes to get the perfect flush.

Not to mention, HELLO, they are 40% off! You get literally twice the amount of product as Nars blushes, for $24 (retails for $40) while one Nars blush is $26. Plus, the packaging is weighty and decadent which suits me just fine, thankyouverymuch!

Eyeshadows, gel eyeliners, lipglosses, and brushes are also available.

I promise I get no sponsorship from Hautelook at all but this is my #1 fav and it's such a great deal so I wanted to share. :D I recommend not passing this one up! I use Call Me in nearly all of my youtube vids too. It was a splurge for me even at 40% off but seriously, these babies will last me a lifetime.

Hautelook is a website signed up for by invite and here is my personal invitation if you aren't signed up already: 
Note: Hautelook does give a store credit to the inviter after the invitee's first purchase, but as always I only post when there is actually an event I am personally buying from too. Gotta share those good deals! ;)

It's only available for the next 42 hours so hurry if you want it. Hautelook can be tricky since if you try later it's oftentimes sold out and someone else has snatched up your precious item.

Let me know if you picked something up or already own any Rock & Republic items! I love to share joy in finding new favorites. :D

PS. Looks like Rock & Republic cosmetics are going to be phased out. Why does this always happen to me when I find an HG??? Augghhhh! Like I said before, it would be wise to grab this before it's too late. I'm going to go wallow now.

PPS. Just bought x-rated, lust, bedroom, and all nighter. Something is wrong with me. Ok, I really love this blush and I can't bear to pass this up if it goes belly-up! XD

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  1. That's funny, I was just browsing those blushes on Hautelook and came to your blog to find the swatches : )

    How is it that they have the bronzer/blush combo for $114? Is that a mistake?

  2. I picked up the R&R blushes in Xrated and Kinky last time they had them on HauteLook. I LOVE THEM!!! you inspired me to get them. What you said about them is totally true. They are extremely pigmented and you really do not need a lot. Seriously, I put on the regular amount I would with any other blush like MAC and I wound up looking like a kewpie doll and had to take it all off. This stuff is going to last me a lifetime probably. I love the packaging too.

  3. Thank you for the cool insider info. hehe ^.^
    I just bought a couple. I couldn't resist after seeing how lovely they are and I heart the colors they have so much.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm always up to try new products and stuff so I'll definitely look into this! :3


  5. Those blushes look HOT! I doubt I could pull of the brighter pink, but "Call me" looks awesome. It's a shame they'll be phasing these out...but at least the pans are large enough to last awhile!

  6. I bought Call Me after seeing your review from last time, and this time I'm getting Tease. I also think it's a shame R&R is getting phased out, they make great makeup.

  7. PetiteAsianGirl: It's no mistake. The cover of it is covered in swarovski crystals so I guess it's just considered a luxury splurge. Plus, the thing is huge. Not enough to justify $200 for me, but hey, maybe that's why the company is going under?

    lady s: Yay, I'm so glad you agree with how great they are! How is Xrated? I think I'm going to buy it this time.

    Kassia: I'm dying for the super bright ones this time cause I think they'd look SO great on really dark skintones and I don't have a lot of powder blushes for darker skin. Exciting! Also, for pics!

    WLOVEXO: I've only heard good things so I hope you like what you end up getting if you order!

    Irene and Jess: I know they are so huge, I don't think I'll ever need a replacement but I'm tempted to get a backup anyway. :P Does that make me crazy?

  8. Oh I forgot to mention that I'm very glad you've recovered. Bronchitis is no joke, I have chronic bronchitis :[

    Xrated is a very bright, rosy blush. I apply it sparingly because it is sooooo pigmented and the color pay off is very very good. It's a great color if you want to achieve that "flushed" look. I like wearing it on gorgeous sunny days with a sundress. In my opinion, I feel like it's a beautiful color for spring but you don't even need to use much of it.

    I think this time i'm going to order Call Me, Spank and Lust.

    - Susy

  9. I just bought Bedroom and Lust! :DDD

    eeeek, so excited!

    -Michelle :)

  10. they only send to US and Canada right? dear jen any idea is there any way i could have them shipped to Singapore? :(

    been wanting to get them since ur first post! ><

  11. I saw this on the site this morning on Hautelook and was googling swatches and reviews, which weren't many. Then I landed on your youtube video that I've watched previously and saw how the finish was for you with 'Call Me' blush, that I had to get it. So thanks for that (:

  12. oh noeeeess Call Me is sold out >_< wah wah wahhhh

  13. Ohh gosh, I already bought call me and kinky.

    Now I'm definitely getting spark. But I'm trying to decide between lust and bedroom! Help! I'm wondering if lust would be a good color in a professional environment, with all that shimmer.

  14. aww..too bad they don't ship internationally :( been wanting their blushes ever since ur post about them

  15. According to this article, the brand isn't getting phased out:

  16. Anonymous: It's a relief to hear that it won't be shut down completely, but if you read between the lines in the article, it will be leaving department stores and will only be sold on R&R's website and boutiques. Aka, difficult to get ahold of so I don't feel so bad about going all-out on their blushes this time. ;)

    jewel and swani: I'm so sorry that they don't ship internationally! I had heard that last time from other girls too. :(

    Mary: Bedroom seems more guava-coral and is matte while Lust is like a darker version of Call Me. More red, maybe? So you'll just have to decide on the look you are going for. Both seem pretty, which is why I ordered both too. :P

  17. What do you think of foreplay?

    It looks interesting. I wonder how it would show on my skintone, which is similar to yours (Jen's) but a little darker.

  18. Thanks Jen! I've decided to get both. Whoo! That's gonna be a lot of blushes I bought without trying them on. Hopefully they will all work with me.

    BTW, X-rated seems so scary! I wonder how it's going to end up looking on you.

  19. LOL I just bought spank too. I saw it was on hold, so I ended up getting really competitive and kept refreshing. After 12 minutes, I got it. Then it was sold out. :)

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. For the moment I got X-rated and All Nighter because they're pretty unique and bright colors, something that I don't have alot of in my blush collection.

    Im still debating on getting Immoral (I already have Nars Gina, so I hope its not a dupe) or Bedroom.

  22. Oh and I must admit, I almost let this sale pass by until I read your blog on the fact that these blushes are twice the size of the Nars x)) Def. couldn't let it pass by after that.

  23. I used your invite link and ended up buying "Kinky" & "Foreplay" ^_^ I already own NARS' "Orgasm" so I skipped out on getting "Call Me" (BTW, my "Orgasm" blush is super pigmented. I need to use my MAC 187 Stippling Brush to apply it (I'm an NC35, darker than you) ... so makes me wonder if you got a bad batch? *Scratches head*

    Anyway, thanks again for your invite link. I joined Hautelook way back when you first made your review... hoping Rock & Republic would be there again - So glad it did! ^__^


  24. Random question, but what's the name of the blush brush you use on your youtube videos? Are those the sigma brushes? Same thing for the silver glittery brushes you use.

    It'd be nice if you could do a vid on your makeup brushes.

  25. aww I really wanted the "Call me" blush but it was sold out the minute I went to hautelook :( But I did get "Kinky", really love the pink :) Thanks for your recommendation!

  26. When you get your blushes, can you take pictures of them applied on to your cheeks? I don't know what it is, but I have a hard time trying to imagine what they'll look like on my face from only looking at small swatches. LOL.

  27. I am so sad because after seeing your post (on the day you posted) I went to HauteLook and "Call Me" was ALL SOLD OUT!! :'( I really wanted to order one so I could try it out too because it's SUCH a pretty color and you've raved about it so much! I thought some of the other colors were REALLY cute though like Tease and Bedroom! I should have gotten on this faster! lol

  28. Hi Jen

    I can't wait to get my R&B blushes! I'm so excited! I ordered R&P blush in kinky from Nordstrom and it was $40 so I returned it and ordered 3 blushes from Hautelook.

  29. Hi Jen,

    You have perfect timing :) I was looking for swatches of these!

    Do you think it'd be worth it to pick up Call Me if you already had Orgasm?

    Which ones do you like the most? I was contemplating picking up All Nighter as a gift for an Indian friend who is slightly paler but I don't know if it'd look good on her?

  30. Whoops, I meant to leave that on your new post :\ Been digging through your archives for your HL posts, haha.