Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 2013 Favorites & YSL Baby Doll Mascara Review

Hey guys! This month has been pretty intense (as Halloween season always is for me) so a lot of my favorites this month have been products that have been my go-to's when I don't have time to think about what to apply for makeup. That's not to say that the new items aren't spectacular! On the contrary, included are a few products which may be my future holy grail, omg-can't-live-without-it products. Check out my loves below.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Manicure Monday: Candy Corn Halloween Nail Art

Today's Mani Monday is a Halloween nail art look that I've always wanted to do: Candy Corn! I've honestly never been a fan of eating candy corn but I love their iconic shape and color. Since I've grown out and filed my nails to a more pointed shape, I thought it would be the perfect look to spend the last few days before Halloween.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

FASHION: Fall 2013 Lookbook

Hey everyone! I don't know about you but there's something about Fall that brings out the fashion tinglies in me. I love the crisp weather, the layers, and autumn colors. I've had fashion on my mind a lot lately so I thought it would be the perfect season to debut my first lookbook. Hope you enjoy it!

Outfit photos after the jump...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

TUTORIAL: Sexy Vampire Makeup | Halloween 2013

When I think of vampires, a few words come to mind such as dangerous, seductive, pale, bloodthirsty, and beautiful. For today's Halloween tutorial I tried to keep all those elements in mind for this sexy vampire makeup. While you may not actually be dangerous (raises hand), pale (not me again), or bloodthirsty (unless it's kool-aid) you can still look like the beautiful undead to go with your costume this year.

Check out the tutorial below!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Deer Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2013

Hey guys! Today I have another Halloween tutorial to share with you. I wanted to do a look this year that could be created versus store-bought since a lot of us think of costumes at the last minute and don't want to be the same thing as everyone else. You guys know I love doing cute and realistic versions of animal makeup so I thought it would be super fun to make-up like Bambi put my "buck" on a deer tutorial. (Oh lawdy, the puns!) 

In case you are looking for a DIY costume, here is my interpretation of deer makeup. Check out the video & more pics below.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Manicure Monday: Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe

Today's Mani Monday is another Deborah Lippmann glitter polish from my recent Gilt haul I mentioned in my Ruby Red Slippers post. This offering is the mesmerizing Across The Universe which is described as "blazing blue and metallic green glam in sheerest navy". Wow. What an absolute stunner.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG!

Hey everyone! So I was recently browsing my blog feed (are you following mine on Blogvin' yet?) and came across the ever-sweet Emily from Beauty Broadcast who posted a blog tag called the "Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag". Hmm... Procrasting? Me? OF COURSE! ;)

I thought it would be fun to share my answers and definitely would love to see yours too! Lets kick things off with a photo of me applying makeup while sitting in a pile of makeup. Typical. Clean that pile up, lady!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Attack On Titan Halloween Makeup (Colossal Titan)

Hey everyone! As you can see, today's Halloween tutorial is what I consider to be epic and frightening - both words I associate with my current favorite anime Attack on Titan. There is a character seen in the first episode of the series that looks like a muscle skeleton which I thought would be perfect for Halloween this year. Tutorial and more pics below!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Manicure Monday: Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share a polish with you that is my current OBSESSION. Seriously, just stop. Can you see the gorgeous layers of red glitter and glassy black? There is something so perfectly vampy about it which makes Ruby Red Slippers from Deborah Lippmann perfect for the Halloween season. More eye candy below!

Friday, October 11, 2013

HAIR TUTORIAL: Floating French Braid (Reverse Waterfall Braid)

Hey everyone! It's been such a long time since I've done a hair tutorial so I thought I'd share with you a modified french braid that I discovered while playing around with my hair. From Youtube video comments, I've learned that its proper name is the "dutch lace braid" but I call it a floating french braid since the braid ends up looking like it's gracefully hanging by ladder strands from the hair part. It adds a whimsical twist to an everyday school or work look. Take a look at the tutorial below!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Sigma Creme De Couture Palette

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share a few swatches of an eyeshadow palette that recently came out by Sigma Beauty, the Creme de Couture palette. The first thing I did when I opened this up was squeal at how cute it was! The macaron-inspired theme really shines through both in packaging and in the included eyeshadow shades.

Here are 16 bright-pastel mattes in candy-colored shades ranging from baby pink to deep eggplant to grass green. Each shadow corresponds to a sweet macaron flavor such as "blueberry cream" or "ginger pumpkin". I don't have any all-matte pastels like this in my collection so I was really excited to see if the pigmentation and performance was as nice as the initial presentation.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Manicure Monday: ORLY Golden Maharaja

Hey everyone! Today's Mani Monday is a color that I've actually had for a few years but recently found a new love for: ORLY Golden Maharaja. As I was sifting through my nail collection to pull out Fall-appropriate shades, this one screamed warm chili-chocolate to me. You know, the rich Venezuelan kind with a pinch of cayenne pepper to make the perfect balance of heat and sweetness? Such a wonderful Fall fireside treat and nail color!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shoe Review: JG Shoe Lace-Up Sandals

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share a pair of shoes that I'm currently obsessed with at the moment. These black lace-up heels can add an edgy element to even a simple outfit and I'm a big fan of mixing edgy and girly pieces.

I first saw sandals like these on Wendy which were designed by Schutz. Unfortunately, my Cinderella feet are too small to fit the smallest size available so I commissioned my favorite petite shoe-makers at to create a similar pair for me and I am totally in love.

Here are a few similar options: 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen them from this casual outfit. I also wore them with my Yumi Kim romper in my New Media Rockstars photoshoot. Not kidding, these sandals are so easy to pair I was surprised!

As you guys may know, I am quite petite and have difficulty finding shoes in styles I like at my size which is just a touch below a women's US size 4. Considering most shoes start in at least a size 5 or 6, it goes without saying that the selection at size 4 is often sparse and expensive. Pumps in a size 4 slip off my heels entirely so I began searching online for a petite-specific shoemaker and stumbled upon JG Shoe.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 2013 Beauty Favorites + Giveaway!

Hey guys! It's time for this month's favorite products recap and if you've been following the blog this month, you may see some familiar faces. I don't make any qualms about saying that when I love something new, I loooove it so obviously it's gonna make it into my favs. ;)

This month we have a bit of everything from a concealer to a beautifully fragranced bath oil to a favorite new sunscreen. Let's check it out below!

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