Mineral Magic Eyeshadow Swatches

7:04 PM

Hey everyone! So I recently got the opportunity to try out some eyeshadows from a really excellent company called Mineral Magic Cosmetics. This company is cruelty-free and has all-vegan products that are titanium-free and paraben-free. It personally takes a lot for me to really fall in love with a company's eyeshadows, especially mineral makeup, because I find that a lot of companies don't make colors that are pigmented enough (hello, Everyday Minerals, I'm talking to you!) What can I say. I'm picky! I have medium skintone and I don't want another company making medium tones that just don't show up on my skin.

I wasn't expecting a miracle when I received these but boy was I blown away. These babies are PIGMENTED. They don't even market these as super-pigmented like Limecrime but seriously the pigmentation is, dare I say, better.

I took a bunch of swatch pictures but some of these don't even do them justice. They are stare-in-the-mirror pretty and it's difficult to capture all of the sheen, sparkle, and duochromey goodness of all of them. I will try though, so here goes! Top photo is by a light, and bottom is by the window. The descriptions were just my best trying to describe these gorgeous colors. :)

Bubbly - very pretty iridescent satin-finish champagne with shimmer

Opal - satin pink-beige almost duochrome with pink shimmer

Sunflower - very pale, buttery cream yellow high luster

Bird - very pigmented canary yellow high luster

Tickle - high-shine metallic medium-light gold with shimmer

Rapture - WOAH. looks pink in pot but very duochrome pink-mint green high luster

Doodles - Warm, clay-brown matte with champagne shimmer

Glory - high-shine warm metallic bronze

Respect - metallic burnt-burgundy luster

Boogey Man - deep, deep brownish-blackish matte with tiny holographic glitters

Love - Hot cherry-coral high luster

Citrus - warm coral reflective satin

Red Wine - super pigmented metallic reddish burgundy

Ruby - warm metallic brick red

Hot Pink - crazy pigmented, matte hot pink

Laughter - lavendar matte with tiny champagne glitters

Rio - pigmented lilac-aqua duochrome high luster

Blackmore - cool-toned berry purple with slight pink duochrome satin

Goth Girl - really unique burgundy brown-celadon duochrome high luster

Galaxy - cool-toned luster black with slight reflective jade green duochrome

Delilah - minty toothpaste pearl green frost

Willow - light olive green with gorgeous gold high luster

Self Control - mint green frost. shimmery and airy in all lights.

Dream - chlorine-aqua blue frost. also shimmers in all lights.

Star Sapphire - Deep, pigmented true royal blue matte with slight holographic glitters

Aren't these colors just ridiculous? I love it! If you want to get your hands on these (as you should...seriously I'm not getting paid for this, it is just SO GOOD) you can find these on http://www.mineralmagiccosmetics.com/. I also have a current discount code for you ladies on a budget. If you use code springtime you can get 25% off your order.

I've been a little under the weather lately so no look this time with these, but soon! I'm planning on doing a really intense look for a youtube video with these, and I think it will be lots of fun. Maybe a rainbow, monolid look? What do you guys think? Any requests? Shout out color combos and maybe I'll give it a try. I can already see that old Hyori "Hey Girl" look formulating perfectly with these greens and blues!

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  1. Hi Jen !
    Really pretty shadows. (:
    A lot of the shadows seemed to have a really pretty 'glow' to them in the flash! I like the one in 'Glory', the copper shimmer is really pretty. (:

    I have a super off-topic question but since it's getting really hot these days, I'm thinking about buying a new two-piece. I was wondering since we're both petite, I was curious to know what kind of swimsuit is best for girls with a petite figure ?

  2. Ohhh I'm really liking the Hot Pink one, I'd like to see a look with that one. 25% off... hmmm. Thank you!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the greens and blues.

  4. a monolid look would look be so awesome!

  5. oh my god, these are gorgeous. esp love the blues. thx for the swatches (and hope u get better!)

  6. Jen!!<3

    My dear, you are my eyeshadow guru expertress (yes I made up that word @_@)! I love love loveee reading your blog to know what your newest eyeshadow discoveries and faves at the moment are! you totally just rock my world and the socks straight off my feet! Most likely, I will be buying all the colors you swatched bc I just absolutely ADORE and very much so TRUST your sophisticated taste in eyeshadow colors :] how I wish I had the $$ to support my shadow addiction though...

    quick question: since you swatched 25 e/s and they each cost $10, did you really spend $187.50 on them (with the 25% discount)???!!!! I don't think my resources can fund that spending :(