New Hair!

5:02 PM

Hey everyone! If this entry seems at all hyped up, it is because I have just narrowly escaped the frightening grasp of 5 giant honeybees that were on the INSIDE of the window of the very room I am typing in. They were spaced out so that I couldn't swat or contain one without disturbing the others in a mass killing frenzy. I don't know about you guys but I have a totally irrational and inappropriate fear of bees and wasps. I have nightmares about gargantuan ones landing on my neck, trying to kill me. I literally called my dad and had him drive over to my apartment (don't freak, only 1 block away) with some bug-zapping spray while I shouted from the living room.

Dad 5, Bees 0. My dad is a superhero.

ANYWAY, this newfound adrenaline rush has inspired me to share with you my new haircut. As promised, here is the new hair. It was inspired by these two photos:

Korean pop singer Ayumi

Ashley Olsen

I really wanted lots of shorter layers but keeping the length I had the same. My goal is to grow my hair out really crazy long with lots and lots of layers like the adorable Chinese and Japanese models. I have a lot of hair so even thinned out with layers it is still pretty full compared to Ayumi and Ashley but it's okay, I've learned to live with it. :)

Here is my hair right after getting it cut. It has no styling done to it. Still long but a little edgier and a LOT lighter-feeling.

And here is my hair after I curled it for Easter.

With "Japanese curls" style:

I'm pretty happy with it so far. Mainly it feels so much better. The damaged ends were cut off and my hair is soft and shiny. A good haircut indeed. :)

Oh, I also wanted to show you guys my mom's nails. I stayed home from work on Monday because I wasn't feeling well so she came over and I gave her a nice, simple konadicure. I used the rose pattern from GCOCL plate C02 with my favorite Sally Hansen chrome polish in pink pearl over Zoya Paris.

Pretty combination of colors, no? I thought it looked pretty classy. I was going to post SOOOO much more, but this has already been long-winded so maybe next time. I'm once again way backed up on photos and things I need to post so don't be surprised if my hair is at all lengths. :P

Pretty sure I gotta go eat dinner now so until next time~

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  1. Woh! That came out really pretty . (:
    I just recently got a haircut too, same place as my last haircut because I liked how they cut my layers. Sadly, I forgot to mention to keep the length the same but a lot of layers, so now my hair is soo short. With a ton of layers. Going to have to grow it out again. >.<

  2. Love your new hair!!! Envy the length ihihihi.. How long did it take to grow your hair THAT long!!! >< I feel that it takes forever for me and still my hair is only 3cm below shoulder : ( any secrets to make hair grow like crazy?

  3. i love how the konad came out :) and your new haircut is preeeetty!

  4. Your hair looks WONDERFUL! I love curled hair too!!! So pretty! you can carry any hairstyle with your pretty looks :)

    And that's a sweet bonding between mom and daughter :)

  5. Your mom's nails look super pretty! (: I love your hairr cute it's really cute! Also i like your shirt your wearing in your easter curled hair picture, where'd you get it? :D thankss.

  6. I was gonna say you look like a Japanese girl with the new hairstyle! Your dad and mom are so loving,nothing beats family love.

  7. Kim: Oooh, I HATE when I do that. Glad I caught her right when she was asking if I wanted the length in the pic too. She only speaks Korean, so I always get nervous about getting exactly what I want across. Good luck on growing yours out though!

    Kay: Oh gosh. I've always had hair that grew super fast. I don't know any secrets! If you look through my old posts you can see my hair grow. LOL.

    izumi: thank you! I thought my mom's konad was very chic and age-appropriate. :)

    Askmewhats: Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun bonding with my mom. Don't get as many chances since I got married so I have to cherish these!

    Anonymous: It was the white dress I got from Pacsun in my previous post! I love it!

    dreamer0703: Ahaha, great! My plans are already working. :) And I agree, family love is great. If you give a lot of love you get a lot in return too!

  8. wow! nice hair ^_^ it's similiar to me... want it grow long but with lots of layers so that it eventually goes thinner at the bottom~ :3 kinda like all the chinese long hair pictures *u*
    and OMG scary... 5 is quite alot! >.<

  9. eh.. the hair cut is gorgeous. and your hair color is pretty too <3

    u decorate the camera? blink blink is pretty ^_^

  10. Ultra Kawaii it!

    The nails are wonderful too.


  11. Waaaah! You look great with curly hair and the new hair looks great! Totally cute :D!

  12. i love how you curled your hair! Could you give a video tutorial on it sometime?

  13. wow! i love your new hair!
    and it's so long too! love it

  14. Love the new hairdo! Could you do a tutorial on curling? Ahh where did you get that dress? How cuuute!

  15. aaaaaaaa i LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! i must know how to curl hair like that! it looks so full, and loose curled, while all not looking messy. Whenever i try, it ends up looking severely messy and poofy. yours looks so good!

    and im loving the nails too. i like the color choice you used. looks romantic :)

  16. cuteeeee hair! I had mine trimmed recently, but I wish i requested layers like that.
    your manicure reminds me of the Lancome logo, haha!

  17. I love your hair!! Your stylist did a great job, and it suits it very well. And kudos for you doing your mom's manicure, I always paint my mom's nails :)

  18. woah so many comments!

    lol anyways this is not really related to ur new post :(

    im just wondering if u can show us how to do prom make up since it around that time of the year where people r having prom, thanks lots!

  19. Beautiful as always!
    I was wondering if you would do a tutorial on hair curling?
    Your curls are always so cute and flawless!!

    Also your dad is so kind xP
    My parents would probably just tell me to stop being ridiculous and kill them myself! Dx

  20. ning*star: yes, I did! You can see closer pics if you look up "crystallizing" in the labels. :)

    emily, CathyT: yes, I will try to do a hair curling video tutorial soon!

    fourxseasons: I got the dress from Pacsun. The brand is O'Neill. I think I wrote about buying it a couple of posts back. I really love it!

    Anonymous: I can sure do a post on prom makeup. Is there a certain color you'd like?


  21. Hey Jen,

    Your hair looks so pretty!
    I really like all the layers. It's a good way to change up your hairstyle instead of cutting it all off.

    I was wondering if you will ever do a post about primer. That would be awesome!

  22. Wow, you really rock the Japanese curls!

  23. Your new haircut is very cute. I have a question. In your blog header, what heels are you wearing? Thanks.

  24. coool!! :) vert pretty

  25. Re: Jen (Prom Make Up)

    im chinese and im thinking of getting a green dress. so you can do anything pretty much cause i dont have any ideas on me yet.

  26. Anonymous 1: Awww, thanks! I really love layers. It brings more life to hair, I think.

    What kind of primer did you want a review of? Foundation? Eyeshadow? Everything? I really only have Urban Decay Primer Potion and occasionally use the Monistat anti-chafing gel but I can always do reviews of those. :)

    Anonymous 2: I'm wearing heels by Linea Paolo from last year. They were my bling bling wedding shoes.

    Anonymous 3(prom): Maybe I will do a generic prom smoky eye. Brown, olive, grey, or even purple should go well.