How To Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron Video Tutorial

12:57 PM

Hello everybody! Today I have another hair tutorial to share with you guys. It's one that I recorded back when I did my everyday makeup tutorial but I only got around to editing it now. ;D

I noticed I got a few Youtube comments on my Japanese Curls tutorial from people saying it was just "regular" curls but I think those people must not have much idea of the style of curls the girls in Japanese magazines have. Well you can definitely see the difference in curl style from this video compared to that one. I get much tighter curls when I curl my hair with a flat iron than with my larger-barreled curling iron. Please don't laugh at me that my hair is practically an afro at the end of the video! They loosen up more after an hour or so and I have a TON of hair. XD  One of the things I let slide while I was sick was getting my hair cut so my layers are all long and heavy. It's definitely on my to-do list now!

The straightener I used was the Farouk Biosilk 1" Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, which is made by the same company that makes Chi irons. It works super well for my having bought it on clearance from TJ Maxx for around $35 plus it has a temperature dial to adjust for different hair textures. The red plates also turn burgundy when it's hot which only takes about a minute.

I did forget to mention in my video that before you heat-style your hair you should always use a heat protecting product so your hair doesn't get damaged.

Here's some pics. Not too interesting and I forgot to take a photo of the back of my head but basically it looks curly. Who would've guessed? ;)

Lots 'O Hair

To get the makeup tutorial for this look click here.

Just noticed my hair kinda looks like an Asian wig. Dudes, it's not. I just have wig-looking hair.

Ok I should go get my hair cut. Buh bye all, happy Saturday~

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  1. I like it =) Looks very volumized!

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower and I love your hair! I definitely want to try curling with a straight iron now! Great video!


  3. Wow, I am surprised to see how nice the curls are from using a flat iron.
    Quick question not sure if you have used a drugstore brand flat iron like revlon or whatever brand, but if you have do you see much difference in those versus your Biosilk flat iron?

  4. Super cute! I saw some of those comments about the Japanese curls being just "regular curls", I think it's more like that they've been doing their curls like that and not even realizing it that it's a Japanese style.

    But anyways, thanks for the video! I've been wondering about how they do it since I've seen people at the mall trying to sell curling irons and attempted to drag me into the chair, which I really don't want to do. xD So you saved me from that, hahaha~

    I'm just wondering like Megan here, about whether you have any recommendations of what type of flat iron we should use (I guess what qualities of the Biosilk flat iron) make it great for curling?

    Thanks Jen! <3

  5. I like it but I can't seem to curl my hair the way that you do, I have mid length hair but my flat iron never seems to curl hair like yours, not sure if it's the iron or the way that I curl them.

    Look bouncy and cute!

    Lots love and speak soon

  6. i love the type of curls the flat iron gives! thank you :)

  7. I love this review thank you! You make it look so easy and I can never get it that easy! I have ALOT of hair but fine hair, maybe thats why the curls wont stay in...
    anyways im a new follower :)

    xxx suzanna

  8. Jen, that looks so pretty. I didn't realize your hair was that long. I will try it when I get my hair long enough. Just a quick question, do you have fine hair or thick hair? I have really fine hair so curls don't hold very well.

  9. I like this trick too...saves time and space in the suitcase without having to pack two tools. And my R&R blush came it! Thanks for the rec.

  10. typically i dont curl my hair this way but i might try it :) but im scared it wont work doing it vertically since my hair is about half the length of yours.

  11. lolololol afro I was expecting one something like the dude in final fantasy 13 but its so not ok XD

    i never knew curling with a flat iron was THAT EASY. srsly just pull it and it'll curl? amazing. gonna try it out tomorrow so wish me luck!

  12. u have such nice hair ~_~...i wish i had more hair :(

  13. u have such lovely hair! so shiny and all! i wish mine was like urs :(

    great tutorial! :D

  14. lol i laughed when you put "I just have wig looking hair." hahah

  15. how is your hair so shiny??!
    i'm so jealous. anyway, nice tut! :)

  16. You have such gorgeous hair! And so talented with it too!

    I'm such a klutz I just gave up and cut my hair short lol.....

  17. Why do I find great hair tips after my hair are chopped? I had long hair for a long time and didn't know what to do with them. Oh well, it's just hair and they will grow out.

  18. Megan & sunniipinky: Yes, there is a huge difference between drugstore irons and nicer ones. Drugstore ones will take a long time to heat up and the parts will burn if they get too hot. Also, a lot of drugstore irons don't get hot enough to straighten as well as nice irons and are made of materials that will damage your hair. They will say "ceramic" but it's usually just a ceramic coating, not a full ceramic plate.

    Good points about the biosilk and nicer irons is 1. ceramic plates (help to seal in shine and not as damaging as metal plates) 2. tourmaline (also helps shine and not to damage b/c of supposed negative ions) 3. temperature dial 4. gets very hot quickly

    Carmen: I have thick hair and it's naturally wavy so it tends to hold curl well. You might try using hairspray in your hair beforehand to help hold the curls.

  19. Thanks Jen. Also, I forgot to ask what your hair care routine is. I'm trying to grow out my hair, any advice? It's about half the length of yours and it's layered.

  20. Your hair looks good! I also have a ton of hair and I like that a straightener can curl hair! It's revolutionary! :) Thanks!

  21. You are so adorable! I want your volume! Volumious pretty hair!

  22. Hi Jen, I always love your hair :)

    Thanks for posting a tutorial, I still haven't figured out how to do curls very well myself with my GHD flat iron so off I go to practice practice practice!

    I totally agree about quality irons making a difference. I've tried super cheap, mid range and expensive in my time, and I can say that the mid range is a HUGE step up from the cheapo ones and that the expensive ones are definitely worth the investment if you can afford it.

    Miss Neesh

  23. i love it so thicke and big

    xo mw

  24. jen, thanks for the tutorial. your hear looks amazing. you should do a tutorial on quick curly looks..^_^
    i want something quick before

  25. thanks for the tutorial! my curls never come out right when I use a flat iron, but i will try your method when my hair grows longer. you're lucky you have so much hair!

    that's a cute cardigan you are wearing btw =) i love that preppy cardigan look

  26. Hey Jen! Great tutorial! I was wondering if you could give tips to prevent eye makeup from smudging? I tightlined my upper eyelash once going for an interview and I got panda eyes and I didn't notice until I walked out!

    I was also wondering if you could include other things preventing mascara/eyeliner on the bottom lashes from smudging!

    I've been using waterproof mascara without any results.

    I hope you take this suggestion for consideration in the future. I would greatly appreciate it if you could do this :D!

  27. I forgot to say thank you!

    I've always been following and trying out some of your eye makeup looks :D I really love your style :)

  28. Great video! ... What nail polish are you waring on this video? I love it! Thanks!!

  29. Has anyone ever told you that you sort of resemble Sandara Park (2NE1)? You're gorgeous <33

  30. I love ur hair! <3
    Thanks for the tutorial! : )
    I tried to curl w/ flat iron n' it took so much time,
    so i bought the curling barrel instead. lol

    Just happen to notice that ur flat iron looks exactly like
    the one featured in ur blog header.
    blue w/ read coating! lol

    cute : )

  31. ^
    oops! typo
    I mean red coating!
    : D

  32. Carmen: Make sure you are eating healthy since hair is made of protein. Also, use some type of conditioning or protecting product (I like Biosilk Silk Therapy) to keep your ends from breaking. Basically after that, just don't get it cut for a long time. ;)

    SilverRime: I'll have to make a post/video on non-smudging makeup sometime for sure! Adding it to my list.

    bootsywootsy29: OPI Your Royal Shyness

    Sureeporn: I created my header! So yeah, I designed it off of my straightener. :D

  33. I really like your videos a lot, and I've never heard this method before so thanks for it!

    What type of heat protection do you use for your hair?
    I like to style my hair in the morning, when it's dry, so usually heat defence creams would just make the straightener fizz... Any tips?

  34. SIGH. you and almost all the other beauty bloggers are just so good all-around, with makeup AND hair! hehe...I can do makeup pretty well, but one thing that I definitely need to work on for sure is HAIR HAIR HAIR! I rarely ever style my hair...I blow dry after showering...brush my bangs...and that's pretty much it! I'm so lazy that I don't even straighten it anymore even though I bought a new flat iron last December! lol i haven't used it yet. This tutorial will be great for me to try out with my new flat iron! hehe must prepare for lots of fail dented curls because i am so noob! Thanks for sharing, Jen!

    <3 caroline

  35. how to care a damage hair..n how to care a rebounding hair

  36. Whyy can't I do it? I tried but my hair did not curl AT ALL I don't know why this is so hard for me, i feel like an idiot. I got one curl out of it than got frustrated

  37. Hi. I'm not sure if you reply to the comments. But I am so thankful for this tutorial video.

    I'm from the Philippines and I learned about your blog through another blog. hahaha

    I hope you can also recommend something about hairstyles or regiments for those girls with frizzy, dry, dull hair like mine.


  38. Hi, I'm new to your blog but absolutely loving it! You've given me a lot of inspiration for make-up to suit asian features. I tried out this curling with flat iron (BaByliss Pro 230) today, I have just past shoulder length hair, and it didnt curl at all! Any advice or tips on that by any chance?
    Thanks and keep up the good work :) xox

  39. Hi! I have never curled my hair in my life and my hair doesn't hold curl very well :/ Will this still work for me?

  40. Hi Jen...can you plz upload more videos about braids....oh n I have really hard time curling my hair with a straightner...the front of my hair do curl but not the back...any suggestions???...oh n ur super cute<3<3<3

  41. Thank you for showing that curling with a flat iron is possible and can be well done. I've always curled my hair with the round barrel, and with the humid weather in my country, my hair always starts going flat the moment I walk out of my house. Yup, it's that non-lasting. Buuut, today I tried the ceramic flat iron on my hair, and even without hair spray or hair products, the curls stayed for 4 hrs, which is really surprising to me! So thank you for showing us how to make volumizing curls, and motivating me to purchase my first flat iron.
    Info for your other readers, I got the sephora flat iron. My hair is a pretty thin in texture, and really straight. I think it's a really good product and really decently priced.

  42. I love your hair tutorial so much that I went out and bought the exact flat iron to try it. My hair is naturally curly so I was excited to try different type of curls. The only problem is the bottom curls seem to fall out after an hour and become straight. This even after I apply hair spray. Can you help me figure it out??