Almost Sunshine FOTD

9:01 AM

Winter, winter go away, I want it to be consistently in the 70's please! I actually took these a while ago when I had the yellow nails, so this is a tribute (again) to Spring. Maybe if I do a sun-dance (like the Native American rain-dances?) it will make the sun shine more. I solemnly promise to wear more coral, yellow, and pastels!


Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? No? Okay, guess I'll stick to the makeup.

This look was again using my favorite yellow, Circus Girl from Limecrime. I don't know whoever came up with the rule about not matching your eyeshadow to your clothes, but I love to anyway. I'm matchy-matchy like that. I think I used NYX Golden Orange for the outer-v and Vanilla Sky for the highlight color. And my favorite NYX Jumbo Shadow pencil for the tear ducts to bring a little sparkle to the eyes. Topped with my favorite Shisem falsies (XOG 특). Since the eyes were so bright, I kept the rest of the face pretty natural.

A close-up look at the pretty, pretty yellow color.

Clean face, messy desk.

And a look at the outfit. Black turtleneck - Old Navy, Coral sweater-vest - Forever 21, jeans - 7FAMK from Nordstroms kids', boots - Stephane Kelian from ebay, cut crystal necklace - gift from a friend

Alright, now I am going to go get a much-needed haircut and sift through my makeup and clothes to put up a few things in the shop. Have a happy Saturday and a FANTASTIC EASTER tomorrow!!



Totally check this out. I guess NYX is having another lot sale. Different items this time. There are a lot of shadows, glosses, eye liners, false lashes, and liquid makeup. I think I'll pass this time since I just ordered two heels from Cinderella of Boston, but for those who missed out last time, here's your chance!

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  1. Very pretty yellow e/s! I love it!
    Also very nice casual outfit.

    I know that you are always doing your eye makeup with double lid tapes on.

    Would you maybe do an eye makeup w/o? I'm really interested, how you would do your eyes w/o, since I'm also monolid. :)

    Happy Easter!

  2. Hey Jen, love the look! just FYI, there's another NYX sale on

  3. i love it! i need to get my hands on that pigment~ it's such a gorgeous yellow.

  4. hey jen. love the yellow look, it's one of my favorites! The outfit looks good, too. Have you ever considered just wearing tape at home and not to work? that's what I do since I don't wear enough eye makeup to cover the tape. anyway, can u tell me how long it takes for j. lynne cosmetics to ship? cuz i'm dying for my foundation samples! (altho EDM is awesum)

  5. I love seeing your outfits! You have a great sense of style. I love that coral sweater-vest, the color looks just right on our Asian skintones :) I really like seeing soft, neutral colors on you for makeup. It brightens the face up. No wonder Japanese makeup feature light, ethereal colors in all their point-makeup collections.

  6. Very pretty look! I don't think I have any yellow or orange eyeshadows though... I love your sense of style btw. Totally taking notes. =)

  7. Awww, you guys are so lucky in U.S. We never get these kind of cosmetic sales here in the U.K.
    Really wouldn't mind the eye liner set... pooo :'(

    Also, love your eye make-up. You make every colour look pretty!

  8. you rock the oranges and yellows well :) those are shades I have yet to really try using

  9. Jess: I've been super busy lately, but I promise I will do another monolid look soon. I know I keep telling people I will! But really, I will. :)

    Anonymous: Thanks so much for the tip! I posted the link.

    nailpolishfiend: I've been doing the tapes since before I started my job so I'm already used to wearing them all the time. I really love makeup so not wearing enough eye makeup to cover it hasn't been a problem for me. LOL! In my experience, J Lynne has been very quick to ship. :)

    innerchild, catherine, and mayaari: I used to think orange and yellow were really frightening eyeshadow colors and didn't try them because I heard Asians couldn't pull them off, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they actually look very healthy and natural on us. I think the warm colors work well with yellow undertones. :)

  10. Very cute outfit!! Love that top.. :)

    Happy Easter!

  11. Jen, have you tried the NYX falsies before? I want to get them but the pictures are too small for me to tell the quality..

  12. Rachel: I haven't tried them myself but I've actually heard that they were good. Of course, I think you can find good falsies at all price ranges. If I bought something from the lot sale this time I would buy these!

  13. ahh! another sale?! i just bought two sets from the last one and i can't resist buying more from this one! XD