Purple Party FOTD

4:53 PM

I've still been sick lately so today I'm going to post a rather old FOTD (you'll notice my older hair) that I never got around to posting. Unfortunately, since it was from a while ago, I don't actually remember what products I used but I will try to remember what I can. I typically take a photo of the things I used to help remember but I happened to forget this time. FOTD fail. T.T

Anyhow, I loved this look so much that I'm going to post it anyway. This is a nice go-to party look. In fact, I actually did wear it to a party and I was generally pleased. If you have a purple or black prom dress, this would also work for prom too.

I believe I used NYX purple shadow on the lid with the highlight color from the "NARS" palette. I applied NYX Morocco to the bottom lash line as well as for outer-v definition. I also applied white shadow from a Revlon quad to the inner corners. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack was on the upper lid and smudged onto the lower lashline too. I topped the eyes with Shisem falsies. Since this look was eye-heavy, I kept the lips neutral with a nude lipgloss.

Smiles Ü

A close-up

And my outfit: Oversized white top - Forever21, Fuscia tank - Wet Seal, Jersey scarf - Urban Outfitters, Black skinny jeans - Sirens, Leopard-print slingbacks - VanEli

Coming soon are tutorial videos for "Dolly Eyes" makeup and Japanese-style curls. And Mineral Magic Cosmetics have been generous enough to sponsor some AWESOME giveaways that I'll be showcasing in the near future! Who doesn't love freebies, right? Really awesome, really soon. :)

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  1. hey Jen,
    Thanks for posting up where you got the clothes from. Great posts as usual. I love the clothes pics too!!

  2. Love your eyes, your hair and your outfit! :) you are one gorgeous gal :)

  3. you look so pretty! the purple looks nice on you

  4. Hi :) Love the look, hair and outfit! it's screams out sasssssy :)

    I'm following your blogger

  5. ooo purple! i love it :) your eyes and lips are very balanced.

  6. aww you look so cute when you smile in photos :)

  7. Beautiful! Makeup, outfit & style!

  8. Hey Jen,

    Where do u get Sirens jeans and what size in them do u wear? They look super cute :)


  9. ghettoflower: The sirens were from the "Florida Mall" in FL. The store was called Sirens...I think they have stores in Canada too but not anywhere near the Midwest. :( I wear size 00 in their jeans though. They run really nice and small with a low rise.

  10. Hi Jen,
    I've been following your blog and it has been really helpful. I wanted to ask you a question that isn't directly related to this post though. I use eyelid tape like you, and I was wondering if you've experienced judgment because you use it. And if yes, how you've reacted. I think there are mixed feelings out there about the use of eyelid tape, esp among the Asian community. I understand that my use of the tape is a personal choice and that people should keep their opinions to themselves, but, it would be interesting for me to know how others who use it feel about the issue. Thanks!

  11. Elizabeth: I've actually had a lot of people ask me this on my blog. Honestly, I don't get asked about it because most people don't notice. The majority of people I encounter day-to-day haven't been exposed to eyelid tape and really don't know I'm wearing them. Most of the Asians in my life already know I wear them and are either supportive, don't mind, or don't notice. Actually, a very large number of extended family have also been through the tape/glue or surgery process so I grew up with the idea that it wasn't really controversial.

    If someone were to ask, I would be totally honest. To me, it is just makeup. I get double lids when I wear false eyelashes sometimes too, so should I not wear them to preserve my single eyelid? I like double lids because makeup is easier to apply and I can be more creative with it, not to mention I don't have eyelashes falling into and scratching my eyes all the time. My eyeliner and mascara doesn't smudge. It does feel like a practical thing for me, and if it didn't have these benefits I wouldn't wear it. I don't think I look that different anyway!

    Basically, just be confident and do what makes you feel happy and comfortable. They are your eyes and it isn't hurting your or anyone else to wear them, so why not? BTW, if people pull the "trying to be westernized" card just ask them if white women get their lips plumped to look more black. :P

  12. I don't believe it when people say they like eyelid tapes/glue because it's more practical. taking the time to buy or make them, and put them on every morning and to take them off is not really that practical...

    People wear them because it enhances appearance, because they think double eyelids are prettier than single eyelids.

    Personally I wore them for a month myself. No one said anything or judged me, but putting on tape every morning made me feel quite worthless. So I stopped. Of course I don't think anyone else who uses eyelid tape/glue is "worthless", and I don't think there's anything wrong with tape/glue. It's a person's choice. I still think double eyelids look better, but I guess I judge myself more harshly than others so personally I would never wear them again.

    Like Jen said, if you feel good about it and are confident about it, you won't be phased by what anyone else says. In my case, it lowered my self esteem whenever I put them on so I stopped. Do what feels right to you.