Away We Happened: Episode 3!

10:00 AM

Eeeeeeeeee! I was SO excited to watch today's episode of Away We Happened since this week we did filming completely separately and I didn't get to watch Victor and Ki Hong Lee's scenes. I did get to read the script of course, but the performance was so much funnier in real life!

Check out Episode 3 below: 

If you didn't see the previous episodes, check out Episode 1 and Episode 2 first!

My favorite part of filming this episode was definitely my solo "dance party" which I 50% predicted in my last AWH blog entry. So sad that my girl Amy Okuda couldn't be dancing with me this time, but there is always room for suggestions at, right? ;)

Jean's dancing talent overwhelms even the pickiest dance connoisseurs. I also write my own captions.

Speaking of dance party, one of the takes I got so into the moves that I actually did trip and fall flat on my butt in a very non-graceful manner. That floor was slippery! Just imagine me doing that scene over and over again, doing all sorts of touchdown-style fist pumps in 4-inch heels. HAHA!

Phil of Wong Fu was like, "Go all out, don't hold back," and I'm all, "No don't worry, I got this."
Hi, my name is Jen and I have no shame.

Oh hey, Edgar? Did you protect my notebook?

For those of you asking about where I got my outfit, my top is from Ann Taylor last year. You can find a nearly identical breton striped top from Juicy Couture or this more affordable option from Forever 21. The skirt is by BB Dakota and there are plenty of similar peplum skirts like this Topshop one or this by ASOS. My heels are by Nine West with similar options from Lauren by Ralph Lauren and one of my favorite shoe brands Michael Michael Kors. I also love the cutout of this Romantic Soles option as well.

So the episode concludes with the questions:

What should Daniel say when he meets Jean?
What should he bring her?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I'm really liking this web series your doing a great job!

  2. love it! this episode was pretty funny

  3. I hope that the story will be a romantic drama. XD

  4. you make such a cute and delightful actress! you look beautiful on screen as well. totes in love with these webisodes. looking forward to the next one~

  5. I'm absolutely loving watching this series! Can't wait for the next episode! :)

  6. lol this episode is hilarious, wizards!!

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

  7. your solo dance party is adorable; and the falling in 4" spike heels is totally something i would do too.....

  8. what a beautiful still shot. lol.
    Is the bag Chanel? =] It's pretty.

  9. awesome dance! you are so cute :) love the outfit as well thx for sharing!

  10. Those are some killer heels, girl. Love it! And your shirt...and skirt...ok, love everything. That is the cutest outfit ever!!!

    This series have been really cute and fun so far. Suggestion on what he should bring her: a little panda boyfriend (or girlfriend...I don't know if it's a boy or girl) for the one already on her bag! :P

  11. Haha I love your solo dance!! Great episode, waiting for part 4!

  12. This episode was so funny! Victor is so adorable!
    Loved your dance btw hehe :D

  13. This was one of my fav episodes!!!
    & because you're so awesome Jen... check this out :D

  14. This was the best episode so far! It was much more personable and natural yet so funny!

    I completely agree that Daniel should get Jean a cute keychain to be friends with Edgar. Daniel should get a one for himself also, so that he has a way to mark his bag a little better which would make Jean happy.

    When they meet, it should be just like seeing an old friend - not awkward at all.

  15. That skirt is so cute!!! Too bad I wouldn't be able to wear a short skirt like that (my leg is a mess thanks to my love of outdoors adventures :( ) Daniel should get Jean a panda hat!!! Okay, maybe if she was like ten years old. But I wanna see Jean in a panda hat doing a kung fu panda dance. Kinda like a Stephen Chow movie. Wishful thinking?

  16. Hahahha this episode is soo funny!! love your solo dance ;D

  17. Daniel's friend is really funny and cute! Jen, you dance so cute! :)

  18. hilarious episode!! i'm so sad there's only going to be 6 though =(

    Laura x

  19. So funny and great outfit!

  20. Jen, you are so talented. Love your acting. Congrats on your accompolishments from Canada.