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Hello darlings! Wow, I'm super impressed with the positive reaction to the Brown Eyed Girls inspired tutorial, so I think I'll definitely have to do more like that. I got a lot of requests for 2NE1 which is one of my favorite Kpop girl bands right now so I think I'll do that in the near future. Love their thick eyeliner, it's so rockin'.

In recent Jen news, I bought my very first DSLR! As most of you probably know, I'm very much into makeup artistry, modeling, and photography as a hobby. The photography part was mostly getting talented people to shoot me or people I work on since I basically know nothing about photography but I would just love to step up the quality of photos that I have for this blog and maybe explore a new avenue for creativity. It's SO expensive but it does make me glad that Black Friday exists online. ^^

Here is what I got, the Canon XSi in Silver from Isn't she sexy?

I actually bought the camera body (without the kit lens) and bought a 50mm f/1.8 lens since I'm very detail-oriented and love to see things up close. When I was a kid and my irises were almost black, I used to stare right up next to the mirror and just examine all of the flecks and strands that I could see. I still find those things fascinating so naturally I'm totally stoked at what is in store with this camera. :)

I also wanted to let you guys know that Hautelook is selling Rock & Republic cosmetics for 50% off again! If you saw my previous review of the blushes from the last Rock & Republic sale you will know that these are currently my favorite, HG blushes and I seriously recommend them! I wear Call Me or Kinky pretty much every single day and they are super pigmented and finely milled. Considering they are basically twice the size of NARS or MAC the price at 50% off is a really great deal!

If you don't already have a hautelook account, here is my invitation link:

There are also a few giveaways that I wanted to share. The first is from Eki. If you don't already have her blog bookmarked, you so should because she is one of the sweetest, prettiest, most genuine people I've known and I consider her a dear friend. <3 Here are the amazing goodies she is giving away in lieu of reaching 1400 (and now over 1500!) followers! Congratulations Eki, you deserve a million followers! XD

Also, please visit her shop for super pretty and kawaii goodies like cosmetic pouches, cell phone holders, charms, and earrings. I got a few items from her recently that I still need to post on. Ahhh, I'm so behind! But trust me, it's all super cute and very high-quality with a lot of love put into it. ^^

Another super sweet blogger is Erynn from e.motion in motion having a giveaway here for her family's business, Dharma Designs. Her framed Wabi-sabi cats are too adorable for words! XD She is giving away a choice of either 1 Wabi-sabi cat or 3 "Muffins" which come framed, as keychains, or as magnets.

Shop N' Chomp is also having an amazing giveaway for her followers being "hotties" lol. What can I say, flattery works for me. XD Follow her and enter the giveaway here!

Omg, limited edition Shu!!

Oh, and I do want to mention that none of these giveaways have blog posting as a requirement. I really have a lot of respect for girls who do that. I wanted to post them to spread the good word because they deserve to have lots of entries! ^^

Good luck blogger girls and everyone who enters! :D

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  1. Congrats on your new camera! I'm so happy for you and your new hobby! :) I soo want to buy those blushes now. LOL!

  2. Hi Jen! Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and posting about it, means a lot! Also thank you for your comment on my "honest" post! *hugs* I feel the same way with money, had to save for what I wanted!

    Ooo and nice camera! I really want a Nikon d90 myself ><

  3. wow i missed alot of your blog lol.. i've been so busy.. time for catching up on some reading haha.. thanx for doing the giveaways =) .. btw, Ga-in's eye makeup looks gorgeous ^^

  4. correction* thanx to those girls who are doing the giveaways lol <3 and thank you for sharing the news =)

  5. I have a camera almost like that, I love that it's silver instead of black:)

  6. Congrats on that majorly sexy camera! *swoons*

    Thank you so much for being a "hottie" (inside and out) and for posting my little giveaway, Jen! :D I do agree with you on the stability. It's worth way more than anything one could ever buy. Love your blog! xoxo

  7. Hey Jenn! I ran into your blog ages ago (7 months ago) but I rarely comment so I decided that I should because you were a different woman 7 months ago (marriage and etc.) Even though I don't know you personally, I just wanted to say that you're blog is the most interesting website that I have ever visited and I hope you will be able to visit mine also! My name is also Jennifer and I'm asian! Also, I loooooove makeup so I'm trying to do FOTD and stuff like such. Okay, please reply and love your blog! Byee :)

  8. Hi Babe! sorry I havent been able to talk you much lately,,, >_< thank you for posting about my giveaway! :D I cant wait for you to get your XSi!!! XD yes do more kpop inspired looks!! you should be in one of those groups you are super beautiful!! you have that celeb look! <3<3

  9. Congrats on the new camera! I can't wait to see your new pictures! :D

  10. hi... never posted before, but thanks for the R&R sales heads-up. i've been looking for a nice peachish blush for a while so "call me" looks promising!

  11. love ur camera..! and i Love 2NE1 too.. they are so cool and their makeup are very dramatic!! dark eyeliner.. hope u can do a tutorial for it soon.. ;p

  12. Thanks for the heads up on haute look. I used your invite and got me spank, tease, and kicky R&R just now :D

  13. yessss 2ne1 is soooo good! i actually am not really into korean music (as in: i dont know any) but 2ne1 are my idols. anyhoo love your blog! i didn't inherit the monolid from my asian side (i'm half asian) but i tried your abracadabra look and it looked soooo cool! thanks for your awesome tutorials! =)

  14. Hi. LUUUCKY, I love your new camera..I want one like that too..lucky lucky you, so jealous, haha.

  15. April: Thank you! I can't wait to experiment with it this weekend when I'm actually at home when there is daylight. XD

    e.motion in motion: No problem! :) You are very sweet and you deserve it! Nikon d90 is so nice but too expensive for a newbie like me. Hehe.

    tmango: Glad you could catch up. :D Thank you! And, you're welcome. Ha!

    If it comes in pink: Oh yeah? Awesome! Which cam do you have? And ironically, I wish mine came in pink. ;D

    Shop 'N Chomp: Ahhaha, I am still swooning over it too! I carry it around like a firstborn child. XD Thanks for having a giveaway I could post about!!

    kikiyama: I don't think I've changed that much personally but probably my style of blogging has changed a lot! I'm really trying to be more open about myself on it. ^^ I got married about a year and a half ago so it's still fairly new but we are getting settled. :D Yay, I'm so glad we can relate and good luck with your blog!

    eki: Don't worry about it girl, I know you have been so swamped with orders. I wish I was there to help you! I'm sending you a love package soon so I hope that eases any stresses you have! :D

    Catherine: Yay, I'll be sure to post!

    Jenna: No problem! Call Me is my very favorite blush!

    Cris: Yeah, I love 2ne1's style of clothes and makeup. :)

    Glace: Oooh, I love spank and tease! I almost bought tease myself. :) Let me know how they are!

    elle: Did you take any pics? You should send me, I'd love to see!

    Ann: Haha, it took some convincing from the hubby but I think it will be worth it. :D

  16. You'll LOVEEEE your D-SLR!

    I used to be all about point shoot cameras until Minh & I won a nice sum at the casino last Christmas, so we splurged on one...omg best decision I ever made!

    LOL if I knew how life changing a DSLR was going to be, I would have bought it sooner!

    I'm planning on getting another one soon, but it's so hard to find the perfect one!

  17. have you heard about the ftc law? you should google it so you dont get a hefty fine for not posting a disclaimer when you mention products. apparently it started this month

  18. Hey Jen! What are you thoughts on using eyelash glue like the Koji Eyetalk? I am using it right now and it works for me!

  19. Steph: OOhhh, what did you get? You'll have to share what lenses you recommend too. ^^

    Anonymous: Yes, I know about the ftc law and I definitely plan on disclosing when I get products sent to me by a PR person, but the law doesn't include products that I bought on my own to review or talk about. Also, the fine was a rumor too but like I said, I like being honest and I'll let you know when the product was given to me. ;) Regardless of if it was sent to me for PR purposes I still am totally honest with my reviews too so no worries! :)

    SilverRime: I occasionally use Darkness glue but I am allergic to Koji Eyetalk! My eyes get huge, puffy, and itchy for a few days! Totally awful. Haha. Overall I still prefer tapes to glue because it holds better and you can wear eyeshadows with it.

  20. Hi Jen,
    I've been reading your blog & watching your videos for a while now. I just wanted to tell you that you're a great inspiration for girls with monolids. Korean pride! A lot of my friends think that they can't do makeup on their types of lids, but then I direct them towards your videos. They're quite surprised! :)So thank you so much for that.

    Also, I have a request (if you take those). Since I have monolids, even waterproof mascara (L'oreal voluminous) smudges on me! Can you do a mascara overview, or just tips? Thank you!

    - Diane

  21. As always, wonderful posts! Thanks for informing us about the giveaway, I already entered since I'm a follower of Eki...I think I got to her blog from yours! :D So sweet of you to tell us about her in your blog.

    2NE1? I really like them, even if their clothes are a little too over the top sometimes. xD But hey, where else would people wear outrageous clothes except when on stage! xD

  22. hehe you're good about spending money, Jen, so it's definitely okay for you to treat yourself to a good camera! :) i'm sure you'll make good use of it in the near future! yay for awesome quality pics, even though your pictures pre-this camera is already jaw-droppingly AMAZING! you are just have FAB photography and "selca" (self camera) skills! hehe :D

  23. I'd love to try Rock & Republic Cosmetics. too bad they don't have it here in hong kong.