Rockin' Copper & New Leather Jacket

1:43 PM

It seems like many of you were interested in the leather jacket I mentioned a couple posts ago. Well, one of my favorite things to do is mix styles and a leather jacket fits perfectly with this FOTD. I wanted to do something that was a mixture of edgy punk and cute, bright colors so I thought a copper eye with sharp eyeliner would work well.

My current favorite warm copper has been NYX single shadow in Almond, which works really well with medium skintones because the color really pops off the skin. Apply Almond to the lid, and a second, heavier layer on the outer V. Also apply it along the bottom lashline on the outer half. I used NYX Vanilla Sky on the brow bone. Don't use too bright of a highlight color with this look because you want the focus to be right around the ring around your eyes.

Next, I took MAC Fluidline in blacktrack and made a sharp, thick, winged line on the upper lashline. Make the top edge a straight line and create a connecting line from the outer corner of your eye to the end of the top line. Then, you can fill in the space in between. Use the remaining fluidline on the brush to line the bottom lashline. To finish, I added Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Yeyo to the tear ducts, curled lashes, and applied Covergirl Exact Eyelights Waterproof Mascara in Black Pearl to top and bottom lashes.

Fill in brows and apply a coral blush or bronzer to cheeks (I used MAC Fun & Games from the Hello Kitty collection) and leave the lips a nude or neutral color. I also added a purple hair extension clip for fun. Who ever said the rock look needs to be all black? :)


Yay for fun extensions. :)

Sup, I'm rockin.

This is my "I'm being lazy today hair pouf."

Obligatory "V"

And here is the outfit: Leather Motorcycle Jacket - Express, Hoodie - Cobra Starship printed on American Apparel, T-shirt -, Jeans - Pacsun

Well, I guess you still can't see the jacket super well but rest assured I wear this thing ALL the time so it is bound to show up a few more times. :)

I need to post up my photos from my horseback riding adventure last weekend soon, and I got my color-changing Del Sol polishes in which are crazy cool, so you guys have that to look forward to. By the way, anyone else super excited about Sims 3? I used to have dreams about people with green crystals over their heads after playing Sims 2, no lie. I am such a big nerd.


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  1. OMGGG! okay first, purple - i loveeee! cobra starship - yes! i love too (: and lastly, del sol nail polishes. Jen, you're my hero!

  2. your camera is blinged out! lol cute! love the outfit!

  3. i looooove the jacket! how cute :D i wish i could wear mine more often.. it's just sooo friggen hot here.

  4. ew.. poser much?

  5. Hi sweetie~
    I luv your rock chic outfit and that rockin photo. =) Great look!

  6. new follower here :) your jacket rocks. and your camera too! i'm getting that nyx e/s, the color really does pop :)

  7. I loove the look! It looks cute on you(: & haha at all those NYX shadows in the corner of picture. (:

  8. Wow I think the rusty copper colour makes your eyes look even more deep set. Funny how I've always avoided orange and copper colours. I might just have to give it a go


  9. hahah screw you anonymous she looks beauuuuuutiful (:

    i think you're jealous that she's pretty. insulters who don't leave a name are afraid and have low self esteem.

    anyway jen, gorgeous, i have a real purple hair streak in that spot :D i looove it.

  10. Cute jacket!

    And yes, I'm excited about Sims 3! I received it as a birthday gift and finally got it yesterday. Guess my friend was paying attention to how I was raving about Sims 2 lol So, so happy! I'm a fellow nerd :P

  11. JEN! I want to buy TWO eyeshadows from M.A.C (I have a voucher) and I don't know what to get!
    Halp! :(

  12. I think the Urban Decay white liner in the inner corners needs to be blended a bit more. ^^;;
    The eyeshadow colour is really nice! I could imagine using this tutorial for an everyday look, actually. ^^
    I was wondering if you could post about preventing eyeliner/shadow from smudging or smearing during the day. It'd be much appreciated, and I'm always looking forward to your next posts!

  13. Hi Jen, I was wondering how you were able to put eyeshadow over your eyelid tape? I'm still trying to find a way to cover my eyelid tape. However whenever I tried, my attempt actually made the tape more visible :( I tried using all black but my lid require wider tape so it looked awful. any advice? thanks! xoxo

  14. Anonymous: Hahah! The hoodie is signed by two of the band members! If you love Cobra, you should check out Family Force 5 and 3oh!3. Some of my very favorite bands at the moment!

    mzkrystall: yeah, if you want to see better pics, click on "crystallized" under labels. :)

    izumi: same here, it's been really hot. But I just bring it to work and wear it inside because it's chilly with air-con.

    Anonymous: Can't believe I'm even responding to this, but really, what would I be posing as? I dress differently every single day. I haven't heard that term since highschool which was farther back than I care to recount. (I'm getting so old guys!)

    Sassy Jadore: Aww, thanks haha... Maybe Anonmyous is right, I'm just posin'! ;)

    Ida: Do get it! It's one of my very favorite NYX colors! And thank you very much for following.

    Kim: ahhh, I was hoping that mess would go unnoticed! Heheh... it was when I was organizing my billion shadows to swatch. >.<

    julietoscar: no worries, I seriously thought the same thing. Surprisingly, oranges and orangey coppers look quite natural. Definitely try it. Almond is a really gorgeous color!

    maddie: Thank you for coming to my defense. I really, really appreciate it. Someone else's defense is worth 1000 of my own. I'm just very grateful. Haters never, ever show their name! And I'm totally jealous you have a real streak! I'd love to but alas I gotta be work-appropriate sometimes. :D

    Lili: I got it yesterday and spent like, 3 hours just designing me and my husband. SO FUN. Ahahahaha.

    Alicia: SO FRIGGIN JEALOUS!! I wrote a reply on your site. :)

    Sofia: Ahh, thanks for the critique. I did use this as an everyday look! UDPP helps shadows and liner not to fade or smear, but past that I would avoid cream shadows.

    Anonymous: Did you already try using Urban Decay Primer Potion on your whole eyelid and over the tape? It will make it more matte. Stick to matte eyeshadows and liner too. I recommend MAC Fluidline in blacktrack.

  15. Wow that copper color does compliment your skin pretty well! think im gonna go give it a try =P

  16. thanks for replying ! I think 3oh!3 is super awesome too (:

    One question, you know your eyetapes, do you always cut it or do you have the pre-cut ones?

  17. hi there~ i'm new to your blog! you have gorgeous features!

  18. I love leather jackets!! That looks good on you :)

    Btw Jen, could u suggest me a mascara for a 'clean look'? Long lash and nice curl but not too 'volumized'? That looks like u dont put any mascara :)

    P.S: I'm exited about Sims 3 too!!! I play sims like crazy~ ;P

  19. oooh hey please please please do your next look with Rockstar (: i have that liner and would love to know how to use it appropriately. hah thanks in advance! :)

  20. Jen! :D
    As usual- LOVELOVELOVE your make up! The almond kind of looks like a soft tangerine color to me though..btw just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the package, it arrived on Friday and I'm lovin' it :D Haha..been experiementing tons! I love your leather jacket, I love how it can be so versatile with tons of outfits! I have one myself and it pretty much works with every outfit except for the business / dressy. xD

    I was wondering if you were going to do a tutorial for this look anytime soon? =o

    I also love your blinged out camera! How long did it take you? =o Hope you had fun horseback riding! :D

    - Rene

  21. Ohoh! And I forgot to say...
    I cannot WAIT to get my copy of The Sims 3 >< !! HEhe it gets me giggling just thinking about it! I haven't played that game in agesss

    Btw. I tested out the eyeshadows today and at first- I was cause I couldn't blend it well with my MAC brush- but then, I used my NYX jumbo eye pencil as a base + MAC paintpot and VOILAAA= PRETTY BLEND :D

  22. Hey Jen, I've been a quiet reader of your blog for quite some time. I've noticed you almost always use eye tape in your makeup tutorials. I used to wear eye tape out, but one day I stumbled upon this thread:

    I don't actually use scotch tape, but I do use the wearing-the-tape-overnight method.

    By the way, I tried using scotch tape and it was not very comfortable. I currently actually use Nexcare tape and I cut my own double eyelid tape using your tutorial! Thanks for the tutorial, by the way. :)

  23. Nice pictures, beautiful make up on eyes, you are looking beautiful in all pictures, i like your style, lovely jacket, sweet camera..nice blog love it:-)

  24. So cute!!!! are beautiful & I love coming to see your new posts :0)