Jen's Thank You HG Giveaway!

6:49 PM

Me JUST NOW! (I randomly cut some bangs yesterday :D)

Hello everyone! I've finally gathered a few things for a totally awesome giveaway that I am very excited to have. I always intended to have a giveaway when I hit 500 followers and honestly, I am totally bowled over at the amount of love I have gotten, and especially lately. I read every single comment and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate how thoughtful and heartfelt they have been. You've made me laugh and cry and I really feel like I've made true friends. <3

When I looked at all of the things I got together it seemed like a lot of stuff and maybe I shouldn't put so much in, but then I thought THE HECK WITH IT! I love you guys and I want to show my appreciation for all of the support. So I hope you guys really enjoy what I have to give away.

A few of the things in my giveaway are my favorites, so I am calling this my "HG" or holy grail giveaway. :D

Here's a list of what is included:

* Revlon Runway Collection Nails in Studio
* Eye Charm Eyelid Tapes (40 pairs)
* Cookie-shaped mirror and comb set
* Urban Decay Primer Potion Sample
* Japanese Blow-dry Fringe Clip
* MY FAV Shisem false lashes in XOG 특
* Hard Candy Lipgloss Keychain
* NYX lipgloss in Silver Plum
* Amuse Chocolate-flavored Lipgloss
* DSK's fav Aquafina Lip balm (nice and minty! I have more for myself! ;)
* China Glaze nailpolish in For Audrey, one of my FAV colors of all time
* Zoe & Zac Sterling Silver earrings made with acai nuts
* Rock & Republic mini Mascara
* The Body Shop Define & Sparkle glitter eyeliner and mascara topcoat

Whew! That took like, an hour to type out. And browse around online. And get distracted. And run back and forth to see what the names of things are. XD

Okay, so since this is an appreciation giveaway my only rules are:

1. To officially follow my blog (anyone can follow, not just bloggers)
2. To comment letting me know why you like my blog and what you'd like to see more of!

Contest ends 11/10/09 at 8pm CST. Just because I'm cheesy like that.

Thank you and good luck!

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  1. Hey Jen! :) I like your blog because you're genuine, even it seems like we're so far away, you keep your words and show the world who you truly are by doing what you do best, and you show your love to all your readers indirectly in every post without a hint of realization. i strongly believe that beauty comes from within, and it has absolutely been captured in your pictures. Your blog comes in handy for almost every single ladies out there, and there is without doubt everyone really, really appreciate what you've done for us. that is why i love your blog and who you are :)
    i'd love to see more posts about you and what you do best! ;)

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog because I love your honesty and your love for life. You're honest with yourself and with your readers and I think that says a lot about your character.
    I would love to see more eye tuts on monolids. I loved the looks that you have done in previous post.
    Keep up your lovely posts because everyone loves to read them!

  3. Hi Jen :) i like your blog because you use products that i would probably buy myself, and i also love the fact that you're a petite asian with a monolid JUST LIKE ME! so most of your looks suite me which is friggin awesome! =) im looking forward to more of your blog entries, keep up the good workkk! <3

  4. I love your blog coz you're a friggin genius!!! Hahah... you do such good makeup, and I'm always eager to learn from you.
    It's so cool that you can do both monolids makeup and always for eyes with small crease.
    I would love to see more makeup tutorials! Especially ones that are simple and quick. Like how to do a look with shortcuts.
    Thanks Jen! Great giveaway!

  5. Hi! I love your blog because I feel like your posts are well thought out, and I also love that there's a variety of topics that you talk about, not just makeup (i.e. hair, nails (i love konad!), fashion, etc). I myself am under 5'0, so your advice about picking the right clothing and shoes, is really helpful. You make it look so easy, but it lets me know that it is possible to not have to dress like a kid, even if I'm the size of a kid. LOL.

    Stuff that I would like to see more of would be more nail polish posts? or maybe skincare stuff? More shoe posts would be nice as well. I dunno, I'm pretty content with your blog. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hiya Jen, I like your blog first off because of how your personality comes across as well as the variety of products you cover from various make up products, skincare, lenses, and so on. I really like being able to see the products you try out and show on your blog.
    I would like to see more smokey eyes just because it's pretty much all I ever do and see what colors combos you try.

  7. Hey Jen,
    I started watching your youtube videos while searching for asian mae-up tutorials. the first one was that one about how to put on the eye charm.
    at first, i thought u were so weird for revealing such an embarrassing fact about urself.

    i came to this blog, read some of the entries and realized that u are just like me... just more honest about urself.

    if i was infront of a camera, i would only want to show the "pretty" side of me. but u are just so chill putting on ur eye charm.

    i see u got married recently. congrats! i am actually engaged. and only 23. kinda nervious about getting married... how it will be. anyway, i happen to be korean too, if u havent figured it out by the name. lol.
    oh, i ALSO design.

    anyway, i just wanted to say u are great and a huge inspiration!

  8. g'day jen

    first off, your new hair is so amazing ! :)

    ive been a "silent" follower of yours for quite some time now, im sorry i dont comment often !

    residing in australia, im practically halfway around the world, but that doesnt stop me from admiring how you live your way of life, how you know how to show your beauty and accentuate features that not only make you gorgeous but hopefully us as well !

    i know everyone's not perfect, even you have said so, but i say that you really are close to being perfect, a perfect role model for us chicks to look up to and follow :)

    i really adore your nature, your demeanor and style, even if its just reading your blog. you just shine thru the text you write :)

    what i'd like to see more of ..
    is probably life stories of just the random things in life, its nice to see different views on things :)

  9. i love your blog because you have a simple and elegant beauty and it emulates through your makeup looks. your fashion sense is also wonderful and you use products that i would also love to use. you have great tips, especially for us petite asian women. :P

  10. Hi Jen!

    Why I like your blog? Well, for many many reasons.

    I really adore how you try to connect with many of us and on your facebook, you replied to my personal concerns very sincerely and sweetly. I like how you DON'T just blog about makeup, but tell us about interesting things happening in your life and things that we should take notice of. And I really adore all the pictures you post up, like your wedding pictures and other ones with you and your husband because it's just so sweet and cute. I smile when I see some of your personal pictures.

    There's also the fact that you try very hard to NOT be one of those "picture perfect" bloggers. You try to get it out there that everyone has imperfections in their skin and that we shouldn't feel down or embarrassed because of them. I think you're a wonderful role model, in a sense, for many of us. :)

    & of course, I enjoy your posts about makeup and hair, and I adore looking at your swatches because I really like looking at what other people have bought! You've given me some wonderful tips~

    I guess I would like to see more...of some pictures about your daily advantages? (does that make me seem like a creeper?) I don't know, I really adore your posts about your personal life because it's like I'm reading about the events that happens in a life of a good friend. Sort of, when they're happy, I also feel happy for them type of feeling. Other than that, I would never say no to pictures of the things you buy! Like I've mentioned before, I really adore looking at the things other people bought. :)

    I anticipate your next post! Please continue to show us your true self, we <3 you for that! & when you're feeling down (hopefully not), remember that I'll be here rooting for you. :D

  11. Oooo~~~ a giveaway YAY!!! I'm really loving your new bangs too, you look cute with bangs. I've been your follower ever since I decided to start up my own blog... but before then I was a dedicated reader while stubbling across your youtube vids hehehehe...
    Why I love your I have monolids myself I feel that I can definitely pull off some looks which you've been posting about (gives me hope hahhahaha). It also gives me ideas on what colours I can venture into...I'm also loving your recent honest post where you shared a lil more about yourself on a personal level and I respect you for doing that. So keep it up!!!
    I would love to see more inspired looks if you happen to get inspired by any celebs or other inspirations in the future. Thanks for the giveaway btw... Stay well

  12. (: <3 I love your blog because it's actually "ordinary" in the sense that it applies to ordinary girls like me. The style isn't too flamboyant and colorful (well there are some entries), but there's a lot of focus on everyday looks -- that I can use! I haven't used every single tutorial, but I've def used your tutorial for a prom look, clubbing, and a concert, which I've gotten COMPLIMENTED on! I was like, "omg. jen is awesomeee in my head" haha (: But you don't focus too much on looking HOT, just to prim and make yourself shine ... since your'e already naturally pretty. You have an honest personality, sharing your joys & fears; wow, you're baring your soul to the blogger world, which is PRETTY SCARY if you think about it. <33

    What I would like to see more of ..

    I guess, FOTD's? Different looks -- I'm not too good with experimenting. It would be cool to see that. Product recommendations for skincare ... and outfit posts! Those are easssy and simple! (: -loves-

  13. I love your blog! Each section is sooo well thought out & your genuine personality just shines through :) your monolids techniques are great too! If I were to become a MUA it'll cone in handy because I'm Asian & I don't know how to do my own people's eyes! LOL so I basically learn something interesting from your blogs & you incorporate so much different products that I'll like to try especially the Asian market ones ;)

  14. Hey Jen! :)

    I love reading your blog especially i love to see those looks!!i love are soo pretty dear ^^

    i am also an asian(we do have in common)

    i am looking forward for more looks more entries on you blog dear!!!

    thank you for such wonderful giveaway!

    be blessed and more power^^

  15. Jen - your blog is just fab! I love that you're so real and always give credit where credit is due. You're such a down to earth (girl next door) person. You are always considerate of the things that happen around you. I love that you give such great tutorials and share beauty tips. And you also look like my sister in law and sound just like her. I showed my husband a few of your video tutorials and he said that you do sound-like, look-like her as well as your personality is like her. hehehe

    I definitely would love to see more tutorials and reviews. (which you do so many of - already and I can't get enough of them!)

    Also you look different with bangs - bangs look good on you. ^_^

  16. heeey, totally got hooked on you when i watched one of your tutorials on the monolid. i also love reading your blog because of the variety that you give like the nail polish and the eos lenses. oh i also loved that come walk with me entry that you did. :)
    i would love more tutorials on the small creases or monolid. but don't stop doing tutorials with the double lids cause those are just as gorgeous :)

  17. Hi Jen!

    I started following your blog after someone posted your link onto soompi about petite fashion! And since then I have followed your blog reading all the entries.

    I really love how you don't try to hide your flaws. Your acne post really touched me because you are so brave to put up pictures of yourself when you were suffering acne! I also read it during the time when I was going through Accutane myself so it was a huge encouragement just to see that and have hope!

    I always love your makeup and fashion posts because you don't use all expensive stuff like MAC and your style of writing is really cute and just a pleasure to read.

    I really enjoyed reading your last personal post, it's really hard to just open up like that and I'm so happy to hear that you've always followed your heart and not just going through a cycle of materialism that the world now has. It'll be great if there's more of that in the future! Although we may never meet, your words are encouraging- and not in an overwhelming way :)

    All the best in the future! Continue that positive outlook on life!

  18. wow! what a great giveaway!

    I like your blog because you always post your gorgeous pics on it and like your makeup tutorial. and it amazed me how great you look on all of them! =)

  19. I love your blog because you always use products that I really like. And of course, Id love to see more reviews. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. first of all i love your new bangs i wish i can rock it like you can anyways i love your blog its one of the few sites i go to when i have time. so one of the things i like to see more on your blog is maybe you can show us how to style hair in different ways? i have med to long hair and i always have a hard time figuring what to do with it im very spontaneous so im up to try anything. keep up the good work =)

  21. Hello! I recently found your blog and I loved it. Decided to follow it the moment I browsed through your pages.

    Well, I love your blog because 1stly, you're asian and I'm asian too. Our skin tone are in the same color tone. 2ndly, I love how you're so good in makeup. And I love how you look in red lips! And now, I'm ever so tempted to try on red lips on myself =)

    I would like to see more dramatic makeup tutorials and also reviews and swatches on drugstore makeup products =)

  22. Hello Jen,
    I've been following your blog since the day I chanced upon it while searching for stickers to create double eyelids. Love all your tutorial videos, especially the latest on snowy ice princess. You've made it seems so easy. I love reading all your posts. Would love to see tutorials on your daily skincare routine, your holy grail products and more importantly where to buy them. Great work!!!

    I hope this is not a double post 'cos somehow my earlier comment did not appear :)

  23. Hello!
    I recently started following your blog and I like it because you remind me of me. I like having someone of the same ethnicity trying out different looks/colors/makeup.
    I'd just like to see more of what you've already been doing. I feel like I have lots of catching up to do!

  24. hi hi jen nice meeting you ^^ .. i love your blog because it looks sophisticated.. i started following you when i saw your snowy ice princess tutorial video on prettyandcute website lol.. then later, i realized you had a youtube account =P ... haha plz dont mind me being a stalker ^^ .. i love all your videos.. even though i just recently known you, but i had review all your old blog entries =) .. you look so pretty me jealous <3 .. anywayz, thanks for doing this giveaway.. love all those prizes!

  25. Hey Jen, I love reading your blog because it's simple,and your really talk about stuff from head to toe. Plus you're very pretty. :)

  26. Would love to win this! I enjoy reading your blog because you are a really beautiful girl and you seem so full of life. Your site is helpful and fun to read! And I follow your blog!

  27. Hi Jen! I really appreciate the great blog you put out for us, I really truly love it :)

    I could go on forever about the things I love about your blog, especially the video tutorials. Video tutorials really show how the makeup is done hand-on, and it definitely makes it easier for me to follow your tips and instructions. I also really love the pictures you take. Most pictures of see of circle lenses or other beauty product reviews have only a few pictures to share. But not you! You take the extra time to post of much more pictures in different lightings, areas etc. I find it really helpful and I really appreciate that.

    Personal entries from bloggers always mean a lot to me. This is definitely why we all follow you. You are so gorgeous it makes me jealous. I envy the fact that you are so brave to put pictures of yourself that others may not be willing to share. The personal entries really make it seem like you will always be one of us . Beauty is definitely on the inside and not just the out. You show what it's all about Jen!
    We all love you (:

  28. hi Jen, I like your blog because you know how to makeup and choose the right clothes to wear. :) hehe.. I am always picking the wrong one for the occassions.

    I believe it is important to do what you love and enjoy. :)

  29. Aww how fun! I love your blog because you don't get caught up in all the latest, greatest makeup releases (which, while fun is kind of tiring) and you just do your own thing. You do beautiful makeup and you have a fun and fabulous sense of style.

    I'd love to see more of your OOTDs!! You always look so put together - I get a lot of inspiration on how to pair the stuff in my own closet. =)

  30. Hey Jen~ (:
    I've been silently reading your blog for a while now, haha. Actually, this is the first make-up related blog I have ever followed, so that makes it even more special for me. I like your blog for its straightforwardness. You direct what you say at your readers, no matter whether they like it or not. Also, you are very true to yourself. I would love to see more personal posts from you. :D I love it when teachers talk about themselves as people. It makes you feel closer to them and allows you to know them better as a person.
    Well, anyways, just a bit rambling from me, hehe~

  31. Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway! I love your blog since I enjoy looking at all the pretty looks you do! It's great inspiration for ppl with monolids. Plus you're gorgeous =) I'd like to see more FOTDS & swatches :D

  32. I love your blog because you give girls useful tips & advice. I love that you have stated the importance of hard work & education. You are really pretty & very intelligent, and I love that.
    I would love to see more makeup tutorials, as well as hauls!
    Thank you for being a good role model & keeping me busy when I'm bored!!

  33. wow!!! HG giveaway!!!
    i love your blog..
    ♥ it was a honest blog
    ♥ good quality of images..
    ♥ the makeup tutorial.. (i love the wedding makeup tutorial)
    ♥ your reviews were awesome..
    ♥ your haulages!!! i love looking on them =)

    what i wanna see more?
    "more pictures of yours"
    "makeup tips"

  34. hi Jen ^^ i love your blog because it has alot of reviews that i think are very good ^^ i first followed your lens and to your photoshoots and makeup and such and they are all so nice ^^ i wouldn't say i want to copy you but you definitely help me look for certain stuff that can help me out without having to look for multiple reviews elsewhere online ^^ and you seem very genuine and alot of your blog entries put a smile on my face ^^

  35. Hi! I've only come across your blog about two months ago, I think? Maybe even less than that? You've already inspired me to try new things and be more appreciative about myself. Your blog is very honest and I always enjoy reading about your experiences, makeup, and recommendations about a variety of things, like new products you try and other people's blogs (such as DSK jewelry, etc.) I also love your tutorials. They are very doable and the outcome is very beautiful. =) You seem very genuine and care about your readers. I'm just really glad I came upon your blog. =D

  36. I love you Jen cause you're a DSK Jewelry Model :P

    Aquafina is the besttttttttt

  37. I love reading your blog because you are fun and extremely beautiful. Your tutorials are great and I just love when you post your outfits for the day. As a woman who is also petite, I sometimes lose my confidence amidst the sea of tall people. But when I see you and how confident you are even when you are even more petite than I am, I get the boost that I need and just go with it! You ARE AN INSPIRATION!

    BTW, thanks for including For Audrey, that has been on my list for months!

  38. I love reading your blog because you obviously put such time and effort into everything you do; from selecting + applying makeup to your outfits and even just your camera usage. Also, you don't turn up your nose at low-end makeup and you mix and match to whatever best suits you.
    You're honest and genuine in your posts, and you show such passion for what you blog about.
    Also, you're amazingly gorgeous and I just like looking at you. xD;

  39. Hey Jen,

    I've been following your blog for about half a year now, since I first discovered it, and I love it! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about makeup. It is pretty empowering for me to know that I can bring out the best of me with it, with your help!

    I really admire your personality, as well. You are really down-to-earth and real, for someone who is so gorgeous. Not many people are like that!

    Thanks again. Keep up the great work. =)

  40. hi jen=) haha i looove reading your blog i find myself checking everyday just in case you've just updated=) i love your tutorials which i would like to see more of! i also like how you do makeup for both monolids and doubles. something for eveyone=) haha and your look always look gorgeous! so thank you for all the time you've put into it! really appreciate it=D

  41. Your blog is amazing to me because I have never seen a beauty blogger with a monolid that covers the issue so extensively. I won't lie, everything I see around me and on TV definitely affects the way I look at myself. I've actually considered the double eyelid surgery before, but your tutorials with eyelid tape and without has helped me to feel so much more comfortable with the shape and features of my own eyes. Knowing that I now have the ability (thanks to your awesome youtube tutorials) to change up my look doesn't make me feel as frustrated as before, and I'm growing to actually like my monolids.

    You also blog about a lot of your beauty experiences that I've always wanted to try, but needed that extra push to commit to. I have always been interested in color contacts/circle lenses, but would never have known where to buy them or how they actually look on a person without your reviews. Your reviews are usually dead on and I really enjoy reading about any kind of new product you post.

    I also love your blog because I feel like you're extremely down to earth and make your readers feel like they are important to you. Not only do you post great tutorials, but you also take the time to answer questions from me and your other blog readers.

    Lastly, your serious post really resonated with me, especially the part about make up not changing, but uplifting you. I would love to see more posts on your view of beauty and more extensive tutorials on monolid make up and make up with eyelid glue/tape. You've done an amazing job with your blog!

  42. Hi Jen!

    I love your blog and I have been a follower since the beginning. You are so down to earth, and you have helped me come to terms with my appearance. It's not everyday that I can look in the mirror and feel confident with the way I look, but with your tutorials, I've learned so much about how to enhance the things I like about myself.

    I'm so glad I was able to find a blogger that really spoke about the things I care most about, and is humble enough to open herself to her readers with even her personal thoughts. I hope you will continue in the future to share your feelings as it really helps us relate to you on a non-"cosmetic" level. And please continue to show us great new hair tutorials because now that I have makeup covered, my hair feels a little neglected! Haha.

    Best wishes,

  43. Hi Jen! I follow you on your blog as well as your blog. I follow and love your blog because I absolutely adore you and trust in your choices of beauty products, cosmetics, and gosh how I am going to buy those gorgeous pretty and cute contacts because of you. Hehe! I love your tutorials because you are so unbelievably gorgeous. I enjoy your personal posts as well. You epitomize an individual with inner and outer beauty and it shows through your writing. I would just love for you to continue to do exactly what you're doing on your blog. If anything, I would love more items added on your sale section, I like looking through the clothes you wear and I love your outfits--soo feminine and pretty! Thank you for this giveaway! Have a beautiful day! :)

  44. oops, I just realized I wasn't signed in when I posted that super long comment under Jess!

  45. hi jen! :D oh wow HG giveaway! i like your blog b/c first of all, you are doing makeup for monolids but with stickers. i used those stickers too but eventually my eyes got used to it and i have double lids now. i like that you post about your feelings and you are not afraid to tell it like it is.

    i would like to see more of your outfits! i like your style. and EOTD and cute random stuff!

    thanks for the giveaway! <3

  46. could've sworn i've been following for awhile but idk, google reader is messing with me ;(

    i'd love to read more about you :D what you do, what you think of whatever topic, etc. of course i adore your fashion posts (hello f21 crane shirt?!) and your makeup as well :) so.. i guess.. really, anything, as long as you keep posting!!

  47. I like reading your blog because the looks you come up with as well as your outfits, to me, have a rock n roll edge to them, which I love! :D The fotds are never overdone, always super pretty. I'd like to see more of those two, hehe, and maybe more product reviews, to see your opinion on them?

  48. I like your blog because you're pretty lol. I'd like to see more photoshoots! =)

  49. Hi Jen! The reason that I make your blog a must stop everyday during my web browsing is because I love reading what you have to say, you are a truly sincere, honest lady who is not only super beautiful and always has good tips to share to your readers, but who also love to share your life, your stories, and your thoughts with us, but you are also a beautiful person inside.

    I really enjoy your eye tutorial look for monolids, and also your outfits that you take of yourself. I love the way you dress yourself, and you look absolutely gorgeous :)

    I would love to see more post just about yourself, random thoughts to share that also make us think. Honestly though, anything is good :) keep your good posts coming!

  50. hi! I like reading your blog because you keep me interested in what you have to show/say, whether it's makeup or personal entry or something else. you seem so sweet-which is such a plus. I'd like to see more of some personal entries in the future randomly. I don't know. it's just something about me wanting to know little tibits about people (in a non-stalkery way)

  51. Hi Jen,

    I really like the make up entries and the occasional photo shoots.

  52. I like your blog because you seem like a very open person, honest and very very cute. Because you're not arrogant and appreciate people who comment and stuff like that ^_^
    Also, I think you're really very pretty ! With bangs as well, they look so good on you ! And I think your tutorials are very clear, easy to understand !

    xoxo <3

  53. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. i love your blog because i live all the way down in new zealand and its hard to find people who have monolids like me who can teach me and englighten me with new ways to put on make up.
    your tutorials are easy to follow and do not use lots/weird colors for the eye make up and are also really gud when i need inspiration.
    you write well and about interesting things too. and most importantly you seem like a really genuine and not pretentious person to me - which is hard to portray thru the interweb and that just makes me appreciate you writing this blog even more.
    been following you on my rss for a while now, always look forward to your posts!
    love from nz! <3

  55. Hello Jen :) I enjoy reading your blog posts because I think you are very truthful and honest about what you feel. You voice out your opinions and is very much dedicated for your passion in beauty and lifestyle :)I would love to see more of your hauls, reviews, and tutorials on YouTube! congratulations on the success of your blog and stay pretty always! I love the color of your eyes by the way :)

  56. Hey Jen, I throughly enjoy reading your blog because it's helpful (as I have mentioned before), beautiful and really... it's inspirational. That and you're an awesome girl ;)

    If there's one thing that I would really like to see more of on this blog, it would have to be guidelines and tips for the poor girls with single eyelids because it is information that is rare but could help out so many girls (including me).

    Best wishes always,

  57. Hi Jen,

    I don't have a blog, but I'm not entering the giveaway - just wanted to let you know that your blog is a fantastic read. Not only is it helpful, the way you write is fun and refreshing. I love how you're completely genuine in all your posts. If you could add more about your daily life, places you go eat, food pics, etc... I think it would be even more fun! I always love to vicariously live through the interesting lives of others at midnight while writing an essay I procrastinated way too much on (thus leaving me without a life!).

    Yours from Australia <3

  58. Hi Jen,

    What an awesome giveaway :)

    I've been a follower on googlereader for ages and I love your posts - especially your tutorials so please keep them up!

    Miss Neesh

  59. congratulations on hitting 500 subscribers love :)

    i love your blog because you do the most beautiful looks and the products aren't always of high end things because seriously, most people can't afford to buy a bunch of mac, dior, chanel make up and whatnot :)

    in the future, i would love to see more photos of YOU and looks because you are such a gorgeous girl! :)

  60. I like to watch all the great tutorials and pics ^^
    I would like to see more makeup swatches.

    Thanks a lot for the chance.

  61. Hey Jen! I guess I've been creeper-following your blog the whole time I have... No worries, I'm legit-following you now.

    Anyways, my personal favorites on this blog are the outfit/clothes photos you take. Anything about clothes in this blog I LOVE. Also, I like how sometimes you'll give tips or actual knowledge about clothing. For example, you were having trouble deciding the color for a pair of shoes you adored. I learned that if you buy shoes closer to your skin color, you look taller.

    I also take your suggestions quite to heart, and when you informed us of a Kohl's bra sale over the summer, I actually bought some (which I adore). Thanks for that, by the way. I've never felt more comfortable in a bra.

    So, yeah. I check daily, but I look out for clothes and accessories the most. Thanks so much for all the love you put into your blog: you make it fun and you seem so approachable.

  62. Hey Jen!

    I've been silently following your blog for quite some time now, and I've got to say I really love your advice, input, and shared products. I totally learned a lot from you and I love all the sites and deals you always put up. I'm an artist and I love playing around with make up and different cosmetic products. (I thought hey, why not do some art on my face? :D) I like that your blog is not just about make up and beauty products, but it's also about your life, so that we the reader can know who you are and therefore trust you better with your advice and judgement. I really enjoyed your wedding photos and I like all the pictures you take. One of my favorite things is to guess where you are in your house when you take the pictures. It's just fun for me to see that you're sitting near your vertical blinds to take your contact pictures and it had a cool effect on your face. I send your blog to my friends and they love you too! I've even bought a couple of things at and I hope they got my reference from you :D Please continue to share and post more cool stuff! Good job! :D

  63. hello Jen..anyway what i like about your blog is the different looks that you make.soo cute..with your fashion posts.i would love to see more fashion posts reviews and more loooookks!!!!

  64. Hi Jen! I love your blog because you can relate to all the other girls out there and don't try to cover up any flaws that we all have. Your blog site is very useful in helping clueless girls about fashion, hair and makeup. I would love to see more makeup tutorials but other than that don't change a thing!

  65. I love your blog because you write very well and you do your make up very very nicely. I love watching your videos too =)

  66. those bangs look great on you. i've been wanting some bangs lately... honestly i like the personal posts the best, shows the human person behind the blog posts. skincare posts are great too! i know you had a journey to get to the great-looking skin now, so it's nice to hear that not every beauty blogger is born with perfect skin. keep up the good work!

  67. Hi Jen!
    Your video is actually the very first beauty vid that I watched on Youtube and since then I've been addicted the world of makeup/skincare. You are a very genuine person with lots of heart. Your blogs and vlogs have that special simplicity and soothing element to them. I love how you are not bothered by negative comments and always responds to them with your serenity.

    Thank you for being you,

  68. Hello Beautiful ! I love your blog because, you are such a genuine beauty!!! You're just so freakin' pretty !!! LOL. Your makeup tutorials are so simple, yet amazingly stunning! & I love how your a monolid, like I am.
    I'd love to see more makeup tutorials! Thanks for this amazing giveaway! You are oh so generous!!!

  69. Jen~ you just rock my world! I love your tutorials the best! They are simply awesome. Keep up the great work gorgeous!

  70. I have been reading your blog for a long time. I like the topic diversity that you cover, makeup, nail polish, jewelries, etc. Love the bridal look you did way back :-)

  71. Though I am one of the silent follower of your blog, I always enjoy reading your posts so much, because of your heartiness and the loveley way you write.
    I feel so much tenderness and care flowing from your blog! Thank you very much!

    I really appreciate your tutorials for asian eyes, so I would love to see more tutorials!

    Keep it up, Jen! Thanks again for the joy you bring us!

  72. hey~
    i like your blog for the product information (i've learned about tons of new products here) and for the tutorials.

    my sister has trouble putting on makeup up and instead of showing her how, or researching what shapes and styles look good for her, I just sent her one of your videos!

  73. Hi Jen! My name is Jenny too lol I´m a follower of your blog! What I like most about your blog is your tutorials, I love them! Also your fantastic hauls and reviews =)
    I´d love to see more reviews about make up brushes and also about you!!!
    Thanks a lot for this fantastic giveaway, I follow you since a couple of months and I love your blog!

  74. Hello Jen :)

    I've always read your blog and I always love your hauls ^__^. I specially adore your make up tutorials especially when you have video tutorials of it. I loved the wedding look along with your tiara, it's so pretty!

    I love especially your wedding look tutorial and the recent princessy one. I love how you do your smokey eyes look but somehow I cannot pull it off. Your dressing style is pretty awesome too and I love those with the more layers.

    I wish to see more tutorials and hauls on your blog! Thank you for giving us so much info and tips!

  75. hi jen! i have been following your blog for about a month now and you are now on my 'favorites' folder, lol. i found you on youtube and looked up your blog and read all your posts. i love how honest and real you are and you don't sugarcoat anything. it really comes across in your videos/post.
    thanks so much for doing this, i am sure everyone is excited:)

  76. followed ^^ i'm loving your blog coz the makeup you do looks classy and not over the top

  77. i like reading your blog because your reviews are very informative and helpful.and i like your fashion sense and your so pretty! and i like your personality i can tell your a nice person..:) i would like to see more hauls because more hauls=more reviews!yehey!

  78. hey jennie!

    hmm where do i start=) I think I found your blog through one of ur youtube video on eyetape back then..and every since..I normally go to your site at least..once a day=) I seriously read all your blog..from the beginning to the end..not kidding!!! I think the reason whey i follow you is bc your very honest about yourself and seem down to earth type of Im originally from the midwest..and also a graphic designer I can relate to you. What I like to see..more tutorials i guess..and you mentioned you have a chihuahua..i have 2..u should post some with your dogs;) have a good day!

  79. I love reading your blog because you do such lovely tutorials, the posting of your clothes on where to get clothes that are for people who are petite and shoes for smaller feet as well. your nail posts are great too. I would love to see more of the things you have been doing because that is the reason why i keep coming back. Thanks for all the wonderful tutorials and tips. :)

  80. Hi Jen,

    I absolutely love your blog because your personality gives life to the products you review and the looks that you do. I especially love that you do looks for monolids and double lids, because sometimes I have one or the other (very annoying!).

    I'd love to see more smokey eye tutorials (love the snowy princess one) and I love when you post about you and your hubby, because I am recently married as well.

    You are so beautiful inside and out, thank you for blogging!

  81. I love your blog because it's funny and informative at the same time. Plus I always feel like you're someone I know because of the way you write. It's so personal! Plus it doesn't hurt that you always have the best FOTDs :)

    Anyway, win or lose this contest I'm super glad that I found your blog. It's one of the best ones around, so please don't get tired of blogging! :D

  82. I love and always look for an up-date in your blog because...

    seriously because there is not a lot of make up blogger do the things that you do.

    I mean for once and i am sure i am not the only one. I am a single/ have monolids. I cant really say mono but more into... have a very small lids they pretty much useless.

    So after following your blogs I learned "how to enhance" my eyes --- by eyelids tape! And what I love more abt your blog is... You actually teach me how to put on make up for "this kind of eyes" , the right kind of make up...and that is why I love your blogs so much! Fits my needs : )

    I would want to see... the tutorial on wonder eyelids tape. I was browsing around but cant seems to find any alive video tutorial on how to put it on (since they are... not a regular eyelids tape). Plus, where is the best place to get it? I really really love these kinds of topics as per se --- eye improvements!!! You dont have to go for surgery to improve it. Which I think is NEAT!!!

  83. Hi Jen~ ^^ .. I love your blog because you're consistent with your posts, and you keep make up tutorials simple and easy to follow. I also love your recommendations about not only make up, but accessories. The best part, though, is the blogger behind the posts. You express yourself as a genuine, down to earth person, and I think that personality really inspires readers :)

    I originally started following your blog because of your make up tutorials for single eyelids :) .. You were one of the first few people whose make up regimen I liked. If you could make more posts and tutorials for single eyelidded people, it'd be awesome :D

  84. Hey Jen! I dont have an official blog but check back on yours almost everyday to see if you have posted an update. I remember I first began following your blog when I stumbled across your YouTube account. You didn't have many videos posted up then and I was hoping you had posted more on your blog. Whenever you would post a new update it really would make my day. Especially the one day I read your post on acne and how you battled through it was a real encouragement for me. I've been struggling with acne since i was 13 and although it has gotten a lot better, still struggle with it now. It really hurts my self esteem and willingness to go out in public. So when you posted those before and after picture, I guess for me it just gave me that extra bit of hope to stay optimistic and made you seem a lot more real and relatable to me. :) There's also been on a few occasions that I've left you a comment in your comment box and you have always responded back to me within the next day. (something most bloggers don't do :D) You always post your fair share of wonderfully helpful makeup tutorials but what I love is when you write something sentimental for people to realize that you're human and someone we can all relate to.
    I think my favorite look was the dolly eyed look, I love smokey eyes with a pale nude lip. You've made me a NYX lover! You always know how to balance out makeup to not look too overdone but glamorous enough to catch someones attention. In the future, I think I'd like to see maybe your makeup collection or your drugstore and high end picks or maybe even some more circle lens reviews. :) (I'm thinking of ordering a natural pair for myself sometime soon thanks to your review!)
    Being a Korean christian girl myself, you're just the ideal person for me to look up and relate to. You target all the problems I struggle with and teach me how to enhance my natrual beauty with hair and makeup, always remembering that true beauty comes from within. Thank you for doing what you do and please continue to make encouraging and fun posts for your fans to enjoy. :) Fellow Christian and supporter. - Eileen Lee

  85. hi :p i'm a follower ^^ First i want to say that i like your new hairdo ! Then, about what i like in your blog, my answer is not very original but it's what i think so..first, you're such a genuine person and second, when i read your posts, it makes me smile because you're like fresh air in a world of sad news ! have a good day !

  86. Hey Jen, those bangs are so cute! I love your blog because it's so full of variety beauty wise. I like that there's nails, skincare and general makeup fotd's. It really is from head to toe! I'd love to see more video tutorials from you. This is a great giveway, thanks Jen!

  87. hey jen :) i've always liked your blogs and honestly i would like to see more eye tutorials :)

  88. Your bangs are adorable :)

    What I love about your blog is how it shows your optimism in just about everything. Everything seems so happy, it's infectious :)

  89. hey Jen,
    love the hair cut you did. It's really cute. I love how you always share your tips and being honest to us. And I like that you share part of your life, your happiness with us, make us feel you are so real like a close friend to us. And I love your fashion post, to teach us, the petite girls, how to dress. Would like to see more post about your life, because I want you to feel you can share your happiness and sadness with us like your close friends, we are always here for you and support you. Thank you Jen for the awesome giveaway!

  90. Heya Jen, I actually found you blog through some fashion forum a long time ago...clicked, on a link you had there and it brought me here. I stayed of course...because I found you to be a genuinely sweet, caring and intellectual individual who shares her loves, make-up tips and creativity with us all.

    What would I like to see more in the future of? How about video hair tutorials? You have amazingly long and beautiful hair...what do you do with it?! Lol. =)Ah...and perhaps your skin care regime? I'm sure girls are definitely interested in these things.

  91. Why hayyllo, Jen!

    I actually was inspired to create my blog, (which doesn't include impressive make-up/hair/beauty/pizazz-y posts...but it is still quite spiffy, in my opinion (;) after reading your blog. Haha. It sounds corny, but I was extremely bored one day, and decided to look up "asian make-up tutorials for single eyelids" on google, because my monolids were driving me insane. My eye makeup always gets swallowed by my ...eyelids. :[ And I was at an utter loss. But lo and behold, your blog popped up as one of the top google search choices. I was thrilleddd that you had makeup tutorials for Asian eyes, even though you used double-eyelid tapes. (I tried making some...they failed)
    So that was about a year ago, and I remember at that time, you didn't have THAT many followers :]
    I still compulsively check your blog every few days haha. It's a greaaat tool for makeup, and I even did my orchestra, homecoming, and camp dances' makeup with your suggestions.
    It's weird cause I suck at my own makeup, but I'm actually quite decent at other people's makeup. Well, people with double eyelids, at least. All my makeup skills (they were nonexistent before, but now I'm pretty good woop!) are pretty much because of this blog.

    I love trying new makeup, and I'm somewhat of a makeup hoarder, but until I get a job, I don't buy my own makeup, which is sort of roadblock. I don't actually have any brand-name makeup. It's all drugstore. :\ So whenever I try out your posts, I always have to creatively substitute random things in, but it usually? ha kinda, turns out fine (:

    I'm no aspiring makeup artist, and I'm also still somewhat of a youngin in high school, but I think your blog is a GREAT resource that I've recommended to my fellow asian girlies that also feel at loss about their extreeemely sub-par makeup skills.
    I adoreeee how you blatantly state that you're no superhuman, and you have your own physical flaws, and that makeup isn't so much of a cover-up, but more of an outlet.

    I would absolutely rove rove rove it if you did more tutorials on monolids, and I'm probably not the only one, and also hair tutorials.
    I can't say so much about clothing tutorials, and even though I loveee your style...I'm definitely not a stick like you. haha.

    The end.

  92. OK it's gonna be simple XDD: I love reading your blog, you and your pictures are SO PRETTY=P Id love to see more everyday looks <3

  93. I like your blog because you seem genuinely nice and sweet, and your FOTD's are gorgeous :-)

    I'd love to see more review posts about your favorite products.

    lee (dot) jiyun (at) gmail (dot) com

  94. I actually followed your blog from soompi, so you aught me eye on a forum with your outfits and also you're 4ft 11 like mee. =D.

    I enjoy your blog because it's so informative and you put such detail in your entries, which kinda puts mine to shame. but hey, thats okay =D

  95. Hi Jen,

    I'm commenting not for the giveaways but to let you know that I've just read your "Come Walk With Me" post and I feel the compelling need to drop you a note.

    I got to know of your blog from an unfortunate incident. You've got so many readers now that I'm not quite sure if you'd remember this little incident a while back. Someone left you a comment using my blog url about my halloween make up or something (can't quite remember the details) and another anonymous person commented on my blog pasting your link saying I'm narcissistic. That was the time I started reading your blog and watching your make up tutorials every now. I should really thank the anonymous for trying to hurt me but in the process introduced me to this little world of yours.

    I'm back here today to look out for inspiration for Halloween make up and was rather moved by your post. I've come to like you as an online persona as you're someone who come across to me as very sincere in sharing your knowledge in make up. Not to mention you're really beautiful (whether double eyelids or single eyelids your beauty shines through). I can't imagine anyone saying hurtful things about you coz you just seem so pleasant. =)

    There are many facets to a person and a blog only portrays one or a few. It's impossible to really understand how someone is like and to form biased judgement simply based on what he or she has read on the blog.

    I'll be dropping by your blog every now and then to check out what's new. A pity some cosmetics are not available in my country. *mocks pout* Anyway, continue blogging and sharing all your fabulous make up tutorials!


  96. Hi, I'm a follower :) I love your blog because, you're so true to yourself, you have such a beautiful attitude that's like "I don't care what others say, I'm doing it my way". it's so inspiring to read post from someone like you ^^

  97. I like your blog because of your ingenious, easy-to-follow tutorials, and the many many pictures. Its fun to read when I'm stressed/need a break, or want to try something new.
    I love all your nail art! But, is/was there a post about plates or a nail how to? I'm wondering if I overlooked it...

  98. I love your blog because, i enjoy all of your videos of putting on make up, i was never able to put it on perfectly, i have single eyelids too, its not easy to put on make up or i could say eyeshadow. You teach me a lot of stuff.
    I would like more videos on putting on eyeshadows, wild colors are good,
    and ways to put it on perfectly for single eyelid ppl.

  99. Hiya Jen! I really love your blog because you always seem so friendly and approachable even for people like me who are just starting to wear makeup. You have sooo much knowledge about fashion and beauty. But I also love that your blog isn't JUST about beauty, but that you also like to share who you are and your values in life! I really appreciated it when you opened up about the skin problems that you've had in the past because it made me realize that even beautiful people like you have insecurities sometimes (I have skin problems as well). Thank you so much for the great work and keep on going!!!

  100. Dear Jen:

    You don't know this, but you are such an inspiration to me! I found your blog earlier this year when I was curious about how to apply makeup. You see, I always thought that the only way eye makeup could look good on someone was if she had causasian eyes. After stumbling upon your website on google, I was relieved and thankful that to see that you can be beautiful no matter what your ethnicity! You've showed me how fun and un-intimidating makeup can be. And thanks for constantly reminding everyone that real beauty comes from just being happy with yourself, who you are and what you strive to be..

    You're the best, Jen!
    <3 Susan

  101. I like your blog because it's not all about make-up! What I would like to skills?:))

  102. Hi Jen. I've been looking at your blog since you started. I found you from soompi and I just love your blog! I love that you are open about your personal life, and willing to share your most special moments to us 'netizens', such as your wedding, honeymoon :]

    I love your professional photo shoots. They are amazing. I especially love your nail and makeup swatches because i'm a nail polish fan myself (and I have For Audrey by China Glaze too, great color!)

    I remember one post you had with the Hello Kitty Fauxnad plate and I fell in love, so I got one myself :). All in all, GREAT blog. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. - Love your bangs!

  103. I love your blog because it's not just about makeup. You include fashion and you share your life with us. It allows us readers/followers to get to know you and be able to relate you. Thanks for sharing with us!
    hmmm...what i would like to see more of is photos. haha. I love photos. I loved your wedding photos and photos from your photo shoots.

  104. Oh wow, this is a crazy amount of stuff you're giving out - it def. can be called a HG giveaway.

    Anyways, hm. I think the thing I like the most about your blog is that you are personal and genuine with us. I feel like other bloggers are very superficial and try not to show their flaws or share their best tips, but you definitely do. Not only that, but you write about your day and how things have been in your life, even if it is very brief. I feel like that lets me realize that you're a person too - not just gorgeous girl, perfectly made up all the time from head to toe, but just another woman with a bunch of flaws - like me. Because I'm single lidded, it has been so hard for me to put on makeup and have confidence, but your blog inspires me to feel beautiful no matter how others may see me. I can basically say that you changed me in a way because you made me realize HOW to feel beautiful, although that might sound a bit corny. ><; So anyways, most of all - I just wanna say thanks because you've helped me so much... not just by directing me how to apply makeup, but also by the things that you were trying to say through your blog to us women.

    Oh, and I think I'd want to see more of your more personal entries because they're my favorite - it might seem a little creepy but I really do make connections with your words! :)

  105. Oh, btw - I tried to shorten it from my earlier comment, but it's still like an essay long. Sorry about that! :(

  106. Oh, your long awaited giveaway! <3

    I think the reasons on why I liked your blog was already written in the comments of your previous 'come walk with me' post :D Nevertheless, I love your blog (my HG beauty blog lol) is because of the simplicity of it all and yet the quality isn't lost. Your tutorials are down to earth and very easy to follow plus its easy on the pocket too for clueless beginners like I once was till I found you.

    As for what I like to see more of in the future, man its hard cuz you do seem to cater to every aspect including taking our requests. I guess more eyeshadow tutorials can never go wrong since I find that the hardest makeup skill to master. To create daring mix of colors and not end up looking like a clown or over dramatic is not easy at all :P

    Another would be how to create a flawless look. Like do I need face primer/concealer/bronzer/anything that a newbie needs to know and how much must I apply and where to apply or for example how to highlight and contour the face etc.

    Oh and maybe share some tips on color coordination for skin colors cuz most of us are art-blind and cannot tell what matches best with what XD

    And if you can tell me the difference between cool and warm skin tones and just what can we asians do to find out or if that theory even apply to us I'LL BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL because I searched high and low on the internet and all the examples doesn't apply to asians much since my veins are a mix of both colors and sometimes I look nice in two drastically warm and cool color :p

  107. Hey Jen :) I love your blog because not only are you great with makeup but you're so down-to-earth and very likable. It's easy to relate to you. Although, I just started following your blog a few weeks ago, I feel like I know you personally. I think that that's a wonderful thing! My favorite part of the blog is your makeup tutorials and reviews. You are so good at what you do.
    I would love to see more tutorials for people with monolids, like moi :) Thanks so much!

  108. Jen, I really enjoy your blog because all the make up tutorials and haul pictures! Keep the hauls coming!

  109. Hi Jen! I've been following your blog before you got married, and I have to say your blog rocks!! I love all the looks you come up with, and you actually introduced me to nyx cosmetics and circle lenses. I would love to see more outfit posts too (you dress so nicely), and keep up the good work:)

  110. I've been following your blog religiously, Jen! =D

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway, you really are so SWEET!

    I really like your blog because you do makeup where you **enhance** your monolids (which while others view as a hindrance, you find/share with us techniques to "showcase" them. You show that beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes! Can't hate on that, lol. :)

    I would love to see more personal entries! I love learning and knowing more about you. But so far, so good. All the entries have been on-point, so keep up the GREAT JOB!

  111. Hi Jen, I don't even know if I'm following you or not but I know you're in my bookmarks... hence I am visiting you now!
    Usually I don't leave comments because there are so many but since you do read them all I'll write to you sometime!
    The thing I like about the blog is because there is so much I can relate to. You're a tiny Korean girl and so am I!!! I don't think I'll grow anymore... I'm pretty over that stage haha. Also while other people might criticize double eyelid tapes etc. you embrace it. I have natural double eyelids but sometimes when I watch a sad movie before I sleep (I cry really easily) my face is swollen the next day. No double eyelid. I used that eyelid tape making trick using he flexible med. tape thing. Because i don't need tape all the time ... and because I have no idea where to get it near me... I just picked up that thing from Walgreens. The last post, "Come walk with me" I think? That really touched me. It's fun to be able to relate I think to people You can't actually see. Even if it's not makeup def. post more stuff about your day and what's up. If something bad is happening lean on us :]

  112. Hey Jen! I really enjoy your blogs because they include many detailed pictures and it's interesting to read because it is real and genuine. I really hope to see more fashion entries since I really like your fashion entries!

  113. hi jen! >:D i really love love love your tutorials because you're like the only guru i find that also uses double eyelid tape! >__< i seriously can't find any other guru that are as professional as you that do makeup with single eyelids (and sometimes double eyelid tape). And because of you, i started getting into new things! e.i. circle lenses (which i'm OBSESSED with now), konad stamping (LOVE the coupon :]), and my new holy grail, urban decay primer potion xD. Your website is a bookmark in my bookmarks toolbar :> i also subscribed to you on youtube and added you on facebook. i get so excited when you have new posts, especially when they're makeup tutorials and circle lenses reviews. xD Honestly, i did not think single eyelided girls could look pretty, but you've changed my thought :> my favorite look is actually the knew snowy princess look :D and i'm going to wear it on halloween night for a party! :D

    sorry, i kind of made this too long >_< haha

  114. I really like your blog because of your FOTD's & monolid posts!

  115. I don't even want the giveaway but I just want to say I love your blog and I especially like when you do makeup tutorials. There are not enough Asian ones out there IMO! You are so sweet and awesome and gorgeous btw!

    Oh, could you make your pics bigger? Even if they were watermarked, it would be great to see big close ups of your eye makeup.

  116. Hey Jen! I lovee your blog! your so down to earth, and someone i can really relate too. your not a perfect person, and no one else is! which is what i love about you, you have your problems but you stay strong and manage to get through them. you display a great personality through your blogging, and i'm sure, your a much more wonderful person in real life. keep up the posts jen! (:

  117. Hi ! You are so pretty !! I like your blog because hum...I don't know how to explain but I keep coming here to see if you have posted something new. I just like to see your new pictures (stalker haha joke) I would like to see more FOTD and tutorials. I also like that you you made me discover a lot of things, such as konad :) I ordered a kit and I must say that I don't like their nailpolish, but it goes well when I use normal nailpolish. Weird...

    Keep updating your blog, it's very interesting :)

  118. hi!! I'm Anna. i like your blog because you come up with makeup schemes that are rare. i also like the fact that you let every1 know that you use eyelid tape and are not ashamed of it. i also like the way your personality shows through your writing!

  119. Hey girl...I've been following your blog for a while now...and your post are so interesting..never do very good reviews on products and soo pretty!

    thanks for having this giveaway!

  120. Hey Jen. (: Your new fringe is absolutely adorable. I haven't had those kind of bangs in awhile. Lol. Doesn't look as good on me as it does you. ;D

    Anyhoo, the reason why I love your blog is because you actually take time out of your day to post tutorials and tips for those that need it. You can relate to us more and the fact that you're so friendly makes it that much better. You're like a friend and a teacher. You're not afraid to be yourself and that's what makes you so likable. ^^ You're sharing something that you love with all your fellow readers, which makes us love it all that more too.

    If I had to see more of anything, I'd probably just have to say more photography sessions. ;D You're beautiful and you should model more often. It's amazing to see how just a change in lipstick colour can change an entire look. But, in all honesty, your blog is fine the way it is. I'm pretty content with what you post.

    Oh and by the way, that's one amazing giveaway. Definitely the holy grail of all giveaways.

    And yes, the k-drama snowflake necklace is darling. I love it. I'm seriously thinking about buying it. So tempting. XD

  121. Hey Jen! I followed your blog first because I had been browsing around youtube for someone with monolids who could do makeup tutorials.But a couple of days later I started to REALLY look at your blog.I really love the fact that you always take the time to write some little quick post so I can read them daily(I like your blog that much =).I can easily relate to you because well, you have monolids and you are tiny,like me! You are an amazingly beautiful girl,inside and out and this is just my little thank post back to you ^^
    Love, Liane.

  122. i love your blog because youre original.
    i love your style and makeup.
    i always try to recreate your makeup :] LOL that's how much i like it.
    the products you use are affordable and stuff that i have access too which is great.

    oh and we have similar lids. its hard to recreate makeup that ppl with creases have...

    id love to see more posts on makeup tutorials. :]

    annndd i love your blog. keep doing what you do! :D <3

  123. Hey Jen! thanks for having this giveaway!
    I love you blog because of how the true you really comes across when you post something. I love that you are honest and care for your readers. I also love how your blog has a mix of almost everything. Just keep up what you do best! I would love to see more nail tutorials and maybe a bit more eye make-up tutorials because my eye shape is similar to yours!

  124. wow. I don't know how I will every win but you got to try right? espically for all those goodies!
    I actually stumbled across your blog a few months ago when I goggled vintage red lip and then from that moment on I was hooked to your website. I think it only took me 2 days to read all the posts, and check out all your tutorials. I then made notes and went out and blew tons of money on makeup. It was so worth it. Like you said, makeup is fun.. it's like eating a different meal everytime!
    I love your blog because 1. you give AWESOME makeup tips 2. you cover almost everything someone could have questions about when you go over a tutorial 3. you have singled-lid eyes (like me) 4. you make me explore the world of makeup and colour.
    What I would like to see more, is more makeup tutorials, how to tell what skin tone you are (I goggled it the other day.. and it only had good ones for cacusions and apparently all asian are yellow toned.. but I'm sure there is more to it then that).

    Thanks!! Keep on blogging. don't let people bring you down :)


  125. hello!

    Congrats on the 500 followers--you *so* deserve it~~

    I started reading your blog not too long ago, and I was instantly beckoned (haha!) to read more (read: all your posts!) :)

    I love your blog because you post fabulous posts on not only makeup, but also fashion. But beyond this, you seem like such a sweet, relatable, and sincere (not to mention gorgeous!!) person which makes your posts even more enjoyable to read...

    I already immensely enjoy what you are doing currently, but if there was one thing I'd ask for it'd be...maybe a collective favorites post for makeup and/or clothing? Or have you already done a post like that and I'm just blanking?!

    Congratulations again on the 500 followers~~

  126. Hi Jen! I don't follow many blogs and I'm a real newbie when it comes to reading them. But I've looked around and I have seen many makeup videos and tutorials and what not and it all just seems so confusing! I first found out about your blog by seeing some stuff on soompi. Your blog is so practical and addicting to read. Other peoples' videos would just make me feel bad for not having as much makeup, time, or money to do and look like they do.
    From reading your blog, I learned that a makeup collection is something you build up and learn from.
    I would always beat myself up for wasting my money on things that I either knew I wouldn't buy or wouldn't work very well. I love how you always review each thing you got so I can make a more educated buy. And somehow, I feel just as excited as you do when you get makeup hauls. :)
    Whenever you say that you strongly suggest we buy something or say that something is really good, I put it on my automatic, must-buy-soon list because I realized that all of those items are practical and can be used for many different looks. So I always know that my money will be well spent and I never feel regretful about having spent money.
    All of your makeup looks are so timelessly classy, fun, and different enough to be noticed. They also don't take that long to do for me which is a really great thing because I feel like I'm always in a rush.
    I really just love everything about your blog. I almost feel like you're my online unnie hehe. I like that it includes tidbits of your own life, I like that from time to time you switch to posting something about an outfit, nails, or contacts, and above all, I love that you addressed that your beliefs about makeup because I can really relate. I strongly believe that everyone has their own beauty and that makeup is only something to enhance it or to have fun. It's reassuring to know that you believe that beauty is something that comes from within and all the better to know that the advice is coming from someone that I know has had imperfections to deal with. By the way, it may sound strange, but when you posted the picture of your previous skin, it really gave me hope that I could get over my flaws with some self-confidence, self-determination, and love or respect for myself. Oh gosh this post is long. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm ranting! :(

    I love your style and all of your posts. Somethings I look forward to seeing are posts about brushes, skincare, and the things that are worth investing/splurging on or skimping on.

    Thanks so much for everything I really appreciate all of your advice and I love all of your looks! :) You really inspire me and you're like a role model to me. I wish I could be as nerdy as you. Just kidding. No I'm not :P

  127. I always read your blog because I love your personality, and your fashion tips! You always give amazing advice, and you are a down to earth person. You aren't the kind of person who makes up a whole new person just for the internet. Whenever I read your posts, I actually feel like I know you! You make everyone feel beautiful, without ever meeting them. I would really like to thank you! Oh yeah, it would be great to see more product reviews and suggestions, and more about your life. just don't ever stop blogging!

  128. hi jen!
    i like your blog because you show swatches and different looks with your makeup. you also use various makeup brands. you don't just stick to one. i'd like to see more makeup looks! i can't get enough of them.

  129. Hi Jen (: I honestly love how down to earth you are in your blog posts. You come off as the girl next door, and you're always so cheery about what you write. The tips and tutorials you give are super useful, and the swatches and product recommendations are simply awesome, to say the least. You're not over the top with the makeup - it's that simple with a kick charm. I just love being able to relate with you. I really enjoy seeing nail related posts, so keep those coming!

  130. hey there! I love your blog because of the personality that you exhibit to all of us. I enjoy your diversity in posts. I especially love the clothes blogs and konad art stamps. As long as you continue those, I'd be a happy camper!

  131. Hi Jen,
    I check your blog every day I get on the computer, always anticipating a new post. I love how your so down to earth and friendly, when your amazingly gorgeous. You put in alot of thought and work into all of your posts, and I love how you post on a variety of subjects and not just makeup. Also, it shows how brave you are to post some of your acne pictures because everyone wants to look pretty all the time, i know, but there are people like me who struggle with skin problems and that find inspiration in your pictures. I also like how you haven't resorted to plastic surgery and use eyelid tapes to show the minority of us with mono lids how to apply makeup.

    I would love to see another eyelid tape tutorial on video, because it is so frustrating to know where to place it etc..

  132. hi hun! I like your blog practically because of your make up skills and tutorial. You have your special way for make up and it just suit me lots. The other reasons for reading your blog is simply because you look gorgeous and beautiful! Who doesn't like to look at pretty girls? :p

  133. Hi Jen! The thing about your blog, to me, is that every post is entertaining and informative. There isn't ONE exception. That's why I'm always sooo excited when I see that you've posted something new. Also, I love that you're not another one of those bloggers that only uses MAC. I love MAC and all, it's just that I'd like to see other stuff as well! Something I'd like to be different about your blog is that I'd love if you posted more often. :) I know it's hard to update frequently, but your blog always makes my day! Even quick posts are fun! Thanks so much for everything you do here, you're greatly appreciated!

  134. Hi Jen! I like your blog because you give real advice that can help anyone. You seem very sweet and genuine. I also love your optimistic personality.

    I would love to see more video tutorials for makeup. I konw you do a lot of FOTD, but I think it would really help to do a video where we can actually see the process.

    Thank you! And keep up the good work.

  135. Hey DOLL!!

    Thank you for doing such a generous giveaway - You're so sweet! I've actually been lurking around your blog and several others for a couple of months now and finally made my own account recently.

    I love your blog because you're GORGEOUS (ever thought of joining a pageant?), you've got a great sense of style (I'm petite [5"0] as well, which is why I'm interested in the looks you pull off), and you're a genious when it comes to makeup. I actually got the "tape trick" (one of my eyelid folds are thicker than the other) from you and just tried it out a couple days ago. :) Again, genious!

    I think what I'd like to see more of is definitely fashion posts - I've been having the hardest time recently accepting my height. I know, it's weird because I'm 23 and have always been short... But it wasn't until lately that it has really become a confidence-blower. Anyway, I love your fashion posts because they make you look SO friggin' tall and they're always very polished and appropriate for someone who's in grad school.

    Thanks for keeping up such a fabulous job on the blog! <3

  136. Hi Jen! I found you on Youtube actually. It was very hard for me to accept my monolids. Every time I "tried" to do my makeup, (I put on a thick line of eyeliner) I would get comments about how I always put too much on, and yes, it was very hurtful to me because here I am thinking I look pretty, when people didn't actually think so. It hit hard for me, but I never knew how to apply much makeup. I never was a Youtuber, until I decided that I want to learn how to make me feel beautiful, so I found you. Your tutorials have really helped me. Not only have I learned asian beauty tips such as eyelid tape-(I NEVER KNEW! ;p), and the dolly eye (WHICH I LOVE!!) I've learned how to apply eye shadow, something I've NEVER used before. I NEVER used blush, now I do. I love how I can make myself not only look good, but feel good about myself. I can go out and feel like I'm looking good and it makes my self confidence boost up. I just bought my very first set of brushes! I love how your blog not only showcases makeup tutorials, but fashion, photography and your own personal life. You get to learn something new about you and beauty. I love that your, I believe, 2nd to last blog wasn't about beauty, but about you. That was something that I haven't seen, I pretty new to all of this, but I like that you humanized yourself w/ your blogs; That you ARE a real person. Thanks for teaching me about how to do my makeup, how to find a good light, how to make different looks with simply doing my makeup in another way, i.e. rockster, innocent, etc.

    So far, I've done pretty natural looks. One thing, Jen, that I want to try, but am SCARED TO DEATH of trying, is colors! I don't know how I would even apply color and what color would compliment each other. I would love to see a tutorial of how monolider's, such as myself, can apply the right amount of color shadows and what colors compliment each other. I'd love to see something MORE dramatic! Thanks your all your help, you're seriously like the girlfriend I wish I had!

  137. Hi Jen :)
    I frequently visit your blog because you are: a. useful and helpful (especially since i'm also korean with monolids andd short), b. pretty but definitely not conceited and down to earth, and, c. relatable. there's tons of other reasons why i visit your blog, but those are the main reasons, i guess. i absolutely love how you're genuine and a sweetheart! It's so evident that you always try to project more than just outer beauty to your audience. Some things i'd love to see more are definitely more drugstore or even department make up hauls (anything easily accessible) since i'm just a beginner and it's sometimes difficult trying to find good products to use. (i did take your advice on the urban decay primer, it works magic!) some more make up tutorial vids would be awesome as well. I'm a fan of your blog, and I hope you continue to inspire us all to improve our inner and outer beauty :)

  138. p.s., i love your bangs! you look much younger with them :) and a lot more korean, haha.

  139. It might seem like a really little thing but I really like that you're honest about using eyelid tape. I know some beauty bloggers would try to hide the fact that they don't have natural double eyelids but you actually include them in your tutorials. THANKS Jen because I use them too and it really does help to see how other people work with them!

    In the future, I hope to see more reviews! Maybe a house tour too?

  140. Hey Jen!

    I am new to blogs but you are one of the few blogs i actually follow. I love how you do your makeup and it really helps since i have one eye that is monolid. Its really hard to make your eyes pop with a monolid but you have awesome eye makeup tutorials. I usually dont put on any makeup besides eye liner so its been pretty inspiring. Your blog is also very simple and easy to follow and go through. I also love looking at your photoshoots. you look so beautiful. I am actually going into photography so i hope my photos come out as pretty. And i love you lip makeup. looks so flawless and gives me more confidence that I can pull off red lipstick also. hehehe. Keep up the great work and good luck with everything you do. Look forward to your future posts. =p

  141. I started watching you on youtube and thought you were so pretty. Then I like your makeup style so I subscribe asap. I hope to see more looks and I also love nail polish so reviews or whatever would be great.

    Hope to see more videos. Oh yeah, I like the songs you pick for your videos too.

  142. Congrats, Jen! You look absolutely stunning in your photo =). I initially started following your blog (months, months ago, long before I had a blog!) because your posts were so entertaining, down to earth. Your tutorials are amazing, and as I got to know you more, discovered what a cute and lively personality you have. I love how you're down to earth, and how I can easily come to you for advice for anything I need from the drugstore. It's a plus that you don't focus on purely high-end products! I also love, LOVE it when you do "life" posts.

    It's also great that you take the time out to always reply to your readers! I know so many people (and sometimes myself included) who simply can't find the time for that.

    Keep up the amazing work. I love every part of your blog. I'd like to see more everyday "life" posts!

  143. Congrats! ;) This is such an swesome giveaway, you are so generous.

    I have been really curious about your fashion, i think its very refreshing. I hope you'd feature more of it ;)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

    ps. im a follower

  144. Your blog is part of my daily internet routine=) I like how you not only update often, but each new post is interesting and helpful. The products you use and review are ones that are easily accessible and affordable. Your tutorials are quick and simple to duplicate, perfect for a student like me. The outfits you post are also adorable, and close to what I would normally wear myself. Thanks for being an inspiration and keep up the good work =)

  145. hi jen!

    i love reading your blog for your makeup looks. they're always creative and very professionally done! it really helps too that you take excellent photos so we can really see the look come to life on you :) i'm also asian so i find your makeup looks helpful because i find it hard to adapt a lot of makeup looks on asian eyes. thanks for all your helpful tutorials!!

    i'm looking forward to more FOTD entries and outfits too. ^^

    thanks for the generous giveaway! :)

  146. Hi hi. ^^ First of all, I would like to say that you look great in bangs. :D

    Well, I like your blog because you're honest and you seem to have a great personality (based on your posts). I also like that I can relate to you since I'm petite myself. It feels great to be able to read a blog about fashion that can actually work for someone like me and you. Your tutorials are also very useful, and easy to understand, even for someone who is as experienced as I am.
    I would like to see more tutorials on hair styles as well as more style tips for the petite.

    I can't wait for your new posts. :)

  147. I love your blog because you're sooo sweet and sincere.

  148. hi jen! i found you through your "snowy princess" tutorial that was on i love how you used colors that i already had in my collection, but didn't think of using before!! i subscribed because of that very fact. thanks, and i look forward to watching more tutorials and reading more blogs in the future!

  149. Hi. (:

    I stumbled across your blog when I was searching for a makeup tutorial blog when I first started using a little bit of makeup. Most makeup blogs out there in the Internet are created by girls who are really experienced with makeup but sometimes type their posts in a somewhat condescending tone, as if expecting readers to worship them. I thought that was really stupid, until my friend introduced your blog to me.

    First, I read the newest makeup post and realised that the tutorials were pretty easy to follow through. Even if I didn't have the resources to complete that specific look, the tutorials were still pretty fun to look through and/or the videos were fun to view. I've introduced your blog to a couple of my friends who needed easy-to-follow makeup tutorials for specific occasions, and so far there's only been praises for your blog.

    It would be great if you could include a couple of makeup tutorials for mismatched eyelids and how to correctly apply makeup with eyetape on. I've been trying for ages to do that correctly and the only way I can do that is by colouring the entire tape black in colour.

    It would also be great if you could tell me what kind of eye makeup fits my round face best. I don't want to cake on too much eye makeup, and I don't really have the time or the skill or the resources to put on really flamboyant makeup.

  150. Soz, typo.

    * I thought that was really stupid and literally stopped experimenting with makeup until my friend introduced your blog to me.

  151. Ello Jen! Ever since I found your eyelidtape video on youtube and then found your blog, I just had to keep dropping in:) Remember when you where on a hunt for those L'oreal magnetic nail polishes? I ran out to help you get the last bottles in the store and the bottles flew all the way from Sweden haha;) Just because I knew you loved nailpolish! I probably wouldn't have offered to do that for anyone else hehe^_^ Anyways, I love your subtle yet vibrant eyemakeup-tutorials, perfect because I have similar eyeshape as you!! I would Love to see more videotutorials on skincare, base makeup and maybe just you rambling;) Hugs!

  152. Hi Jen! The reason why I super love, love you blog is that it's so real. It shows your attitude, your likes, the real you! I wonder how are you doing those makeup especially with eyes that has small creases. Hope I can do that too. I appreciate every single post you had. Thanks for inspiring us!


  153. i love your blog b/c of how honest and genuine your blogs are...

    plus i like watching your youtube videos on how to style hair, do makeup, nails, etc...

    your posts on youtube and blogger inspires me to do other looks... like my own looks [like makeup, hair, nails...]

    i'm looking forward for more of your entries.
    and thanks for the great giveaway!

  154. Your blog is easy to read and it keeps me occupied, and I appreciate that you put time into your blog and share with us what you have to offer. I would love to see more photos of your outfit of the day and whatnot. Just you rambling would be a good enough blog entry for me lol <3

  155. Jen, your blog is great because you don't just focus on makeup and you stay "real" if that makes sense. You are such a genuinely sweet person and I love all that you post. I would love to see more pics and product reviews since whatever you've recommended has generally been just as great for me.

    Have a great weekend-happy halloween!

  156. hi jen :3
    i enjoy reading your blogs as they offer good advice and ideas :).I recently tried out your snowy ice princess look for my friends birthday party it turned out great thank you! :D reading your blog inspires me to make my own blog but unfortunately im no makeup guru =P
    it would be cool if you posted some hairstyle tutorials.
    keep blogging your amazing!

  157. Hi! I'm a new follower and I'd like to see more reviews! Look forward to getting to know you!

  158. There are so many reasons why I love your blog. I'm a Korean-American and throughout middle school I never had any Asian friends. My mom rarely uses makeup and all my makeup tips came from fashion magazines with Caucasian models.I would mimic the makeup of these models and my Caucasian friends and it looked terrible on me. Looking back, I had no idea what I was thinking. My eyes are clearly a different shape and I definitely have different skin tone from them. I really had no idea who to look up to makeup wise.
    Then I found your blog through Soompi. I not only learned how to overall put on makeup correctly, but also which makeup styles go well with my eye shape and my skin tone.You introduced me to my daily make up staple Everyday Minerals and showed me how to correctly put on eye make up (which I now get compliments on!! ^^). You also helped me and my friend through a prom emergency through your blog when we couldn't find a place to get our makeup done. You have no idea how much you helped us through that, thank you thank you!! I also love how you use a mix of affordable and high end products in your blog! Some makeup blogs use all these expensive products that I can't afford.
    Your blog has really helped me in many ways. I've always had bad acne. When I read your blog post about how you had bad skin for a long time, it made me feel hope about my own skin.
    I love how positive and encouraging you are to the readers. Even though you're model-gorgeous, you're so personable. Your sincerity and down to earth personality really show through your blog posts. Frmheadtotoe is without a doubt my favorite makeup blog. Thanks for all your hard work!

  159. hey jen, I rly like reading about ur use of products like NYX which is much more affordable! and its good to give asian girls with smaller eyelids an idea of how to put eye makeup!

  160. I love your blog because I just love the depth and breadth of your makeup tutorials. I like that you have virtually every makeup look under the sun on your blog, and you've inspired to be more brave about my makeup choices. Thank you!

  161. I love visiting your blog because its very versatile; from reviews to tutorials to hauls you do much more. You're probably the most unique person and I mean that in a good way. You have grown to a blogger/youtube celebrity but yet you don't let it get to you && I think that's very important. :] Thank you.

  162. Hey Jen :) I really like reading your blog because I'm not that much of a beauty buff but you give me so many great ideas that I would actually try on myself. You seem very honest and genuine and I really admire your sense of style, which I can relate to. I also love all your choices of nailpolish and I'm trying to find some of the colours you use for myself. :)
    So..what I would like to see some more of is...probably fashion and new stuff that you buy. Fashion is always an interesting post for me to read so I'd like to see more of it. Keep writing and blogging! I look forward to reading more of your posts xox

  163. i really like your blog because it's so detailed and helpful. i mean everybody's so busy with their lives but you still take the time to take so many of those detailed photos to upload onto your blog for many other people to see. i am korean and monolid(ed) and i find your eyelid tape tutorials and makeup tutorials very helpful. you really know what you're doing and i love how you introduce people to new products like the EOS adult circle lenses. i just love how your blogs are very thorough and detailed. it looks like you really did take time unlike other people that just throw some pictures and writing onto their blogs.

    i would like to see more tutorials for like the double eyelid tape and monolid tutorials. also more about yourself! it's really nice to read your blogs. i enjoy reading them very much. (:

  164. Hi Jen, i have never actually followed you but i visit your blog usually every 2 days to see if you have any updates. I first found you on soompi i believe as blisskiss, and the thread was about eyelid tape lol. I love that you are dedicated to your blog and is always informative about reviews. i've always admired your skin and found that you were also acne bound and you were the light at the end of the tunnel :) i am grateful for your interest in makeup with you being monolid and finding that there are not that many gurus that are monolids gives us more options :) thank you jen!

  165. To comment letting me know why you like my blog and what you'd like to see more of!

    I loove your blog because your make up + YOU are soo pretty & easy to do, and like me, you wear double eyelid tapes too and helps me follow your makeup much other than other makeup guru's out there :) i always get excited when i see new posts on your blog! also reading about your life // such as your marriaga & photoshoots are super interesting to read & your pictures are sooo pretty :]

    wellll i would like to see more of your FOTD's and eye make up tuts cause, you know they are the BOMB ! thanks soo much :)

  166. Heyy,
    I always turn to your blog when i need an beauty related help. Your my all-time favourite make-up guru! It always seems like you have many more tips up your sleeve : )
    You know so much about beauty and your so beautiful yourself. It's great to see someone who wants to help out others! I love how your posts can be about anything, whether it's a FOTD, swatches, reviews etc. There's always something new I learn about! I also admire how much time and effort you put into making this blog. It must be hard maintaining this blog when you also have work and your personal life to attend to.
    One post i really liked was your wedding make-up tips. I think it's every girls fantasy to have a dream wedding, and at least now when we dream about it.. we know the correct tips on how we should pretty up on that special day lol ^^;;
    I think it's become a routine to check back on your blog routinely. haha.

  167. I like your blog because the picture tutorials really take me step by step without having to watch a long video :D :D

  168. Hi jen, I love your blog because i feel your really down to earth in your blog posts, and the makeup and reviews and looks you do are so inspiring. As the oldest second generation korean in my family,i dont really have anyone older to look up to and ask for fashion advice and i feel i can really relate to your blog and take away lot from it. Your nonbeauty related posts are also touching and inspiring, and your passion for supporting your causes is something i look up to. Another thing that i love is that you also do some monolid makeup looks which is great because i myself have a monolid. thank you so much! If i could suggest anything else for your blog it would be more fashion looks!

  169. Hi Jen!~
    I just can't tell you how thankful I am that your blog exists!~ I live here in the Philippines and eyelid tapes are virtually unheard of that's why your blog has saved me from ignorance!~ I really love all your make-up looks and tutorials, especially that they're for people who wear tapes like me, your blog has been really a big help for people like me who have monolids and don't really know a single thing about make-up.

    I'm really kinda sorry that i haven't been commenting much on your site, call me a silent follower, but still silence can always connote love <3 :P I've been following your blog for quite some time now, and I always feel amused to look at your blog posts because they're really helpful and
    always cute. I actually feel glad that I am able to see the daily life of someone who lives at the other side of the world, thanks to your blog.

    Before I checked out your blog, I really had no idea as to how to go with the tapes nor how am I going to go out of the house with them and I can't believe at how wrong I was doing it back then, but thanks to your blog, I am already doing it right!~ Your blog is really my lifesaver, I just can't imagine how I'd be looking like right now without the tips from your blog.

    But aside from all the make-up tips that you gave that saved me from ignorance, I also love your fun blog topics about your activities, they're actually a good variation to the make-up tutorials. The make up tutorials are lovely, but seeing blog posts about other things amuses me a lot, too.

    I'm already fine with how your blog goes, and I'm looking forward to more blog posts in the future~!

    Thanks a lot Jen!~ MWAH!~ Hope to see more in your blog soon!

  170. Hi Jen! =]
    Usually I don't partake in commenting on blogs or websites because sometimes it seems it "falls on deaf ears" or gets lost somewhere out there in cyberspace.

    But I've been following your blog for a year or so now & have really become a fan. I'd like to thank you for showing a genuine interest in communicating with your readers - in responding to comments and requests no matter how small.

    I love your blog as you are so humble, sincere and honest. Come walk with me - totally blew me away. You help where you can & don't expect anything in return - which is rare to find these days. Your reviews are well prepared, clear, straight to the point and easy to follow. You inspire me daily. As an asian girl as well its great to see someone that embraces it & knows how to accentuate a natural beauty.

    Personally you've introduced me to fab items such as adult circle lens, edm & nyx! I would love to see more of whatever you'd like to share but also fashion/makeup/skin routine~

    Thanks a bunch!! xx JakiJaki

  171. Hi there Jen!! I really love your blog because I feel like I can really relate to you.

    And it doesn't hurt that
    A) I'm also a shortie!
    B) We're the same age
    C) I love your makeup style!!

    I'd really love to see more makeup video tutorials.. that'd be wonderful :)

  172. Hayy Jen! I LOVE your blog simply because you're real. You aren't trying to advertise for a company nor are you doing this for profit. You're giving out really helpful makeup, styling, hair, nail, etc. advice! People have definitely noticed a change for the better in my makeup, it's more subtle and I love it. After reading your posts I've realized that makeup is there to enhance, not coverup! Thank you so much Jen, I look forward to reading your blog :).

  173. Jen <3 I love your blog because you're so nice and helpful. I enjoy all of your tutorials and reviews. Your genuine heart keeps me coming back for more. haha. I really enjoy learning more about you.. that sounds kind of stalkerish since you don't know me. Your kindness and enthusiasm always brightens my day. Keep it up!

  174. Hi!
    I just enjoy reading your blog in general. A lot of your posts like your tutorials are helpful to a beginner like me who is still just learning how to apply makeup and all. Thanks for having such informative and helpful posts! I love it! :)

  175. Hi Jen!

    I've read your blog for some time now and I love your reviews! For asians, makeup is usually applied differntly so your tutorials totally helped me get better at makeup! I'd definitely love to see more tutorials & reviews. Can't ever get enough of those!

    Take care! =]

  176. I love your blog because of all the awesome tutorials and inspirational posts. You seem soo down to earth, like a sister.

    Looking forwards to more makeup/fashion posts.

    thanks so much :)

  177. Hi there! I love your blog because, being Asian (and monolided) and living in Australia, I always found it so hard to figure out how to do my makeup to suit me properly as all the mags and books here don't really cater for Asian features. And being unable to actually read any Chinese or Korean or Japanese, I couldn't find help over in Asia itself. It got to a point where I pretty much gave up on eyeshadows and the like, until I came upon your site. I know there are other places on the web with tutorials for Asian eyes now, but yours are the most easy to follow, with the best step by step pictures. Now I know how best to do my makeup for my monolids and how to play up my unique features. Thanks so much Jen for making that possible =)

  178. i follow through subscribing, do i qualify?

    Anyway, love your blog, do LOVE your FOTDs and also your fashion sense (i still do/cannot believe how petite you are, cos you never look that petite in your pics)

  179. I enjoy reading your blog because of your attitude: you're so positive, strong and genuine! You told us about your skin problems, many bloggers would not do that because it would look like they were just ordinary, mortal people, LOL.

    You do such pretty looks and your product reviews are very interesting. Before I started reading your blog, I wasn't very familiar with e.g. circle lenses and eyelid tape. Also, the products you use are usually easily available and affordable.

    I also love the way you talk about your friends and family, I can sense the love you feel for them! :)

    Much love from Finland! <3

  180. you should've cut your bangs like that a long time ago! it fits your face so nicely, very refreshing look i must say.

  181. Hi Jenn!!
    I love your blog because i love all of your makeup tutorials!! You actually taught me how to wear eyeshadow. :] It's so much easier learning makeup from you because we both have Asian eyes!! Oh, and i also really like seeing the circle lenses you bought, and if even more, when you get them!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your eyeshadow tutorials and hair!! Bye!!

  182. I Love your posts and youtube videos about he konad nail prints and about the eye tapes. They're so cute!! I would like to see more post about monolids tutorials. Keep up the great work!!! =]

  183. Ever since i found you’re blog while surfing the net three months ago, I’ve been hooked. I check your site regularly because your tutorials are so user-friendly. They are easy to follow (the monolid tutorials are the best!) and you speak to you’re followers like friends and try to connect with them which is awesome! I actually feel like you’re talking to me because it feels so natural (especiallt the post about acne because I also suffer from it unfortunately). You make people feel beautiful inside and out with your happy posts! :) The variety in your posts (tutorials, personals, nail stuff, fashion, face) is also so refreshing because you have a little bit of everything! Its great! I hope that in the future you make more posts for monolid eyes because they help me with my makeup troubles so much!!

    Thank you so much and keep posting the great tutorials!! ;)


  184. I like your blog because you take gorgeous pictures and you seem nice.

  185. hi Jen! I've been following your blog on google reader and i just want to say you're absolutely gorgeous! i love you're outfit posts actually. i like the way you layer different colors and textures and it inspires me to think more creatively about my clothes as well. thank you for taking the time to write posts and do tutorials. just wanted to let you know as a reader that i really appreciate the time and effort you spend sharing all this great information with us.

  186. Hi Jen!
    I enjoy reading your blog because your post are informative, clear, entertaining and are consistently great quality! Your gorgeous, kind and so skilled and it always shows through in every post. I'd love to see more tutorials & reviews.

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  187. Hi Jen! I first started watching your YT videos. (I think your aspirin/honey mask one was the first.) As someone who doesn't have very much makeup experience, I really appreciated the time and effort you put into your makeup tutorial videos.

    When I first started reading your blog, I loved how you would include your hauls and other posts like FOTD/konadicures. I also appreciate how you treat your readers/blog followers. When people ask for monolid looks, you try to accommodate.

    In the future, I would just say please keep on doing what you're doing...producing high quality video tutorials and blog entries that show how down-to-earth and real you are. I would enjoy any makeup tutorials you have, and any makeup recommendations (which brands are good for what, what brushes to get, etc).

  188. Hello hello :D I've actually been following via google reader this whole time anyways, but figured it won't hurt to follow "officially". I LOVE your blog. In fact, it's one of the few I actually follow religiously on my reader and must click whenever I see an update. I like how your blog doesn't just cater to makeup, but also lets us sneak peeks into your life. In fact, your engagement and wedding posts were delightful!

    Overall, just keep updating with eclectic mixes of posts (i.e. modeling shoots, life updates, fotds, outfits) and I'll be a very happy camper.

    Oh, oh, oh (sorry, my mind jumps all over the place)... my favorite post so far was your wedding makeup post. I love how it's a tutorial geared towards a specific event that most of us girls are going to be going through eventually! Maybe you can apply the idea to other events (i.e. clubbing, back to school, business meeting, dinner with friends, etc.)

    Thanks for creating this amazing blog <3

  189. Halo =]
    I havent followed your blog before, because i bookmarked it and come on at least once a week to check whether you have updates. But now i'll officially follow your blog.

    I like to read your blog because i really admire you. You don't feel ashamed of being tiny and you have high confidence in yourself. (becoz i always looked at a negative way that i am tiny myself.. i never had confidence and feel ashamed when people keep telling me how short i am...) You are not afraid to let people know you are not actually double eyelidded or only sometimes or even monolidded... you provide great looks with your makeup styles and you show your love to your readers. Furthermore, i love your modelling and wedding photos.

    Mostly, i like to read simple makeup tutorials, good recommendations to skincare and looking at fabulous modelling and fashion photos. ^^
    Keep it up! i look forward to your different blog updates~~~

  190. I love reading your blog because of your positive energy.

    your makeup tutorials are interesting and very thorough.
    AAAND you seem to love color contacts as much as I do!

  191. hey jen :) i love your blog because of your fearless personality to express yourself about makeup, fashion, and your personal life (and much more!) i also love that you post videos and show us a look into your personal life and let others know that they are all beautiful. Your makeup tutorials help people feel more confident about themselves and unique. i just love your blog!

    i can't think of what else to ask for, because you do a good job covering all the topics i'm interested in. i guess just keep doing what you're doing now!


  192. I love your blog because of you! haha. I've only recently discovered your blog, and I first started reading because I liked your sense of style. As I read more of your entries I grew to respect and admire your honesty, self confidence, and sense of humor as well. And your posts are always so in-depth and helpful; it shows you really care about this blog and your readers. And I'm perfectly happy with whatever you decide to post. Just stay awesome. XD

  193. hi Jen. I like your blog because when i read your blog, it gives me an encourage and inspiration to improve myself. All your entries are awesome and fun to read. i would like to see more posts about skin care and eye make-up tutorial on mono eyelids.
    thank you. xoxo

  194. anyo a say o! (lol, that was the best impression of korean i could do on the computer, it's supposed to say hi). I absolutely love your blog not only because it is filled with knowledge that all girls would love to know, but also because it has a more personal feel. Everytime I read your blog I actually laugh and can relate. It's almost like having a big sister give me some cool beauty tips. But the most important reason why I started following your blog was less about the beauty part and more about confidence and self-esteem. It seems like plastic surgery is on the rise everywhere, especially double eyelid surgery in Asia. I wear double eyelid tape, too and deep down I've always felt kind of ashamed of having to wear them and felt like I was obligated to get the surgery. But after reading your blog I've learned to embrace the way I am and treat double eyelid tape just as another beauty tool. I'm sure your blog has influenced many people to reconsider staying natural versus undergoing surgery, and to reassure people that as long as you are confident with yourself, your true inner beauty will shine.
    thanks Jen! You truly do make people's days just by being you. :)

    p.s. your blog is the first one I've ever followed in my life! hehe.

  195. OOPS! oh yeah, and I would like to see more of eye makeup tutorials using eyelid tape. hehe. <3

  196. Hi Jen!
    I love your blog because you have very easy to follow tutorials. I also like how you use a mix of cheap and expensive products so I can actually afford to buy the products that you recommend. I would love to see more tutorials and reviews of the make up/skin care products that you use. And perhaps and tutorial on photography for blogs? I've always wondered how you get such clear photos for your site.

  197. hey jen!!! been following your blog for just over a year now. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I'm a double lidder, but i've got the same eye shape as you [with tape on haha] So this is an AMAZING place to get new eye makeup ideas when i'm stuck in a rut. Your so creative with your ideas. I love experimenting at home, but i'll never have the confidence to start a blog on it. Thank you for creating this!!

    I've been away from following your blog for awhile. Finally caught up now!! I'm soooo happy that your into Konad as well!!!! I'm like the only person in my city who know's about it. I have to travel 4 hrs away to toronto to buy konad though, so i'm EXTREMELY grateful for that site you posted for buying konad!! My search is fInAlLy over!!

    I'd looooove it if you blogged some more about your konadicures!! I'll have a better idea of what plates i want to get next!!

  198. Hey Jen :) I loooove your blog because your so honest and I also love the way you do makeup. I definetly get alot of inspiration from the looks you do. Your reviews are always extremely helpful I found your blog because of your reviews lol. Lastly your absolutely BEAUTIFUL inside and out! :)

  199. I love the great quality pictures and you are beautiful =) I would love to see more picture tutorials! Thanks!!

  200. I love reading your blog because of your helpful tutorials and your genuine and heartfelt way of writing about what's going on in your life. It makes this blog so much more real, and it's great that we know that there IS a real person behind the blog. I also love how you're petite, because I am too, and the outfits you post are also very helpful!
    I'd love to see more posts with drugstore cosmetics because being frugal AND using makeup is kind of hard. Keep blogging, because everyone loves your posts!