REVIEW & SWATCHES: All Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks

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There are a few new releases that literally make my jaw drop and scream when I receive the package in the mail. To be completely honest, this was one of those moments. I had been hearing for years that Urban Decay was planning on revamping their lipsticks but I had no idea that they would go from their previous dagger-clad edgy design to the classy gunmetal bullet that is out now. Wowee.

There are 22 shades total of the creamy, uber-pigmented lipstick and you bet your pout that I've got swatches of each of them! Holy eye candy!

First comes first: The Look. Having a background in product design myself, I always geek out over packaging because I want to feel as good looking at my makeup and holding it as I do wearing it. The lipstick is nice and weighty with a sleek, metallic cap and a smooth, angled bullet. There is also a metallic sticker on the bottom with the color name. The chrome exterior does grab some fingerprints, but the wavy surface and warm gunmental color serve to obscure them unless you are specifically looking for it.

The lipstick itself is non-scented which is wonderful news considering the last lipstick line from UD's #1 complaint was the crème brûlée (or as I like to call it "Captain Crunch") scent. My sensitive nose approves. Overall, I feel like UD lipsticks graduated university and became modern, sassy women!

Now lets get to sexy swatch time:

Shame / Venom / Jilted / Anarchy / Turn On / F-Bomb

Shame - deep berry
Venom - bright plum
Jilted - deep fuchsia shimmer with blue shift
Anarchy - bright fuchsia
Turn On - rosy pink
F-Bomb - classic red

69 / Catfight / Bang / Streak / Manic / Rapture

69 - bright red with pink undertone
Catfight - pink-fuchsia with slight red undertone
Bang - bright orange-red
Streak - coral pink
Manic - soft wine
Rapture - dusty rose

Rush / Fiend / Native / Obsessed / Liar / Naked

 - pink-mauve

Fiend - muted rose
Native - pale pink
Obsessed - bright baby pink
Liar - pinky-brown nude
Naked - nude-pink

Naked2 / Lovelight / Protest* / Strip*

 - medium beige-nude

Lovelight - pale peachy-pink shimmer
Protest* - sheer peachy nude
Strip* - sheer medium mauve-nude
*exclusive to

You might notice that in the swatches there are 2 different types of finishes to these lipsticks, creamy and glossy, which is especially noticeable in my second set of swatches (69 / Catfight / Bang / Streak / Manic / Rapture) where you can see the last 3 are much more glossy than the first 3. The glossy 'sticks are sheerer compared to the highly pigmented creamy shades, and tend to be the more natural colors as well.

There are plenty of shades for both those girls who love to rock a bright lip and those who love their MLBBs too. Helpful to note, these lippies also have matching lip pencils in corresponding color names so there's no guesswork in which one to use. I can't wait to test these more over the next few months to see if the rich, buttery hydration lives up to their claim!

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick is now available for $22 at Sephora, Ulta, select Macy's stores, and online at and

Readers, will you be picking up the new Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks? Are you a bright lipstick or natural lipstick wearer? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post contains product provided by the company's PR for consideration. For more information please see my review policy. 

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  1. I would ask for lip swatches too, butttt that may be too much for 22 lipsticks! >.<

    But thank you for the swatches, at least I have a better guess to how the color looks instead of swatching them all myself at Sephora and I think I want to pick up at least 2 now--a bright one and a nude one =P


  2. I have two (Lovelight and Turn On) and really like them. The matching lip liner for Turn On is amazing (I've been wearing that with lip gloss for most of the month).

    I really like the new packaging - while the old packaging was fun, it was far too bulky for my taste. I think UD did a great job on these lipsticks and plan on buying the majority of them.

  3. they are very pretty!! i think i might have to pick one up!!

  4. Wow! The swatches and colors are absolutely stunning! O_O

  5. beautiful colors, nice blog post.

  6. I picked up "Naked2," so happy to finally find a nice beige nude without needing a lip liner for help, and loved the formula so much that I picked up "Anarchy" shortly after (which is rare of me to do with high-end products). These lipsticks are amazing.

  7. wow the swatches are AMAZINGG!!! can't wait to try them out!!!

  8. Wonderful review, I think I like Manic and Venom shades =)

  9. I love both bright and natural lip colors! These look great and I'd love to test them out, not sure my wallet likes how much they are though, so I'll have to wait for a sale ^__^b

  10. I picked up obsessed - haven't tried it out but can't wait too!

  11. Thank you for the swatches, the colours look amazing!

  12. I just picked up Lovelight and 69 the other day. I'm in love with the colors and the formula. I will definitely be picking up a few more shades soon.

  13. ohmygod these look so amazing!! jilted and streak are my favorites (:

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  14. Amazing! Nice review!

    I want them! >.<

  15. Thanks Jen! That was a great review and very helpful too. I hate sweet scented lip products so I'm glad you mentioned these are scent free and I will definitely check these out on my trip to the UK next month. We don't have UD here in Slovakia :(. And I love bright shades sheer lipsticks.

    Sue from Blu Button Box

  16. omg these colors look amazing! I love the bright pink ones!
    xx Stephanie (

  17. ill definitely loving the shade for classic red, deep berry,69, streak, manic,liar, naked 2 and strip! sexay names! hehe

    My Beauty & Lifestyle Blog :

  18. Just went to Sephora last night and tried Catfight - it was smooth and stayed on until I took my make up off!
    Thanks for the swatches.

  19. I'm a bright lipstick wearer! Can't wait for these to hit London!



  20. omg jen i love you.
    "holy eye candy!"
    "sexy swatch time"

    <3 ^_^

  21. Super helpful Jen! Thank you! I can't wait to buy one!

  22. Thank you so much for this swatches, I was just planning on ordering one online and this helps a lot. :D

  23. Obsessed with Shame & Anarchy!

  24. OMG.. I really want this lippie.. Beautiful color..
    Thanks for swatches, Jen..

  25. OHMYGOSH the colour selections are so pretty <3 thanks for sharing!

    Instagram: @michelleothman

  26. I'm more a natural wearer but... I love all of them!!! That's not good... at all haha
    Thanks for sharing this beauties with us.

  27. Omg u're so lucky to have it all! They're so beautiful. But considering the price, I might need to step back :|
    Instagram: @cassietania

  28. I was just starting to get obsessed when I started reading this post, now I'm completely obsessed! I love them all!!

  29. These are so great, they look suuuper pigmented! I love Bang and Native the most! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  30. Picked one up recently in the shade Naked. I think I just found the perfect pinky nude shade and it looks great on my light-medium Asian skin tone. But I might pick up some brighter shades soon, like Obsessed and Streak! :)

  31. I've been digging bright lippies recently! All about being young and bold and wild!

  32. I'll like bold lips with minimal eye make up. :D I cannot believe that I just noticed you on YouTube. :) You are great. I love your review ;)

  33. These are soooo gorgeous. I was swatching loads today and can't wait to get my hands on 69, turn on, naked and catfight. such gorgeous shades and packaging!

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  34. i am now a days picking bright pink colors

  35. HELP! I'm searching for a blue-red, and a nice nude. I am fair skinned and have light freckles, green eyes, and auburn hair. What are my best bets in your swatches above???? I'm a NEWBIE in lipstick world. I pretty much look at lip gloss ONLY...Any suggestions?

  36. Lucky you! That's a dazzling collection. All the shades are gorgeous.

  37. Lovely swatches! I think I’m going to purchase Classic Red :)
    ~Pauline @ Benefit cosmetic Philippines