Christian Siriano Is Really An Elf

5:18 PM

Oh man, I'm so sinfully tired it's not even funny. I've been SO incredibly exhausted lately from work and life. I'm really looking forward to having a few days off for Thanksgiving. I was originally going to have tomorrow off work but looks like I'll still have to go in. :P Oh well, gotta make the dolla bills, right? Woo hoo for holiday pay!

Maybe I won't feel as guilty for thinking of getting a DSLR for Christmas. It would be so awesome! I borrowed my mom's Canon XSi and it takes amazing pics, so sharp and the colors are brilliant. I'll have to post up comparison pics soon. :D

Anyways, I know I promised a while ago that I would share my experience of meeting Christian Siriano and getting a shoe signed. For those of you who don't know, Christian was the fabulous winner of season 4 of Project Runway. He currently has been promoting a new book and low-cost shoe and handbag line at Payless (where I got my stuff signed) and will be debuting a makeup line for Victoria's Secret soon, which I am super excited for! Ferosh!

The signing itself really wasn't too amazing, just shuffling through a long line and getting a pic with him but I just had to share anyway because I wanted to show you all how tiny he is. XD

Ok, to give you some context, I am around 4'10" which basically means he is an elf.

I think we might weigh the same as well. Darn, I should've asked him where he buys his jeans!

I know my face looks huge here, OK?? I am right handed so the whole thing came out awkward. XD He has a tiny elf face. Oh, and when he signed his photo, he wrote FIERCE LOVE. Haha, I love it.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I was so happy to meet him! Lol, you can see it here in this pic I got from my friend. Candids always tell the truth. XD

And here is my one teeny little stalker contribution. As I was waiting in line I saw his bags. Omg, jealous. Gold star to anyone who can name what they are. ;)

And here is the signed shoe I got. It's one of the boots from his line. Sorry, the pic is yucky since I took it with my cell, but pretty cool nonetheless, right?

Waaaaahhh, okay for real. I will post an actual tutorial next time. But for now, shower and SLEEP! One more day of work then happy Thanks-giving family time! Yay!!


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  1. he is a fabulous designer! the bag and shoes are fab!

  2. He IS an ELF! I never really noticed until you mentioned it haha. Beautiful booties =) I loved watching him on that season of project runway!!

  3. Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall on the bottom
    Gucci on top. there's the green & red web bow on the front near thhe handle and also the zipper puller. if you look closely, you can see the interlocking Gs printed lining. (it's def not Fendi)

  4. OMG H2T and Siriano BFF!!!!
    Seriously, you two look like a pretty little miniature doll set. I adore C.S. he was so adorable on PR!!

  5. Hehehehe, how cute! Must have been a blast meeting him - he seems like such a fun guy! I love that he signed "fierce love" LOL!

  6. kyaa he's so cute!^^ And his smile is huge and killer! *_*
    Will you wear the boots? I wouldn't dare to >.< I'd keep it safe so the sign would never fade HEHE

  7. Awe so jealous! You're right he's so tiny, so adorable!
    Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo Jolie

  8. hehe your face looks fine, don't worry ^^

    take some rest :p

  9. Awww!!! I LOVE him! Your face doesn't look big to face is ALWAYS huge!

  10. omg u get to meet him!!! how cool is that! im a shortie too! im 4'11 hehe!

  11. Hi Jen!
    first time commenting although i've been reading your blog for very long :)

    christian siriano is so awesome! cuteish elfish look!
    aww u look fine! have a good rest!! =)

  12. Fab boots you have there, and I think Christian's signature makes them look Fierce!! :)

  13. Those booties are SO HAWT. Loves it. & Christian is so adorable!

  14. Oh man, I can't believe you got to meet Christian Siriano! He's such an amazing designer. I watched him on Project Runway. That was an exciting season, then again, all of them are. Lol.

    I'd be scared to ever wear those boots again. Lol. xD

  15. aw lucky! he was one of my fav. contestants on project runway . !!!

    haha u look so happy meeting him :)

  16. your face still looks small!

  17. christian sirano already debuted his makeup line at vs..haha but wow he seems so cool.

  18. OMG I love him!!!! so jelous <3