New Media Rockstars Photoshoot & Interview!

9:00 AM

Hey everyone! I recently did a really fun interview plus a bright neon makeup look on the ever-witty Jeff Klima of New Media Rockstars at my apartment. It was fun pulling out some of my favorite books, games, and of course makeup to share with you guys plus you'll also get a peek at my space so I hope you enjoy the interview and pics! Read the full interview here or click the image below.

See the video interview with Jeff's gorgeous drag makeup plus more pics after the jump!

With Face Forward, one of my favorite makeup books by Kevyn Aucoin.

Seriously obsessed with this matte red Kate Moss lip color from my Target haul.

A happy clutter of post-tutorial makeup, and geeking out to Animal Crossing on my Nintendo 3DS XL. (Yup, I bought the LE Animal Crossing print system which I instagrammed! So cute!)

Impromptu makeup brush bun in my hair.

Gave myself bunny ears! Same whiteboard as in my Draw My Life video.

Thanks also to New Media Rockstars for the amazing feature and the chance to speak about the business of blogging & Youtubing as well as the heart of pursuing what fulfills you. I'm honored and feel truly blessed by the experience, not to mention you kept me laughing the whole time. Wonderful working with your team! 

And of course thank you so much for reading and the love and support you give me to be able to do what I love. I can never say it enough how much it means to me from my very guts to the pages of my website. I could never be doing this without you. As I said in my interview, I don't have any control over those following my content, it was your choice to read, watch, follow, or subscribe and I feel so humbled and grateful remembering that! THANK YOU!

romper | yumi kim
heels | custom made by jgshoe (referenced shoe)

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  1. that is great jen! look wonderful as usual :)


  2. I love your dress! Haha Jeff, didn't seem to take it too badly!

  3. You look so cute! That dress is awesome..just found you and I love your work!!

  4. The pictures came out great and I really enjoyed the interview!

  5. your pictures look amazing! I love your shoes! did you have jgshoe custom make them based off of the schutz design?


    1. Yes I did and they fit perfectly! The schutz ones don't come in my size and other schutz size 4 shoes I've tried have been way too big for me. I'll try to do a blog post on them soon because they did a great job! ^_^

  6. You look beautiful Jen! lovely shots~



  7. wow, jen! you look gorgeous (i especially love the first photo with the mirror)!!

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  8. is it bad that the biggest thing for me was learning your maiden surname is chae?! this is brand new information! & i've been reading/following/watching your stuff for years!

  9. we love your outfit in these pictures!

  10. You look so gorgeous! Really love your outfit and your makeup :D

  11. Gorgeous <3 <3 <3

    Instagram: @michelleothman

  12. Love your photo with you reading Chobits! I love that manga! XD

  13. Great post!
    Amazing <3

  14. LOL the photo with that magazine with the face.
    x Stephanie (

  15. So cute of you. I love all of your photos. Good job to the photographer!

  16. I have been wanting the schutz shoes for a while now, but they didn't have them in my size. Would love to hear from you on how to order from JGshoes.

  17. He really look gorgeous on the final look hahahaha

  18. Jen you look freaking great. The picture with the makeup brushes in your hair is my favorite. Very artistic and cool!! Watched the whole video, and I really enjoyed watching it. For the longest time I really wanted to create my own YouTube channel. I love fashion, makeup, and cooking, so I thought sharing that would be great. Unfortunately I don't have a good camera that I can record with. For now I am sticking to blogging and taking pictures, which I love to do. :)
    Take Care,

  19. Great interview, Jen! I like how it shows your personality just as in your videos! Love the pictures as well.

  20. Beautiful! Love the interview and photographs. The makeup brushes in your hair look so cool!

  21. GW! (●´∀`●) GW2? So happy to see one of my favorite youtubers also plays it as well :D

  22. Hi Jen, could you please make a tutorial about this make up look? I think it looks so gorgeous, a little bit geisha-like :)

  23. I love these photos the edit and shots :D and I agree with Co, comment above me, you should do a make tutorial on this. :D