A little Pupu, A little HQCD Jewelry

6:20 PM

You know, it's funny how things work out sometimes. I've been feeling pretty stripped lately. Just pushed to the edge, tired, stressed, and at the same time trying to be really supportive of my husband. My makeup tends to reflect my mood. I don't wear much makeup when I feel like this so when I came across these pics I took a couple weeks ago where I was pretty bare-boned (just concealer, blush, light wash of shadow, copper pencil liner, and light mascara) it felt well-suited for how I feel today. Not really negative, but just bare.

Hopefully with a bit of vacation time coming up and a little quality time with my new DSLR lens (17-85mm f4-5.6 I found a good deal on from Craigslist) I won't feel so... whatever this feeling is. Frozen?

Anyway, here's my face. I'm wearing my favorite Lancome Photogenic concealer in Camee, Urban Decay 24/7 liners in Zero and Lucky, and a pale golden browbone highlight color. Mascara is Covergirl Lash Exact. My lips have nothing on here, they are just stupid crazy pigmented. :3

And on my cheeks is the Kevin Beautymaker Love Pupu Cheek I bought from Sasa recently. Omg, it's so cute! I got the matte hot pink color.

The packaging is ridiculously adorable, like Hello Kitty.

The only downside is that it's super tiny. Don't let online pics fool you, my finger barely fits in the ribbon loop and I've got slender fingers!

I do love my matte hot pink blushes. It gives a natural, "I've just been running outside in winter" kind of flush that you just don't get from the corals and peaches. Oh, by the way I'm wearing some amazing earrings from He Qi Crystal Designs in this pic!

Bad angle of my face, but a better angle of the blush color and earring. ^^

Oooh, sparkly

Lisa heard me say that I liked these earrings and sent them to me. Seriously thoughtful or what? It was a happy early birthday present for me. ^^

If you want to check out more of Lisa's very high-quality handmade sterling silver and Swarovski crystal jewelry, check out her blog at http://hqcdblog.blogspot.com/ and jewelry shop at http://heheproductions.ecrater.com/. Tell her Jen says hi if you order. ^^

Oh, and I wanted to mention that I got the Wonder Eyelid Tapes in from Japan! I haven't taken proper pics of them yet but I did want to say that I'm wearing them in these pics. If you want to order some before it's REALLY up, they are $17.50 shipped within the US per pack. Just shoot me an e-mail at frmheadtotoe@gmail.com and I'll reserve one for you. :)

OH x2! I had a nice birthday! Thank you so much for your birthday wishes, it's really been cheering up my mood lately. I mostly relaxed but I did have a nice dinner with the parents who let me order this amazing steak + lobster dinner. I felt so spoiled. XD

Half-eaten dinner pics! -drool- I eat lobster like once every -2 years so it was a really nice treat. ^O^

Obligatory free dessert. I am talented and blew out all the candles.

One last reminder, don't forget to enter the Sequin Cardigan Giveaway! It is the giving time of the year, after all.  :)

Okay seriously time for me to go eat something and hang out with my amazing husband. Goodnight everyone!

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  1. ooooh i never wear blush, but i must admit that one is sooooo cute!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday!

    Those bow and heart earrings are so cute! And that dessert looks insanely good! Yum!

  3. ohmygod...you are sooo pretty!

  4. Jen,

    I don't know if you remember me, but I met you at Oak Park Mall when you purchased the American Apparel dress on eBay. Hope the dress worked out, and hope you're doing well.

    I wanted to thank you for being so good about updating your blog-- I really enjoy reading it! You always look amazing, and I especially love the looks you do with colored contacts. The contacts are absolutely stunning on you. I am constantly showing my friends your pictures with the contacts to encourage them to get colored contacts.

    Anyway, I wanted to let you know that you encouraged me to start my own blog, leakybuckets.blogspot.com. If you have a moment, I would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions on the blog. Also, I moved to NYC, so if you are ever in the city, feel free to send me a message, and we can meet up!

    All the best,

  5. Yeah my makeup reflects my mood too. When I'm moody I don't even bother with it nor my clothes and I am pretty sure my classmates thinks I'm weird because one day I can be dress to the nines and the next like I just got spit out from the clothes dryer lol.

    How much is the blush btw? What other blushes do you rec (I missed the rock&republic sale D: ) cuz I'm on the search for a good blush. what shades do you recommend for me too?

    OOH LOBSTER OM NOM NOM. I think I haven't ate lobster in 5 years :3

  6. wow the blush is so cute! looks great on you ^___^
    your skin looks really beautiful!
    wow the food look so good! but my stomach cant handle lobster so ever since i tried it i never eat it again XD

  7. I think you look lovely & always look lovely Jen (: I know what you mean about not caring about appearances when you're down... whenever I'm not wearing makeup, I make sure I stay at home lol! XD Aw and that blush is so cute!!

    Super lovely earrings, and looks like your bday was greeat, yum (;

  8. Oooooooh that is such a cute blush!!! Hope that and your vacation will lift your mood - I know it can be really stressful being caught between so many things at once!

    Gorgeous earrings and delicious looking bday dinner too!!! Glad you had a good one. =)

  9. Oh I love your "bare" look! And the blush is super cute and looks good on skin too! ^.^
    And the jewelry! sparkly and pretty! ^.^

  10. I got the love pupu cheek colour in orange from Sasa months ago and LOVE IT!!! But you're right... when I opened up the white box that blush tin was just tiny as... hahahhaha...either way since it's so pigmented I'm sure a little goes a long way right? haahahaha...

  11. You look great no matter what. We all go through those phases of feeling 'bare' and can def relate =) Glad you had a great birthday and I love hot pink blushes too, after discovering that NYX's Pinky blush lifted my face SO much on days that I was feeling bone-tired and 'blah.' Thanks for sharing and all the best!

  12. Great to hear you had a nice b-day! Your dinner looks sooo good...hehe. :)

    The bling looks super lovely and congrats on your new DSLR lens! I know what you mean about the whole "frozen" feeling too. Good thing the holidays are around the corner!

  13. Well, at least you still have the energy to do that. When I feel like that, screw the makeup. I'm bare, meaning ZERO makeup.

  14. Happy belated bday =)

    The blush is so cute! I love that 'just came from outdoors' flush too. A cool toned pink is my fav for the winter. I'm relying on Smashbox's soft lights in prism for that.

  15. Do you have a bit of the winter holiday stress?? Whatever it is, I hope you're feeling okay. Hang in there, Jen!

    Good to hear you had a good bday! You deserve to be treated well ;)

  16. I like her jewelry, these earrings are pretty :p

  17. AHHH!! Happy Belated Birthday, Jen!! :O I'm so sorry I missed it!! grr...I had a 2 finals around the time of your birthday, so I totally forgot to wish you a good one! However, I'm really happy to see that you had a lovely evening with your parents and husband. :) That's one GORGEOUS and mighty TASTY looking dinner you got there in that photo! ;P

    My mood reflects my makeup too! Actually, when I'm SUPER tired or feeling really crappy, I just don't wear makeup at all--ghastly, I know. It's those times that I stay home and hole up and avoid going out at all costs, unless there's something really pressing that absolutely needs my attention and I have no choice but to go out barefaced. If I'm lazy, but want to look "decent" in public, then I'll just put concealer and blush on...and maybe eyeliner. hehe. You look pretty no matter what, natural makeup or Diva Glam and all made up! :D

    Pretty earrings, too, btw! I notice you've got a thing for danglies! :P Anyway, love you!! Hope you feel better and that your vacation will be exactly the R&R that you need to rejuvenate yourself for the New Year! Get excited. The holidays are here! ^_^

    <3 Caroline

  18. Happy belated Birthday beautiful!
    I love natural looking make-up. It's always nice to take a break and change things up from time to time.

  19. the jewelry looks sweet and so does the blush!

  20. I've got to say... I think you having less makeup on like this makes you look even better. I LOVE IT!! :) you really look gorg. you look really fresh, bright, and glowy without the layers of makeup! very very pretty<3 :)

  21. Ahh, don't worry... your lips are barely pigmented in comparison to mine.
    Mine are so pigmented people usually think I'm wearing some kind of bright pink lipstick.
    It was worse when I was younger (teens). They were so red people thought I was either
    a) wearing my mom's red lipstick
    b) bleeding.
    In any case.. can't believe you're married!

  22. happy belated birthday! i am a december gal too. i wish you all the best, especially more good job vibe to your DH!

  23. waaahh that blush is cute!!!
    it's like Hello-Kitty's ribbon on its case ^____^

  24. I really like your makeup in theses photos.