Clothes & Jewelry Haul with Promise Phan!

5:00 AM

Hey everyone! Today I have a shopping haul that I wanted to share with you along with Promise Phan, the incredibly talented makeup guru who does sick makeup transformations on Youtube! She's a good friend of mine so when we had some time we stopped by the mall in Santa Monica and got our haul on. ;)

Check out the video below!


H&M white sun hat (similar American Apparel/Roxy/Lord & Taylor)
White H&M lace dress (similar/similar strapless)
Forever 21 workout capri pants (in grey/contrast stripe/yoga pants)
Forever 21 pink lace shorts (similar/similar/similar)
Forever 21 sheer mint top (similar/similar/similar)
Forever 21 fringe top (ASOS/Ann Taylor/crochet with fringe)
Forever 21 makeup sponges (similar from Sephora)
PA flakie nailpolish (similar flakie polish)
Forever 21 rhinestone cuff
Zara kids peter pan collar shirt (similar/similar/pretty and on sale)
Zara kids mint shorts (Topshop/lace from 7FAMK/Forever 21)
Forever 21 teardrop earrings
Wasteland t-shirt dress (plain black/with sequins)
Forever 21 peach bracelet (similar/similar/similar)
Wasteland open-shoulder top (strap-sleeved tee/spider straps top)
Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Tinted Body Lotion

Could you see a theme in the things we picked out? I have been obsessed with pink and mint while Promise has gone lace crazy! In fact, she bought even more lace items afterward too.

As I mentioned in the video, we were all dolled up for an impromptu photoshoot in the hills of Malibu. Gotta give props for friends who love capturing beautiful moments as much as I do. Here is a quick photo I posted on instagram (follow me @frmheadtotoe) from the location. Photo credit to hubby for taking this picture!

This was taken on my iphone, but I have nicer ones on a real camera which I will share on my blog very soon. :)

Hope you enjoyed the haul and I'll talk to you guys soon!

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  1. naww, what a great haul <33 I like the White H&M lace dress :D

  2. I loved watching this video of you girlies! Both of you picked up such amazing finds! :)

  3. hahaha~ me too i am obsessed with mint and pink!!! but i don't have the resources to splurge on those items!

    i love you and promise's picks~

  4. hi jen, i've been following you for a long time but have never commented EVER. but! i had to say.. i pressed play on this video and my 1 year old daughter RAN OVER to me, begging to be picked up so she could watch too. and she was laughing and giggling through the entire video. i don't know what about your haul tickled her fancy... maybe she likes white, pink, and mint too? :)

    1. Oh my goodness, adorable!! I wish I could've seen her. ^_^ Thank you for sharing with me!

  5. Great finds! I may have to check out this Zara kids business ;-)

    Another Anthro Blog

  6. Nice haul! ♥ Wow Promise Phan ^--^ The lacey dress is so lovely~!

  7. Love the lace dress. It's so pretty.

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  9. Don't worry Jen, I'm 21 and I shop at Zara kids too! And I'm with you on the whole mint and pink obsession. Btw, Promise's lace dress is so cute!

  10. Hi Jen! I've been following your blog since I saw the first episode of Away We Happened and I love it! :) I also shop at Zara Kids--they seriously have the cutest clothes (for a reasonable price) sometimes!

    On another note, I know you focus more on beauty/makeup but I was wondering if you could share your experience with long dresses (like your prom dress--how did you go about shopping for one?) I have a black tie affair coming up soon and I usually stick to short dresses but I'm one of the co-chairs this year for the event and thought I should invest in a long one. So I'd love to hear your advice/thoughts on long dresses!

    1. Hmm. Shorties need to be careful in choosing the style of long dress because some poofy kinds can make you look really short or doll-like. I think an A-line strapless dress is always classic and attractive! My favorite are dresses with a sweetheart neckline, fitted natural waist, and flow out from there. :)

  11. Hi Jen! How did you do your hair in the bottom picture with the long, easy waves? I would LOVE to know! Thank you so much!

    1. My hair is naturally wavy, so instead of curling the entire length of hair I just curled the ends with a 1.5" barrel curling iron.

  12. Hi Jen! Just wondering, in your photo in the Malibu hills; you're wearing a fleur de lis ring. Where did you purchase it from?

  13. You are really photogenic! I love Promise's transformations. She can become literally anyone! I hope she'll do a transformation into a guru or someone familiar. I think that would be really fun!