Fixing a few bugs...

4:04 PM

Not sure what's going on but looks like I need to clean up something strange on my domain. The domain will be going down temporarily but feel free to still check up directly on my blogspot url:

Most of you should probably be automatically redirected to the blogspot anyway. Sorry about not having the header! I'll try to fix it soon and have things running smoothly again.

EDIT: I think things are fixed now but if you have any problems please leave me a comment and tell me what's wrong. If you had issues before, try clearing your cache and reloading the page. Thanks guys. :)

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  1. I've experienced a few problems with the top banner from your domain, so I've chosed to just link directly to your blog xD Hope everything is up and running smoothing soon :)

  2. smoothly*

    Sorry, I don't think when I type xP

  3. It was weird. I kept getting a malware (virus/worm) message today and couldn't look at your page. Glad things are working out now.

  4. The site looks good. I'm glad you fixed the bugs. ^^

    I was wondering if you can recommend some good brands for high heels for people with small feet, such as women's size 4 or children's size 2.

  5. innerchild: Aww, dang. Hopefully I can clean everything up so you don't have any other problems. Linking directly to the blogspot is okay but the site looks so much better in it's full state. T.T

    Let me know what browser you are using and I'll to to fix everything.

    Lili: Ugh, I know! I was getting that too and I promise it was NOT me. Lame advertising hackers or something.

    Bebe: Yay! I'm so glad it's up again. For a small size 4, I've found the best luck with Linea Paolo, Vaneli, BCBGirls, and Cinderella of Boston. With CofB you may want to try a size 3.5.

    I've also bought some cute things from the random Marshall's kids shoes and Nordstrom's kids section that don't look too juvenile. Maybe I'll do a shoe post soon, or put some up for sale. :)

  6. Hi Jen =)
    wow u have such a pleasant voice ^^
    ad ur reviews/blogs are always a great read. I've been wanting to look for nice nails for a while, i got my nails done at the salon and nails are very fragile and weak =(. Can't wait for them to recover and try these ones u recommended =D