Meeeeeeeeeeerrrryyy Christmas!!! :D :D :D

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I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and holiday season! I know the East coast got a ton of snow a week or two ago but MAN we really got hit hard on Christmas day. It really was a white Christmas. I had so much fun spending time with my family and actually got snowed in overnight with hubs' family. The roads were just ridiculous for a while because the snow got so thick. I literally saw 7 abandoned cars on various streets while going to hubs's parents' to my aunt's and back. Like just covered in snow, abandoned because they got stuck somewhere. I wanted to take pics but the roads were too dangerous for us to slow enough for pics. :P

Hehe, I guess safety comes first. WHATEVER.

So anyway, I wanted to share some pics that I've taken over the last few days. Just a warning, there are tons. I'm still getting used to my cam so please be kind as I'm no skilled photographer. ^^

I'll start off with an obligatory sel-ca (self cam) shot. Gotta wear that sparkly for the holidays! The sequin tank is part of my recent Forever 21 haul. :D Just went super laid back and natural for makeup this year.

Here is my car's mascot, a chilly-looking bumble bee Mashimaro.

Some yummy hot cocoa made from scratch

Some of my favorite decorations:

This was a surprise Christmas pressy I got for hubs. We call him Jingle Bear and he is the best ebay-bought bear puppet ever. He is constantly squinting and grimacing and is a joyful addition to the family. Jingle Bear is wearing my earmuffs to keep his ears warm (in case you were wondering why).

Cute light-up moose at the in-laws'

All of the cute puppies at the in-laws' house!




And sister-in-law's beautiful girl, Davey, with her nose in the snow

God's own beautiful Christmas decorations

How ridiculously cool are snowflakes? For those of you who don't often get snow, snow doesn't always fall in these pretty flakes. Most of the time they are just small pellets or chunks. These were perfect conditions for pretty, crystallized snowflakes. ^^

It was snowing SOOO hard!

Decorating snowy cars

Yay, finally home. :D

I hope you all had a lovely holiday this year surrounded by those you love. Please tell me what you did because I'd love to hear about it!

Merry Christmas everyone!

PS- My gift to you this year is some eye candy: my good friend and wedding photographer, Kassia, started a beauty/photography blog so visit, bookmark, and follow her because her work is simply charming and you won't regret it! ;)

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  1. I have to agree that spending time with the family over the Christmas holidays is just the best... It's the best to catch up on the year's happenings and whatnot. It definitely looks like you had a great time :) Bet you're looking forward to New Year's now hahahaha... A lil late ... but MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR coming up heheheeh...

  2. you look soooo amazing in that photo! and your haaaair*love*

  3. Those christmas decorations at your husband's house are seriously pretty. :o And you captured it well! Especially love the 'God's own beautiful Christmas decorations' photo :D

    Despite being snowed in, it does look like you were having such a great time :D

  4. i hate it when it snows the day before christmas and then its dry or rains on christmas day D:

    i love the moose!
    and omg! rosco has the prettiest eyes!

  5. first off, you are incredibly gorgeous. For a moment there I thought I was looking at an editorial photo!

    Merry Christmas! :)

  6. Merry christmas to you dear! You look gorgeous and I love the natural make up you've done :)

  7. Those pups look so cute! And Hello Kitty couldn't look happier hanging out in your Christmas tree. :)


  8. aww, the pictures are really nice
    merry x'mas

  9. Hey, What kind of Canon do you use?
    Your pictures are adorable by the way =D

  10. oh how i miss the snow! if you look closely at snow when it falls,the tiny particles are actually the snowflakes. i didnt' know that til my friends told me lol

  11. Yay pretty pictures!
    You're gorgeous!
    I love the pictures of the dogs and the faces drawn in on the snow. :D

    This Christmas, I went over to my grandma's house for an extended family dinner. Always nice. :)

  12. Congrats on your new camera! I still remember when I got my first dslr. I saw your pix on Kassia's blog, they were beautiful, she is so talented.

  13. ok how cute is that bumble bee mashimaro!!! and your hair looks absolutely gorgeous girl! love the curls on you...


  14. your pictures are lovely and you're so prettyyy!

  15. I just found your blog yesterday after googling videos for smokey eyeshadow looks for "monolids" (I didn't even know there was a name for that until yesterday!). I've been randomly clicking around on posts, like the ones on eyelid tape (I didn't even know that existed), bridal makeup (beautiful wedding shots!) and skincare. Your tips are definitely helpful.

    I have a couple of Qs: (1) Just out of curiosity, are you fluent in Korean? (2) I love your hair color in the 09/04/08 post "New Job + Solotica Hidrocharme Ice". What's it called? Also, (3) can you recommend (a) a waterproof/smudgeproof mascara and (b) inexpensive concealer and angled eyeliner brushes?

    Thanks so much! (And sorry in advance if you've already answered these questions before. :/ )

  16. Wow the snow is sooo pretty!
    I love your christmas ornaments esp. Hello Kitty!

    I see you figured out the other lens. :D


    P.S. Yep you are waaay too sweet!

  17. these pictures are so adorable! i like the one by the fire place the most. and once again, you are as pretty as ever!

  18. Beautiful photos! All the dogs are sooo cute! What kind of camera do you use? I need to try and invest in a good one. Happy Holidays!

  19. first off, you're so gorgeous! and you have a great personality xD i love youre blog and i LOVE the snow! it snowed where i lived but it all melted in like...a day :\ hahah snowy cars... CUTE DOGGIESSS.

  20. Awww, Merry Christmas! Love the photos - they're beautiful!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year too!

  21. Aw great photos!

    The dachshunds are adorable. I've had 3 of them. =)

  22. Anonymous and The Muses: I use a Canon XSI. :)

    CC: Thanks so much!! I'm glad you find the blog informative. As for your questions, 1. semi-fluent. I don't speak with the depth of vocabulary of a native, but I do understand and converse as well as read and write. 2. I'm not sure about the haircolor. I don't color my hair often and when I do it's just brownish highlights! 3a. Covergirl Lash Exact Waterproof is my fav. 3b. concealer depends on what you want to conceal but MAC select cover-up is a nice all-around concealer. Angled eyeliner brush, I really love the Avon Ergonomic Eye Liner brush. :)

    Kassia: Aww, I just realized you are missing our snow since you are in TX! Hopefully you can still see some when you get back. ^^

  23. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Christmas and photos with us!

  24. When I went to Utah, I saw my first snowflake-- I never realized until then that snowflakes actually look... like snowflakes! Beautiful.

    Those dogs are darling!

  25. Merry belated xmas Jen!<3 Looking lovely as usual ^^ Gorgeous photos, doggies are so cute ^^ The pix of snowflakes are sooo pretty! I wish it would snow here in Hawaii XP

  26. Nothing beats a white Christmas!

    Your snow/car art is so cute haha it made me smile!

    I'm glad you had a great holiday (apart from seeing all those poor cars stuck in the snow!)

    Your inlaws have a daschund! I have one too, her name is Heidi and she's 10 :)

    I miss her a lot because she live with my parents all the way in Michigan.

    Thanks for sharing pics of the doggies, I love dogs!

  27. Great pictures. I love the self portrait with your camera. And the puppies are soooo cute.

  28. wow the weather is beautiful there!
    i wish california was like that...=/

  29. I am so happy you had a cozy, relaxing holiday, you deserve it! We still havent seen all the family due to the weather conditions! Your new camera is taking some wonderful images!
    Hope to see you soon! xoxo Jolie

  30. aww beautiful christmas photos!! Im glad you had a wonderful christmas as well! <3 I love your first photos so beautiful <3

  31. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos you took during your Christmas celebration with family! hehe you think about taking pics to share with us, which means you're thinking about us! <33 lol...if not, then my deduction is lame! lol...anyway, I hope you had a restful, relaxing, wholesome, warm and beautiful Christmas with family! I love all the stockings that were hung up and ESPECIALLY...THE SNOW!! Beautiful landscape and you did an awesome job photographing it with your new dslr! :P I realllyy enjoyed the snow faces you made on the cars--super cutee! hehe :)

    Just in case you don't post again until after the 1st, I wish you a Happy New Year! (if you do make another post before then, I will comment again with another different New Year regards!)

    <3 caroline

    ps. got any plans to ring in the New Year? ;P

  32. You are so beautiful, Merry belated Christmas :)

    Sorry I just HAD to comment.