Revlon Runway Collection + Polish Haul (Video Review)

10:32 AM

Hey guys! I decided to make a little video review (my first speaking video! ahhh!) of a product I tried out called Revlon Runway Collection, which are quite convincing artificial nails, and a few nail polishes I got recently. Although I don't get my nails done very often, it's something that I think is a luxury and makes me feel like my hands are very clean, polished, and elegant. The bad part about it is the cost and the fact that it can ruin your natural nails underneath, so I think this is a good alternative.

Here are a few photos I took.

The bad:
* May be difficult to match your nail size exactly. I need to file a couple on the sides to be comfortable and clip a couple of my nails shorter.
* The glue sticks to skin VERY quickly. Feels like super glue. You have to be careful not to get it on your skin or stuck on the design side of the nail.
* Can be difficult to avoid air bubbles underneath plastic nail.

The good:
* It comes with an orange stick and small nail file to perfect the shape of the nail and prep them for application.
* Makes my cuticles look AWESOME.
* A really, really nice length. Elegant, but not too long that it hurts to make a fist.
* Really looks like acrylics at a nail salon but much cheaper!
* Applies quickly and feels very strong.
* Lasts 7-10 days with no problems washing hands or showering.
* Doesn't chip like polish.

I was honestly impressed with these. I tried press-on nails with the sticker adhesive before and it barely stayed on for an hour and didn't match the curve of my nail. I felt that these were actually very comfortable and the shape of the curve is good. It makes me wish I were in high school again so that I could wear it to prom because they feel and act just like acrylic nails, except with a little more bling.

I'm planning on doing more videos like this in the future with makeup and hair tutorials. Would you guys also like to see more hauls or swatches in video form? Let me know in the comments what you'd like to see.

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  1. i like pictures better then videos, because they don't take 7 minutes to watch and you still get the same effect.

    cute nails =))

  2. you are so cute in the video! :) great first video too. u didn't mess up at all ^_^

    i too have that top coat! im gonna do a review on it sometime later :3 its good stuff ^.^

  3. First comment kind of rude but constructive.
    I enjoy picture post and I enjoyed the new video post.
    Everyone has different preferences.

    I know sites like does a picture post with videos if she does videos.

    I liked it though!
    You're so pretty Jen. :)

  4. You're so cute in the video! Love your lipstick and earrings. Can't wait to see swatches. =)

  5. Some days when I'm into reading I like picture review, some days I'm just all tired and didn't want to read, I luv video reviews. Your nail review video is very convincing, I feel like I want to grab one Revlon runway collection later.

  6. Thank you for the review, those nails look so pretty~ ^^
    I hear BoA's new album in the background! :D

  7. Great video =) I would love to see more make up and hair tutorials video..and I love haul videos too~!

  8. Your nails look wonderful!! And yes please do more videos :) I love video blogs.

  9. Thanks for the video! Your earrings are very cute :) I'd like to see hair tutorials because I love the way you curl your hair. Thanks!

  10. I love videos a little bit more in my opinion ; they're more exciting. (:
    But, for complicated stuff like hair tutorials, I think video's are better. Looking forward to it! (:
    Very cute hair & nails in the video! (:

  11. I think having some videos on make up tutorials would be nice, but not for all tutorials =] i love your blog !!! i always looks forward to read new things

  12. You look so pretty in the video :) I think your slight lisp is cute~~

  13. ooOooOo-la-la! I really want to give those Revlon nails a try since I've seen it on a couple of other beauty blogs too, and they gave positive reviews there as well. You are soooo CUTEE, Jen! TOO cute for my eyes! hehe I thought you would have this very soft, shy/super girly voice, but it's nice to see someone with projection when they speak. :D Yes, DEFINITELY more video tutorials and reviews, but as an addition to your pictures of course! I've loved your pics and always will! Your writing and pictures are what make your blog<3

  14. innerchild: Hahaha! I don't know if I talk like that all the time or if I was just nervous. I heard the lisp too though, it's weird! I think it was stronger at the beginning of the video then less at the end. I swear I don't sound like that in my head. Hearing your own voice is SO STRANGE. ._.

    Caroline :]: Hmmm, soft shy super-girly voice, eh? I think you just called me manly!! (I kid, I kid ;) I do have a young-looking face but when I hear my voice recorded I always think I sound like a 12-year old. T.T

    But as for the girly voice, I could do it but I feel like that would be fake and misleading. IMO a lot of youtubers put on a "cute" voice for videos and I think it's odd so I just go with what God gave me. XD

  15. no no no! i didn't call you a mann!! haha :P that's exactly what i mean! not the fake voice! i like it that you used your real voice :] so it's nice to hear a change from some really high pitched voices. hehe. you know i love you, Jen!<3

    i want to update my

  16. great review, thanks so much! one question though: i used to wear japanese nails, and the glue they came with had the same ingredients as super glue and adhered really well, but throughout the week or two, several nails popped off every now and then if i, say, scratched my leg or opened a can.

    so i guess what i'm asking is if this glue works pretty well? you're saying your nails stayed put the entire time you wore them? i hope you say yes, cause that excites me haha.

  17. jennifer: Yes, these nails have stayed on the whole time. I've had no problems at all but it does say on the package that they are intended to be worn for 7-10 days to protect your natural nail. I have had them on for a week now so they do live up to their claim.

  18. You're so cute! >w<

    I've always been a little interested in nails, but I'm always afraid to ruining my real nails. @__@

  19. You're so gorgeous, Jenn!
    I like both. I was curious as to what your voice sounded like. It's a bit different from what I expected. But I like both videos and pictures. It'll be nice to switch things up a bit once in a while and take a break from just having pictures. :)

  20. Jen the nails are too cute and yeah I agree more video posts :) quick question, did u get many air bubbles when applying the nails? I wanna try them but I'm afraid I wont put them on perfectly, u did a great job tho cuz from ur pics they look like acrylics!

  21. comment number 3, how was i (the first comment) rude? i was just stating i don't always have ten minutes to watch a video, but i can make time for skimming a post and viewing pictures...

  22. Loved your review! The look so great on you, you are so adorable! I have those same earrings, too :)

    I really love these Revlon nails, they're so cute!

  23. The few times I have used nails in a box - I've bought brush on glue. It helps sooo much in the application. Those look so pretty - if Revlon continues to make those - hopefully they're not some kind of limited run - I'd prolly use these all the time!

  24. Hi i know this comes really late base on those posts. I have been looking for such natural press on nails and i thought they are easy to purchase. I am located in Singapore and i am just wondering did you get those set of press on nails from a website?

  25. I so want those Revlon Runway Nails but it seems like they don't really sell them around here anymore since it seems like they came out more than a year ago.

    Do you recommend any other artificial nails that are more available?

    I know there are Revlon nails with different tips that are available but unfortunately, i can't wear those at work. its either skin tone color or french manicure. yeah it sucks right? haha.

    I would totally appreciate the help!:)