Friday, October 30, 2009

How To Apply Wonder Eyelid Tape

Waaahhh, so loving the warm reactions I've been getting to my giveaway! Totally unexpected but I have read every single comment and have laughed and cried. ^^ Please keep entering here because the giveaway will end on 11-10-09 at 8pm CST. This is all for you guys for being such wonderful readers and friends. ;)

As my twitter followers have probably heard, my husband had to go to the ER last night. He was in a ton of pain at about 10:40pm on his left side near the back. Not just pain, but so much pain that he was physically shaking and sweating. Pretty scary stuff. We got to the ER very quickly, just before 11, and hubs got an IV and CAT scan which was clear. He also got pain meds in his IV about 4 times which did nothing for his pain at all! I can't tell you how frustrating it is when your husband doesn't even want to talk or hold your hand because of the amount of pain he is in. Hours were passing, and the doctor told us he wanted hubs to stay overnight in the hospital. We moved into a hospital room at around 2:30am and after things were situated, I pushed together a few chairs and got a few hours of sleep around 3:45.

The doctor apparently gave hubs morphine which finally eased some of his pain for the first time at 5am. In the morning the doctor told us that it was probably a kidney stone that passed overnight, which are notorious for being extremely painful. It was missed by the CAT scan but they found blood in his urine sample. My poor baby. T.T We got home at around noon today, so our goal has just been to take it easy. Hubs is feeling much better, and I just really want to thank those who were supporting me last night.

OKAY so now that the drama is mostly over, I wanted to post up something I've been talking about for a while, Wonder Eyelid Tape by the Japanese company D-up. This has been my double eyelid crease-maker of choice lately because it is seriously very natural and doesn't take much makeup to look nice. The trick to this tape is that it is actually double-stick, sticky on both sides.

Here is my application tutorial:

It's very thin so I find it works best for those with thinner lids or those with more defined creases. I actually originally tried this out a year ago and I'm not sure if my technique was off then or my creases just didn't work well with the product, but I was quite frustrated with the results. The tape would come off within an hour and came off as soon as I applied eyeshadow. I can't say exactly what changed, but I decided to pick it up and try again a year later. This time, I was very pleasantly surprised. As long as I applied shadow before tape application and was very careful to place the tape without touching it, it would often last all day. In cases where it doesn't, it usually still sticks 80% which at least holds the crease. Compared to Eye Charm tape which doesn't hide itself at all because it only sticks on one side, it is quite an interesting change!

I will say that there are some pros and cons with Wonder Eyelid tapes.

* Crease is hidden and more natural-looking
* Able to wear less eye makeup
* No need to use eyeliner to "camouflage" tape
* Seems to hold crease better than traditional tape
* Lashes appear longer than with Eye Charm (probably because of less eyeliner)

* Can be difficult to get ahold of
* Price (about $17 USD for 1 pack vs. about $5 for 1 pack of Eyecharm)
* Can't apply makeup AFTER tape application or tape will become loose faster
* Eyes appear smaller than with Eye Charm
* Crease doesn't always stay "deep" since the tape is skinny

Overall, Wonder tapes win out over Eye Charm for daily looks due to its naturalness for me. I think I still prefer Eye Charm for really dramatic or smokey eyes since the tape is thicker and therefore has more "strength" to hold the skin below the crease up, causing a larger eye shape. (This may only make sense to monolidders!) But I do find that Wonder tapes have a tendency to create a semi-permanent crease more often than Eye Charm. I'll probably still use both depending on my mood and makeup type.

Since pics can often explain better than my words can, here are a ton of pics of Wonder Eyelid Tape (old and new versions) and also my application.

Old Version (Mild type) and New Version (Extra type)

Old version came with 40 pairs of tapes, 1 V-shaped applicator, and 2 oil cleansing removers

Tape packaging has greatly improved! There are now 60 pairs in each pack and it is much easier to remove from the backing.

Previous tapes had backing in 1 strip, but new version has the backing split in the middle for easy removal.

Instructions from the new packaging.

Pulling off second half of backing. First half was already pulled off.

Tape on the applicator

Now, here is my makeup process.

Clean eye, no makeup. Prime lids with eyeshadow primer first.

Next, apply shadows with pink on the lid, copper for the outer contour, and highlight the browbone. You could use NYX Flamingo, Almond, and Cream Cheese for these colors OR the top left well of the Stila Barbie Palette.

Apply MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack.

Here is my eye after the tape application, with curled and mascara'd lashes.

Aaaand my face.

You can buy Wonder Eyelid Tape with the new packaging from me at I haven't seen a huge difference in efficacy between "Mild" and "Extra" type honestly, the tape backing is just more difficult to remove with the old packaging.

Okay, hope this THOROUGH and too-long review was helpful! As a disclaimer, I would love it if you guys could refrain from comments like "you look better with..." because, I mean, choosing JUST ONE WAY really isn't the point. Spreading the word about what's available so you can make your own decision is. ;)

Love you all!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jen's Thank You HG Giveaway!

Me JUST NOW! (I randomly cut some bangs yesterday :D)

Hello everyone! I've finally gathered a few things for a totally awesome giveaway that I am very excited to have. I always intended to have a giveaway when I hit 500 followers and honestly, I am totally bowled over at the amount of love I have gotten, and especially lately. I read every single comment and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate how thoughtful and heartfelt they have been. You've made me laugh and cry and I really feel like I've made true friends. <3

When I looked at all of the things I got together it seemed like a lot of stuff and maybe I shouldn't put so much in, but then I thought THE HECK WITH IT! I love you guys and I want to show my appreciation for all of the support. So I hope you guys really enjoy what I have to give away.

A few of the things in my giveaway are my favorites, so I am calling this my "HG" or holy grail giveaway. :D

Here's a list of what is included:

* Revlon Runway Collection Nails in Studio
* Eye Charm Eyelid Tapes (40 pairs)
* Cookie-shaped mirror and comb set
* Urban Decay Primer Potion Sample
* Japanese Blow-dry Fringe Clip
* MY FAV Shisem false lashes in XOG 특
* Hard Candy Lipgloss Keychain
* NYX lipgloss in Silver Plum
* Amuse Chocolate-flavored Lipgloss
* DSK's fav Aquafina Lip balm (nice and minty! I have more for myself! ;)
* China Glaze nailpolish in For Audrey, one of my FAV colors of all time
* Zoe & Zac Sterling Silver earrings made with acai nuts
* Rock & Republic mini Mascara
* The Body Shop Define & Sparkle glitter eyeliner and mascara topcoat

Whew! That took like, an hour to type out. And browse around online. And get distracted. And run back and forth to see what the names of things are. XD

Okay, so since this is an appreciation giveaway my only rules are:

1. To officially follow my blog (anyone can follow, not just bloggers)
2. To comment letting me know why you like my blog and what you'd like to see more of!

Contest ends 11/10/09 at 8pm CST. Just because I'm cheesy like that.

Thank you and good luck!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Snowy Ice Princess Tutorial

Ahhhh, thank goodness it's the weekend! :D I love that my obligations today are to take pics while there is natural light, stop by Sephora to exchange a couple things, and to hang out with friends later tonight. Such a different change of pace from my usual of driving to work an hour, working 9 hours, then driving back home in the dark. XD

Well, this video is the result of trying to create video-worthy lighting at 10pm. Not the greatest of situations (my living room looks crazy now, with a floor lamp dragged across the room and my still-messy vanity tilted to the side) but it is in one piece! The battery even died out one or five times, so I hope the choppiness isn't too noticeable. You can tell at the lash application part. Magically, my lashes are totally on in the next shot. ;)

So anyway, here is my winter tutorial using mostly products from The Body Shop.

The music is by my ever talented friend, Greg Puglese, and the song is called Lost In Hiding. Speaking of music, does anyone make music or know someone who does who would let me use some original songs for my Youtube tutorials? Send me an e-mail at if you do!

Here are my tools for this look:

* Lancome Photogenic Concealer in Camee
* Graftobian Hi-Def Concealer Palette for lightening undereyes
* Everyday Minerals Foundation (mix of fairly light neutral and golden medium)
* Everyday Minerals Finishing Powder
* The Body Shop Iced Body Powder

* EOS Adult Grey lenses (from
* The Body Shop Eye & Cheek Palettes
* Sugar Cosmetics Color Stick in Blue Pop
* NYX Single Eyeshadow in Purple
* Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Yeyo and Zero
* Korean lavender eyeliner (Anyone heard of Rose Valley brand?)
* MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
* Andrea Mod lashes in style #45 (upper lashes)
* Echo lashes in style SN (worn on lower lashes)
* Filled brows with Anastasia Brows in Bloom Palette

* NYX Round Lipstick in Circe
* The Body Shop Shimmer Lipgloss in Iced Sparkle

Here are some photos of this look. I should've pulled out my wedding tiara for these pics! I didn't think about that until just now. Guess I'm not a very good ice princess. ;) Oh, and I love how after wearing wonder tape all day, my eyes are confused and don't know whether to be mono or double lidded. Not wearing any tape or glue for this tutorial, but I told you guys my lids basically do whatever they want to that day! So I suppose this look works for all lid types. LOL!

Resulting eye is a silvery purple

Wanted to show you the mega shimmer in the shimmer powder. Looked very cool in real life but didn't show up well in the video!

Overall look. Earrings are by HQCD and necklace is by DSK. LOVE them. <3

These wispy lashes are kinda cool, if you have the right look. Not very natural, but very ethereal.

Yay for warm, fuzzy hoodies!

And WA-WA, what is this? could it be cosplay cat ears and paws? Part of my upcoming Puss in Boots Halloween costume. This is the snowy ice-cat edition. ^^

Hope you enjoyed this video! I had fun being a little more creative with the look this time.

Oh by the way, I wanted to mention that I have the best blog readers ever. I think I cried more than a couple times reading the sincere, sweet comments from my last post. It just lifted my heart every time I read them. I can't express how much that meant to me since I was nervous to write so openly in the beginning. I never expected to get such a huge, warm response from all of you! Now I know that some of you really can relate to me and this makes all of the time spent worth it. <3

In appreciation, I'll be doing a giveaway in my next post. I hope you'll come back to check it out. ;)

Love you guys!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Come Walk With Me

This is just going to be a personal entry of sorts, and I know I haven't really done much of this but I am going to try to expand myself and be more open. ^^

I had a good talk with Eki last night and something was brought up that I hadn't really thought of much before: talking about me. I mean, me talking about me. I always intended for this blog to be a helpful resource for others and to share what little knowledge or suggestions I have for making others feel more beautiful about themselves. As difficult as it is for a blog to NOT revolve around the creater, I really didn't have that as my intention. It's my hope that I haven't been too standoffish to have created an image of myself that is hard to relate to or quite different from who I really am, so I may as well tell you how I see myself in my little world.

First of all, I hold dearly to my values. I so value love, wisdom, beauty, truth, faith, and hope and these things really drive me to do nearly everything in life. To me, these are not just words. These are my passion, the reason I want to hold my husband everyday and the reason I drive an hour to and from work. I guess when someone accuses me of having one of these values twisted, it can be hurtful but I've been through a lot of criticism in my life to (slowly) learn what to listen to and what to chalk up to someone else's bad day.

On the internet there will always be people who don't take the time to know you. There will always be the haters who dislike you simply for being you, those who are in cliques and copy others to make themselves feel more important, and those who are nice to your face and cruel behind your back. But at the end of the day, there is only you and your effect on others. Can I just put it out there that I am the type of person who just wants to spread love and make others feel better about themselves? I love makeup because it can lift up how you FEEL about yourself, not just how you look. It's not stagnant, like people aren't stagnant. People can change and grow and makeup can reflect the beauty in change. I don't use it as a mask, I use it as a key.

I didn't come from a rich family and I rarely buy things unless they are on sale. We didn't always have money and I've worked hard all my life in jobs, academically and artistically to get scholarships to pay for my college, and obtain a career path that is difficult but makes me feel fulfilled. I feel like I've fought tooth and nail for the "easy" things in my life and I've finally gotten to the point where I do allow myself to buy something that makes me happy, makeup (and occasionally shoes). Nobody ever bought those things for me and I still can't bring myself to splurge on some of the things other bloggers can get, but I am happy in my life.

I always have people ask me about my skin, and I always tell them, my skin is NOT perfect. I promise, I am not one of those bloggers who just say that and aren't being truthful. Go look at my acne post, I suffered with bad acne for over a decade and I still struggle with it. It was very hard for me to put that out there and show my flaws in broad daylight but I thought, someone out there will RELATE to this and it can give them hope. Am I going to take pics of myself when I am badly broken out? Obviously not. Concealer does just that, CONCEALS. Do not let my or any other blogger's photos get you down. We are all real people under our concealer, real people with pores, blackheads, zits, and real feelings.

So this is just my open call to ask you all to hold my hand and stand next to me in this ridiculous blogger world, rather than to lift anyone up to a standard that doesn't exist. Real beauty comes from within, and makeup and clothes are just a means to aid that. My husband compliments me more when I am gross in the morning with no makeup and ratty hair than when I am made up from head to toe. And you know what? I am okay with that.

Have fun, be happy, feel beautiful, and be empathetic to others. If we all did this daily, wouldn't the world be a much nicer place? ;)

I love you all and can't express how grateful I am for having such thoughtful readers. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, if you actually read through all this. I just hope that readers of my blog can hear this and know that this is who I really am underneath. :)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Couple "Wish it Was Summer" Looks

I don't know how the weather has been for you all lately, but here in the midwest, the seasons have seemed to jumped from Summer straight into Winter. Thankfully today we have a bit of sunshine! To be completely honest I have really needed to see some sunlight for how my life has been lately. I don't want to get too far into it, but it's safe to say that life is constantly full of opening and closing doors. Sometimes doors that you think had been closed long ago get opened without warning, and sometimes doors that you took for granted to be open have to be fought for to stay open. And some doors are really cars that have oil leaks and engine lights and cost a lot of money to fix. ^^ But that's life, so you just have to roll with the punches and hold tight to those that you love!

Anyway, here are a couple of looks from not too long ago, back when the weather was warmer to help bring back the good times! They both remind me of summer with light colors and light lips. :)

This first look is similar to my "rockin' neutral" look, but a bit softer since I used Wonder Eyelid Tape instead of Eyecharm. Wonder tape tends to make my creases look smaller than Eyecharm, depending on where I place them. Still pretty basic, just winged out the eyeliner.

Lipstick was my new favorite, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Peach Passion. Such a nice creamy peach! I like to wear it pretty sheer like this, though it is very pigmented straight from the tube.

I really loved this outfit. My favorite white summer dress from Pac Sun with a light denim jacket with the sleeves cuffed up. I layered a cotton bralette under the dress so that the bustline was a little more work appropriate. ;)

The second look is much more beachy-summer, probably due to my neon yellow oversized shirt. Makeup-wise, the look is very similar to the last one except I used purple pencil liner rather than black gel liner on the eyes and the lips are a pink instead of peach.

Just wanted to show you how differently this look came out in different lighting conditions. Usually I like natural light best (this day natural light looked too harsh and cool), but this one looks better in artificial! Very weird. And I look super bronzed with flash! I swear I'm not really that tan. ;)

Close-up of the eye. Wonder tape made a tiny crease this day... Looks pretty much like I have monolids. lol. I LOVE this Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Ransom!

Didn't take a good photo of the lipstick, so this is all I have. A giant KISS for you all, mwah, mwah! This is Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Pink Please, which I bought from the recommendation of Holly. LOVE love love the color, but I'm not a huge fan of the play-doh smell. Their Moisture Extreme line smells so good, like watermelon, so why did they have to make this one weird? :/ It's not a huge negative though, and the color lasts a long time and feels great. I'll probably buy another if I find a color I like. Oh, and the pink color is a bit off from the cool light. I swear it looks more natural like in the "indoor no flash" pic. Slightly lighter and pinker than my natural lips, but very wearable. :)

Okay, time to go scrounge around for dinner. Hope my Kiss brand DIY acrylic nails don't smell to bad when I eat! LOL! Review soon. ;)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Photoshoot with Kassia Pics

As promised, here are some of the photos from the photoshoot I had with my amazingly talented photographer friend, Kassia. She is the same photographer who took my wedding pictures and I absolutely adore her as a person too. ^^ We decided to just hang out for a day and get some interesting makeup headshots so I only wore one simple outfit: plain black tube top and floral skirt, and I also had my leather jacket.

After feeling like blogger seriously pixellates my photos, I have decided to upload my pics from this post to photobucket to do her photography justice. I profusely apologize for watermarking all over her work, and in respect to her, please do not take or use any of these photos without her and my permission. ;)

We started off with basic beauty shots. Very natural makeup, no jewelry, no fixing hair. For this look I used MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC30 and model 21 lashes in style #21 (my FAV boxed lashes! so natural!).


Without changing too much, we developed a totally new look by adding Kassia's red L'Oreal lipstick. I also lined my waterline with a nude pink to brighten the eyes.




Then we decided to totally amp up the look with a Japanese girly-punk concept. Since we originally were just intending to do headshots, it was completely spontaneous but I think it came together well! This is probably one of my favorite photoshoot series' that I've ever done. I added a hot pink clip-in hair extension and curled my hair (see Japanese Hair Curling Tutorial). For the eyes, I used my Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Palette for a rainbow-look and added extra black eyeliner especially to the inner corners of the eyes for a cat-eye effect. Lips were NYX Round lipstick in Power, my favorite nude-lavender lippy.









Kassia, thank you so much for your grace and talent while you work! I had so much fun getting lunch and bubble tea, then shooting with you. What a great day! I can't wait until next time. :D


Monday, October 12, 2009

Lippy and Blush Hauls

Oh MAN I am tired. It's been a pretty fast and fun day. I got to meet Christian Siriano earlier today and happily got his signature on one of the shoes he designed. I'm sure most of you know this but he is TINY. Seriously, like 5'4" or something. Plus, his face is smaller than mine, and I have a really small face! He has a micro-face. He's like a cute olive-eyed puppy and I want to take him home with me.

I was really excited because although I don't currently have cable TV, I actually did watch the season of Project Runway that he was on and wanted him to win from the beginning. The person I want to win never wins on those shows except for him so he has a special place in my heart. When I get my pics back from a friend, I will definitely post it up for you all. I want to post it all together. :D

So getting back to beauty stuff, I've been going through my pics and have found a couple small hauls that I haven't posted yet. They actually contain some of my current favorite beauty items so they are pretty important to share, I think!

The first is a small lippy haul from

I bought Jelly Pong Pong Lip Sorbet in Lychee Fuzz, which is a heavy gloss. The color is a bright coral and it feels pretty nice on the lips but I am not a huge fan of the smell. It has a faint hint of grandma-lipstick scent that I'm pretty sensitive to. It also seems to make my lips peel after wearing it so it hasn't exactly landed on my favorites list.

The other two items I bought were Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipsticks. These I was incredibly impressed with. The texture is creamy and really long-lasting without being drying. One of my favorite attributes of this lippy is that it smells like fresh, sweet mango! Just mouthwatering and super high quality. And do I even have to mention the packaging? It totally oozes class and sexiness with the shiny gold embellishment and mirrored cap.

9 Pink Caress is very pink and is cool-toned on me. The color is pretty and quite bright but would look best with a cool eye and cheek to match, like blues or purples. It would actually probably look better on someone who isn't as yellow-toned as me but I wouldn't say it is un-flattering.

13 Peach Passion is my hit-out-of-the-park. I have come to LOVE this lipstick. I would never have thought that orange lipstick would look good on me but my yellow undertones actually worked in my favor this time! It turns out to be a lovely nude-peach shade on me. I can imagine this not looking great on someone with pale or pink skin, but I am personally a little obsessed with Peach Passion.

Here are some really bad swatches in artificial and natural light. Cloudy days = pics that lean too cool, while the artificial light made it too warm. It's really something in between and a bit less saturated.

And of course coupon codes that came with the goodies.

My second haul is from Hautelook, which is one of those invite-only sites that have designer stuff on major discount. (Click here for an invitation.) Rock and Republic cosmetics had a sale on there for 50% off, so I had to snatch up a couple of Contrived Pressed Blushes (orig. $40 each) which are absolutely superb. I got the mini mascara as a freebie, which I think will be going in my upcoming giveaway.

Huge, weighty, and high-quality. I bought each for slightly less than a NARS blush, but for literally twice the amount of product. Even at full price, this would've been worth it compared to NARS.

This shade is Call Me, a serious dupe for Nars Orgasm, but more pigmented. I LOVE this color and have been wearing it almost everyday.

Kinky is a matte hot pink that is also considerably pigmented but not as much as Call Me (which works better for actual blush application in such a bright shade!) See how giant it is? It feels so rewarding to just hold these. I'm sure they will last forever!

Swatches that are so pretty they make me squeal!

If you can come across any Rock and Republic Contrived blushes or YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks on sale, I highly recommend grabbing them when you can. It's still really pricey but my LAWDY can you get this kind of quality and packaging anywhere else? You get bang for your buck with these brands in terms of pigmentation and lasting power. Nothing low end can touch these products, in my opinion, so it is worth a splurge.

Okay, it is getting super late so I am going to go to bed but I will leave you with this question: What high end products do you think are worth the splurge?

Let me know in the comments!

Love you guys~

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