Holiday Nail Art Tutorial and Nail Swatches

2:30 PM

Hi everyone! I was going to post my Christmas nail art but then I looked at my log of pics and I guess I have lots of nails to post. >.< Oops. I guess that happens when you change your nail polish every week and don't post it for a while so I'm just going to post a whole lot of nail stuff.

I'll start out with the nails I wore for Christmas week. I was inspired by pretty wrapping paper. I love the fancy kind with metallic printed on solid colors so I wanted to emulate that on my nails.

Here is the final product:

And here's the process:

Base color is China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise. Apply top coat to protect the base from Konad flubs.

Next, I used plate m65 to stamp China Glaze Passion onto each nail except the ring finger.

Then I stamped a present box and lollipop on each ring finger from plate m14, and a bow on each thumb from m71 (unpictured) using Sally Hansen Chrome polish in Pink Pearl.

Next I used a red Migi Nail Art pen to color the bows. (The red is too translucent to show on its own over the turquoise polish but it pops when layered.) I also added nail art crystals to the bows using Seche Vite, and a coat over each nail to seal the design.

After the final top coat has dried, go back with a q-tip soaked in polish remover to clean up the excess polish that stamped onto the skin. It's best to wait until you are completely finished so that you don't mess up the design by accident. And you are done! ^^

Just because I'm already posting nail stuff, here are a few more swatches of polishes I've worn lately.

Zoya Trixie
Didn't think this would look stellar on my skin but I ended up looooooooooving it! It reminds me of foil. Very reflective silver. I can't wait to try Konading with this.

Zoya Anaka
Really pretty glowy magenta. Fairly typical but pretty nonetheless. Sorry about the tip wear, this was after a couple days of wearing.

Zoya Savita
I was going to redo this and swatch it when it was fresh, but I was so disappointed that I had to show you the chipping. This was only after one day of wear. ONE DAY. It starts to peel off in chunks almost immediately. This was totally different than my Zoya Posh experience which lasted 3-4 days fine! Pretty color, but really disappointing wear.

Rimmel 615 Night Before
Oh man, this one is gorgeous. It's a deep purple base with pink pearlescence. Here is both without flash and with, to show you the range of colors this polish gets. Really pretty in any light.

And I did some nail art with it. Konaded a hearts tip pattern in China Glaze Passion and used gold glitter at the tips with Cover Girl Pink Twinkle as a top coat to add some sparkle.

Speaking of sparkle, I also wanted to mention that Hautelook has Kevin Aucoin Beauty on sale now at 60% off. >.< I've been looking for a really nice golden illuminator and I had been eying the Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder but I've heard mixed reviews. When I saw the Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder Candlelight on sale for only $16.80 (orig $42) I looked up makeup alley reviews and WOW people are just raving about this stuff!

I can't wait to try it out! If people think it's worth it for $42 and still raving, then it must be fantastic at $21.75 shipped!

If you aren't already signed up for Hautelook, here is my invite link:
note: invite links do give credit after the invitee's first purchse, but I only post when I see items I actually want to purchase too. ^^

Ok, Hannah just got into town so I'm off to be productive. Haha!

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  1. Very lovely tutorial! I really like the Zoya Trixie polish!

  2. hi I figured you would know. why isn't there any circle lenses at any more?

  3. awww your nails look awesome the color is fantabulous!!!! :)

  4. @Ploy- does not sell circle lenses anymore. i'm not sure why though. \:

    Oh wow, Trixie looks amazing! It is sad what happened to the purple polish...that's disappointing. You're nail art is gorgeous. I've been so interested in konad.

  5. seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours you painted your nails with. they're so bright, vibrant and totally festive christmasy!
    Michelleyyy xxx

  6. Niceeee nails! I have that China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise color and did my Christmasey nail with that too! HAhaha... I've changed again since then though, as you said, we change our nails so often (once every week... or so) You mentioned template... that's interesting.

    Oh and it's amazing what deals/bargains you find with such amazing products. =)

    Happy Holidays!! Happy New year!!!


  7. Aw, sorry to hear about the Zoya Savita polish. :( On the bright side, your other NOTDs look FAB! :D

    Happy Holidays!

  8. I love the Turquoise Nails.. I have yet to try my Konad Stamps.. I have the same plate as yours.. but its just not working for me.. The polish wouldn't stick to the stamp for some reasons :(

  9. you have so much dedication to your nails! LOVE the Christmas look with the presents and lollipop!

  10. i love how vibrant the turquoise one is! i wish i could be half as talented as you when it comes to nails! haha! ;P

  11. love your new tutorial!

    i had just placed an order with wowsocool when i checked your blog and found a new post with konad--what a coincidence! hahaha....

    the china glaze passion nail polish is looking awfully pretty...

  12. OMG the rimmel one is awesome! so beautifully different! Will check if I can find it on the counters here *.*
    Too bad for the purple Zoya one! It's so pretty but such horrible chipping is insane! The worst cheapo polishes do this on me....and I have my nails in my mouth like half a day LOL

  13. I'm wearing nail polish exactly like Zoya Trixie, except it's called Celeb City from Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear line - and it only costed $2 :). I'm wearing it right now and for New Year's Eve. I can't get over how shimmery it is!

  14. oh u koreans have such good taste..

  15. Pretty nails~ I couldn't do any nail art for the holidays this year T_T Been too busy with school and christmas shopping :( I planned our reindeers and candy canes too! oh well, there's always next year~
    oh and I immediately went to purchase my own from Haute Look! I'm super excited!! :) haha thank you for the update. Take care :D

  16. Gosh, I really ADORE your talent for nail art, Jen!! :D hehe I always enjoy reading your nail tutorial posts--you make konading look SOOOO easy, but I bet it's really not! I guess it's just the creative artist in you that shines through when you come up with all these different nail designs, like which plates to pair with what nail polish color! I really really REALLYY want to try out konad nail stamping, but I think I would fail miserably. I mean, it already takes me like 2 hrs to do my nails, only to have a bunch of dent marks and have it get smooshed off because the polish doesn't dry completely. Because the polishes I like to use are normally sheer, I have to apply 2-3 coats + base coat (before) + top coat after...I guess that's why it doesn't dry! :'( poopie! Oh, well! I will just admire your nails and wish that I could be as skilled as you, Unnie!

    <3 caroline

  17. You have always inspired me to be more creative with my nails. Happy New Year Jen! btw... you are listed in my new post! xoxo

  18. your nails are so pretty! :) haha you've inspired me to get some konad stamps.

    Just curious, where did you buy yours? I'm finding like, a million shady websites selling them but it looks like you can't buy them on the official site :\. thanks!

  19. I think you should really try some Milani nail polish. It's just as good as other polishes such as O.P.I. You can buy it at local drug stores such as CVS, Walgreens and Meijer. I love it. Mine last for about a week and a half before it starts wearing down. It's pretty cheap. $5 a bottle and it dries super fast. My experience with it has been amazinnnng and I def think that you should do something on this. :)

  20. Too bad the purple nail color didn't work out.... China glaze is soo pretty! Your great at painting nails! :)