Transitional Skirts

8:01 PM

I know I keep saying this over and over, but the weather where I live is really crazy. It will be 80F one day and 28F the very next with a foot of snow. To accommodate, I've had to use some creativity when I want to wear those pretty late Winter or Spring dresses and skirts.

Now, I'm probably crossing a lot of fashion faux pas, but this was just what I had worn. These photos were just randoms that I took in the last few weeks. As much as I love skirts and dresses, sometimes you need to prepare for unpredictable weather. For me that means lots of layers, leggings, double-layers of leggings, legwarmers, boots, scarves, and hats. I also wear a long-sleeved thermal shirt under cardigans and some type of scarf almost every day. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER!

In the meantime, I'll share a few of my outfits that have held me over.

Breakdown: Black thermal long-sleeve shirt, sweater dress, double-layered leggings, long pink hoodie, cashmere scarf, sweater boots

Breakdown: knit hat, beige thermal long-sleeve shirt, navy sweater tunic-dress, cropped cardigan, grey sweater-skirt, double-layered brown leggings, cream legwarmers, camel-colored boots

Breakdown: White ribbed long-sleeved shirt, tank top, tan zip-up lightweight hoodie, yellow skirt, beige legwarmers, woven leather wedge heels

These went from coldest to warmest. I won't give up wearing skirts in freezing weather! And come on, wearing leggings is way more comfy than wearing jeans any day. Who's with me?

You guys need to let me know your techniques for dealing with cold weather. I try to mix it up, but somehow the same combo keeps coming up. Anyone feel like they get stuck in this rut too?

By the way, I thoroughly apologize to all you Aussies who are living in a heat stroke. ;) I'm sure we are both desperately jealous of each other right now! Ahh, the weather change will come soon for us both. I just need to learn to be more patient.

Haha. Yeah right.

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  1. Can you provide us with where you bought them as well. I'm inspired by your style! Thanks.

    Where did you get the cute pink sweater dress

  2. melbourne is freezing now!! it's entering autumn, and keep raining..I also cant wait for summer, i hate hiding behind coat all the time =P

    btw, luv the first outfit, especially the dress..looks warm though

  3. i looooooove the second outfit, it's insanely adorable!

  4. So cute! I love your style. And I totaly agree, leggings are way more comfy than jeans. =)

  5. The weather sounds really weird....perhaps because of global warming?

  6. !!! omg jen, i've never commented on ur blog before but these outfits are JUST TOOOOOOOOO FREAKING CUTE! u make me want winter to come back!! amg the leggings are adorable on u! and the sweater boots! i *love* the 2nd outfit, but the 3rd comes in a close second!!

  7. omg! i LO<3 all ur outfits!~ they rok! =3

    & at the moment, aussie just went into cold mode. lol.

  8. here in perth, it's still warm, but not hot. i'm still busting out in short shorts & tanks though >_>

    when it is cold though, i usually go for jeans & kneehigh boots. then i wear a longsleeve shirt, a hoodie, & then a blazer over. i just love the hoodie under blazer over combo. can't rock that enough during winter here~

  9. LOVE your totally cute over layering style. I think it's really important when layering not to go over the top of then you start to look frumpy and overwhelmed. You pull it off fabulously!

    I was wondering where do you look to buy shoes from since you're such a small size? I have small feet also, probably a size smaller than yours at about 33-34 or size 3US

  10. Ah! I took the time to read through your blog and found your post about the shoes, thanks for that it was great!

    Also a brand called Charles and Keith make size 33 and 34, though the 33 are only in sandals most of the time. They're pretty wide spread through out Malaysia and Singapore and their online shop isn't working right now grr.

    I was wondering what US brands of jeans do you usually go for since you're petite? I'm a size 23/24 and find Australian brands like Sass and Bide or Tsubis are great, especially since they have a 7inch front waist rise which are actually hipster not belly button height on me.

    Lol sorry about the random out burst, I came across your blog today and it's great! I'm over 4 10" and have the same problems with shoes and clothes that fit.

    Keep up the great work, you're gorgeous!

  11. wow i love your outfits so cute!

  12. OMG! I just love the outfits. Especially first & second. Adorablee !!! Such cute style. (:
    I don't have much style myself. When its cold, which isn't that often in cali, I usually just wear jeans with uggs and a fur hoodie. I so couldn't pull off those outfits like youu! (:

  13. Cute second outfit! What camera are you holding up?

  14. During winter I get so lazy. Cause I feel like no matter what I wear, it always look the same. and I always under a jacket or a ugly windbreaker winter coat.
    But your outfits are soo cute for winter!!

  15. leggings are definitely more comfy than jeans!!!i almost dont wear jeans at all!
    and yes i tend to repeat the same combinations during winter too!!thank god its spring now:)

  16. To all you Aussies... I'm totally behind by a month or something! Glad you guys have cooled down. :)

    Banana: Haha. No, I don't think it's because of global warming. It's always been crazy here! Winter just seems extra-long this year. :(

    Jani: The trick is to use really thin layers. Or, be freezing so you can wear it anyway with an excuse. ;) Also, my feet are about that size. Most 4's are too big for me too. I buy my shoes from Nordstrom or in the kids' section. I'm going to try ordering from Cinderella of Boston soon though (they carry size 2-5)!

    I have bought size 00 jeans from Sirens (in Florida), Wet Seal, and Pacsun. I also have a few Abercrombie Kids' jeans in size 10 and 12 slim. They all have a low rise too.

    Anonymous: I'm holding my trusty old Sony Cybershot that I bought 5 years ago. I need a better camera!

  17. wow i love your style! i think you should do more fashion posts and one about what's in this spring/summer :)

  18. hey jen! where'd you get those wedges? i've been looking around for some cute ones!

  19. Jayla: I found them at TJ Maxx last year! I know that doesn't help you but they are Michael Kors and they are the most comfortable heels I own. Maybe try ebay. Good luck finding them!

  20. Hey, can I ask you where you got the navy dress and cropped sweater in the second outfit? It's so cute! Sorry if I'm posting this kinda later ^_^'

  21. woooow. super cute outfits. where do you shop? i never seem to find any tunic/dresses!!