Juny's Sequin Cardigan Giveaway!

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Hello everyone! Things have been really crazy here lately so I hope all of my friends here can keep me on track. ;P What with working, buying Christmas presents, figuring out plans for my birthday (tomorrow! :D) and whatnot, I feel like life has been a whirlwind! I'm sure many of you have been experiencing the cold hand of the terrible economy lately and honestly my life is no different. Hubby's department at work got bought out to a company in Canada so there's really no chance of transferring, so for now I feel like it's up to me to work harder and be a supportive wife mentally and emotionally. For me, marriage isn't about giving 50/50, it's about giving 90 when the other person can only give 10 and vice versa. We try to scratch each others' backs before the other asks and not take each other for granted.

But really, can I complain? At least we can celebrate Christmas and appreciate what peace and beauty God has granted us with. We could be sick or dying, we could be starving, but here we are happy and warm and fed throughout the minuscule trials we have facing before us. ^^ This year for my birthday and Christmas, I just want to feel safe and loved, and to give what I can to the people that I love too.

If you are facing the same sort of economic problems as many of us are then you will be super excited about this giveaway! As promised, this giveaway is sponsored by the sweet and generous Juny o www.junys.com.  Remember that blue sequin cardigan from my last post? Juny will be giving away the gold version of the same cardigan to one of my lovely readers!

Here is a pic taken from her shop:

Ahhh, so exciting. I love the gold one, it's so festive and really nice on a lot of skintones. You can wear it as a neutral with some sparkle (or, of course, any twists on the ways Hannah and I styled it too)! ^^

So here are the rules to enter the giveaway:

1. Be an official follower of my blog (you do not need a blog to follow)
2. Visit www.junys.com and tell me what your fav item from her shop is!
3. Tell me what giving means to you. 
4. Leave your e-mail so Juny can get your shipping info if you win.

The contest ends on Christmas day, Dec 25th at 11:59 PM Central Time. Good luck and I hope all of you are filled with love and joy this season no matter what circumstances you may be going through. <3

ps- Juny also wanted me to mention that she will be moving the site to a new interface soon and that even if there are glitches or the site is temporarily down, that it'll be up in no time. ;)

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  1. first of all,
    HAPPY EARLY BDAY!~ I hope you have a good one!
    my favorite item from Juny's shop is her sheer chiffon scarf in the Salmon Pink & Coral Layered Combo.
    To me is giving is offering your heart, time, and energy to all without expecting anything back in return.

    my email address: ricenchopsticks@gmail.com

  2. Aw, it's your birthday tomorrow? Happy early birthday! Will you be posting up pictures from the celebration? :)

    Now, for the giveaway stuff..

    1. I'm already a follower ^^
    2. Hm, it's so hard to choose, but I'd have to go with the Ribbon Bow Hoodie Dress. It's SO fobby but I love it!
    3. When I hear the word giving, it reminds me of my God and family. I'm a Christian and all my life, I have constantly been told that God is giving. Like you said, we can't complain about those miniscule things we may be going through in life right now, because all we really do need is love and care from our loved ones that God has so graciously blessed us with.
    4. xdaisiesx3@yahoo.com :)

  3. Happy early bday! my bday is soon too :) (xmas eve!)

    I browsed around her shop earlier this week and I really liked the Ruffle Layering Dress. I've been meaning to get one for a while.. ^^
    To me, giving means being able to spread happiness in any way possible.. whether its by giving a hug to make someone's day better or giving an gift to your loved one. Giving away free love is what I love to do! It makes me feel happy and seeing that it makes others happy make me feel even better :) Happiness is contagious ^^


  4. Happy early birthday! Remember to post some pictures and possibly makeup tutorials? ;D

    1) My favorite is the Romeo & Juliet Tunic, which I can already see myself wearing with a pair of skinny jeans and boots for a casual look.

    2) To give is to bring happiness to someone else, to show that you cared enough to think of them in your hectic life. That being said, it is to also brighten someone's day when they receive your gift.


  5. 1. Already a follower ^^
    2. It's a tie between the Eiffel Tower earrings and the Ruffle Scoopneck Top!
    3. Giving is the feeling of knowing you have done something selfless simply to make others feel better, it's putting other people before you!

    My email: marjoriewinter@windowslive.com

    My blog: www.ninetyninepinkballoons.blogspot.com

    I love the Ribbon Bow Hoodie Dress, super cute! girly but seems comfy :P
    As for me, giving means to give and not expect anything back! :))


  7. http://shopjunys.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=6268990

    Giving is like a gift that doesn't need to be given in return. If I give, I don't expect anything in return.


  8. Happy Early Birthday!

    Thanks for introducing us to junys.com. The clothes are so cute and affordable!
    I especially love this dress: http://shopjunys.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=5891342
    I love the color and the shoulders.

    Giving to me isn't just about the holiday spirit. It's about making the other person happy no matter what the gifts may be. It may not even be a gift, just a simple smile or a kind word.
    Whatever form it may be, I am just as happy as the person who is receiving.

    Anyways, happy holidays and stay warm!


  9. Hey Jen,
    I don't know if I'm your follower but fhtt has been on my bookmarks bar for a while, so I think I am a follower. :]

    I really like that gold heart ring, it's really affordable and the heart hangs off a little so it's really unique and cute!

    To me, I feel like it's more about how much of their heart they put into it.


  10. Happy almost birthday Jen!<3

    1. Already following (:
    2. I love this: http://shopjunys.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=5552986# - Puff Sleeve Zip-up Hoodie
    3. To me, giving is all about kindness, compassion, & understanding. Also, giving with your heart and not expecting anything back. The happiness, benefit, or thanks from another is a great reward in itself.
    4. ec_tini@hotmail.com

  11. I'm a follower!

    My favorite item is the Ribbon Bow Hoodie Dress. It's so darn cute!

    Giving to me means showing love, and support etc. physically and mentally whenever you can. Just knowing that you can make something better for someone else warms your heart. I was doing a support a child through the Salvation Army. He's 3 and loves Spiderman. I've never been more happy shopping for all of the clothing, shoes, and toys for his Christmas gifts. Just knowing I'm going to be able to make his Christmas better is the best feeling in the world. Everyone should know that feeling at some time or another.


  12. Happy early birthday!

    Checkered Flannel Shirt [Korean Japanese Fashion] is my favorite item because I looove flannel shirts. They are so warm and so comfortable to wear around the house and out. It's also really cute to pair it up with a belt and leggings or tight jeans.

    To me, giving is something you give from the heart. It has to be thoughful, whether it be materialistic things or not and don't expect something in return.

  13. happy early birthday

    i actually need a good new black handbag, the Zipper Tab Cross-shoulder Handbag looks nice and spatious. =)

    in my opinion, giving is offering love, time and the best possible thoughts to someone, it can be small or large but it means so much.

    email: madtxter57@hotmail.com

  14. happy early birthday jen!!!! :) YAY! I love strong baby by VI! haha xD

    crack crack crack

    i hope you're enjoying the holidays! ^o^

  15. hi jen!!!

    happy early bday to you!

    from junys.com i really love the grommet metal nechlace top, it's something that could be so casual but put a spin on it and it can be really dressy. To me, giving is a way to help other people who sometimes aren't as fortunate as you are, or just putting a smile on someones face.

    Email address: dac1190@gmail.com

  16. Happy early birthday :D

    I am follower

    so many pretty things hard to choose but if I need I choose Benefit Thrrrob Blush [Korean Japanese Beauty Skincare Makeup]

    To me giving is from heart, it is not by force. You don't ask someone to pay for giving.

    sherrygo at hotmail dot com

  17. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! My birthday was a couple of days ago so I'm still pretty happy about birthdays. xD

    I guess I'll enter the giveaway too, although my initial thought is to wish you an early happy birthday!

    1. I'm already a follower, hope you recognize my my user name from my comments! I'm a dedicated follower. ^^
    2. I like the ribbon bow hoodie dress, I think it's just so cute. I want one! A littleee bit pricey though. > <
    3. Giving? Hm, I think it means something that should be unconditional. It's not an exchange, and it should not be expected as an act that SHOULD be reciprocated (but it would be awesome if it IS though :D).
    4. My email is pinky.k.cheung@gmail.com

    I wish you a happy holidays and hopefully that the little glitches in your life would find a way to fix themselves right up. It would be great if it's when you least expect it because it would be a pleasant surprise.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN, JEN! :D May all your wishes come true. ^^

  18. Happy Birthday!!! ^_^
    I've been following you for a while. Haven't been an active "commentary" but I try to catch anything you post.

    My favorite item from Juny's Shop is the Brown Leather Jacket.

    Honestly, giving means to love someone, to care for someone, to live for someone, and caring about yourself. When you love someone, your giving them happiness and love and warmth. When you care for someone, your giving them health and love. When you live for someone, you are giving your life for them, and when you care about yourself, your showing other people that you are giving yourself life's value which is to be healthy. I think giveaways are signs of giving: giving life, giving love, showing love by doing a giveaway is so much giving involved. I hope this isn't choppy but that's what I feel when I think about the word giving.

  19. I forgot to add my e-mail teehee ^_^

  20. I am, of course, a follower.
    1) http://shopjunys.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=5993124 Braided double strap watch. so cute!
    2) Giving to me is to obey what's written in the Bible. It should be an all the time thing that's joyful and for someone else's well-being.

  21. oops, forgot my email addy!
    it's in my blogger profile but onlyoneuknow at gmail dot com

  22. I know what you mean about life feeling like a whirlwind lately...and about the economy :( I really like what you said about marriage too. :)

    For the giveaway:

    1. Am already a follower.
    2. There are so many lovely items in the shop, but my most favorite item would be the Blue Waist Tie Dress, because its blue is so vibrant, and it looks perfect for the holidays.
    3. Giving, for me, means genuinely wanting to help out and make people happy, just because you want to and that's how you feel, and without expecting anything at all in return.
    4. My email is idalorena@gmail.com

  23. Happy early birthday Jen!!! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. ^_^

    I'm already a follower yay!!

    I like the Cherry V-neck Sweater

    Giving is a kind, selfless gesture one spreads to another individual without expecting anything in return. Whether it's for a special occasion or just because they wanted to, seeing the receiver smile is enough to bring joy to the giver.


  24. Sorry for the multiple posts and deleting them. I kept forgetting to mention a piece that I like from her collection gah!!! >.<

  25. 2. MY fav item is the Etude hour O2 mask! Please tell Juny to stock more Etude house stuff! I love anything Etude house

    3. Giving means thinking about other's needs instead of urself...and doing what u can to make their world a little brighter.

    4. tdan_@hotmail.com

    Thanks Jen!

  26. Aww, good luck to you and the hubby! It must be really stressful and frustrating for him... =/ *hugs*

    And happy early birthday!

  27. I totally understand where you're coming from with the economy. My boyfriend and I are experiencing the exact same situation, he's been laid off due to the condensing of his department. Nevertheless, I believe everything happens for a reason, so best of luck to you both!

    I looked around Juny's store and I really liked the suede grommet studded hippie vest. So adorable! Very bohemian, which I love!

    Giving is the ability to share with someone else your fortunate blessings. It's the ability, in which we all possess, to put a smile on someone's face and by doing so make a difference, even if it's just for that brief moment.

    email: andrea.yun@yahoo.com

    Love your blog and your fashion sense! Best of luck to you! Last but not least, Happy birthday!


  28. I love the Teal Striped Top, it's pretty cheap too!

    Giving is simply sharing what you have be it material things or something more on an emotional level purely out of the kindness of your heart without expecting anything in return.

    Happy Birthday Jen!

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  29. I am totally entering this contest!
    Will come back to edit this post =(. Trying to study for a final =(((!

  30. Hi Jen! Happy early birthday <3
    I hope you have a good one!

    My favorite item from Juny's? I love them all!! I've purchased a few times and I am definitely impressed with her quality and it's all a very good value! Even though they are all soo lovely, A am really like the Ruffle Scoopneck Top [Korean Japanese Fashion]. The sweater is perfect for winter, and I love the backing and ruffles!

    Giving to me means many things. A gift is something you give expecting nothing in return. It can be tangible or not, as long as the giving of it is a selfless act. It's not something that you are forced to do, but rather something you want to do. It is one of the reasons I love Christmas. You can give gifts to everyone you love, and you get to share them with everyone. As a Christian believer, I truly believe that happiness is the key to life. Giving means to give someone something to a person you care about. And better yet, it doesn't have to be something. It can be anything. Giving to me means even doing something physically, but mentally and orally as well.

    Hope you have a great 25th birthday Jen (:

  31. sorry! i forgot to add my email (:


  32. Happy birthday, Jen! I have to say, knowing awesome girls like you is part of why I am happy to have started a makeup blog :) I totally agree with you on the 90/10 thing in a good relationship. I do hope that I can be as good to my guy as he has been for me throughout my struggles. I love hearing silly anecdotes about you and your hubby, too! Hey, now that I'm done with school, maybe we can finally meet up on Little Big Planet!

  33. Happy birthday for tomorrow! Hope your day is as special as you are :D

    Miss Neesh

  34. My fav item for Juny's shop is the Chiffon Floral Print Satin Sash Dress, I am really in love with the Japanese/Koren look.

    To me giving is not about the money but the willingness to put a happy smile on someones faces even when you might not know them.


  35. I like the White Leaf Earrings on the site.

    Giving, to me, means not being selfish


  36. follower :)
    I love the Plaid Wrap Sweater Cardigan @ junys site
    giving means thinking of someone in the most special way and showing your appreciation for them :)

    email liis177 at gmail dot com

  37. Happy Early Birthday, Jen ! I hope you'll stay happy and healthy all year !

    So...my favourite item fron Juny's shop. I took me quite a while, there's so many cool things ! Going for the Grommet Studded Vest in the end, I love studs !

    Giving reminds me of love. It reminds me of God, he gives us unconditional love. I think giving must happen without expecting something back, with love and respect.

    My email : no.fear_ragatzi@hotmail.com

  38. Hey Jen! ^__^ Advance Merry Christmas! ^_^

    Giving---for me..it's something really special.
    the word itself is full of "love".
    in giving,the words
    "offering", "sacrifice", "letting go" are hidden in it..
    giving's done wholeheartedly..without doubts. and seeing the person you've done the act of "giving" to is very heartwarming..

  39. I'm really loving the 3-piece halter set! It's so unique, and I LOVE the Wonder Girls. =]

    Giving is a constant reminder for me to look outside of my own little world. The church I attend heavily stresses the importance of giving back to the community and it's been so fulfilling to be a part of it.

    email: graciously@gmail.com

  40. Hey, I don't know what time it is now in your country but here we are on the 14th so happy birthday :D

    I hope this year will be even better for you than the previous one *hug*

  41. first and formost a happy birthday to you! its also my friends bday today!! :D

    anyway i wanna thank you for ur post. its very inspring what you said about your husband and giving 90 when one cna only give 10. it makes a lot of sense. thank you

    1. Link to my blog jsut incase : xocherrykoxo.livejounral.com
    2. ever since you posted about junys shop i have really been eyeing this watch that she has up there. its the square watch in either blk/wht. i LOVE it. i love watches and i just lovehow unique it is :D
    3. To me giving means not counting the things that you have given adn waiting for something in return. growing up my mom has always taught me when you give something to someone anythign whether it be something material or not you shouldnt try and expect something back. it should alway come from the heart. you give because you want to not because you are being forced to.
    4. xocherrykoxo@gmail.com

  42. Happy birthday!

    My fave item on Juny's shop is the Buttonup Floral Print Dress by Runway Paris Design. I love that dress simply because of its vintage look and the versatility in a simple floral piece. Divinely colored and the fabric looks delicate and feminine.

    Giving means to wear your heart on your sleeves and give all you can to those you love. Always expecting nothing in return yet giving your 100% in all forms. Giving is a celebration of love in high spirits :)

  43. Happy Birthday! :D

    My favorite item is the ribbon bow hoodie dress. So cute! I might just have to get it, and wear it w/ tights and flats/heels.

    To me, giving is a chance to thank and show my appreciation to all the people who have been kind to me and care for me. Its also a chance to make people less fortunate than me smile or at least have a better day.


  44. Gorgeous cardi & great giveaway! I really <3 Juny's Romeo & Juliet Tunic.
    Giving means bringing cheer to others.

  45. its so pretty :)
    are you doing something special for it? :D

  46. happy birthday!!

    maybe you can suit up with this festive cardigan ^___^

    I really like the Edgy Zipper Deco Dress from Juny's shop. It's really fashionable (what you'll find at forever21) but has the flair of korean fashion!

    I think there are several types of giving (giving unconditionally, giving with a motive, etc). My favorite is giving from the heart because you're giving something positive and not taking anything back.


  47. Hi! My name is jhee! :) First of all ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D SORRY IF I WON'T BE ABLE TO GREET YOU TOMM. HAVE EXAMS T_T I'M SO SCARED! XD but i still have time to peek in through your blog XD hehe! that's how much i love the people here :P Anyways, I hope everything goes well with you and you're hubby! :) It's just an obstable that God has given you to make you strong! :) Think positive! :D He wouldn't give you something like that if he knows you can't overcome it! :) BE STRONG! :) As for the giveaway XD umm i am a follower of your blog, and when you blogged about juny's sequence cardigan just a few days ago i jumped into her site and saw this lovely Edgy Zipper Deco Dress! OMG! it's so flashy and IT ROCKS! :D haha! totally want to get it for xmas, we also exchanged email and apparently they don't ship to Canada yet :P but she is so nice that she found a way to have the shipping here! :D so nice! yay! XD sorry about the blabbing! >_< And for me..Giving is something that is genuine..no force needed and must come from the heart..Appreciation and willingness of the things that has been given or received..It's not about how much it cost, but the thought and effort that has put in it..And for the fact that you had given something! Even just LOVE :) EVERY LITTLE THING COUNTS! ;)

    email: jannanthony@hotmail.com


  48. happy birthday :)

    im a followerrrrrrr~ hehe.

    i think all the items are so cute!

    but i like the hello kitty stainless watch (haha, i know it's not really a clothing item, but it's so cute)

    i think it's just offering your all. it doesn't mean you have to offer 200%, but even just that 100%, or giving your ALL, is what "giving" truly means.
    i mean, giving doesn't have to be materialistic.
    it could be intangible:
    love, trust, sympathy, and the list goes on!!
    i think especially in this economy, this definition is true for a lot of people :)

    my email:

    thanks jen! you're awesome :)

  49. i hope you have an amazing birthday! your blog is super helpful! thanks :)

  50. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!Hope you'll have more blessings to come. :D I love your blog.
    I visited her shop, and 1.the Heart Box Necklace caught my attention.2
    Silver Bean Necklace.3
    Stylish Victorian Watch.4
    Brown Boatneck Cardigan, Simply Beautiful I must say.

    The meaning of giving is by paying it forward.As for this SEason, small things can mean alot to people who you love. I think its the thought that counts and the efforts. When it comes to Family member and friends. I give all ... See Moremy hardwork in searching the best gift for them( they will like). and I like to be creative for make it special for them. and Spreading the /love to my FAmily and Friends =D That's what the meaning giving to me. Thanks Jen

  51. Happy Birthday!

    1. Following

    2. I really like the Houndstooth Wool Swing Coat

    3. Giving means wanting nothing in return except for the joy of knowing that the other person knows that you love and care.

    4. E-mail: fierce_angel_6000 (at) hotmail (dot)com


  52. I love the Striped Knit Tunic.

    Giving is always best when least expected!


  53. I may be late, but happy belated birthday !!! I can definitely relate to you in regards to your post and the difficulties that this horrible economy is causing all of us. and I also feel greatful that I still have my family to keep me happy even with the little things that makes everything so difficult. heads up, and let's keep a smile on our faces ! :)
    Anyway.. as for the giveaway !
    2. My favorite item is the Edgy Zipper Deco Dress [Korean Japanese Fashion. It's cute and seems like I can wear it both casually and dressy
    3. to me, giving is what you do as a good habit, rather than giving because you feel forced to do. seeing a smile on someone else's face is what you get in return of this good habit.
    4. adriannalee87@gmail.com is my email ! :)

    Happy Holidays ! =]

  54. I hope you had a beautiful birthday Jen <3

    Love you!

    <3 Steph

  55. hey Jen! Happy belated birthday! hope you had a great one with your loved ones :)

    i'm already a follower of yours and my favourite item from Juny's shop is the white rose ring! it looks so elegant but casual at the same time :)

    link: http://shopjunys.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=5978928#

    Personally, i think the utmost importance of giving is to share your happiness with everyone you love and even strangers. offering a drink, smile, advice and donating is a great way to spread your love. also, constant support and provide others a listening ear is also a way of giving. i'm sure other's will feel and appreciate it no matter how deep their matters get! :)

    my email is: calistatee@gmail.com


  56. "We try to scratch each others' backs before the other asks and not take each other for granted." Well said. I absolutely agree.

    Happy belated, sweetie! I hope your b-day was filled with tons of love and laughter. :)

    Thank you for having such a great giveaway.

    1. Def a follower!
    2. I adore the Houndstooth Wool Swing Coat.
    3. Giving to me means having no expectations.
    4. shopnchomp [at] gmail dot com

  57. My fave item was the ruffle layering dress! Its really cute and would look nice in a lot of different outfits.
    My email is Littlekobaby@gmail.com

  58. Hi Jen,

    Knew your blog through Eki :)
    omgosh your birthday has just passed! Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Already a follower! :D
    2. My favourite item in her shop gotta be Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner [Korean Japanese Beauty Skincare Makeup] because makeup changes a person's look be it the same outfit. It's like accessorising your outfit but in this sense, your face. I've tried this gel liner before and I really love it! :)
    3. Giving is a peculiar word because for some, it is a word that has been overused and also the meaning of giving, might have been altered along the way and expecting something in returned. To me, giving is about sharing your happiness with your loved ones. By giving, they can feel your sincerity and happiness in the gift (in any sense) that they receive. The best part of giving is seeing the surprised faces of the receiver and his/her dilated pupils. Furthermore, giving is priceless because it stirs this warm, fuzzy feeling in you, in the receiver and the people around. My context about giving may not necessarily be gifts but news suffice the meaning.
    4. amandaz_1986@hotmail.com

  59. 1. Following via twitter :)
    2. The striped knit tunic really caught my eye
    3. Giving to me is to just give and expect nothing in return. You give because you want to and you genuinely want others to be happy, not bc you are seeking any self gain. To give sincerely is to be selfless.
    4. jackie_2009@hotmail.com

  60. first of, happy belated birthday..thanks for the give away...
    1. im a follower already
    2. the stuff I love from Juny's shop are (I know I cant choose one): Plaid Wrap Sweater Cardigan and the bow waisted belt
    3. to me giving is sharing your happiness with everyone, thus we should not expect something in return...
    4.email: widya.anindita(at)gmail(dot)com

    thanks again!!

  61. Happy belated birthday! Hope you enjoyed your special day.

    1) I am already a follower! Love your blog.
    2) I love the Stylish Victorian Watch [Korean Japanese Fashion]. It's a lovely piece.
    3) Giving comes from the heart and not expecting return, and it always feels great giving..
    4) moon_leo15@yahoo.com

  62. HI before I was a creepy stalker but now I'm officially a REAL FOLLOWER YAY. :D okay I don't know why I sound so weird but basically, yes, I like your blog a lot and I finally felt brave enough to comment so YAY

    My favourite thing from her site is the Princess Tiny Espresso Cup Set because it's so cute and pink (it would match my room perfectly LOL) and yay I like it a lot WOW i want to buy one now...which I guess is the point of this competition so WELL DONE junys your plan worked! :D

    In order to communicate what giving means to me, I've decided to write an acrostic :D

    Great things come to those who share,
    It reminds all friends and family that you care,
    Valentine's, Christmas, birthdays, just for fun,
    It helps spread happiness for EVERYONE,
    No matter the reason, whether giving once or twice,
    Giving is something that makes our lives nice.

    ...HAHA how cheesy...but it's true. Email me at sallyannieee@hotmail.com with any...criticism of my terrible poem :C hope it brought a smile to your face though :D


  63. I would buy the brown leather jacket because it seems so versatile and definently a keeper, even after this season of trends are over.
    Giving means contributing time and care back to the community without expecting anything back, just because you are part of it.

  64. Thanks for having another giveaway! And I hope you had a great birthday.

    My favorite item is the gold flower hair stick she has. Even though I have long hair, I have never really figured out how to twist it up like they are doing in the pictures. So really I wouldn't even be able to use the pin, but it just looks so pretty!

    Giving to me means doing something without any ulterior motive just for the satisfaction of having brightened someone else's day.

    I am a follower, and my email is in my profile.

  65. Hello!

    I follow you publicly on Google Friend Connect as 'Ayereiss'. I love your blog, and happy late birthday!!

    My favorite item from Juny's is the gorgeous Baby Pink Ballerina Roses Tunic. It's this lovely little light pink top with roses on it, connected to a black skirt.

    To me, giving means a sacrifice out of love. Like you said in your post, their is a lot of economic hardship right now, and giving means letting go of material things and dedicating all of you love, time and energy to those you love. Giving doesn't have to be measured in terms of presents, or money spent, but can simply be the compassion we show for one another. Thanks for the great giveaway, and making me a think a little more about what it means to give this Christmas,