Konad coupon code ending :(

6:16 PM

Hey everyone. Just wanted to do a super quick post. I just got an e-mail from informing me that KonadUSA (the distributor) has asked them to stop all their coupon codes since they have gotten complaints from other retailers. Jessica, my contact, said she would give it a day or so to make any adjustments so if you wanted to order some Konad plates or polishes at 30% off, here is your last chance. My code (and all others) expires 3/5/10.

Use code frmheadtotoe for an extra 30% off your order. This includes everything except for their "Build Your Own Kit" set which is already very discounted. Orders over $20 have free shipping within the US and Canada and they do ship internationally also.

As I've noted previously in my side bar, I never got anything from, only the pride of being able to share this discount with my readers. It's a site that I really loved and had great experiences ordering from since they are the quickest shippers and most reliable Konad retailers I've found online. I hope some of you can order before all discount codes are gone from all konad retailers. :(

I'll actually be ordering some more plates myself. Look at how freakin cute this new one is! I love the bear at 45 degrees to the right. Is he sqatting? Laying down? I don't even know but he looks hilarious.

I also picked up the Sponge Nail Art kit since it looks interesting and an easy way to do gradient nails.

I also grabbed the 2-sided Konad stamper since I think it will be easier to see darker stamps on the green side versus the red of the original small Konad stamper.

And I ordered an extra plastic scraper since I find it MUCH easier to work with than the metal ones they come with. They don't scratch up the plates and hey, always gotta have a spare back-up right? :P

Hubby promised to (attempt) painting my nails tonight so I'll give him plenty of time to practice. Base coat, polish, then top coat honey! 2-3 thin layers! Apply Seche Vite right after the laquer is polished before it's totally dry! He'll be a pro yet. ;D

Click here for old nail posts for inspiration!

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  1. I need to stop checking your blog ... just bought a R&R blush and am now tempted by buy some plates! Sadly, I can't do my own nails AT ALL, so I bring polishes and templates to my local nail salon : (

  2. Hahaha, the last comment about your husband is so cute. ^___^

    Thanks for informing us, the code WAS a very generous offer, but protests from other retailers? I think those other retailers just needed to find something to attract customers. >___> So petty of them to "whine to the teacher", so said.

    The little animal plate IS so cute. :O & a plastic scraper...I'm sure that one is much better, I got paint stuck between the metal and the plastic...>___<

    Oh! & Jen, the advantage of the double sided stamp is also to make it so that you can stamp more intricate patterns easier, at least...that's what this saleswoman in HK told me. ^___^

  3. Aww bunny plate!! I've never seen that one before!
    I didn't know they had plastic scrapers! That's the best idea ever, I hate hoe my plates always get scratched up.

  4. omg, that konad plate is so cute!! I want it..

  5. oy I better hurry on this deal

  6. aww..that plate is so cute! I was considering ordering some of the konad stuff, but I figured I don't have time to use it. Also, I'm too clumsy and it will probably turn out like nothing! lol

  7. Thanks for letting us know about this Jen! I just made an order and ordered a few more plates. After the discount it fell short of $20 though, and I didn't notice so I ended up paying shipping! oh well :T Do you think it's necessary to order some of those special polishes?

  8. Thanks for the heads up Jen. I will definitely make an order tomorrow morning because I'm too lazy and sleepy to look through everything right now. Hopefully they don't sell out by tomorrow morning. {*hehe}
    I will have to try out the plastic scrapper. I was so sad that the metal one scratched up my first Konda plate. =( I got my first kit early last week. Still trying to perfect the whole process. It looks a lot easier than it really is.

    I love your blog Jen and I'm happy that you are feeling better. It felt like you were gone forever.

  9. Thanks for the update.
    Looks like I'm done ordering then.
    Oh well, nice while it lasted. I wonder why they don't announce it on their website?

  10. Oh man, thanks for letting us know! I just placed an order... my March no-buy is starting off quite badly LOL. But I've always wanted to get some Konad stuff, so I couldn't pass this up!

  11. thanks for the code! i ordered 2 plates for myself :)

  12. When I saw the Konad I should have just kept scrolling down my RSS reader LMAO!! I just spent so much money today on vidoe games and now...I've spent more than I should on my nails, but the bills are all paid for the month, that's all that matters right?! LOL thanks for the code!!

  13. Lulu: The special polishes aren't "necessary" for stamping, but they do give the best pigmented prints and they are more viscous than regular polish so you have more time to work with it. I recommend the white and black. For the other colors, I just find what works best from my own stash. :)

  14. but i was wondering what color eyeshadow this looks like to you

    a MAC one if possible

  15. Oh no!Must stalk up! Oh and for gradients, there's really no need for a kit. All you need are three monochromatic colors and a triangle makeup sponge. From the tip, layer lightest to darkest and start dabbing. It's major messy, but way fun!

  16. OOOOO! so cute! that plate looks adorable :)

  17. Hi,
    I just received my konad order today! This is my first time using this product and I am having some difficulty. The problem I am having is that the special nail polish will not transfer from the plate to the stamp. I'm applying the special nail polish to the image plate and scraping off the excess with the scraper, but then I can't get the nail polish onto the stamp. I'm doing it as fast as I can, but the image won't stick. Can you help me? What am I doing wrong?
    BTW, I really appreciate you sharing this coupon code with us. =D
    I hope you can help me! =)

  18. I checked out your other post which mentioned that you had to peel the plastic off the image plate first. I tried to do that, but I can't find any plastic on mine. This is so frustrating.. I want to start using this so badly... haha! Oh, some other blogs said that you had to file the stamp to make it rough so that the polish will stick. Is that true? I'm afraid to do that. I don't want to damage the stamp. Please help me! Thanks!

  19. Anonymous: You only have to peel off the plastic on fauxnad plates. The Konad brand ones come ready to use. Some people like to sand down the stamper tool (reddish rubber part) to make it pick up the design easier but I never did that. Are you cleaning off the plate and stamper really well with polish remover before you use it? Also, try different pressures when you use the stamper on the plate. If you still have problems, send me an e-mail at and we can troubleshoot some more!

  20. Oh my. I WANT I WANT I WANT! Unfortunately I don't have access to any form of online shopping though.
    A group of friends and I are doing nails to raise money at our school walkathon and I wish I could get that absolutely adorable plate! Oh well :(
    One day I'll be conquering you online shops!

    Btw, following you! I've been hunting your blog since the beginning of time and have finally decided to start my own :-)

  21. Hey Jen, you said the coupon will expire on 3/5/10 but I just tried and it's not working :( I spent ages looking at all the plates etc to do a huge order. Super disappointed :(

  22. #facepalm I was looking at your old nail posts and didn't notice that this one was from 2010!!! #disappointed :(

    I just jumped on the nail stamp bandwagon thanks to your posts, your nails are always super cute!

    Anyway, sorry for the bother, disregard my last comment XD