Color Tag by Eki: Pink!

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Lol, I've been meaning to post this for a while. You remember a couple months back when lots of bloggers were tagging each other to post 7 items they had that were the specified color? Yeah that's right, you probably DON'T remember because it was such a long time ago. It just goes to show how much of a procrastinator I've been about it. I had the photos all ready to post and forgot about it. XD

So anyway, Eki tagged me for the color pink which happens to be one of my favorite colors. Of course I'm not going to have any trouble finding pink around my things! There is no other color that is so essentially girly and feminine and unabashedly so. It is the color of not caring what anyone thinks, I am female and proud! :D

It's funny because in high school I actually went through a stage where I hated pink. I thought it stood for falling in with the rest of the crowd and just being and doing what was expected. As I grew a bit more mature, I realized that it's silly to judge what you like and don't like based on what society says. Like what you like, love what you love, and as long as it doesn't hurt yourself or anyone else, don't apologize for it!

So here are a few of my pink things that I take much joy in:

Fairydrops Mascara

Gloomy Bear Dunny

Juicy Couture purse

Kevin Beautymaker Love Pupu Cheek

China Glaze How About A Tumble polish

Tokidoki Polpettina Vinyl Toy

HTC Touch Pro cell phone with Tokidoki x Hello Kitty charm

And this isn't really part of the tag but I noticed as I was taking pics that my Sony Cybershot T-90 is also pink. ^.^

So the color that I'm going to tag my fellow bloggers with is Green for the Christmas season. ^^

My 7:

Don't forget to enter my contest foJuny's Sequin Cardigan Giveaway! The contest will go through Dec. 25, Christmas Day! Also just for kicks, tell me what your favorite color is and WHY. My favorite is white because it is clean, pure, and always flattering to wear, but I also really love pink and lavendar. :D

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  1. Hey Jen! Thanks for the tag :D Lovely pink items, I really like the tokidoki stuff, so cute! :3 I hafta go find some green things now hehe.

    My fav color atm is pink ^_^ I also used to really hate it, but I'm getting in touch with my girly side, haha. I also really love lime green (cause it's so bright and eye-catching!) & black (simple & classy) <3

  2. cute tag! i love your toki doki stuff and i have that exact same camera :)

  3. My fav colors are white and purple. White because it's so clean and works on all levels- glam to girly. Purple for a flash of wild color!

  4. I love all your pink items! That is my fav color! :) I am in love with your pink juicy purse!

  5. the blush... lovely.
    pretty pink post!

  6. wow, you & i share the same passion for pink :) i just recently bought a pink rolling workchair at ikea yesterday LOL. i like white too, but i also love gray & black especially during the winter ^^

  7. this is a cute post. hmm, not sure what'ss my favourite colour. maybe purple or gold or silver??? argh, difficult to choose...

    thanks for tagging me!

  8. ok stop.. haha.. we are totally in sync - separate at birth i tell ya!! i went thru high school and college i believe not liking pink.. haha.. wanted to stay away from all things girly =P but alas, i succumbed to the color & have lots in it now.. hehe.. green eh? i'll see what i can do.. thx for the tag! muah! =D

  9. oh wow, that china glaze varnish is awesome. Totally adding it to my very long shopping list! ;)

  10. awww....everythings soo pink...hehe...I love tokidoki & the hello kitty charm is sooo cute...

  11. This is such a cute tag!! I totally wanted that Tokidoki x Hello Kitty charm and I almost got one at the Sanrio Store in the Westfield in SF today... but they were out of that one and that's the one I wanted!!!

    I was like you too - I refused to have pink anything for a while... and it's only recently that I've gotten a lot more girly and warmed up to pink. It's now definitely one of my favorite colors. :D

  12. I hated pink in high school too ^^ Now, I wear a hint of pink every now and then but still not too much !

  13. My favorite (makeup) color of the moment right now is... PURPLE! My all time favorite is pink - all shades :) White, blues, everyhing. I can't choose. I like all colors except orange :p

  14. PINK PINK PINK PINK!!! Baby pink to be exact omg its so cute. I had my entire room painted in pink together with pink and white furniture and curtains ahahaha.

    But my fav color to wear is black. And for items, sometimes I prefer white and gold to baby pink cuz its a classier color.

    Still I LOVE PINK! :DDD

    I want you juicy bag!!! <3

  15. oh your cellphone rules!
    and I like...uhm blue and black! Black is...eternal and fits everything and everyone, while blue is calming and powerful and endless like the oceans.

  16. Hey Jen! Me again! =D I have a favor to ask you. I know I'M a shameless bitch, but please write to me here: symymary @

  17. Lovely purse! I've been really into Juicy Couture stuff lately. Unfortunately the price tag here in Singapore is outrageous.

  18. cool tag! that china glaze nail polish looks amazing! btw, thank you for the konad coupon code, i ordered mine a few days ago and got it today! can't wait to try it out =)

  19. Jen! Thanks for the tag, I have my green items up! Green was really difficult!
    Its funny how alot of us tried to be so nonconformist in high school with the lovely pink. No I cant get enough! xoxo Jolie

  20. Hahaha I'm in my last year of high school and I'm slowly getti over my hate for pink. Not that I looove it but I think it's cute:) love your blog btw! I'm new to this

  21. awww you have so many cute pink stuff!! <3 I almost bought that same juicy purse!! its so cute! Love Tokidoki stuff!! <3<3

  22. I have that Dunny too! It's so cute. XD

  23. I love all your adorable girly pinky things! hehe :P my favorite from your photos are the gloomy bear dunny and the toki doky vinyl toy thing! hehe the cell phone charm is SUPER cute too! :D I have many favorite colors...I say so because I like them equally the same! In general, my favorite colors are light green (pretty pastel shades to deep dark emeralds...just no poopy-looking shades please :L), pink (light, girly bubblegum to true medium hot pinks or fuschias), pretty shades of blue, and very light pastel yellows. For clothing, I LOVE white, cream, off-white beiges and black...they go with every thing and are so classy and sophisticated!

    I hope you had a very Merry Christmas filled with happy, bright, and warm precious moments with your family! :)

    <3 caroline

  24. Hi Jen,

    I'm from Taiwan and I saw Kevin Beauty product and I'm surprised! How did you know about Kevn Beauty?
    Btw, pink suits you!