Preppy Outfits and Pre-Bangs

11:45 AM

So I realized that since I cut my bangs, I have a lot of back-logged photos that I need to catch up on posting. LOL. I'll try to get the majority of them up soon so that I don't look crazy going back and forth with bangs and no bangs. Most likely, it will hop back and forth anyway so please disregard any random hair changes.

I am really one of those Dolly Surprise dolls from the late 80's/early 90's where you pump the arm and their hair magically grows.

So anyway, I have two outfits for you guys today that lean a little preppy. Maybe not traditionally preppy, but my own version of preppy. ;)

Here's what I used for the first look:
* Stila Pearl Palette (purple and golden-white)
* Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Electric
* Lancome Photogenic Concealer in Camee
* Maybelline lippy in Pink Please

Also, using Wonder Eyelid Tape here. Purple shadow is patted on top of Electric blue eyeliner.

Preppy outfit #1:
Collared shirt - Hollister, Grey boyfriend cardigan - F21, Purple tank dress - Marshall's, Grey leggings - F21, Belt - vintage, Bag - Coach, Shoes - BCBGirls

My second look I unfortunately didn't take a photo of what I used so I can't remember, but I thought I'd post anyway. :P I believe it was a "natural" take on this post on DSK jewelry.

Close-up. I really love lining the lower lash line with purple.

Who doesn't love bathroom pics? XD
Not sure if you can see here, but instead of a traditional pomp, I twisted my hair and pinned it to the side.

Preppy outfit #2:
Denim blazer - Abercrombie kids, Sweater dress - Bitten, Leggings - Target, Booties - Me Too

Now, I gotta say Coach isn't my favorite brand but it is really nice for classic looks like this. And leggings are a must for wearing dresses in colder weather. Petites can't really afford to wear dresses that fall below their knees at any season and I prefer mine short for a longer leg line.

Both of these looks work well because there is a nice structure going on in the upper-half of the body. Key points are the belt in the first look and the jacket in the second. They both are a couple of my favorite ways to easily pull a look together.

Everyone remember to enter my HG giveaway, which is open to everyone for just a couple more days! I apologize if anyone is having trouble entering, but if you ever have trouble try right-clicking the page and "open in a new window" and it will hopefully work. My site has some glitches sometimes but hopefully I can make a new blog layout in the near future where there won't be so many bugs. ^^

That's it for now, hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Lovely, lovely outfits! You are SUPER gorgeous ;) I love BCBG shoes btw-they are so comfy!

  2. Beautiful eye makeup! Can I ask, are you lining the bottom waterline the lash line? Thanks =)

  3. LOL @ dolly surprise... and loves your style! the lining of the lower line = I like!

  4. Gemma: Aw, thank you! And I KNOW about BCBGirls... They are really comfy! I can wear these all day and night. :D

    Babybubblz: Thanks! I usually just line the actual lash line instead of the waterline, since my eyes are a bit sensitive. Looks like I did a bit of a messy job here and it got on my waterline too but it wasn't intentional! I find that for the most part with more natural looks, lining the lash line opens your eyes up more than the waterline. :)

    Dana: Aww, hehe. Dolly surprise is so creepy, isn't it? That's Kirsten Dunst in the commercial I linked too!

  5. aww i luv the outfits and the makeup <3 .. u look so pretty as always ^_-

  6. hi jen! you said you use the graftobian warm palette...can you tell me what color you use cause im also nc30 and i'm not what color i would be if i would be a vixen, enchantress, or temptress...i would greatly appreciate you helping me :) since they don't take returns off of camera ready cosmetics. :)

  7. Jen, I got the wonder eyelid tapes today!!!! I'm scared to try them! wish me luck!

  8. I love ur hair style too.. totally suits ur pretty makeup :)

  9. Love both looks! I am definitely going to try layering my white sundress like your second outfit - tres chic! :D

  10. tmango: thank you, thank you! ^^

    Anonymous: I'm really sorry but the palette isn't named by color... I usually just mix foundations to match whoever I'm working on. So sorry I can't help. >.<

    Stephanie: Good luck! Haha... Don't give up if it doesn't work the first time, it has a learning curve. ;)

    BlovetBeauty: Lol, thank you. Sadly, this was before I cut my bangs but thank you still. ^^

    Catherine: OOh, cute! Can't wait to see!

    DSK Steph: I have a feeling I use them more than you do though. LOL!

  11. love all your outfit looks, you look super adorable!!! I am jealous you get to shop at AF kids or any kid sized clothing, they usually have the most adorable pieces and very reasonable prices too! I can never find anything from the kids section that fits, except form maybe the boy's section, which won't work LOLLLLL

  12. you always do the prettiest eye looks! :D

  13. Aww..I love your make-up!
    now---i really want to buy wonder eyelids..^____________^
    i'm starting to be a real lady, thanks to your tutorials..^^

  14. yay for fashion posts<3 love it!