TUTORIAL: "No Makeup" Makeup

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Hey everyone! Since it's officially the back-to-school season, I wanted to create a tutorial for a very quick, natural look that would be great for looking like yourself just better

The "no makeup makeup" look has been very highly requested and I think the reason for that is because makeup itself can be a very intimidating concept, but everyone can appreciate the very basic steps from going bare-faced to naturally beautiful. The trick is thin layers, matte colors, and letting skin texture show through.

Check out the tutorial to get the no makeup look below!


I know it's really difficult to show on video and in photos, but one of the most important parts of the no-makeup look is to get the skin right. Skin naturally has texture from tiny hairs, pores, and wrinkles and if you layer thick foundation over it, it can be quite obvious in real life. Keep the foundation thin and near the center of the face, adding coverage with a spot concealer only where you need it.

Lashes are kept clean with just 1 coat of mascara. Eyeliner is the tricky step, being applied on the underside of lashes to give them a thicker look without actually being able to see the liner when the lids are closed.

Here you can see that the eyeshadow contouring is one shade darker than my skin and it just enhances the natural shadow of my eye socket. Keep this shade matte since shimmers and metallics will pull too much attention.

Overall, the look should be of no noticeable makeup, just your own natural glowing self. :) Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! 

Readers, do you ever rock the no makeup look? What is your go-to everyday face? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. love this look! it's a great alternative to going out bare faced =) thank you so much jen! =)

  2. You look beautiful Really love how light and natural it looks.


  3. I love how this looks suits you. Will definitely be rocking this look when going back to uni. x

    9 out of ten | follow me on bloglovin

  4. It sure helps when you're this gorgeous, Jen. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Your 'no makeup' makeup look is gorgeous! <3

  6. I love no makeup makeup looks! I do this fairly often, and most of the time I just go bare faced and don't even bother with any makeup at all. (I'm a bit lazy in the morning). Sometimes, I like to curl my lashes even if I'm not wearing any makeup at all just to give a more awake effect. ^__^

    1. I do the lash curling thing too! It's so easy even when you are lazy or a newbie to makeup to help brighten the eyes. :)

  7. You make it look so easy! I love this though :)I definitely have to try that eyeliner trick.

  8. great look! When i don't know how to make up in the morning i just come here and find my look for the day! Thank you! :-)bises from Paris

  9. Love this simple, pretty look. I like to use Physicians Formula's bronzer pallet in Miami Strip. It has beautiful shimmery shades for my cheeks and eyes. Sometimes, it is all I use for a my no makeup/natural look. :)

  10. Love this look! It's one of the best and probably most true no-makeup looks! :)

    My go to look is some light matte eyeshadow (Like Foxy or W.O.S. from Naked Basics) all over the lid, liner, and occasionally a slightly darker shade in the crease (Naked 2). :)

  11. Thanks for making all your tutorials so straight forward and easy to follow!!! I get so many compliments since I started applying makeup following your technique. So much so that I direct my friends and sisters to your channel. Thanks so much Jen!! You really made a difference in how I view my own insecurities. Please keep up what you're doing :)

  12. Hi Jen,

    Your tutorials are wonderful, I've always love reading your blog posts but never really commented before. You truly inspire us and give us the courage to try out different make up and I've bought a lot of the things you've recommended and love them!

    I have a question though - how do you combat racoon eyes? I work in a formal office environment and my eyeliner and eyeshadow tend to smear, despite putting the Urban Decay eye primer you recommended. I really admire how clean and polished your make up looks all the time! I try to pass off the racoon eyes by pretending that it's intentional (smoky eyes!) but that's a bit harder in the office when I'm suppose to look professional, not out to party, especially when most of my colleagues themselves don't use make up and am afraid to be labelled as putting too much make up with all the smearing. The smearing doesn't occur at the end of the day, it can occur just an hour after I've put my make up on and that's just annoying! I mean I can't touch up my make up every hour. I use Bobbi Brown's eyeliner and the Urban Decay base eyeshadow you've recommended before. Would really appreciate your advice!

  13. I really tried to follow but my dark circles destroy the whole look :( but great work anyway


  14. I really like the natural look. It's like a breath of fresh air that we all need sometimes.

    Here's a link to my no 'makeup' make up collection:

  15. This natural look absolutely beautiful. Not too much or not too less. This look is good for just an everyday or go to work look. I found another article with good tips too http://www.urbanette.com/natural-makeup-tutorial/

  16. Just what I needed! Your tutorials are amazing, Jen :-)