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Ahhh, I had an amazing weekend spending time with one of my best friends, Hannah (the same girl who did the amazing hair from this post). She's one of the most creative people I know and I can't express how much I appreciate being inspired both artistically and spiritually. I really think that one of the best ways to stay happy and healthy is to surround yourself with friends who are good people and love you for who you are. Even if it takes 6 hour drives to see each other sometimes. ;) Thank you so much for staying with us Hannah, I love you!!!

Speaking of loving friends, I wanted to share with everyone this amazing love package I received from the very talented and loving Eki of ekimura.blogspot.com and her kawaii shop, ekilove.com.

First of all, I'd like to mention that Eki has the most amazing packaging of any online shops I've seen. She's always telling me that she is putting her packages together and you can see why they take so much time! It's because she puts so much love and thought into each one. Lots of cute tissue paper, ribbons, and pearlescent business cards.

Here is what I received (minus the flower headband). And OMG ume candies on the right! I am obsessed now! They are a salty, sour, sweet plum candy and I am making another Japanese friend of mine bring me back some from Japan because of these. XD

The gorgeous love lock earrings!

Burt's Bees Pomegranate Oil lip balm (I love this stuff!), Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel samples, and sparkly nailpolish!!!! She knows how much I love polish. :D

And a collagen crystal eye mask and My Beauty Diary mask. I can't wait to try this mask everyone has been talking about!

And of course I saved the best for last, a handmade Nintendo DS case, perfect for my pink DS. What can I say? I'm a big nerd. (I highly recommend Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton games ;) Ahh, look at the gorgeous charms!

Super cute pink bow <3

DS fits perfectly. And it matches too.

Such good handmade craftsmanship, with pleats in the back.

Even has a pocket in the back, and everything was lined with nice fabric. I was really impressed.

My mug with my new kawaii ds pouch!

Super adorable lavender flower headband, also from her shop

And here are the Love Lock earrings, worn. This one is style "C".

And style "B".

Ahhhh, Eki thank you so much! I can't wait until you get my love package too! :D

Again, if you like these please visit http://www.ekilove.com/ and support the revolution of kawaiiness!

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  1. OMG. Jen.
    These are all so cute!
    gotta love fun, educational games. right? ;)
    Eki definitely seems like someone who puts her time and care into her items! Too bad the Love Lock earrings are sold out :(
    But I definitely look forward to buying from her! Thanks for the post! :)

  2. I love love her creations! Super excited for my latest order to come in hehe >< Looking gorgeous as usual, and the DS case is super cute!!

  3. That is THE BEST and CUTEST DS case I have ever seen! I also love Professor Layton =) The storyline of the latest one was a bit weird, but puzzles were still fun.

  4. i love love love that burts bees lipbalm! i even have one stuck under my bed which i haven't fished out yet, i'm too scared to crawl under my bed cause i'm claustrophobic haha!

  5. Gorgeous! I love Eki's pouches and accessories - her worksmanship is soooo beautiful!

  6. Those are my favorite candies! I used to be able to find them all over the place around here, but now I have to make a special trip in SF to find them (which makes me sad. I could go through a bag in a week, easy). That reminds me, I need to make a trip, hehe.

    That's a lovely DS case (and earrings, hehe).

  7. Kawaii!! is all I can say. =3

  8. Hi Hun! thanks for making a post about my creations! XD Im happy you had great time with your BFF!! I lOve the photos!! cant wait to see your photoshoot with her ! :D <3<3

  9. OMG!!! Complete and utter cuteness!!! Eki makes the prettiest girly things! Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

  10. haha I didn't know you play Nintendo too! ^_~

    Eki's the best, I love her & her store. Everything is soo cute! lol about to head over there right now to see if she has anything new :)

    Hope you had a great weekend Jen!

  11. I love Eki's blog and her products! I never bought any but once I find something I really like, I will splurge, trying to save money for presents. I don't know where you live butif there is a Mitsuwa near you, those ume candy [the one with the woman], can be bought from there. I bought mine there. I also bought ume candies from the Asian [Chinese] supermakers. Hopefully, you can find some there so you don't have to wait for your friend to come back from Japan. By the way, I love Phoenix and Layton games. I can't wait for the third Layton to come out. I really wish they would make a movie; I love the style of the art in the games. :) Can you recommend any other games?

  12. Adriana: I love fun, educational games! puzzle games are great. you should definitely order something from Eki when it comes back in stock! :D

    e.motion in motion: ooh, you should post about yours when it comes in too! ^^ I can't wait to see.

    Babybubblz: I know! It's so much better than the one I had before. I was looking far and wide for a cute DS case without much luck until now. :D

    xphoebelinax: aww, haha. maybe you should try using a backscratcher or a long stick to fish it out. XD

    Kaoru: I'll have to check at my local Asian market. mmmm, ume candy. :D

    Eki: Ahh, they didn't turn out that great because I ran out of batteries on my dslr! I used my snapshot and it was blurry but too late so I'm just gonna post the bad pics. hehe. thank you so much for the goodies!!! <3

    Steph: I haven't much lately but I do have fun with my games once in a while! Hubby is the big gamer so I gotta partake sometimes. ;)

    omelette: Yeah, I should check locally. I never saw it before but maybe I just didn't know what it was. As for games, I really recommend My Sims, Cooking Mama, and Zoo Keeper. :D But I like all of the Phoenix Wright series the best!

  13. I just placed an order with her for a black alice bag-- I'm super excited ;). Nice goodies there!

  14. Woahhhh the DS case is soooo cute! It's like no one would even know there would be a DS inside :) The earrings look very lovely on you! I might get a pair XD They're so pretty!


  15. This dotted pouch is awesome *.*

  16. Eki is the Best!! and you are too! 2 of my most favorite beauty blogger girlies!! love you two!!<33 hehe I haven't bought anything from Eki yet, but I really want to...I've been eyeing her hair bows and headband creations since she first debuted them in her store. I also want to buy a ton of stuff from DSK, but it has been a tough year financially for me, so I've cut back on a lot of spending. :'( No splurges on things like jewelry and accessories even though I really want to and have been tempted so many times! :'( hopefully 2010 will be a better year, so that I can spend again!<3 For now, I'll just drool over things I want and make note of all them so that I'll be ready to order when the time comes! Love your cute little DS case! SUPER kawaii! :)

  17. Lucky you :) i have a pink ds too, but not such a cute case!!

  18. I've also been bugging Eki to make wristlets-- OMG. I'd buy so many. :X Especially the ones with clear pocket as ID holders.

  19. Eki creates the cutest sparkly jewelry. Very pretty!