Sigma Makeup Brushes Review & Video

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Hello everybody! Today I have a review that I think a lot of people will find helpful. Sigma was kind enough to send me their brush set for review, so this gives me a chance to really show you guys not only the Sigma brushes but also how they compare to brushes I own and what I use each brush for. This means that even if you aren't looking to specifically buy Sigmas, you can get an idea of what different kinds of brushes do what jobs.

Here is the set I received. As you can see, this brush roll and set comes with a LOT of brushes, so I decided to split up my video into 2 parts: Part 1 with face brushes and Part 2 with eye brushes.

In the top left corner you can kind of see the retractable kabuki and the black blob next to it is the regular kabuki since there's no slot for them in the brush roll. I go pretty in-depth into each brush in the videos so if there's a specific brush you want to know more about then I recommend watching them.

Part 1: Face Brushes
(182 kabuki buffer brush,  150 large powder brush, 187 duo fibre brush, 188 small duo fibre brush, 109 small contour brush, 190 foundation brush, 168 large angled contour brush, 197 flat top synthetic kabuki, Breakfast With Audrey retractable kabuki)

Part 2: Eye Brushes
(239 eye shading brush, 252 large shader brush, 275 medium angled shading brush, 224 tapered blending brush, 219 pencil brush, 194 concealer brush, 209 eyeliner brush, 266 small angle brush)

My favorite brushes from this whole set are the 150 large powder brush, the 187 duo fibre brush, the 168 angled contour brush, and the 219 pencil brush. These brushes in particular really outperform other similar brushes in my collection or fill in a gap that I didn't have the perfect brush for.

I just LOVE that angled contour brush so much for blush so much! My hunt for the perfect blush brush is over. :D And the white-bristled pencil brush is smaller than the other pencil brush that I own (and love) so it's really great for using on people who don't have a lot of lid space.

Hope this review helps if you are interested in Sigma's brushes! You can purchase Sigma products at The exact set I received doesn't seem to be on the site anymore, but it is very similar to the Professional Brushes Complete Kit minus the individual kabukis, the 197 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki, 188 Small Duo Fibre Brush, and 109 Small Contour Brush (which can be bought individually). The current Complete Kit is selling for $69 for the set of 12 brushes and with the brush roll for $89. It may seem pricey altogether, but considering MAC's 150 powder brush and 187 Duo Fibre are each selling for $42 each by themselves... It's a really reasonable deal altogether.

Okay, I have toooooooons of videos that I still need to edit including some Sigma makeup, that hair curling with a flat iron tutorial from a while back, and my experience being the makeup artist for the music video for "What Are We Fighting For?" by Building Rome, so hopefully when I get time to edit more I'll have a lot of videos up sooner than later. So much to share now that I'm back! 

Let me know if you have any questions about Sigma brushes or any makeup brushes in general in the comments.


Note: Products in this review were provided by Sigma Makeup for review consideration. As always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion. :)

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  1. Thank you for your review!

    I'm eh on this company though, I've heard others say that the ferrules become loose after a little bit.

    Maybe it's me, but I'm iffy on a company that prides itself on basically being knock-off Mac

  2. I'm glad to hear your thoughts on how to use the pencil brush. I got it from a giveaway and haven't tried it out yet, but you've given me a better idea of how to use it.

  3. Thanks for your reviews. It's very helpful.

  4. Thanks for the in-depth reviews...interesting to see the uses of all the different brushes.

  5. glad your feeling good enough to make videos !

  6. Mai: So far my brushes haven't been getting loose ferrules (yet) but yeah, I do see it's kinda shady to steal someone else's style and numbering... All of that was brought to my attention after I posted. But it has been on my mind.

  7. anonymous reader here, I was watching a chinese drama and I swear this actress is your doppelganger

  8. Hi! I just love your blog and thought I'd say so :)

  9. hows building your computer going?

  10. thanks for the wonderful review. I'm just wondering, after you clean these brushes, does the brush stain?


  11. Anonymous: ah, I've never had a comparison with that actress before! well she's cute so I'll take it as a compliment. ;D

    Nina: lol, thanks babe

    Anonymous: Well, the computer is built but the decorating of said built computer was put on halt due to my having been sick. I gotta get on that again! At least it's pink now. Haha.

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  13. Thanks for the review Jen- i've been considering sigma brushes for a while and your review helped. It just sucks that the exact same face brush set they sent you is not for sale. all the awesome brushes is not included in the set they have for sale no 109, flat top, kabuki and such :(

  14. i've always been curious about those brushes! thank you for your review and for splitting it into 2 videos! so precise! hehe it's especially good because i can pay attention better when the video is not too long. :P I just love watching you in your videos, Jen! Your voice is just to my ears. hehe i don't know...we've been through this before when I told you I like your voice lol...there's just this soothing quality to it but real :D glad to see you're doing so much better and back to being yourself once again!! It's always nice to see a healthy Jen! ^_^ Lookin' good, 'ma!

    <3 caroline

  15. @mai: in this day and age.. everyones mac knockoffs. everyone thinks its "in" to buy mac and all that proves is youre too easily controlled by others opinions. All ferrules become loose after time, even your precious mac brushes. save money, theres alternatives.. mac is good, but youre spending a lot of excess money on the "name" when theres alternatives that are just as good. dont be a follower, be brave enough to be who you are and have your OWN opinions.

  16. Hey Jen, where can I find a good stippling brush?

  17. How do you wash your brushes?
    Also, how often do you wash them?
    Thanks for posting. I love your blog.

  18. thanks for the review .. i always get a bit nervous ordering brushes i can't 'feel' but feel confident ordering following this review. xo

  19. Hi, Jen! Thank you for the great review!

    Can you tell me what's the brand of the brush that you compared with the sigma ss150? It looks so cute with the handle like that.

    I know that you mentioned the name of it in the video, but I couldn't catch it, coz it's the first I've heard of it.

    Thank you~

  20. MinnieDong: I mentioned the Trish McEvoy powder brush. :)

  21. Thanks a lot Jen! U're so pretty ~~~ ^0^ Love from HK